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─Rodo’s side─


It took more than a month to prepare for the wedding.

The most time-consuming preparation was Kou’s outfit.

Originally, Kou’s outfit was made to order.

Normally, they’d just attach jewelry to ready-made products, but all of Kou’s clothes are made from scratch.

It can’t be helped that it took time.

Besides, the decorations that Kou made and that I could wear were also carefully arranged during this time.

It’s not flashy, but it has a beautiful and elegant finish.

I think it suits him better than me…

The cloth flowers were made in slightly different colors and studded with small jewels of the same color.

The flower base is hidden and can’t be seen at all.

Because it’s supposed to be hidden, he chose a small base.

The owner of the clothes shop was also surprised and praised him for the result.

…the praised Kou looked suspiciously happy.

Why does he look like that…

Even though it’s an overly elegant decoration not found in this world.

Many people would think this is a decoration they’d want at their wedding.

…it’ll be expensive considering the time and effort.

For now, it’s a delicate thing that only Kou can make.




Kou, who had been immersing himself in the barracks to study words and pronunciation for a long time, still can’t speak fluently.

But though that’s the case, he’s now less likely confused.

The two of us rode on Sig and proceeded slowly through town.

We’d usually walk, but Kou said his outfit was heavy so we didn’t walk for long.

Kou would sometimes talk to the people, and sometimes stroke the pre-humanized children.

Therefore, the appearance of the people waving to Kou, not to me, came into view.

Kou would then wave at them with a smile.

I’m glad that he’s so happy at his wedding with me.

My parents weren’t the only ones at the ceremonial hall.

Though I only called my parents since Kou asked…

But for some reason, there were people whom I didn’t call.

I didn’t kick them out because Kou laughed happily when he’s told “congratulations”.

Even if we, the last Akinist and Marihect’s strongest magician, got married, we’re not in a position to carry the name of the country.

So why is His Majesty and the Chancellor at the ceremony…

There’s also the First and Second Corps as escorts, but as soon as I saw the First Corps Captain, I wanted to slash him.

──though he looked quite scared of Kou.

Seems like no one was able to release the restraint for three days after that.

Even after accepting magic and sword attacks, the thin vines weren’t scratched.

And now he’s afraid of Kou’s high magic skills.

I’m used to it, but I still worry about what Kou can do, but Kou didn’t seem to care.

…or rather, he didn’t even look.

For Kou, he simply didn’t care.


“King, for coming, thank you! Kou, happy, you know?”

Kou called out to His Majesty with a smile.

His Majesty, who was about to speak awe-inspiring words, could only give an awkward smile.

Never before had he come to a wedding hall for an individual.

“Father! Mother!”

However, His Majesty didn’t seem that important to Kou as he ran to my parents.

Seeing him hug my father, I hurriedly pulled him away.

“Kou, Rodo, married. Two people, Kou’s, Father, Mother, you guys.” (We’re now married, so they are now my father and mother.)

Kou, who complained to me, was very adorable.

Since they’re now his parents, he probably wanted to say that he could hug them.

“Hug, only Rodo.”




Not only my parents but everyone present was stunned.

Kou also had a dissatisfied face.



A peal of elegant laughter echoed when no one spoke.

“Rodo, cute. I like it.”

Kou, who hugged me, is definitely the cute one.

When I’m jealous, Kou would say “cute”.

Did he mean to say that I don’t have to be jealous?

Do I look stupid when I’m jealous?

By the way, I have never seen Kou jealous.

…does Kou have such feelings?

……or is it unnecessary?

Because I’m not interested in anyone other than Kou.


I picked him up, left the ceremonial hall, and rode Sig to walk around the town.

When I hugged Kou, who was waving at the people who waved at him, he looked up with a smile.

He didn’t have makeup since he didn’t like it, but he didn’t need it because Kou is originally beautiful.

But if I keep him in my arms like this, it’s unavoidable that greed will come out.

About a month ago, we kissed for the first time──

Kou, whose face was bright red and shy back then, was so cute that I barely managed to endure embracing him there and then.

He said he liked me and then hugged me,

…but before that, I saw him with a crying face.

I realized that he wasn’t crying from joy.

That’s why I haven’t touched him since then.

But he wouldn’t tell me why he was crying that time.

I watched him carefully today but he didn’t seem to hate getting married…

…so then why?

And that day, Kou also said, “Will you embrace me when we get married?”

If you hate me, you wouldn’t say that.

As expected, is it about Niho?

For your family, will you refuse my hand?



When I felt him lean over, he waved at the Tower of Trik’s Representative then looked at me.

He told me he’s planning on going to the Tower of Trik soon to learn chanting.

Until now, Kou’s magic is only based on what he imagined.

That might be why Kou is different from a magician or a healer.

His current title is my exclusive magician.

…when I looked closely, it’s not just the Representative of Trik.

However, Kou only spoke to Trik’s Representative and didn’t wave.

He’d only been to the Tower of Sarez once and never to any other tower.

So he wouldn’t know the faces of other magicians.

Even if he doesn’t remember the face of Sarez’s Representative, whom he only met once, it’s not strange.

I know a lot of people because I and my parents are Akinists.

It might be related to the fact that I’ve been subduing monsters even before I became a soldier.

That’s because I’ve come across soldiers and magicians many times when I was subduing monsters before I even humanized.


I’m currently following His Majesty under the title of Captain of the Third Corps.

However, I’m not submissive to Marihect and hadn’t even promised to live here permanently.

Leaving is too easy for me.

And my parents are the same.

It might be a little difficult to leave because I still have my parents, but we’re not a race that’d feel guilty about that.

I seem to have inherited the habits of Akinists and don’t think much of cutting off others regardless if they’re my parents.

…this is the same for my parents.

If I ever want to leave, they’d just think it’s my destiny.

……the only one I couldn’t leave was Kou.


“Rodo, people, a lot, right?”

He looked up from my arms with a smile.

Certainly, there’s a lot of people.

They usually aren’t that interested in the marriage of others.

Maybe it’s because I’m married to Kou…

So my marriage has long been coveted.

However, it’s probably because my partner is Kou, Marihect’s number one magic power holder, the strongest magician, and a talented person who can not only heal but also use regeneration magic.

In addition, His Majesty is also paying close attention to him.

More people are gathered here to see Kou rather than me.

──Kou didn’t know that I’m suppressing the urge to slash those who looked fascinated by Kou and showing sloppy expressions.

I can’t wear a sword during my wedding, so I just hid a self-defense dagger in my clothes.

I really want to bring my beloved sword right now.


─Rodo’s side end─

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I’ll just edit 5 chapters today. Hope this gives you guys a fix until Monday.

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ACDWL 059: H*rny, Gloomy
ACDWL 061: Thinking back...

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