TINA V8C269: Identity

TINA V8C268: The Owner of the Other House is a Local Tyrant
TINA V8C270: The Only Chair

Local tyrants are local tyrants. Most people would build a small model of a building at most, but this person is so good that he restored all the buildings in their original proportions!

However, even if they guessed that the local tyrant living in this house was the builder of this city, his identity is still a mystery.

Maybe he’s just a weirdo——thinking this, Olivia slowly swam to the bedroom behind the studio. Passing by the window, he habitually looked out and just happened to see the house next door. The angle looked straight into the bedroom of the other house and that bedroom window can see the most beautiful palace in the Forbidden City. This is simply a natural viewing platform.

But looking through this window, it’s not the same: The window in this room faced the house next door and from this angle, the entire neighbor’s house could be seen.

Olivia was stunned.

Naturally sensitive and a romantic, a sentence suddenly appeared in his mind: The one opposite is the only one in this person’s eyes.

The buildings outside are all built for the person on the opposite side, just to allow that person to enjoy a different scenery from each window. There’s only one building built by this person for himself and that’s the home of the opposite person.

This is an almost ridiculous idea, but at this moment, Olivia inexplicably felt that this thought might be the truth.

Just as Olivia kept standing in front of the window silently, Mu Gen suddenly swam from the side and poked him in the shoulder.

Mu Gen then handed over a long stick with lots of water plants hanging on it. If it weren’t for Mu Gen scraping off the black aquatic plants on the side of the stick, revealing the dark gold color underneath, Olivia might have treated the thing as an ordinary stick.

Picking up the clothes that were soiled by Oli wiping the vase before, Mu Gen wiped the stick in front of Olivia. With that wipe, the stick finally appeared in front of Olivia in its entirety.

The polished and smooth object appears to be dark gold and the closer to the top, the thicker it is. Circles of gems of various colors are inlaid in this section and the top part had a hollow design with no gems in it, but a whole piece of golden stone.

In this gloomy seabed, the stone was like the eyes of a night vision animal, faintly shining with golden light.

“It’s Gold Eye!” Mu Gen happily handed the “stick” to Olivia.

He once got two Gold Eyes by accident and then Olivia gave him an earring with Gold Eye so this kind of stone is one of the few precious luxuries that he knew a lot about!

Mu Gen only saw the value of this stone but Olivia recognized at a glance the true identity of the “stick” decorated by this huge Gold Eye!

The palm of his hand hesitantly reached towards the “stick” and Olivia finally held it firmly.

Olivia’s fingers are long and strong and in Mu Gen’s eyes, this thick “stick” fits perfectly in his hand. Squinting, Olivia carefully looked at the “stick” in his hand. After a while, he really found shallow letters on the pillar, which weren’t ordinary characters. It’s the name of the past Emperors that he’s familiar with in textbooks and the news from generation to generation!

When Olivia raised his chin and looked at the top part, he saw a seal on the small dark square decoration.

The side view of a majestic Kantas——this is the seal of the Imperial Emperor!

Olivia squinted again.

“…the most valuable thing is not this Gold Eye…” Olivia typed out what he wanted to say word by word: “It’s the thing itself.”

“Mu Gen, do you know what you found? Do you know the true identity of this stick?”

Showing the square seal at the top to Mu Gen, Olivia also told him the true identity of this “stick”.

“This is a scepter.”

“The only scepter that represents the highest authority in the Empire and is in the hands of the successive emperors!”

Mu Gen was stunned.

“But…but I found this scepter casually on the bedroom desk drawer.” He blankly said: “I, I just saw something glowing…”

How many people would put such a scepter in the desk drawer like it’s a normal seal?

If not the most daring thief in the Empire, then…there’s only the owner of this room left…

“…the Emperor, is the owner of this house…sure enough, he’s the number one local tyrant in the Empire, right?” After another glance at the surrounding decorations, Olivia’s stomach suddenly grumbled.

Deep-sea activities consumed too much energy so he’s hungry.

Then the two young men decided to go up and eat something since First Uncle’s lunch box was still there.

Today’s lunch is sashimi with cold seaweed and because of the addition of walnut oil, the flavor is a bit strong.

After eating, the two stayed on the sea for a while before finally cleaning the lunch boxes and going home.

The supreme scepter symbolizing imperial power——was put in the empty lunch box on Olivia’s back.

So when Olivia handed the scepter to Mr. Sith, the smell of the sashimi made by Uncle Alpha had seeped onto the scepter.

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TINA V8C268: The Owner of the Other House is a Local Tyrant
TINA V8C270: The Only Chair

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