TLJDFL 005: Birth

TLJDFL 004: Am I Going To Die?
TLJDFL 006: A'Jin

Li Jin’s words made Qin Muwen feel like he was dreaming.

He thought, is it because I’m already dead that my memory is out of order?

Ever since Qin Muwen’s family was arrested, his status as a government official’s son changed into a lowly prisoner.

Later, because of his identity as a ger, he avoided being exiled to the Ning Guta district like his older brothers and also avoided being sent to the brothel as a prostitute like his elder sisters.

Qin Muwen was terrified at that time because he was going to be sold directly to a man.

And to avoid being saved by his father’s proteges, those people directly announced that he was dead, then he was transported to a remote mountain village, where he was sold casually.

Besides, Li Jin, who’s 1.8 meters, was still considered tall among a group of seven-foot men in ancient times.

In this age, a foot was about 24 centimeters, and for a man of seven feet, it’s only about 1.7 meters in modern times.

Of course, the taller and more handsome a man was, the more popular they were with women.

This Li Jin looked good with regular features and a high nose. When his pair of phoenix eyes stared at others, there seemed to be a touch of warmth between his brows.

Qin Muwen never imagined what his other half would be like.

However, when he first saw Li Jin, he wasn’t disappointed.

Of course, if Li Jin were excellent, those people wouldn’t sell Qin Muwen just like that.

How could Qin Muwen, the son of a criminal official, be so blessed?

After getting married, Li Jin’s nature was exposed. This person had no abilities, but he had high self-esteem and unrealistic expectations. He easily looked down on others.

Apart from anything else, the little ink that Li Jin studied was likely to be inferior to Qin Muwen’s.

But even so, Li Jin still disliked him because of Qin Muwen’s identity as a ger.

Li Jin took a fancy on the top card of the Piao Xiang Yuan (floating fragrance garden) in the town. Since he didn’t have any money, he naturally couldn’t get the top card’s favor.

After he got drunk, he would punch and kick Qin Muwen when he returned.

At first, Qin Muwen had some expectations for Li Jin, but later, he resigned himself and broke the jar.

He originally had a meek temperament, and the education he received from an early age was to make him considerate to his future partner, so he shouldn’t make excessive demands.

Even if he was the child of a government official, he’s destined to not enter the main room as a ger.

Qin Muwen’s father was a concubine of the government official. It’s because of the good manners that he was allowed to be a concubine and have a child with the master.

His father was married for more than a year before he became pregnant with Qin Muwen.

This was now Qin Muwen’s second year of marriage, and the baby was about to be born in October.

A ger giving birth was as difficult as passing through the gates of hell. Qin Muwen had worked very hard, but he still couldn’t hold on…

Qin Muwen didn’t want to die at all. When he died, he would have nothing. At least alive, he could still have hope and see the blue sky and white clouds.

Therefore, Qin Muwen gritted his teeth no matter how difficult it was.

But now, it was no longer a situation where he could endure while gritting his teeth.


Li Jin’s hand was gripped hard by Qin Muwen, and it no longer felt like his own.

Gers were not very strong, but a ger struggling with labor pains could still hurt Li Jin’s waste-like body in a matter of minutes.

Li Jin thought that Qin Muwen must be suffering thousands of times than him right now.

Being able to accompany this young man while he’s in pain was also atonement for what the original owner had done.

Li Jin said: “Don’t push blindly. You have to have a rhythm, or it will be difficult for the child to come out.”

Qin Muwen had been in pain for a while now, so physiological tears were overflowing from the end of his eyes.

Hearing what Li Jin said, he couldn’t react for a while.

But Li Jin also knew the current situation, so he no longer explained too much, and simply gave orders to Qin Muwen.

“Inhale, relax, exhale, don’t hold back and scream, use your energy for pushing.”

Li Jin’s speech was not fast, and his intonation was very stable, which was completely different from the way he used to speak.

It’s plain and bland but seemed to have an irresistible force. Qin Muwen tried very hard to follow his instructions for about ten minutes. Suddenly, Qin Muwen fiercely grabbed Li Jin’s hand.

Qin Muwen groaned out like a little beast that fell into a trap and was pierced with an iron thorn.

Li Jin was tall, so even if Qin Muwen was on his lap, he could see the child’s head.

It’s coming out slowly.

Li Jin’s tense emotions also relaxed, and he said happily: “The child’s head is about to come out. With a little effort, it will be born soon.”

He shouldn’t rest at this time and end it with one push.

About ten minutes later, the child’s head came out completely.

Li Jin supported Qin Muwen’s back and put a pillow behind him.

He then went out to clean his hands again and carefully carried the child out.

After the head of the fetus came out, they only needed to pay attention to the shoulders’ position, and the obstetrician could easily carry the child out. There’s no need for the mother to continue to suffer.

Then, Li Jin heated the scissors he had already prepared on the kerosene lamp and cut the umbilical cord.

The clear cry of the child came to the two people’s ears.

Because of Li Jin, Qin Muwen didn’t suffer any more in giving birth, and he still had some energy at the moment.

Li Jin held the child’s butt with one hand and skillfully put him into Qin Muwen’s arms.

He smiled and said to him: “This child looks like you; he’s so beautiful.”

Qin Muwen’s skin was white, and his facial features were exquisite. He looked good at first glance, and with the red mole between his brows, he looked lively.

Moreover, Qin Muwen had a gentle temperament, so he’s really easy to control.

Qin Muwen finally gave birth to the child, so the biggest burden in his heart was eliminated.

Hearing the child’s cry, his heart relaxed, and he wanted to give everything he had to the child.

Qin Muwen carefully looked at the child, but his viewing angle was limited.

He then found out that even though Li Jin was now different from before.

His words were still unreliable…

Such a small child with red skin and eyes squeezed into a line while crying, how can he look like him?

Besides, didn’t the fathers wanted their children to look like themselves? Why didn’t Li Jin say that the child looked like him?

Qin Muwen felt like the child’s nose was indeed very similar to Li Jin.

Looking at the child, Qin Muwen gradually ignored everything around him.

Li Jin helped rub the young man’s belly to let the placenta fall off freely, then put his hand on Qin Muwen’s belly to feel for the young man’s uterus just after giving birth.

At this time, you need to rub the uterus vigorously across the belly to make it soft and shrink back to its original position.

It’s also to help the recovery of the young man.

But this matter wasn’t important right now as Li Jin looked at the dirty mattress under the boy and thought about cleaning it up.

He took away the scissors and the placenta first.

He wandered around the room again, found a few coats from the original owner, and put them first.

However, no more bedding was found…

Li Jin said: “That… is there any other bedding at home?”

He didn’t know what the young man was called, which was simply a sin.

At this time, the young man also recovered his senses. Only now did he feel that he’s sleeping on the mattress instead of the hard wooden bed.

Looking at the young man’s expression, Li Jin knew there was no more.

No matter how dull the boy was, he felt a little sticky under his body…

Although it’s common during childbirth, the teenager still felt very shy. When he wanted to move, he felt soreness at his waist and pain in his lower body.

The current pain, compared with the pain during childbirth, was insignificant.

Li Jin said: “Don’t move. Lie down first, and I’ll think of another way.”

Forced into helplessness, Li Jin went to Li Daniu’s house again. After all, standing at the village entrance, Li Daniu’s house and the village chief’s house was the most lavish.

It happened that Li Daniu came back after plowing the land. After seeing Li Jin, Li Daniu said: “The child was born?”

Li Jin nodded and said: “Born.”

Li Daniu: “Then why don’t you go back and accompany your wife rather than standing in front of my house?”

Li Jin: “I want to borrow something…”

Li Daniu: “???” Did this guy want to be beaten? He even had the nerve to talk, huh???

Li Jin said: “I currently lack two mattresses and one quilt at home, and it’s better to have some children’s diapers and swaddling. I’ll buy those things this time, and pay you using the town price later on. During the period before I could pay you back, you can find me whenever you want to play chess as interest, and I will help you solve any chess moves you don’t know.”

In the beginning, Li Daniu wanted to say that it’s easy for Li Jin to borrow money and not pay it back.

But at hearing the interest in the end, Li Daniu was really moved. He then said: “You have to play with me first. I have to know your skills.”

Li Jin still insisted: “My husband and child are still waiting for me at home, so I don’t have time now. In short, do you want to lend it to me or not?”

Allowing him to play chess with him at any time, this interest was really valuable.

Li Daniu: “…fine. Go in and get it with me. I happen to have a freshly sewn bedding at home, made by my wife, and ready to sell in town. When I sell it to you, it saves me the fee from the ox cart when going there.”

And so, Li Jin went back with what he wanted.

Sure enough, the big households in the village were rich and powerful.

Qin Muwen couldn’t move yet, but Li Jin went out.

He was flustered at being all by himself.

If Li Jin had never been kind to him before, then he definitely wouldn’t care about Li Jin now.

But how could this person just leave after treating him so tenderly?

Did Li Jin go drinking again?

Can’t he keep this man even after having a baby?

Even though Qin Muwen was in pain while giving birth, he didn’t cry except when he’s forced to because of the physical pain.

But now, because of Li Jin’s tender gesture, he couldn’t stop crying.

The child was originally tired of crying and was obediently lying down beside his daddy (A’die), but the clever child now felt that his daddy was crying, so he himself started to cry.

When Li Jin came back, he heard this cry as soon as he entered the yard.

He thought to himself that the young man was so skinny and had to be cleaned up. Seeing how tired the teenager was from childbirth, the child didn’t even let the boy rest.

That kid really didn’t feel sorry for his daddy.

Qin Muwen struggled to sit up, his body still slimy. Although Li Jin just wiped his body, the mattress was still wet.

Lying uncomfortably like that, he felt sad that Li Jin might not want him anymore. Now he was flustered and didn’t know what to do…

Because when Qin Muwen sat up, he got a good view of the child.

For an instant, Qin Muwen became depressed.

——why, why does my child have a little red mole between his brows?

TLJDFL 004: Am I Going To Die?
TLJDFL 006: A'Jin

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  1. Wao, Qin Muwen really does have it hard…. not only coming from such a high position, but arriving at this point, he really is a bad ass to still be able to fight so hard. Not trying to hang himself with silk is already super amazing. It really made me feel it with that final line when he realized his child is also a ger.

    Alright, Muwen, it’ll be okay! The new goods that seized control of your husband’s body definitely won’t let you and the child suffer in the future!

    I really do have to laugh about Li Jin, though. It’s just really funny how pragmatic he is. He spent some time being shocked about the existence of gers, then smoothly moved past it to get things accomplished. “Well, I time traveled, anything is possible I guess!” I do hope that there will be some actual feelings in the future and not just Qin Muwen and Li Jin making the best of things though.

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