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The moment he saw the house next door from that window, Sithili burst into tears.

No one is more familiar with the style of His Majesty than him. After seeing the room layout habits here, he immediately knew: This is the room of That Majesty.

That person, once lived here.

Since he was wearing a diving suit, no one saw his tears.

“Someone should be sent to supervise here…I mean, to protect it, right?” Olivia asked.

After all, this place is under the deep sea. Although these buildings used very good corrosion-resistant materials, nothing is eternal so as time goes by, they will erode little by little and collapse into dust, eventually becoming part of this sea.

“No.” However, Mr. Sith shook his head.

This answer was unexpected for Olivia.

“This is the private property of the Emperor, and we have no right to make any changes here, even in the name of protection.”

That Majesty had already left and rather than protecting his inheritance, Sithili wanted to protect his secret even more.

Regardless of the hobbies or feelings That Majesty hid, he has left along with some secrets. After his death, he shouldn’t be gossiped about.

After making this decision, Sithili carefully visited this city.

“Before…many media called His Majesty the number one real estate developer in the universe, and he became the richest man. However, apart from owning the most land, no one has ever heard of his interest in housing construction. Many people thought that this title wasn’t worthy of him.” Mr. Sith, who calmed down, was in a good mood and even took the initiative to bring up the gossips about That Majesty: “Until now, when I saw these buildings, I finally felt that the title given to him by the media at that time was really worthy.”

Mr. Sith smiled.

“Is he a fan of ancient Earth architecture?” Mu Gen was also a little curious about This Majesty who copied almost all the antique landmarks on ancient Earth.

“As far as I know, he only went to Earth at the end of his life.” Mr. Sith shook his head.

After visiting the buildings outside, Sithili visited the former residence of That Majesty with extra care, carefully checking every corner of the room, and finally found something:

A photo.

A photo not found in the existing collection of images handed down about Louis I.

The protagonist of the photo is four men, one elderly, one middle-aged, a young man, and a teenager. No matter how old and young, all wore formal black suits with their platinum hair neatly combed behind their ears.

And everyone has golden eyes!

There’s no doubt that all four men in the photo are Kantas! Sithili recognized at a glance that the boy in the photo was Louis I!

Although the eyebrows are slightly immature, Sithili would not mistake it!

However, this wasn’t the reason for the big change in his expression. What made him gloomy was the one standing behind the boy Louis I. The young man standing with his hands behind his back!

A very thin and not tall Kantas, this person is gloomy as if standing in the shadows and even his golden eyes reveal a strong haze. The moment he saw the person in the photo, Sithili shuddered.

The long platinum hair is combed into a ponytail and hung neatly on his chest, pale eyebrows and eyelashes, the slightly raised corners of the eyes matching the pale, snowy white skin…this person is…this person is…


The photo in Sithili’s hands almost floated out——

“Oli, this person…looks like you.” In fact, the photo did float out but Mu Gen caught it in time and the moment he saw the people on it, he noticed the striking similarity between the man and Olivia at a glance.

Olivia also glanced at the photo under his prompt, but then frowned: “Do I look like this person? This person doesn’t look like a good person at all, thin and tall like a weak chicken. I’m much stronger than him and I’m also much more cheerful.”

“But Oli will look like him if you’re a bit thinner and even more like him without the eye cream.” Mu Gen said with certainty.

He’s right, if Olivia’s figure got thinner and he had a more gloomy expression, he’s almost exactly the same as the young man in the photo!

The three people stood there blankly, staring at the photo for a long time.

As Mr. Sith decided not to announce the discovery of the relics under the sea, the holiday ended peacefully.

But Olivia vaguely knew that this kind of peace was only superficial as even bigger changes were about to happen.

One day, three months after returning from work, Marshal Rothsay sent someone to inform him of a meeting. The meeting place was different and the moment he stepped on the thick carpet, Olivia immediately realized something.

There are no conference table but 11 chairs with unusually high backs in a row. This meeting room was very dim and only the lights under the 11 chairs were on.

At this moment, Olivia only knew two of the people sitting in those 11 chairs: One is Marshal Rothsay and the other Mr. Sith.

All the other participants were people Olivia had never met in his life. Two were Kantas and the others were of other races.

The door closed automatically after he entered.

“Is this the little guy you two called?” Olivia heard an old voice.

“Golden eyes, white-blond hair…indeed a small chick of royal blood, but he’s a bit thin.” This was another voice.

“Working in the military department, right? I heard that he graduated from the Imperial Military Academy. I haven’t studied there for many years. Sithili, have you reconciled with Rothsay?”

“He doesn’t seem to have a good temper. Although he pretends to be good, his eyes are actually very fierce~”

As if a merchandise being criticized, Olivia slightly raised his brows.

“Under orders, Olivia Augustus is here to report.” He first saluted Marshal Rothsay and along the way, he reported his name to the group of old guys around him.

After hearing a lot of “hims” and “little guys”, what these old guys said was disrespectful.

So Olivia was no longer polite.

“Seems like you’ve watched long enough. Excuse me, are there any extra chairs for me to sit on?”

As soon as these words came out, the meeting room went quiet for an instant.

“Haha…Olivia was it? I’ll remember your name. You’re the first person to make this request in this room.” The one who broke the silence was an old man sitting in the middle. Olivia instinctively realized that this person was probably the tallest of the people present.

“There’s only one other chair in this room and no one can sit on it. I’m afraid you won’t be able to sit on it.”

As his voice fell, behind the eleven high-backed chairs, another floor lamp suddenly turned on.

As a result, a fully golden chair suddenly appeared in front of Olivia’s eyes.

The back of the chair and the handles are inlaid with the national emblem, crown, and scepter of the Empire. Olivia recognized at a glance that this was a throne that only the Emperor was qualified to sit on.

However, this is the only empty chair in this room.

His eyebrows jumping, Olivia seriously looked at the man in the center.

The author has something to say:

I was hesitant to write the last few chapters

I was worried about not handling it well and since I’m also very busy, I reduced the word count

I hoped to use this to reduce the possibility of making mistakes

PS: This part was written at noon, but because of network problems, it hasn’t been posted.

TINA V8C269: Identity
TINA V8C271: Your Oli

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