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I don’t know if it’s because Rodo is the Third Corps Captain or because he’s an Akinist, but some people talked to him in every town.

I feel like they’re equal to Rodo, so they might be Captains.

And it made Rodo’s mood terrible.

He tried to pull out his dagger not just once or twice.

Too young to marry…I’m sure he’s being told something like that.

Most people in this world are 100 to 120 years old when they get married.

And yet, for some reason, most people know that I’m 18 years old.

Seems like there’s only the recognition that I’m a child who just humanized, and that I should wait since I don’t know what my life is going to be like.

But if I decide when I’m 100 years old, I don’t know if I’m still alive by then.

However, few people know about my situation.

That’s why they thought Rodo tricked a child who didn’t understand anything.

And yet, Rodo didn’t explain.

…is there something wrong with being known as an otherworlder?

Does that mean that my position, which doesn’t belong to any country, is in jeopardy?

I’m not sure, and since Rodo didn’t explain, I can’t do it myself.

──maybe it could jeopardize Rodo’s position.

…but it’s hard to stop Rodo from trying to get his dagger out every time he wanted to “kill” his opponent.

Why does everyone say the same thing?

I know they’re worried about me…but I don’t need it.

──because I wanted it.

Just when Rodo’s hostility was fading, they’d say something to provoke him again.

It’s also getting harder to prove that I wasn’t forced to get married and that I’m not in captivity.


But when we reached Uriesto, I just received congratulatory messages from Ruuk and the others, so it’s comfortable.

When I said “thank you”, Ruuk stroked me.

…but Rodo beat his hand soon after.

This is normal so it’s nothing new.

Even if it’s Ren, or Father Sato and Mother Al, he’d still do this.

Rodo is only obsessed with me and I’m the only target of his possessiveness.

Yet, he doesn’t pay attention to other people.

He might use honorifics, but I don’t feel like he’s a loyal follower of the King.

…what is it?

Something like, he can be ordered, but he can also easily betray someone…?


I heard that Akinists can nullify magic attacks to some extent and have strong resistance against physical attacks.

Besides that, they have high fighting power and was said to be the strongest race in the world.

I also heard that Rodo just stayed in Marihect because he felt like it and he could easily abandon his parents and friends then leave the country.

To Rodo, he didn’t seem to have patriotism for Marihect.

I was surprised to hear that it’s the same for his parents, Sato and Al, but I also heard that they’re not going to another country since they’re Akinists who have already retired from fighting.

Rodo said he’d go anywhere I want to go.

He even told me that if he wanted me to take them, he’d even take his parents too.

Rodo will move to wherever I want.

And for Rodo, I’m his center.

──I’m happy he’s so considerate of me, but…I’m also scared.

Because my existence will change Rodo’s future and the countries’ future.


“Today, stay here.”

Sig’s legs stopped.

Seems like we’re staying at an inn today.

I thought we’ll stay in the barracks of the Sixth Corps.

I’m quite proud of the decorations I made and Rodo was also in a good mood.

The inn we entered was quite large, and it seems like there are rooms of various sizes.

The room Rodo took seemed to be the best.

It’s quite wide.

It has many rooms and several have beds.

As you can see, it’s not a room for two people.

How much did it cost?

Can’t we just go home?

…is it because we haven’t been to all the towns yet?

Is that really necessary?

It can’t be helped if it’s necessary from Rodo’s point of view…

But for me, I just want to relax with Rodo.

After all, going from town to town would just make Rodo’s mood go down.


“Kou? What happened? Tired?”

After exploring the room, Rodo looked dumbfounded when I dived into the bed.

(I’m tired…speaking of which, aren’t you tired?)

Although I’m supported by Rodo, we’re mostly riding on Sig.

I’m always soothing the angry Rodo.

Maybe I’m just physically and mentally tired.


I reached out for Rodo who’s above me.

For some reason, he froze but still hugged me and slept next to me.

“…I want to go home.”

“Huh!? …Kou!?”

I knew Rodo would be surprised, but he seemed more tired than I expected, and I lost consciousness before explaining.


“Home” is, of course, Rodo’s house in Kalzen.

In the first place, I thought that being the center of attention was annoying.

It’s definitely better to be alone with Rodo than to ride Sig around the towns like a spectacle.



(Hn, not good…I fell asleep without changing clothes.)

I took off the coat with lots of jewels but left the others.

Moreover, I’m too entangled with Rodo.



I can’t see Rodo, who should have been hugging me.

…no, isn’t the fluffy fur in front of me the body of an Akinist?

I don’t know why he turned into a beast, but I buried my face in that fluffy fur.

Maybe it’s because I said it’s cold even though I kicked the blanket.

Is it because the fur feels great to the touch that it’s warmer than when he’s humanoid?


While I was experiencing mofumofu not only on my face but also on my body…the next moment, a humanized Rodo was under me.

Rodo was naked because he humanized from a beast.


(Why am I also naked?)

Maybe he took me for a bath…?

But does it make sense to sleep naked?

I didn’t notice until now but it seemed like I did something wrong.



The other party is Rodo.

I’ve already let my body lay on his muscles.

We took a bath every day and when I soak, I lean on his body to get used to touching his skin.

Rodo’s skin is brown, hard to the touch, and has no fat.

His body fat will definitely be in the single digits.

He’s a soldier, so he trains every day, even having the strength to carry me on his lap.

When I go jogging, Rodo would take a position next to me and have a relaxed expression.

His physical strength and endurance are incomparable to mine.

Even when I’m tired, Rodo didn’t look like he’d warmed up enough.

If you look when he runs, you could see that he’s restraining himself when he’s running with me.

Compared to Rodo, I have no strength.

Body endurance, leg strength, back muscle strength…

I can’t win anywhere.

Instead, I have magic.

Rodo said it’s wisdom, but my head isn’t that good.

I had many opportunities to cook in the future, but I couldn’t do anything elaborate, and I’m not good at sewing.

I did my best when making the decorations for Rodo, but I could see the off-color thread that holds its shape.

There are even places where you can see the thread that holds the jewel and the knot.

Still, Rodo was happy to wear such a thing.

Moreover, he praised me as “great”.

As expected, Rodo is a parent idiot who’s too sweet for me.

──we’re married.

…what time is it now?

Has the date changed?


“…Kou, you said you want to go home, are you serious?”


I tilted my head at Rodo’s words, thinking when I’d said that…and then I remembered.

Right, I remember saying that before going to bed.

“Yes. You can see it, you like, you don’t. If you can, then Rodo’s home, I want to go home.” (Yes. We can go around if you like it, but you don’t. So if we can, I want to go home to Rodo’s house.)



No reply.

We can’t go home?

If so, I wish you’d say so.

“Home, can’t, then put up with it.” (If we can’t, then I’ll put up with it.)

Rodo also has a position and I’m not going to push my selfishness.

But instead…


When I raised my head, I saw Rodo glancing at me.

“Just this, I can put up with it.”

I can put up with this much but that’s it.


He’s still silent.

Rodo’s surprised face is too much that I’m getting embarrassed about my actions.

…I kissed him as lightly as I could, and I thought he’d just brush it off.

(…since we’re now married, he shouldn’t…dislike it, right?)

I’m worried.



When anxiety crept in, I felt myself being pulled, and by the time I noticed──

I, who should have been above, was under Rodo.


I was dazed for a moment, but when I got a kiss that took my breath away, I couldn’t think of anything.

Even though I’m running out of oxygen and my head is blank, the sound and movement of our tongues writhing in my mouth are particularly clear…

Because we’re naked, we understood the condition of our lower bodies.

(N-not good…!)

The heat and sliminess I feel on my thighs made me feel hot.

Not just the waist, my whole body heated up and in a mad rampage.

…I’m about to burst.

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ACDWL 063: Mate Attracting Attention
ACDWL 065: Reversal ※

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