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No one knew what happened in that room that day.

The moment the meeting room door opened, Olivia was the first to come out. Pursing his lips with an indifferent expression, he walked away. Outside the meeting room was a long corridor with long scarlet carpets with the walls on both sides also dark red. Without windows, the two rows of oil paintings with the portraits of people are neatly hung on the walls.

The dark red corridor is gorgeous, solemn, and depressing.

Just like Olivia right now.

Walking at a steady pace, he left this place with the fastest speed.

He didn’t return to his office but drove White Cloud Duoduo directly to Bailu Star. He didn’t leave without authorization since he applied to Marshal Rothsay before this and it got approved.

When walking out of the hatch, Olivia took off his uniform jacket. Without the epaulets on his coat showing his military rank, he looked like an ordinary officer in a standard shirt and uniform pants.

He went straight home.

“I’m back.” When opening the door, Olivia habitually said so.

It’s quiet and Olivia glanced at the clock on the wall.

At this time, the uncles are taking care of the bun shop, the Crescent Dragons are working in the small workshop in the backyard, while Mu Gen is at work so there’s no one at home.

Olivia was a little lost.

Opening the refrigerator, there are all kinds of fresh vegetables neatly sorted and arranged with no leftovers——Robot Stone is very accurate in the amount to cook and the amount of food for each person. Basically, there will be no leftovers at home.

Olivia, who had an empty heart and an empty belly, ate three tomatoes then ran to Mu Gen’s room.

Kicking off his shoes and without undressing, he directly unfolded the neatly folded quilt, covered his head, and slept like it’s the holy cure.

When Alpha waited for the other robots to return home, he immediately realized that Olivia was back.

“Good day, Alpha.” Mengmeng, who was pulling weeds in the yard, took the initiative to greet him. He’s a robot that can’t take time off so when Olivia was asleep, he’s idle. There aren’t that many cooking programs and housework programs in his body so he went to clean the weeds in the yard.

“Olivia should be working at his office right now, why are you back?” If he were a human being, Uncle Alpha would be frowning right now.

“Don’t worry, the boss approved of him coming back but he’s now in a bad mood.” Mengmeng hurriedly explained on his behalf.

Alpha nodded and walked into the house.

Robot Stone came back from buying vegetables and when he put the vegetables he just bought in the refrigerator, he immediately noticed that there were no tomatoes, so he told Alpha about this discovery.

“Can you buy some more food? If it’s too late, please borrow some from the neighbor’s house next door. Olivia is back.” Alpha told him methodically: “For lunch, please add a fried tartar steak, a fresh walnut pancake, and a large fruit salad.”

All three dishes were Olivia’s favorite.

“Go to Granny Maria again and buy a large portion of Snow Mountain Ice Cream without adding jelly beans.” After a pause, Alpha finally added Olivia’s true favorite: “Olivia is in a bad mood.”

He explained the reason for doing so.

“Okay.” Robot Stone made his way out.

After buying fresh vegetables and meat steaks according to Alpha’s list, he finally bought Snow Mountain Ice Cream from Granny Maria’s shop, but it’s not the ice cream that Alpha said, the one without jelly beans.

“Please put more blackberry jelly beans. Don’t garnish them, just press the jelly beans under the ice cream.” If pressed underneath, Olivia can eat the jelly beans without being seen by Alpha.

“Oh~ Okay, is little Oli back?” Granny Maria understood.

“Yes, he’s in a bad mood.” Stone nodded.

“If he’s in a bad mood, just eat sweets, lots of it! Come, let me add some good stuff to comfort this child.” Granny Maria said then buried a large piece of sweet chocolate under the ice cream.

“Thank you.”

In the end, Stone took home a Super Snow Mountain Ice Cream, which was three times larger than the ordinary large portion.

Alpha glanced at the huge suspicious ice cream and his scanning system showed him the “prohibited” sweets below but he didn’t say anything and let Stone put the ice cream in the freezer.

He even sent to Mu Gen’s communicator: “Go home early for dinner, Olivia is back and he’s not in a good mood.”

“Ah? Okay.” Mu Gen agreed very simply.

As a child raised by Alpha, Mu Gen’s thoughts are clearly on the same level as him: Mu Gen came back with a large portion of Snow Mountain Ice Cream. It was so large that it obviously contained illegal goods. He even bought fresh tartar steak and Olivia’s favorite fruit.

“Stone, please make tartar steak for Oli, fresh walnut pancakes, and a fruit salad.” He even said the same things Alpha ordered!

“Don’t worry, Alpha already said that so the tartar steak has already been fried.” Robot Stone smiled ^_^

“Great.” Putting the ingredients in his hand on the table, Mu Gen then said: “Then I’ll go to the bedroom and change my clothes.

“Go, it will take 40 minutes to fry the steak.” Stone nodded at him.

“Is Olivia in a bad mood?” Not long after Mu Gen entered the bedroom, Sigma returned. He also carried a small white ball in his hand: “Sigma bought a small ball for Olivia!”

Carrying a small ball in one hand, Sigma was about to rush to the bedroom but was picked up by Alpha along with the ball: “You go and peel the fruit for Stone.”

Alpha, as the eldest parent, ruthlessly shattered Sigma’s dream of being lazy.


The weather today is not so good. The clouds are thick and the air is chilly, revealing the message that the cold days are coming.

However, Mu Gen’s home was warm and as happy as ever.

The scent of fried tartar steak accompanied by the sweetness of the sweet fruit spread throughout the kitchen, even touching everyone that passed through their house.

Mu Gen walked into the bedroom with that tempting smell of steak.

Without turning on the light, he closed the door after entering, took off his coat, and quietly sat beside the bed.

“Good smell…” Oli’s hoarse voice came from under the covers and at the same time, his hands stretched out and firmly fastened around Mu Gen’s waist.

“Stone fried your favorite Tartar Dragon steak and First Uncle asked him to buy you Snow Mountain Ice Cream.” With a smile on his face, Mu Gen lightly touched Olivia’s hair: “You sweated a lot.”

“I just had a nightmare.” Olivia’s voice is still hoarse and sounded completely different from his usual voice: “In the dream, I was beheaded by the man named Louis.”

“That’s because you fell asleep without taking off your clothes and the button on your shirt was buttoned to the top so it’s too tight.” Mu Gen felt inside the covers and touched Oli’s shirt.

“…you help me take it off.” Olivia’s voice sounded confused.

“Okay.” As he said, Mu Gen gently put his hand into the quilt then slowly unbuttoned Olivia’s shirt before taking them out.

Although sweating a lot, Olivia’s body odor is not unpleasant at all. It was warm in the bed as Mu Gen fumbled for the buttonholes.

Just after Mu Gen helped Olivia take off all his clothes, Olivia suddenly sat up. In the dark, Mu Gen can’t see Olivia’s face clearly, but he knew that Olivia’s eyes are focused on his face at this time.

“…what’s wrong?” Without avoiding Olivia’s sight, Mu Gen softly asked him.

In the dark, Mu Gen felt Olivia stand on the bed, then kneel down, deeply burying his face on Mu Gen’s thigh who was sitting on the bed at the moment.

“Oli, are you scared?” Mu Gen softly asked.

The head on his knees gently nodded.

“Why?” Mu Gen’s voice was calm, not inquisitive.

“…because of the man in the picture.” Because the person at this moment was Mu Gen, Olivia unreservedly released all his emotions: “They said…I’m related to that man.”

“That person…his inborn genes are missing and due to his weak physique, it led to his brutal character and gloomy personality, then finally becoming a lunatic…his head was cut off by Louis I himself.”

“Does this have anything to do with you?” After listening to him, Mu Gen asked.

“I…I don’t know.” His mouth opened, but Olivia finally said nothing.

So Mu Gen said it for him:

“The Oli I know is a very good person. Smart, powerful, polite, and caring, no one disliked him.”

“Knowing that you’re back, my boss immediately approved my application for early departure. He said that you’re the hero of this country and it’s rare for you to go home so he let me go early. First Uncle immediately ordered the dishes that you liked to eat and Granny Maria secretly stuffed all kinds of goodies under the ice cream. Even Boss Tony said that he’ll send you your favorite snacks in a while. Yesterday, there are also several little chicks on the other end of the wall asking when you’ll be back, they missed you very much…” Mu Gen’s voice was clear and so nice that people can’t help being attracted to his voice.

“…” Olivia said nothing.

“Oli, you’re still a good boy.

Knowing that our family isn’t rich, Oli, you’ve been working very hard to get scholarships when you’re in school and you even handed over your salary card after getting a job. You’ve been working hard to make money for the family for so many years and even fought for us.”

“Ah?” Olivia was dumbfounded.

“That was a long time ago. One time, when representing the Comprehensive Academy in a competition outside, a student suddenly said bad things about you in the toilet.” Mu Gen lightly said.

“Oh? What did he say?” His posture remained the same but he could feel his nervousness. However, Olivia’s questioning tone was still very quiet, his voice hoarse as if he just woke up or he just cried.

“That person said you took the lead in bullying him at school.” Mu Gen said.

“And then?” Olivia asked muffledly.

“Then that person said a lot of insults about uncles.” That was the first time someone insulted his relatives.

“And…and then?” Olivia raised his chin slightly.

“Then I beat him up.” Mu Gen confidently said: “After beating him, I asked him to explain the reason and then he confessed.”

“You treated him like that because they said bad things about our family, right?”

Olivia’s night vision is very good so even in the dark, he could still see Mu Gen’s clear eyes.

With a glance, there’s no concealment.

As if, he trusted him unreservedly.

Olivia was stunned.

Lowering his head, Olivia rubbed his chin on Mu Gen’s knee.

Mu Gen…do you actually trust Olivia that much?

Trust, your Oli?

However, Oli is really not that good in front of others.

The reason for this panic is nothing more than the things others said hitting his guilty conscience.

For his current life, that Oli has indeed treated many people cruelly and even used a lot of dark methods, but just by thinking about Mu Gen and this home, he could barely restrain his violent self. That’s all.

And so——

Closing his eyes, Olivia kissed the young man’s knee reverently.

“Please, stay by my side forever.”

In this way, he will always be “your Oli”.

The author has something to say:



“I want to be the Olivia who belongs only to you”——by 嗳发呆, āi fādāi~

The teenager drawn on the cover in the last issue was a trial, and the cover is the white Mu Gen above~

PS: There will be a meeting tomorrow

Going out early in the morning and will be late when I get back, so the update might be delayed

TINA V8C270: The Only Chair
TINA V8C272: Waves Surging Forth

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