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There seem to be various ways of using magic.

As I’ve seen in games and manga, some use chants.

However, I haven’t completely mastered the language, and chanting is meaningless unless I understand the meaning of the words.

I’m being taught the meaning of the chants little by little, but it will take some time before I can understand it.

“What kind, magic?”

“Fire, arrow.”

When I asked what kind of magic it will be, a traditional attack seen in any game was the reply.

Then it’s easy to imagine.

“Fire, arrow.

I imagined a fire arrow.

And then, an arrow of fire appeared overhead.

However, it just appeared like that.

It’s not capable of attacking.


Therefore, if I add that ability.

The arrow flew forward.

The target pierced by the arrow burned without any suspense.

(This is like rudimentary attack magic.)

This is faster and easier to use for me than chanting.

…I wish I could use this method for other magic as well.



The other magicians said something.

Ruu was frozen without saying anything.

Is that so surprising?

“Magic, show me.” (Show me more magic.)

It would be best to ask him.

He seemed able to use a lot of magic, so if I can imagine what I saw, it’s faster.

After all, learning a language is more difficult.

In many cases, some words are difficult to convey, so the words can’t be taught. For example, feelings such as hot and cold, tastes such as sweet and bitter, and emotions such as fun, happy and scary.

I learned a lot of words used in normal life, though I’m mostly just lining them up.

So I haven’t said a full sentence yet.

I’ve learned about past forms and verbs, but I can only say “do not” or “do, not”.

(T/N: Uh, first “do not” is “~shinai” while the second “do, not” are two words, “suru, nai”, where suru = to do and nai = no. Nai is basically added to form the negative forms of verbs, I think?)

…I still have to study.


“Uoo!? W-what?”

Suddenly, Ruu, who had been frozen, said something and picked me up.

It’s the first time someone other than Rodo picked me up.

Even when I tried to escape subconsciously, I had no way to escape an adult’s hand.


I haven’t learned it, but I activated movement magic.

I was wondering if I could do it, but when I imagined that I’d be at a destination, it was easy.

(Haa…that surprised me.)

Seems like my habit of trying to get away from people when they get close has not been cured.

It’s okay if I’m the one going closer.

But for now, I’m fine with only Rodo, Sig, and cats coming near me.

Rodo is the only “person” I’ve acknowledged to do so.

…is it because he’s the first one I met that I felt some kind of security in him although I couldn’t understand the language?

Or, as Rodo kept saying, is it because I’m his “mate”?

I don’t hate people, but I’m not used to them, probably because I’m not accustomed to it.

…with that in mind, Rodo must be a special person for me.

“*****! ********!”

The magicians approached me excitedly.

I wonder if I approach an Akinist like this.

…this is scary.

I have to be careful.

Rodo will let me stroke without hesitation.

I couldn’t stroke Al, and when I said I wanted to go again, Rodo made a disgusted face.

“Kou, stroke, Rodo, only.” (Kou can only stroke me.)

At that time, he said those words many times.



My desire to be surrounded by cats seemed difficult at this point.

“Magic, show.” (I’ll show you some magic.)

I nodded to Ruu’s words and approached.

However, it looks like he uses magic that’s not much different from games and manga. Seems like being able to do so make you a decent magician.

And then, Ruu did a lot of magic.

There’s a flame cannon, a lightning strike, something like a big rose thorn…

I was able to make them without chanting.

Every time I did, I’d be called “amazing”, but if you can imagine it, it’s easy to make, so I can’t call it amazing.

From now on, it’s okay as long as I earn enough to not burden Rodo.

On top of that, if I can protect Rodo, that’s even better.

Rodo said that most battles fall on the “Third Corps”.

I wish I could somehow help by being on his side as a magician.

(But when can I work as a magician?)

I haven’t mastered any particular magic, but can I become a magician if I learn everything?

Is it impossible to return to my adult figure?

However, I still don’t know why I shrank, and my appearance hasn’t changed.

How can I return to my original shape?

…or, can I really not go back?

Am I living my second life?

It’s been over a month since I came to this world.

How is it being treated in Japan?

I went missing but my cash and smartphone are left behind.

Also, the door to my room was locked.

How did I get out of the room?

Did they think I just went outside leaving my shoes, clothes, and everything else?

I wore a comfortable T-shirt and shorts as my sleepwear.

When I disappeared, was it left in my room?

My disappearance would become a mystery with the doors and windows locked.

Or am I dead?

Is that why I shrank?

──it’s still the same, I don’t know anything.

Did I came here for some reason…?

Or am I just a lost child?

Recently, I’ve been thinking about such things.

Will I spend my whole life in this world?


Ruu called my name, but what should I do with this helpless feeling?

If I have a strong desire to go home, can I go home?

──but I don’t want to leave Rodo, who said he likes me.

Should I bet on uncertain things or stay by Rodo’s side…

If I go back, my hard-headed parents won’t accept my sexuality.

And once I come out to them, they’d definitely cut me off.

If I’m disowned, I might be happier living with Rodo like this.

…but they’re my parents.

No matter how much I say I hate them, they’re still my parents.

…but… …

My heart is swaying.

This anxiety of mine continued.

I want to know why I’m here.

That would get rid of some anxiety.

“Kou? …Kou!? What──”

I can hear Ruu’s voice from a distance.

(Why am I here?)

It was something I had never thought of when I was in Japan, but being transported to another world where I couldn’t understand the language, it wouldn’t be strange to think so.

I want to go home, but I also don’t want to go home.

If you continue to have such an unstable mind, your spirit will wobble.

I learned such things firsthand.


That’s why I want to dive into the chest of someone who’d spoil me.

I don’t want to think about anything, and before he accuses me of trying to leave, I want Rodo to spoil me.

I already know what would happen to someone who lost their mate.

It’s not uncommon for the partner to follow their mate.

…I don’t want Rodo to die.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go home at all.

Ruu and the others anxiously called out to me.

Would it hurt Rodo if I said, “I want to go home”?

But Rodo wouldn’t be able to go to Japan with me.

They would definitely send him to the laboratory for his ability to change into an animal.

It’s just my selfishness to want this and that.

Originally, Rodo should not have known my existence.

He should have never met me.

…but I got used to being spoiled so much that I couldn’t break away.

Even if I return to Japan today, I’ll be crying all the time.


While crying messily, Rodo hurriedly appeared as if someone called for him.

He approached and picked me up.

“Kou, what’s wrong?”

He asked while stroking my back, but my tears didn’t stop and I could only shake my head.

It looks like he’s talking to Ruu, but I can’t afford to hear it.

“Home, go.” (Let’s go home.)

I nodded to those words after a while.

Then I buried my face on his shoulder and hugged Rodo.

Would you hate me if I say my feelings now?

Will Rodo forgive me?

Will you choose not to die because of me, even if you don’t forgive me?

…can Rodo understand that I don’t hate him?

How far can I convey my feelings with my current language skills?

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