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─Renneiga’s side─


Captain and Kou got married.

Aside from Captain’s parents, His Majesty and the Chancellor also came to Kalzen.

I know Captain’s parents.

Kou seemed obsessed with them so he probably called them.

Kou didn’t seem to care much about anything so Captain will fulfill all of Kou’s wishes.

Seems like they went to Omileo, Rudem, and Uriesto in that order after Kalzen…

After that, they didn’t show up in Megerard, nor in Seidask, and after two days of not knowing where they went, they returned to Kalzen.

Because Captain is an Akinist, it’s been decided that he’d parade through all the towns.

So why didn’t he go to those towns?

“Why did you stop the announcement halfway?”

I was curious and asked.

“Because Kou said he didn’t like being seen, so he didn’t have to show.”

“[He didn’t like it]?”


Even though the line of sight from the surroundings didn’t move him at all?

“Is that true?”

I inadvertently checked with Kou.

Because when the people waved their hands, he’d smile and turn around.

When he’s being talked to, he’d rarely ignore it.

Seems like he only chose those he’s involved with, but he’s overall amiable.


“Yup. Kou, being seen, I like, don’t hate. Being seen, hate all the time.” (Yes. Being seen by those I like is different. I hate being seen all the time.)

The affirmative reply amazed me.

“Before, you didn’t care no matter who saw you, right?”

He looked utterly uninterested.

…nor did he make a disgusted gesture.

Is he just good at hiding his emotions?

But he also looked emotional at times…

“I don’t like it. No, I think, together. …but you can see, I like, different. If I can’t see, that’s good.” (I don’t like it. I just don’t think about them. …but if I see someone I like, it’s different. If I can’t see the others, that’s also good.)

(…in other words, huh?)

Did you block the existence of those around you from your recognition?

So you weren’t that amiable?

If they talked to you, only then will you answer properly?

I know that Captain was originally not interested in others, but Kou might have a similar nature.

Maybe Kou didn’t even mind being cut off from the others?

I thought he’s an emotional child and also a mature person, but now…I don’t think I really know what kind of person Kou was.

Even when he acted like a child who cries a lot and is pampered by the Captain, that cold look that could freeze someone, that ephemeral appearance that makes you feel like he’ll disappear at any moment, and that feeling of intimidation that’s different from killing intent. All these impressions of Kou are different.

At first, I thought he was very shy, but now I don’t think so.

If he doesn’t intend to get to know others, he’d usually just talk to them about their work.

Captain is a good example.

Now he’s proud to talk about Kou, but before this, he wasn’t one to talk about things that weren’t related to work.

It’s not that he wouldn’t listen at all, but I understand that he isn’t interested in our personal lives…

I was put in the Third Corps because I wasn’t interested in using honorifics.

The other Captains and Deputy Captains that had a lot of pride and self-esteem couldn’t accept me.


Being an Akinist might have had various conflicts and worries among the Captains.

And he might have also given up on everything.

Akinists would emit an aura even when humanized.

A race that’s vulnerable to intimidation would start crying.

It’s intimidating even for us members of the Third Corps.

The more you get used to it, the less you care about it, but, indeed, you’re still scared somewhere in your head.

If you’re nearby, you might have the opportunity to see an Akinist’s ability with your own eyes.

And it’ll inevitably increase your fear.

Not only the beastized Akinist but even the humanized Captain can’t be beaten.

Even when we turn into beasts, we can’t beat Captain.

There’s that much difference in our ability.

It’s even said to be “the number one race in Marihect”.

So no one tried to approach such a Captain.

If they did, they might be a fool who just came to see an “Akinist” or someone dazzled by Captain’s fortune.

However, Captain has no interest in others.

He might have a lover sometimes, but he didn’t look affectionate.

I get the impression that he’s only working rather than talking to people.

When Captain talked to them, he just talks about work.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t talk.


But Kou is different.

He’d chat with me, talk to other members, talk to the healer, and talk to Trik’s representative with things other than magic.

Didn’t that mean…he didn’t hate people?

He doesn’t like being hugged.

So it seems like he decided to hold hands only with the Captain.


Today’s Kou was in a state of being held up by Captain.

He’d sit on his lap whenever he sits.

And he never left.

Even as newlyweds…this is too much.

Even though he looked tired, Kou seemed to be sprinkling his s*x appeal…

Since he got married, it wouldn’t be strange if they did that.

Kou, who kept his head on Captain’s shoulder, didn’t move.

Captain is also gently stroking Kou’s head.

…I want you to do that at home.


However, Captain also has training.

In the meantime, what will Kou do?


“Rodo, Kou, home, go.” (Rodo, I want to go home.)

“No way.”

After a while, Kou said something and Captain immediately refused.

Kou looked tired so he should be relaxing at home, but…

“Food, make. Bring, then, wait.” (I’ll make food, then bring it, so wait.)

But the moment Kou said that, he looked happy.

However, can such a weak-looking Kou cook?

“Will you be okay?”

“…yeah. Rodo, Kou, cooking, delicious, tell me, I’m glad.” (Yeah. I’m happy when Rodo says my cooking is delicious.)

I involuntarily called out and got such a reply.

Moreover, Kou looks happy.

…as expected of newlyweds.

Kou disappeared by magic.

Perhaps he used movement magic to go home, but given how long since he was adopted, Kou is advanced in various ways.



After a while, Kou came back.

He brought something and Captain immediately took it.

I know it’s a dish made by Kou.

Since he can cook, can Kou do anything else?

According to Captain, the food that Kou makes is very delicious.

…mate bias…there’s nothing else I can say…

Because I already know that there are many things that Kou can do, and Kou is special.

Like Captain who specializes in combat, Kou does more than just specialize in magic.

I can’t say it’s the same with the Captain, though.

As expected, cleaning can be done by magic, but cooking is impossible.

It also can’t mend products.

But Kou, who can do something special, still says “I can’t do anything”.

──I really don’t understand.


All the dishes that Kou made looked delicious…

I want to grab some…but Captain won’t let me.

Though he just kept pouring it in his mouth, you can see that he’s properly tasting it.

And Kou is happily looking at him.

As expected, I feel the atmosphere’s hotter than before they got married.


Captain, who cleared the dishes that Kou made, put Kou in his lap again.

Isn’t his possessiveness getting worse?

But Kou doesn’t hate it…

…the two looked happy so the others can’t say anything.

(But, disregarding Seidask, the Captain of Megerard, where he didn’t go, is likely to say something…)

After all, the only town they didn’t go to was Megerard.

His Majesty, the First and Second Corps even came to Kalzen.

(It shouldn’t become that troublesome.)

Well, if he provoked a fight with Captain and Kou, he’d be beaten miserably.

If anyone can beat these two, I’d definitely want to see it.


─Renneiga’s side end─

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