ACDWL 082: In Omileo

ACDWL 081: Character Introduction (Name and Job Title Only)
ACDWL 083: Starting As A Healer

We arrived at Omileo for a support mission.

The atmosphere of the town isn’t much different from the others.

…though I don’t know about Megerard since I’ve never been there.

There are soldiers, magicians, townspeople…

There seem to be small conflicts, but overall, it looks peaceful.

But there’s no war right now though it seems like there’s a time when there was war in the past.

The same can be said for other countries, and it doesn’t mean that it will not happen in the future.

Marihect seemed to be relatively safe.

I heard that the reason why the other countries don’t start a war was that there’s Rodo and the other Akinists.

Seems like the reason why Akinists now only have the Serafine family was due to the world war that occurred about 2000 years ago.

Most of the Akinists from other countries and the Akinists from Marihect died in that conflict between Akinists.

I heard this story from Chancellor Roku.

The three Akinists, including Rodo, said they’re not interested in such a story so they didn’t know about it.

Akinists, who are originally not very fertile, became more prominent as their number decreased.

Even though it’s difficult for Akinists to have children, it’s rare for them to have children even if they married another race.

Akinists are said to have a lifespan of 700 to 800 years, but father-in-law and mother-in-law seem to have Rodo when they’re already quite old.

It looks like they’re only in their 40s but they’re actually nearing the end of their life.

Even Rodo’s birth was said to be a “miracle”.

I heard that there are also half-Akinists in other countries.

However, compared to a pure Akinist like Rodo, their power difference is like the ground and the clouds.

…will it be the same if I give birth to Rodo’s child?

I don’t know if I have a body that can give birth though.

But in the end, Rodo is the last Akinist, and even if he procreate, it’d only be a half-Akinist.

I wonder why he didn’t take any measures, but since he’s an Akinist who’s not obedient to the King, he probably didn’t hear the advice from around him.


…well, even if he was ordered to “make a child”, I understand that he won’t obey such an order.

If I can do it, I also want Rodo’s child, but I think it’s different from an order.


…but, nyanko-sama──if I can give birth to an Akinist, I want it, am I strange?

Because, in this world, cat-like animals can only be seen in beastized children, there are no pets.

I don’t mean to make my child a pet, but I welcome more Nyanko-sama whom I can stroke as much as I want.

Rodo, as an Adult Akinist, is too motivated to emit aura since there are obstacles around me.

As expected, I can’t tell the adults to beastify because I want to stroke them.

When it comes to adults, it’s not strange to think that asking them to beastify and be stroked is taken as a sexual invite.

──that’s why Rodo stopped me from wanting to stroke my in-laws.

My parents-in-law are elderly people, and they won’t think I wanted to stroke them for that reason, so I guess they let me stroke them.

As expected, there seem to be no one who wanted to stroke an Akinist, so someone like me was fresh.


“Kou, are you tired?”

I must have been a little dazed.

His worried face looked into me.

The overprotection remains the same.

…no, it might have gotten worse since we got married.

I’m treated as if I were a treasure.

He’ll try to pick me up right away and try to take care of me.

While I was in a daze, my body was being washed in the bath.

Rodo can’t do housework at all, but he wanted to do something for me, such as helping me change clothes.

If I refuse, he’d become dejected, but if I allow it, he’d be very happy.

I’m now married to Rodo and he’s happy so I think it’s okay to let him do everything…at this rate, I’m going to be a loafer who doesn’t do anything.

Even though I’m mostly doing things by myself, he’d slowly give me food at my own pace, and when it’s hard to walk, he’d pick me up and carry me without saying anything.


Is it too late?


“I’m not tired.”

It was Rodo who was pulling Sig’s reins, and it was Rodo who was supporting my body so that I wouldn’t fall.

If someone is tired, it’d be Rodo.

…looks like Rodo rarely gets physically tired.

Not only is he strong, but he also has endurance.

I can’t keep up with other people.

Everyone has insane endurance.

So in their perspective, my physical strength is very low.

Especially compared to Rodo.

I’ve never even seen him become breathless.

Though I’ve seen Ren and his friends pant many times after being squeezed by Rodo.


The support mission basically has a fixed period.

If it takes longer then extend it, or it might be rounded up as quickly as before, so the fixed period is just a guide.

But I heard that it’s mostly a month.

This time too, the period is a month.

In the meantime, as Rodo’s exclusive magician, I’d get pay from Rodo──rather, I wondered if I could get money from my marriage partner. I intended to use magic for free but later, while I’m a healer, I’m supposed to get paid to heal.

In other words, I can earn money for the first time.

He said it’s not necessary to give the money to him since we’re mates, but there’s nothing I need to buy even if told I can use it freely, like that Taean, which is like baby castella.

I just want to eat it once in a while.

In other words, there’s no use.

I think it’s good to buy something for Rodo with my first salary, but what should I do after that?

I can only save money.

When I was playing tennis, I used to save pocket money to buy rackets.

However, the only other things I bought are either food or drinks.

In the first place, I had little desire.

All I asked from my parents was tennis-related things.

The reason I was given my smartphone was not that I wanted it, but to tell my parents that I’d be late for club activities.

My parents worked together, and on days when my younger brother comes home early, I was sometimes told not to stay out late.

Most of the incoming calls were from family members.

I would exchange numbers with my friends, but we rarely contact each other.

──since we can meet if I go to school.




I defeated the monsters while holding hands with Rodo.

(Is it possible to petrify them?)

If you crush it like that, you can return it to the soil.

Until now, the frozen monsters will be frozen for a long time, so it seems difficult to dispose of them.

It doesn’t smell nor bleed, but it gets in the way if you can’t dispose of it.

When a monster dies, the terrifying magical power possessed by that monster seems to disappear.

In other words, you can peel it off or remove its fangs.

Seems like it can be used as an ornament.

…though it doesn’t seem to be used very often.

However, those burned and slashed bodies have disappeared before I knew it.

Everything seems to have a stronger life-supporting power when alive but after death, the body that lost its magical power is fragile and would soon disappear.

It’s different from rotting.

Food can spoil, but I think it’s slower than when I was in Japan, maybe because the humidity in this world is relatively low.

…well, I’m not doing such a detailed investigation, so I can’t say for sure.

Is there a research institute?

…even if there is, I won’t understand any technical knowledge.

──since I’m just an ordinary student.



When I imagined a perfect stone, the monster turned into a stone in an instant.


Stone shards..rather, they’re crushed to the size of sand grains.

(I wish I had done this from the beginning.)

At the time of petrification, the monster dies.

So when you crush it, all that remains is sand.

If it’s frozen, it seems impossible for anyone to deal with the carcass, and removing the less needed skin and fangs will only reduce the value.

But this way, I can erase the monsters I subdued.


“…what did you do?”


Seems like Rodo is surprised by my power since he didn’t have the chance to see the magic up close.

He said Akinists can nullify magic so he had nothing to worry about.

…but he also said that my magic can’t be dodged.

“Monster, I made it a stone. After that, crushed. Clean up, no need.”

“…I see. Amazing!”

It’s no different from praising me like a child.

In this world, 19 is recognized as a child, so I can understand the others…but Rodo knows my adult age.

…Rodo is 156 years old and I’m aware I’m being spoiled.

Against a 156-year-old partner, it doesn’t mean that I’m an adult.

People the same age as me had just humanized and are practicing walking and riding the donkey-like Sekisva.

Like elementary school students on a social tour…is it something like that?

…Rodo seemed to be working as a soldier at that time, though he wasn’t very cooperative.

Even if I act a little selfish, I won’t be blamed because they’d think I’m still a child.

I’m sure many people here are sweet toward children.

ACDWL 081: Character Introduction (Name and Job Title Only)
ACDWL 083: Starting As A Healer

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