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Mu Gen’s hands were deeply inserted in Olivia’s sweaty hair. In the dark, only the two people’s breathing can be heard in the small bedroom for a while.

Until Mu Gen’s stomach suddenly groaned.

Touching Mu Gen’s belly, Olivia suddenly smiled: “Are you hungry? You must be very hungry, right? I heard that you have to eat five meals a day now!”

After the transformation, Mu Gen’s sharp increase in appetite was fully reported to Olivia by Sithili. Within three months, Mu Gen actually grew a bit taller, and Olivia felt a little bit of crisis.

Mu Gen then pulled Olivia’s hair up hard.

“Ouch! It hurts! Okay okay, let’s go have dinner, I’m hungry too.” While talking, Olivia finally let go of Mu Gen’s knees.

Embarrassingly touching his groaning belly, Mu Gen pushed Olivia and stood up, then he rubbed his sore knees, thinking that Oli was really heavy.

In the dark, Olivia opened the closet and then pulled out his old house clothes and put them on. When the two went out of the bedroom again, the dinner table was full and all the robots were already sitting at the dinner table.

Just after Olivia took a seat, almost all the robots scanned his face surreptitiously. Because of the extremely high-end scanning system in their bodies, almost all robots “saw” Olivia’s eyelids are a little redder than usual.

Cried——Robot Beta turned his head and took a freshly baked walnut pancake from the basket next to him.

He cried——Robot Epsilon began to serve the rice.

Crying——Robot Eta silently picked a large steak for Olivia.

Uncle Alpha was the calmest but he soon stood up and turned to the refrigerator, taking out a large Snow Mountain ice cream.

“Eat, if it’s not enough, there’s another one in the refrigerator.”

Forget about the others, just facing First Uncle who gave him snacks before the meal, Olivia looked horrified!

And so, with a sense of anxiety, he gritted his teeth and ate two snow mountain ice creams that were bigger than his head. After eating the ice cream, he looked at Beta’s cold screen and ate the steaming walnut pancake. Then he saw the smiling Epsilon next to him and Olivia immediately picked up the spoon to eat the full bowl of green rice in front of him. Immediately afterward, Eta looked at him…

Olivia was struggling for the first time.

It happened that at this moment, Mu Gen handed over a bowl of soup from the other side——

Olivia could hardly raise his neck as he drank the bowl of hot soup.

“Who bought this bowl? It’s actually bigger than my head.” Olivia, who couldn’t move at all, was laid out on the chair as he complained.

“Uh…it’s me.” Mu Gen replied while picking up the dishes and chopsticks with Stone.

“Mu Gen ate too much these days, especially the soup. The previous soup bowl was too small and had to be served five times each time. Now it’s just once after changing it to this new bowl.” While obediently wiping the table, Sigma looked at Olivia: “Olivia, will you go play ball with Sigma in a while? Sigma bought you a new ball.”

Olivia: So, did I just drink five times the previous amount of soup all at once?

Although he felt uncomfortable in his stomach, he still tried to keep smiling and praised the pattern of the new soup bowl: “The pattern of this soup bowl is very special. Look at this paw print, it looks very similar to the Crumay Era~”

The Crumay Era is in ancient times. All cultural relics unearthed from that era symbolized their simplicity and rustic charm.

“Really? I made this bowl myself——Those paw prints were from the cubs next door and the pattern at the bottom is in the shape of the cub’s ass. Can you see it?” Mu Gen looked very happy.

However, Olivia was suddenly nauseated: The soup bowl was stepped on by those brats! There’s even a butt…


After eating too much, Olivia began to walk around in the yard to digest it.

Mu Gen wasn’t far from him, sitting on the floor on the porch, examining the newborn dragon cubs. The robots were sitting next to him.

Although the weather was a bit cold now, fortunately, this family is not afraid of the cold.

Picking up Sigma who was sitting next to Mu Gen, Olivia took his place and sat between Mu Gen and Alpha. Putting Sigma on his knees and looking ahead, Olivia suddenly spoke:

“I’m going to become the Emperor.”

It was an affirmative sentence.

No hesitation, no fear, nor did he explain the reason, as if he’s merely stating “I’ll eat Snow Mountain ice cream tomorrow”.

Mu Gen turned his head to look at his expression then slowly turned his head back.


“What do we need to do?” After thinking about it, Mu Gen added.

“En, I’ll tell you when I need it,” Olivia said frankly.

The robots also heard him but they didn’t speak either.

The little beast in Mu Gen’s arms fell asleep, purring.

Then Sigma suddenly raised his head while in Olivia’s arms: “Olivia, does an Emperor’s brother have a salary?”

“Uh…no.” Olivia was stumped by the question.

“Oh.” Then Sigma continued to read the recruitment notice in his “brain”.

The weather is cloudy and damp, but the mood of the Mu Gen family was calm and peaceful.

The last thing that broke the tranquility was Olivia’s stomach. He had diarrhea due to the alternating hot and cold foods and also eating a lot. He ran to the toilet all night and the whole family didn’t rest well. The next day, he returned to his station with the anti-diarrhea medicine provided by Mrs. Bayati with a resolute expression on his face.

In the 12th Month of Year 414 of the Starlight Calendar, Olivia Augustus appeared on the major media platforms of the Empire for the first time as the last Kantas royalty. No doubt having the Golden King’s Blood once again added a golden halo for this young Lt. General who was already famous enough.

In the 2nd Month of Year 415 of the Starlight Calendar, under the coordination of Mu Gen, the new counselor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olivia Augustus successfully signed a weapon order agreement with the Dekola, a Level 7 Civilization. For the first time, the Empire purchased weapons that represent the most sophisticated technology of a Level 7 Civilization. This isn’t just a one-time agreement but a sustainable development agreement. In the next 15 years, the Empire can purchase designated types of weapons from the Dekola people regularly.

This was also the first time that the Dekola people have signed a contract with a non Level 7 Civilization. In the same year, the Dekola successfully became a Level 8 Civilization.

In the 10th Month of Year 415 of the Starlight Calendar, the counselor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mu Gen, successively signed cultural exchange agreements with three civilizations, the Ulabi, Dekola, and Kelan. The Empire can then send a fixed number of outstanding students to study in these three civilizations’ academies each year. Among them, the Dekola even opened up a military academy exchange quota. 20 graduates from the Imperial Military Academy and the Imperial National Defense Academy successfully got admitted to this Academy and became the first batch of international exchange students.

Also in the 7th month of the following year, due to outstanding political achievements, and also for him to have a more suitable identity to enter the higher level negotiating table, Mu Gen was promoted to Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, he also served as the counselor of the Minister of Education.

In the 11th Month of Year 416 of the Starlight Calendar, the Minister of Commerce was attacked and killed in the starfield of the Level 7 Civilization Delphis. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mu Gen, was dispatched to the site of the attack to thoroughly investigate the matter. This well-mannered imperial diplomat showed his strength in front of the Level 7 Civilizations for the first time. After leading the investigation team, he escaped the enemy’s attack and returned to the imperial territory. Faced with the Empire’s doubts, Delphis insisted that the Minister of Commerce and his party encountered star thieves and refused to apologize or be held responsible for the matter.

Olivia Augustus, Commander of the Eighth Army, immediately led his army.

40% of the entire army was equipped with munitions produced by Dekola and with proper commands, all “star thieves” who attacked the Minister of Commerce were arrested and executed in the Empire on the same day.

Since then, their relations with Delphis deteriorated as they called the Empire “barbarians from a low-level civilization” while the Empire called Delphis “the town of robbers”.

Page after page of the calendar was turned over and one event after another happened in the lives of the imperial people.

Nowadays, for the Empire, any close combat with the high-level civilization outside is a major event that everyone noticed. The influence of Olivia, this young Lt. General who has the last Kantas royal bloodline, is expanding day by day.

In the initial stage as a newly advanced civilization, almost any event that occurred in the Empire regarding the other civilizations was related to Olivia. This young man has undoubtedly become the Empire’s signboard.

Although very young, maybe too young, he’s so vibrant. This young Kantas is strong and fierce, treating his friends politely and gaining countless benefits for the Empire; facing the enemy from the Level 7 Civilization, he wasn’t afraid and resolutely responded, but it made the opponent unable to argue.

He almost met the expectations of all imperial people.

Although the Empire is a monarchy, it has lost its Emperor for too long.

During this period, the military and political departments were re-established and each of them was split into more complex factions again. If there’s no such thing as the invasion of an outside civilization, the Empire is bound to go on the road of internal struggle and division.

Unfortunately, the Empire suffered an unprepared invasion from an outside civilization and a large number of people died in that catastrophe.

However, the Empire is also lucky. In their most difficult moment, the Empire’s management, which had concealed their own affairs before, reunited and continued to become harmonious, even taking the attack of the advanced civilization and driving them away.

In the following period, they were even more fortunate to integrate into the advanced civilizations with a soft posture.

No one knew how long this “luck” will last. After a period of unity, due to the emergence of new opportunities, the highest levels of the Empire might once again be shaken from the shadows.

The hidden dangers caused by the Emperor’s absence gradually appeared.

So the Empire needs a human voice.

It also needs a person who can represent the country.

In this case, Olivia Augustus naturally became the most suitable representative in the eyes of the people.

During a private visit, someone suddenly put forward the proposal “I hope Lt. General Olivia Augustus can become the new Emperor.”

The reporter had the idea to change the content of this interview to a survey of candidates for the Emperor, and the result was the program becoming unexpectedly popular! After the broadcast of this interview, this station with average ratings became the No. 1 station in one fell swoop! In pursuit of victory, the station conducted a series of interviews with the reserve candidates for the Emperor, and this topic smoothly stewed.

More and more media joined this discussion and the topic of “the Empire needs a new Emperor” naturally became the most discussed topic in the Empire today.

The voice of the people finally affected the higher-ups and for a while, the military and government secretly had waves on both sides.

At the same time, Olivia once again signed a friendly treaty with a Level 7 Civilization.

As the most popular candidate from the people, he had been rushing around for negotiations and hadn’t come back during this time. He didn’t return until he got an agreement with this powerful new civilization.

When he stepped off the spacecraft and into the port, faced with the enthusiastic people cheering and holding banners, he took off his hat in confusion and then gracefully smiled at the crowd.

Everything was different.

The author has something to say:

Everyone is completely different from the cracks in a certain time.

Yesterday, thank you all.

TINA V8C271: Your Oli
TINA V8C273: End of the Starlight Calendar

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