TLJDFL 004: Am I Going To Die?

TLJDFL 005: Birth

It turned out that the young man, whose eyes were red from crying, was named Xiao An, and the person himself didn’t know his surname.

Ever since he could remember, he was already sold.

Fortunately, he was young at that time, so he wasn’t sold directly to a brothel.

But even if he hadn’t been sold to that kind of institution, he would still marry a rich man, who didn’t know how to care for his concubine, and his fate would still be horrible.

Anyway, it was caused by the current social situation of this village.

Xiao An is a dim-witted child. When others were defensive against Qin Muwen, he would occassionally wash rice and cook when he passed by Qin Muwen’s house, or even go over and say hello.

He kept crying today because he was worried about Qin Muwen’s dystocia that might kill both parent and child.

How could Qin Muwen’s husband still drink outside? He didn’t care about his wife at all.

Xiao An was useless for Qin Muwen.

But then again, in their social situation, his own fate was miserable. If he had no children in a few years, he might be driven out by the Li family; then there’d really be no place for him to stay.

Even if Xiao An had a child in the future, he still had to go through death’s door to give birth to the child.

No one would help him.

This was all fated.

In the end, the crying Xiao An didn’t know whether he’s sad for Qin Muwen or because of his future situation.

However, no one had thought that Li Jin would come back at this moment.

Moreover, he even brought back delicious eggs.

You need to know that even if Xiao An was married into the Li family as a concubine, he usually ate gruel and pickles.

Li Jin thought that this was like the 1960s and 1970s of his past life, where every household in the countryside could only eat meat during the holidays. Even in ancient times, when materials were more scarce, the average farmers only ate pancakes, gruel, and pickles.

Only Li Daniu and the village chief’s family could be a little richer in the entire village.

Even if they also raised chickens and ducks, the other families had absolutely no practice of slaughtering them and eating the meat.

They’re also counting on the chickens and ducks to lay their eggs, leaving it to the one who did the most work among the family.

This was also fair as whoever worked more got to eat an egg.

Some households even have three generations under one roof. The grandparents were the oldest if they hadn’t died yet, so naturally, the family couldn’t be separated.

And so, the young adults would live together in a house. At this time, the young men would be the main labor force.

Eggs were precious things, and the intact eggs would be sold to the town by the family’s wife when they go to the market.

If the shell were broken, it’d be stewed for the person who plowed the most.

Sometimes, the middle-aged couples would be reluctant to eat and secretly hide it. They’d then wait until they returned to their rooms and let their children eat it.

And so, these people hadn’t eaten eggs for a long time.

They never dreamed that Li Jin would actually make them egg pancakes with chopped green onions and that it would be so delicious.

There was a slightly older but skinnier man with envy in his eyes.

“Ah’Wen, your fate is so good. Your husband will even give you stewed egg custard and cooked chicken soup. There’s even meat in the chicken soup.”

There’s meat, so that meant the chicken was killed.

People in the village would only kill chickens during the New Year’s Eve to celebrate.

Even the big families would only kill a chicken when they had a son…

In short, no one would kill the chicken and stew soup before the husband/wife even gave birth.

Qin Muwen didn’t know how to respond at this moment. He didn’t know why Li Jin suddenly treated him so well.

Although he’s Li Jin’s husband in name, Li Jin didn’t treat him as a human at all…

Qin Muwen was actually very thin even though he’s a little taller than the others. With his thin legs and thin arms, his belly was especially big.

All the cotton mattresses under the bed were removed, leaving only a layer of clean coarse cloth sheets on a spliced wooden bed.

That’s because they were worried that Qin Muwen giving birth would soil the bedding, and it would be troublesome to wash cotton once it’s stained with blood, so he was sitting on a cold wooden bed right now.

Qin Muwen had been sitting like this all morning, and his stomach had been hurting in waves for who knew how many times already.

But the child hadn’t come out yet.

Xiao An looked at Qin Muwen’s gradually paling face, picked up the chicken soup, then said: “Don’t be afraid, the child will definitely come out. You and the child will be safe. Is the egg custard not enough? Eat more, and you’ll have some strength.”

In this era, the village women didn’t yet know that they’d vomit on greasy things.

After all, who could eat meat during their pregnancy?

But Li Jin deliberately skimmed off that layer of oil, so only the chicken soup’s fresh and tender taste was left.

The pancakes also softened in the chicken broth, and the aroma of green onions exploded on the taste buds. Qin Muwen ate a few more pancakes.

The aroma of the food gradually covered the stale air in the room.

If everyone thought that Qin Muwen would die before, then this idea had been completely reversed.

With Li Jin paying so much attention to the birthing process, even if Lord Yan came, Li Jin would stop him outside.

Qin Muwen and the child would definitely be fine.

Li Jin washed up again. He didn’t wash his hair this time, so he finished quickly.

Originally, Li Jin didn’t want even to wear a coat with dust on it, so he only wore a shirt. However, remembering that there were three men in the room, he still put on his coat. After all, this was a world where men could have children… if he went out wearing only his shirt, afraid it would damage these young people’s reputation.

Thinking of this, Li Jin couldn’t help but silently curse at this strange world.

Not long after Li Jin finished washing again, he suddenly heard a heart-piercing cry.

Li Jin’s heart jerked.

Although he had seen countless people give birth as a doctor, many people failed to go through manual labor and switched to C-section.

Even if he’d performed operations and saw the bloody abdominal cavity, Li Jin’s heart would generally be steady.

Because there’s no surprise.

He could even discuss the operation procedure with the anesthesiologist and the head nurse calmly after the operation and then make suggestions for improvement.

But this time was different, as Li Jin’s heart beat wildly.

The thin and pale face of the young man suddenly appeared in front of him. Li Jin thought that he seemed to have seen a red mole on the boy’s brow…

Li Jin didn’t know whether it was sympathy or something, but in short, he really cared about that young man.

After all, Li Jin wasn’t stupid. From the attitude of the man he met on the ox cart to the other people in the village, it’s not difficult for Li Jin to guess that the original owner must have never done a good thing.

Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t dislike him so much.

The people in the village all hating a person was enough to prove that the original owner was evil.

Li Jin thought that the young man giving birth was really pitiful to actually get married to someone like the original owner.

The sound coming from the room became more and more heartbreaking.

Li Jin stood in the yard, constantly pacing like an ordinary husband.

Many times, Li Jin wanted to open the door and go in but worried that he would interrupt the child’s birthing process.

He could only pace and wait quietly outside the door.

About half an hour later, the screams in the room gradually faded. Li Jin thought this must be because the screams didn’t cooperate with the exhalation and inhalation, so the mother had no energy.

He felt that he really couldn’t wait any longer and must go in himself.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Xiao An ran out crying: “Li Jin, Ah’Wen is not pushing anymore. Go and say your last words to him…”

The other two men were also worried that the young man would die on the bed. They didn’t want to stay in the same room as a dead person.

So they all went out one by one.

Li Jin also left Xiao An outside, went in alone, and bolted the door.

There was a young man whose life and death were unknown, lying on the old wooden bed. Li Jin didn’t have time to look clearly, as he quickly took off his dusty coat and wore only his shirt.

However, Li Jin knew that the young man wasn’t dead; he just had no energy now. He’s currently covered with a thin bedsheet, and the chest area was still undulating.

Li Jin walked to the bed and frowned. Why was this bed so hard?

He saw the quilt piled on the low cabinet on the other side, picked it up, and spread it on the other side of the bed. He then picked up the young man and put him on the quilt.

During his actions, the young man’s consciousness gradually returned. He saw Li Jin, and his eyes were like he’s waiting for death.

“Am I going to die?”

Li Jin sat on the edge of the bed, then put the young man on his lap, combed his hair wet with sweat to the temples, and said: “No. With me here, you will not die.”

This was the truth.

Although he had never been in contact with Qin Muwen before, he had encountered many cases like this. He could guarantee that this young man named Ah’Wen would not die.

Qin Muwen raised his eyes to look at Li Jin with tears in his eyes. He really didn’t understand how this man had become so pleasant.

He used to beat him at every turn, saying that he could marry a real woman if he died early.

But now, this man told him that he would definitely not die.

Li Jin also quietly looked at Qin Muwen, feeling that the original owner really committed a crime.

Qin Muwen’s face looked too young, definitely not yet eighteen…

If this was in modern times, such a teenager would be popular in the basketball court or indulge in ruling a school.

But in this era, such a teenager was lying on the bed with a big belly and asking him: “Am I going to die?”

The tone was plain, and he couldn’t even see any nostalgia for this world.

But Li Jin knew that he must really want to live, or else he wouldn’t persist until now.

As for why this young man was so calm right now, it’s probably because… he accepted reality.

To be honest, if this kind of situation were placed on ordinary people, they would have hated the original owner a long time ago, but this young man had a kind of obedience and calmness.

Li Jin felt very depressed. He smoothened the young man’s hair then held his palm.

He said: “Don’t worry. There’s no rush to give birth. After a while, take my hand. If I told you to push, you have to push. It’s okay to pinch me. This will allow you to work harder.”

Li Jin’s tone was no longer the same as before, but with special magic that could comfort people.

Qin Muwen held Li Jin’s hand with both hands as if grabbing a life-saving straw.

His own hands were cold, but Li Jin’s hand was very warm. Qin Muwen accidentally touched a blister on the palm.

Qin Muwen remembered Xiao An say that Li Jin was worried that the egg custard would be cold just now, so he kept warming the bowl with both hands and blistered his hands.

When the blisters broke, Li Jin naturally felt pain.

But he looked at the young man’s eyes and just smiled at him as he said: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

TLJDFL 005: Birth

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