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TINA V8C266: Discovery On The Seabed
TINA V8C268: The Owner of the Other House is a Local Tyrant

Although he’s from ancient Earth, the youth Mu Gen hadn’t lived on Earth for a day since his birth so aside from the knowledge he learned from ancient books, he’s actually quite alien.

Fortunately, he’s a top student.

“That’s not right~ The Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pyramids are not in the same area.” With his good memory, he began to recall the approximate distance between these buildings: “The distance between the Forbidden City and the pyramids are…7000 km and to the Eiffel Tower is 9000 km. This distance is obviously wrong.” Although he has no ancient Earth common sense, he still made a correct judgment based on his excellent ancient Earth geography.

“Yes, according to Mr. Sith, this is one of the birthplaces of Kantas, and Earth should be inside the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb, right?” Since Mu Gen was from Ancient Earth, Olivia wasn’t ignorant and privately even thought about leading the army to try and explore the Dead Sea Emperor’s Tomb. If one day he could find Ancient Earth, Mu Gen will be very happy.

“You’re right, but——” Mu Gen nodded, however, when he looked up at the magnificent buildings behind him, he was deeply moved in his heart!

He couldn’t help but swim up for a distance and when looking down from a high altitude, Mu Gen was deeply shocked by the scenery he saw: The thick palace walls are pushed open layer by layer and the eaves of the palace in the middle are raised high, like a straight spine spreading far away as symmetrical palaces are evenly distributed on both sides of this spine. The palace walls are like lattices, enclosing these palaces horizontally and vertically.

The roof of the palace was made of a very special material, smooth and faintly shining in the sea. The dark seawater dimmed their original luster but couldn’t hide their beauty. Mu Gen also saw a very strange statue of a monster on the roof of the main building, each with its teeth and claws bared, very vivid.

This is a very majestic and very beautiful palace.

Opening his mouth wide, Mu Gen was stunned.

His hands shaking, Olivia, who had been floating by his side, clearly felt it.

“This is the building of my hometown! First Uncle said that based on the analysis of historical data left on Ancient Earth, I’m most likely a descendant of this place! Oli! Look, look! This might be a building in my hometown!” When Mu Gen turned his head and spit bubbles at Olivia, Olivia saw the excitement in his eyes.

After saying this, Mu Gen couldn’t help it anymore and hurriedly went down. Every time he reached the roof of a building, he’d stop and carefully touch the tiles on it, then look at the beasts on the roof. Finally, he swam in front of the main hall.

The feeling of standing in the square and looking around is different.

Standing on the snow-white square and looking around, Mu Gen was stunned.

“It’s shocking.” After a long while, he rubbed his nose and smile at Olivia: “It’s said that this complex palace was built by humans in ancient times little by little manually for hundreds of years! The palace used so much manpower, material, and financial resources that it became the home of the Emperor at that time.”

Looking at the high surrounding walls, Olivia was stunned and then nodded after a while:

“The Emperor’s home…this place is too big for his family.”

Don’t know what he thought but when Olivia typed out this passage in his brain, the sentence was obviously a bit messy.

Who knew that Mu Gen immediately refuted him——

“Not really since the Emperor had many children at that time! I remember that an ancient Emperor even had 35 sons and 20 daughters.”

The expression behind Olivia’s diving suit immediately turned 囧!

“Why, why are there so many cubs! You, the people in your hometown….are really fertile!” Olivia was amazed by the fertility of ancient Earth people! He also secretly glanced at the youth Mu Gen.

“Uh…because he has many wives and about 39 have gone through the formalities.” Mu Gen recalled and then confirmed after a long while.

“This…how’s that possible!” This kind of thing was simply incredible for Olivia, a native of the Empire: The Empire is a country that has firmly implemented monogamy for a thousand years. After hundreds of years of proof by genetic experts, legal experts, and gender relations scholars, this system was the most conducive to family harmony and the growth of cubs, so the Empire eventually included it in the marriage law. Of course, the Empire also didn’t oppose divorce. After the relationship breaks up, the two parties will naturally divorce but before it’s completed, all marriage relationships are protected by national laws.

Olivia was so surprised, half because of the imperial marriage laws, and the other half came from his Kantas’ instinct. As the most loyal race in the world, the marriage relationship that a Kantas enters into is basically a lifetime.

Only give birth to cubs with your only partner, the Kantas’ blood is constantly being purified due to this habit so they can’t break off a relationship.

“For more and better cubs, the ancient Earth has the tradition of polygamy and polyandry!” Mu Gen scratched his head habitually.

“Will you be like this?” Behind his diving suit, a pair of yellow eyes stared at Mu Gen.

“No~ This isn’t scientific. Although the ancient Emperor has many cubs, they all died very early.”

“What a sad story.” Olivia was relieved.

After talking about the marriage life of the ancient Earth Emperors, the two young men decided to take a look inside the palace. However, this time, they were a bit dumbfounded:

Although it looks magnificent from the outside, when they pushed open the door, it’s a rough house inside! This isn’t bad, but many palace doors are just decorations and can’t be opened at all!

Bad review!

“Sure enough, this isn’t Earth, these buildings are fake!” Looking at the difference from the inside and outside, Mu Gen said with regret.

But even so, he was still very happy so in the next while, they eagerly went to see the pyramid with only 100 points in appearance, the Eiffel Tower whose spire has not been completed, the Neuschwanstein Castle with no green paint on the roof, and——

“The buildings here are the most incomplete! See, this tower is simply slanted! And this place called the Colosseum is only half-built! The architect must have built up to here and left.” When being taken by Mu Gen to the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum, Olivia complained.

“No, this tower was originally leaning like this and the Colosseum only had half left. In terms of completeness, this is the building that’s most complete~” Seeing Mu Gen’s very sincere black eyes, Olivia was completely speechless.

“This country called Italy is really strange, the buildings are all bad.” Olivia finally came to that conclusion.

Mu Gen could only smile with a good temper.

In just three hours, they visited almost all the landmark buildings on ancient Earth. There’s no helping it, these buildings are too dense. Next to the Forbidden City is the Eiffel Tower and next to that is the Pyramid then besides that is the Colosseum and you can see the Leaning Tower of Pisa in just three steps…

Dizzy, Olivia secretly complained: The people who built these buildings have no aesthetic vision! Obviously not a building of the same genre but like planting some water plants, it’s all messily piled up!

As a Kantas who thought he has great aesthetic vision, Olivia sneered at the designer.

But he didn’t say it since Mu Gen obviously liked these buildings.

The two continued to walk and unconsciously, they reached the very center of the city, and the distinctive appearance of the building in front of them immediately caught their attention.

“Huh? Which iconic building is this? Why does it look…so…” ordinary?

Olivia didn’t finish his words but Mu Gen immediately understood what he meant, because he thought so too at this moment!

What appeared in front of them were two very ordinary two-story buildings, not that high but a bit old.

This kind of oldness is not caused by aging corrosion since the people who built these buildings took care of them and used very good alternative materials. This kind of old is the original “oldness” of this building, which meant that the origin of this building should also be old.

The wall is a bit mottled, but the colors matched beautifully. The roof and fence have been repaired but obviously repaired by hand since the colors of the nails are even different and the nail caps have different shapes!

This is a person’s house and they treated this house very carefully——glancing at these details, Olivia and Mu Gen came to the same conclusion!

Both of them are people with extraordinary observation ability and they soon discovered more details:

The house on the right is the only house with furniture! Not only is the outside imitation very exquisite, but the inside was also in place! All the daily necessities are available and there are sofas, TV and even a bed in the bedroom. The bed even has sheets!

The bed sheets are made of cloth and now, only a little fiber is left due to the erosion of seawater.

They also discovered that plants were originally planted on the walls of this house since they could see traces. After Mu Gen’s appraisal, the plant called “creeper” was probably planted here before.

“I’ve seen it in photos. This kind of plant-covered house is so beautiful! But once the wall is bald, it will leave ugly marks.” Mu Gen sighed: “But it’s really good looking. It’ll be cool in summer and it’s said in novels that when the wind blows, the leaves on the outer wall will rustle which sounds very nice. After reading that, I thought I would grow this kind of grass at home in the future!”

“It’s a pity that it’s extinct.” Mu Gen shook his head regretfully.

Olivia secretly remembered this.

They easily knew who the owner of this house was.

The owner here is a person who loves to take pictures. There are a lot of photos in the bedroom and although most are broken, a few have been sealed and intact.

Young, middle-aged, and old aged, this person left three photos.

It’s not his solo photo but each one is a group photo. This is a person with a good personal relationship. His looks are not outstanding but he smiles very kindly. Olivia recognized with his sharp eyes that this person probably has the same bloodline as Mu Gen!

“Ah…I know this man.” Looking at the photos of that man’s youth, Mu Gen was stunned at first but then suddenly said:

“This man is called Meng Jiuzhao, and he’s the only and first scholar on modern Earth to receive the Imperial Science Award! He’s also the first modern Earth person to study at the Empire’s Academy!”

This photo of the youth is actually different from the historical materials that Mu Gen has seen but thanks to Mu Gen’s ability at remembering human faces. If they’re an ordinary person, even he might not recognize the person.

“So you’re saying…this person’s home is here? Are these buildings made by him?” Olivia raised a brow.

Mu Gen frowned.

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TINA V8C266: Discovery On The Seabed
TINA V8C268: The Owner of the Other House is a Local Tyrant

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