29: As Expected, 3 Minutes Is Too Short

28: Asking God 3
30: Magic Stone

He was in the courtyard of the castle when he realized it.

“Uooh, Divine Beast!?”

And for some reason, Restalion was in front of him and was really surprised to see him. Suddenly appearing in front of someone would no doubt surprise them.

But unexpectedly, Restalion was stiff for only a moment before he revived, then went too close to his face.

“You, it might have been hard to come home, but try to appear beside the person waiting!”


“Come on, let’s go to the office right away.”


While tilting his head at Restalion, who was angry for some reason, Kuuga, who was originally heading to Gadillas, obediently followed.

The people who were not familiar with Kuuga warily observed them from afar as if they were scared of Kuuga and rushed off to make way.


But Heki was different. Heki, who was guarding the front door, rushed over to Kuuga.

“That’s good. I was worried because you didn’t come back yesterday.”

[My bad… I wanted to go home but I couldn’t...]

Kuuga rubbed his cheek against Heki’s with regret at worrying Heki, who distorted his villainous image as usual.

“Oi, don’t play and get in quickly.”

[Ah, sorry...]

Looking at the frustrated Restalion, Kuuga left Heki and went inside the office.

“…have you returned?”

Gadillas spoke when he saw Kuuga, and Kuuga was surprised at Gadillas’ appearance. His face showed that he didn’t get enough sleep, and he realized that Gadillas was unable to sleep properly last night.

――he wondered if Gadillas couldn’t sleep because he didn’t come back.

Kuuga thought he’d be lonely if the man didn’t worry about him, but he didn’t want the other person to be in this state. Kuuga hurriedly approached Gadillas.

“Did I tell you not to come back until you find it?”

[It’s my bad. But it wasn’t intentional on my part either… ah, jeez.]

Kuuga tried to explain to Gadillas, who looked angry but couldn’t understand him. Feeling more frustrated than usual, Kuuga closed his eyes and focused on his forehead, as Merdechalan taught. At the same time, he thought of his own human figure.

Originally, if he humanized after explaining properly, he’d be able to eliminate various wastes within the time limit of 3 minutes, but Kuuga, who was impatient, could not afford to think of such a thing.

Just at that time, Kuuga’s body was wrapped in light, and his body became warmer. Curiously, he didn’t feel any indications of his body changing shape.

After feeling the warm sensation disappear, Kuuga opened his eyes and stood up after confirming that his hands were human.


When he looked at Gadillas, he was wide-eyed. It’s not just Gadillas, but everyone in the room was staring at Kuuga in the same state.

He watched them not move for a while as if time had stopped, and Kuuga was relieved that it was not the case.

He expected them to be surprised because he suddenly became humanoid without explanation. He understood that feeling very much, but Kuuga had no time.

“Do you understand my words? Gadi.”

When he called out, Gadillas opened his mouth to reply.


“Oi! Wear something before that!”


It was Restalion who interrupted Gadillas, and once he understood and looked down at his body, he certainly wasn’t wearing anything. His lower body was exposed.

When Merdechalan made him humanoid, he wore something that looked like clothes, so Kuuga tilted his head. He wondered if that was a special service.

However, since he could only become humanoid for 3 minutes, he had no time to wear clothes. Kuuga, who had become accustomed to not getting dressed in the past few days, wasn’t too embarrassed.

“No, it’s my bad, but the time-”

“Oi, first of all, to me-”

“At least hide the bottom, Kuuga-sama!”

Whether it’s Kuuga, who opened his mouth to refuse the clothes, or Gadillas, who tried to say something in a frustrated manner, this time, Edallion interrupted them to wrap something around Kuuga’s waist. He was satisfied that it could be wrapped around the tail and still be free to move.

“Thank you.”


When Kuuga rubbed against Edallion’s cheek while saying thank you, Edallion shook then moved backward with tremendous force. When he looked over, the other man was blushing, which was confusing. This time, he was grabbed from another direction and was drawn to Gadillas.

“Oi, you can’t do that in your human form.”

“Huh? …ahh, my bad. It’s a habit.”

After being stared at by Gadillas, who seemed to be in a bad mood, Kuuga thought for a while and finally realized that his previous act was not what a human would do to another human man. Certainly, it would be unpleasant.

It became a habit because he could only express his feelings with gestures instead of words. He didn’t even hesitate to lick other people’s faces.

“Oh, that’s right. I don’t have time. Anyway, I couldn’t go home last night because I was on a floating island. It’s my bad.”

“No time?”

“Yes. I can only become humanoid――”

In the middle of his words, Kuuga’s body was wrapped in light, and within a few seconds, he had returned to the form of a beast. Edallion’s cloak that was wrapped around his waist fell on the floor.



“…you mean you can only become humanoid for a short time?”

[...that’s right...]

Three minutes was too short, so Kuuga drooped his head in disappointment.

28: Asking God 3
30: Magic Stone

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