TLJDFL 006: A’Jin

TLJDFL 005: Birth

When Li Jin entered, Qin Muwen held the baby with a pale face, paler than when he had just given birth.

There’s no trace of blood on his lips.

But even so, he still carefully held the baby.

Even stroking the child’s back very gently.

Although Qin Muwen’s movements were inexperienced, it’s full of his love for the child.

Li Jin smiled and said: “This child really likes you, and immediately stopped crying after being hugged by his daddy.”

While speaking, he didn’t stop his hands and prepared to make the bed.

In this era, the cotton in the quilt was the real one. Li Jin first cleaned up the dirty mattress then spread the clean one on the empty half of the bed.

He felt that the thickness was just right, and it wasn’t too hard or too soft to sleep in.

If the bed were too hard, it would make people uncomfortable.

But if it’s too soft, it wouldn’t be good for the spine.

Li Jin felt the thickness of the mattress with his hands, feeling that one mattress was enough.

However, this era’s cotton mattress wasn’t as good as the Simmons soft bed in the modern era. Li Jin borrowed two newly sewn mattresses from Li Daniu’s house. Even when spread out, it wouldn’t be too soft and wouldn’t hurt the spine.

Li Jin asked, “Do you prefer a softer bed or a harder one?”

For a while, Qin Muwen froze as if he didn’t expect Li Jin to talk to him.


The teenager’s voice sounded immature and thin. Because he had just given birth, it became a little softer.

It’s not as gentle or crisp like a woman, but for some reason, it gave people the feeling of a thin stream flowing forever and made one aware of time passing by quietly.

In fact, Li Jin didn’t smile often. In his previous life, he was in a hospital where death was a regular phenomenon.

The doctors were indeed very sad to see someone die, but they still have to summarize the cause of death from the various physical data of the operation and the death of the patient. These sorts of data would accumulate more and more, which would promote the progress of medicine as a whole in the end.

When the doctors held regular meetings to do statistics, they would certainly not smile. After all, these were all cases of death.

To sum it up, crying over it was too silly.

Therefore, everyone had long practiced having a straight face during a serious report.

Coupled with the fact that Li Jin was a doctor in obstetrics, it’s even more impossible for him to smile at the mother.

Therefore, Li Jin couldn’t remember when he last laughed.

But now, seeing the teenager clumsily but gently hold the child, he unconsciously smiled.

He laughed then rubbed the young man’s head: “Of course, I’m asking you? Do you think I’m asking the child?”

The freshly laid up mattress beside Qin Muwen smelled like the sun, which felt very refreshing.

He obediently said: “This is enough.”

Li Jin didn’t ask anymore. Anyway, there’s still an extra mattress. If the teenager looked uncomfortable, he could just add it.

So he spread the clean sheets, then pulled out the child from Qin Muwen’s arms like he would a carrot from the ground.

The dumbfounded child: “???” What happened?

Well, no matter what happened, he just had to cry.

Qin Muwen was also dumbfounded. Right now, his biggest worry was that with Li Jin not liking gers, he might not care about his first child.

Looking at Li Jin’s attitude, although he’s not very enthusiastic about the child, he’s also not indifferent.

Li Jin bent down and said: “Don’t struggle.”

Then, he held the young man’s back with one hand and his knees with the other, then hugged him in his arms.

In fact, Li Jin also hugged him like this before the baby was born.

Qin Muwen was just so tortured by the pain in his stomach that he had no time to notice.

At this moment, he could clearly hear the man’s steady heartbeat and smell the water vapor from when he washed up.

Qin Muwen then remembered that he hadn’t worn pants after giving birth.

The room’s door was kept close, so there’s no wind at all, but this action inevitably brought a little wind, making Qin Muwen blush a bit.

Li Jin asked Qin Muwen to hold his neck as he wiped the teenager’s body before putting him on the clean bed.

There’s no hint of teasing or lewdness in his actions.

He’s like a qualified family member taking care of a patient.

Li Jin quickly made up the other half of the bed, then covered Qin Muwen with a quilt.

At this time, he asked: “Where are your clothes?”

The boy only had two sets of clothes, one was what he’s wearing right now, and the other was in the closet by the bed.

After Li Jin found it, he distinguished between the pros and cons before reaching under the quilt to dress Qin Muwen.

These trousers had clearly changed. Maybe because his belly was big before, the waistband had changed.

But they’re now at home, so it didn’t matter if he wore loose pants.

After the teenager was settled, Li Jin wrapped the child in a diaper then wrapped him tightly in a swaddle.

It’s June right now. Although the temperature was high, it’s better than having a baby in the cold winter.

At that time, Li Jin should consider buying some charcoal to heat the room.

After squeezing one big and one small person into the bed, Li Jin stopped and folded up the dirty mattress.

This mattress had been used for a long time. The cotton had been tightly pressed, and it’s now stained with blood. If he wanted to wash it, it’d be a huge workload.

Li Jin intended to take this thing apart and burn it for firewood.

Although he could cook, tidy up things, and clean, he’s a layman in needlework.

The only person in the family who could take it apart and wash it was probably the boy lying on the bed. However, he had just given birth, so how could he give work to him?

Li Jin thought, anyway, it’s not very useful, so it’s better to discard it.

Right now, the two brand new mattresses in the house were enough.

Qin Muwen shrank under the covers, his whole body refreshed much more than before.

He liked it, but he didn’t know where Li Jin got these things…

Li Jin put away everything he didn’t plan to use at home then moved to the kitchen.

Living alone for so many years, his room and table being clean and tidy were his most basic requirements.

When everything was cleaned up, Li Jin began to recall ‘post-birth precautions’ that the instructor said when he was still in school.

It seemed like… the mother’s emotions must be taken care of.

Post-birth depression was not a joke.

Li Jin returned to the room and saw that the child was asleep after crying two times.

He looked adorable with the little red mole between his brows, which was very pleasing.

But the boy hadn’t fallen asleep. When Li Jin entered, he blinked at Li Jin. Then when Li Jin looked at him, he quickly looked away.

Li Jin sat on the edge of the bed and started a conversation: “Is it cold right now?”

The boy looked at Li Jin, then obediently shook his head.

Li Jin almost wanted to hold his forehead. This boy was clearly a child. How did the ancients bear to touch them?

“Is there anything else uncomfortable?”

The young man shook his head, adding a sentence this time: “No.”

“If your stomach hurts, you must tell me. Don’t be embarrassed, and don’t be afraid.”

The young man looked at Li Jin, his eyes wide, and he opened his mouth, as if he wanted to call out to Li Jin, but the boy didn’t speak.

At this moment, Li Jin suddenly had some pictures flash in his mind.

——“Lord husband? Master? Is a bitch like you worthy of calling me that?”

The boy knelt on the ground with tears falling: “I was wrong. I was wrong. I won’t dare anymore.”

Followed by a round of punches and kicks.

Li Jin thought that as a bystander that couldn’t be more pissed off, it was hard to imagine how the young man persisted over the years.

“My name is Li Jin. Li from dawn, Jin from a bright future. You can call my name directly, or… call me husband. It’s up to you.”

Li Jin didn’t apologize to the young man for his injuries over the past two years because he knew that an apology had no significance after hurting a person.

At this time, words were often the most useless thing.

It’s better to use one’s practical actions to make up for the hurt in the teenager’s heart.

Just when Li Jin thought he wouldn’t hear anything from the young man, a clear address came out of the young man’s mouth.


After the boy finished speaking, he closed his eyes and almost buried his head in the quilt.

He didn’t know how Li Jin would react. He didn’t dare call Li Jin “Lord Husband” or “master” because the young man’s mind was particularly sensitive. He also realized that the current Li Jin was completely different from the previous Li Jin.

Qin Muwen wanted to use a new name to start a new life.

He was worried that one of those titles would bring out the violent side in Li Jin’s heart.

He could continue to bear it, but the child… the child was just born and so fragile, he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Li Jin smiled and said: “I like this name very much.”

The young man’s tense heart finally fell back to its original place. He had just been extremely tense, and now that he relaxed, he soon fell into a deep sleep.

Li Jin then carefully inspected the house. The bedroom looked like a dozen square meters with a wooden bed leaning against the wall.

There’s a low cabinet at the end of the bed. It was well made and seemed to be the most expensive piece of furniture in this family. The low cabinet was divided into three layers and filled with some odds and ends.

Soap was placed on the inside of the window sill, and he used it to wash the dirty clothes he had.

There were no other cabinets in the bedroom, just two bamboo baskets.

One was used to hold dirty clothes, and the other had unfinished clothes.

Li Jin also found seven or eight copper pieces at the bottom of the clothes basket. Thinking about it, the young man probably had nowhere else to hide it, fearing that the original owner would use it all to buy wine.

Li Jin didn’t touch the copper, since he still didn’t know the purchasing power of this era. After washing the clothes, he could find Li Daniu to play chess and then check his tone.

Furthermore, Li Jin felt that he had just remembered a few of the original owner’s memories regarding how he got along with the boy.

And so… it won’t take long before he remembered the boy’s name…

If he asked for his name directly, it would make it clear that he’s not the original Li Jin.

Li Jin didn’t know that the original owner never knew the name of the boy even at this point.

He didn’t even think of giving the boy a name, as if he was just a dispensable person.

However, things had to be dealt with one by one.

Li Jin decided to wash his clothes first. He watched some gers and women in the village walk away with a washing tub and thought of the river he saw when he was brought back by the ox cart.

“I guess everyone in the village washes clothes in the river.”

He packed the soap, club (used to beat the clothes), tub, and dirty clothes then set off, trailing behind the line.

The author had something to say:
Thanks for your support~
The setting of this book is a steady farming life after marriage, so the plot might be a bit slow~
But I really like this daily routine.

Translator’s Notes:

So as mentioned on the page of this novel, this is the last chapter I’ll be posting. Please head to Beauty Brute‘s site for more chapters since I only posted what I’ve already translated.

TLJDFL 005: Birth

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