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ACDWL 060: Wedding
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Looking up from inside the arms hugging me, I saw a soft smile directed at me.

A handsome man with brown skin and reddish-brown curly hair would often smile at me.

The black, good-looking clothes have the decorations I made.

The clothes in this world don’t have zippers and not that many buttons either, so they’re often woven and tied with a thin string.

That’s why it takes time to change clothes.

However, it seems like wedding clothes are often buttoned, so the decorative buttons are quite elaborate.

The jewels I’m wearing are what Rodo chose.

…Rodo decided everything that was attached to my clothes.

After taking off the jewels, it’s a black outfit with quite a beautiful embroidery, which is my favorite part of the outfit.

I don’t like sparkling clothes.

Moreover, I thought at first it was glass, but it’s apparently real jewels…

I should start grocery shopping and learning how to make money in earnest.

So I have to understand how much money Rodo paid.

The reason why I stopped Rodo, who’s still full of energy, was because he tried to spend endlessly.

Seems like he reluctantly gave up when I said I couldn’t walk because it’d be too heavy if he added more than this.

…when we get married, I had to ride on Sig, so I reasoned that I’d be too heavy for him to carry.

Well, I often ride with Rodo so it’s better for me.

When I was in Japan, I don’t wear many black clothes.

Junior High and High School uniforms were blazers and it’s either gray or navy blue.

Of course, I didn’t have formalwear, but even if I bought some, I’d only use it for a coming-of-age ceremony or job hunting.


At the ceremonial hall, not only Sato and Al but also the King and the Chancellor came with their escorts.

I wondered if Rodo called them, but it’s apparently different.

Rodo had a very scary face.

Is it okay to stare like that at the King?

The King didn’t change expressions much, so I’m not sure what he thought.

──they looked at each other but he didn’t talk to Rodo in particular, so is he really not angry?

For me, I was surprised when Rodo told me that I couldn’t hug Sato.

Because the other person is Rodo’s father.

A sweet person like Rodo’s father treats me like a child.

I only thought of him as another father, so why are you worried?

Even Sato didn’t see me as such.

The only thing is, I’m restraining myself from hugging Al. Besides the fact that I’m not good with women, there’s also Rodo being wary because I said marriage to the opposite sex is common in Japan.

After all, I wasn’t told that I could only like men.

Then I said, I don’t like just going to the barracks or the tower, and he left me alone.

I want to learn chanting and also study as a healer, but I also want to keep my work as Rodo’s exclusive magician…

I want to do a lot of things.

When I was in Japan, I didn’t really want to do anything after I entered university, so I just idled my time.

I wasn’t even this curious.


Rodo had already permitted me to go to the tower to study chanting and to study being a healer after that.

I’m going to be busy every day.

But I didn’t marry Rodo for a comfortable life.

I’m living a much wealthier life than when I was in Japan, but I married Rodo not because I was aware of his financial strength.

It’s because I realized that I like Rodo.

At first, I was dissatisfied with the decision of getting married regardless of my intention.

I didn’t hate Rodo, but at that time, Rodo was just a “guardian” to me.

But when Rodo said he liked me and I realized that I was indulging in Rodo’s kindness, I knew I “love Rodo”.

He didn’t spoil me like a parent, I realized that he’s spoiling me with his romantic affection.


But Rodo didn’t touch me since the day he kissed me.

It’s easy to understand that he’s been enduring it, but did he really need to endure?

It was me who said that I would do it until the end after we got married.

But I didn’t say anything else.

Actually, I even told him that he didn’t have to endure it.

…Rodo became speechless and froze, but there was no other reaction.

Is he that surprised?

Even after returning to his senses, he didn’t touch the topic.


But we got married today.

Will there be any progress in the future?

Leaving the ceremonial hall, we rode Sig through the town.

When I looked back at the people who waved their hands, I’d get a lot of smiles.

Rodo didn’t wave because he’s holding Sig’s reins and supporting my body.

I was wondering, “Can I wave my hand?” but decided to wave instead of Rodo, whose hands were occupied.

We seem to be walking around the town to report that we just got married and we’ll also go to other towns.

In particular, Rodo is the Captain of the Third Corps, so he’s obliged to go to other towns.

But while I swayed in his warm arms, I got sleepy.

We’re showing ourselves right now, so I can’t sleep…

But my eyelids seemed stuck as the regular vibrations and the warmth that wrapped around my back pulled me to sleep.

I’m not sitting sideways today, so I think it’s partly because I could feel Rodo’s warmth on my back.

I tried my best to wake up but apparently didn’t win against the sandman.



I suddenly woke up and saw a townscape I didn’t know.

A town I’ve never been to…?

There are seven towns in Marihect.

The castle town where the castle is located is Seidask.

Kalzen has Rodo’s house.

Uriesto is where Ruk is and where we went on the support mission.

In addition, Megerard (megeraado), has the Fourth Corps’ barracks.

Omileo (omireo) has the Fifth Corps’ barracks.

Rudem (rudemu) has the Seventh Corps’ barracks.

I’ve been to Seidask and Uriesto apart from Karzen.

And I’ve never been to other towns.

In other words, I’ve never met the Captains or magicians there.

Rodo’s Third Corps seem to have a lot of support missions so I was told early on that we’d only briefly meet.


(…or rather, where is this?)

It’s probably somewhere I’ve never been to.

“Rodo, where, here?”

When I called out to Rodo, who is right behind me──


A gentle voice came back.

Omileo is the town where the Fifth Corps barracks is located.

The name of the tower was…what was it again?

Moroki…or something like that…

I didn’t plan to go that far, so I just remembered the name.

I don’t even know the name of the representative magician.

…seems like I don’t know people from other towns.


No one is waving, probably because we’re strangers to each other.

The children are even scared just by seeing Rodo.

…no, the adults too?

I don’t understand why they’re so scared of Rodo.

Rodo doesn’t have an aggressive personality and rarely pulls out his sword.

He never even pointed his sword at people.

He’s certainly not the friendly type, but he’s not a violent man.

Rodo didn’t even change expressions seeing the people like that.

And just explained that he’s scary.

He’s probably worried since I’m often asked, “Are you scared?”

Akinists seemed to emit unique intimidation.

Even the King looked pressured by an Akinist.

I thought, “isn’t it good to become the King?”, but Rodo didn’t want to be a King so he didn’t care…

And the fact that there are no races stronger than Akinists seems to be one of the reasons why many people are afraid of Akinists.

I just recently learned that they’re the strongest race.


But, seems like I’m also being called a lot of things nowadays.

“The country’s number one magic power holder”, “Akinist’s mate”, “Marihect’s treasure”, “Erideya’s return” and many more…

Only a little bit entered my ears.

──I don’t understand what it meant.

After all, I’m just an ordinary person.

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ACDWL 060: Wedding
ACDWL 062: Extra - New Year's Holiday -

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