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Because it’s for practice, Marihect’s healer healed old wounds for free.

A young, cute-faced, just-humanized man.

And the last Akinist’s partner.

He’s participating in a joint monster subjugation between the two countries.

Aside from being a healer, he also seemed to be a magician, but the magic he used was also out of standard.

In an instant, the monsters became like rock, and in the next moment, they turned into sand.

Eri’s magicians also accompanied him on this mission, but I could only talk about him.

He’s a terrific magician that could also heal with special powers which were usually impossible.

Even if you’re not a magician, you’ll have heard the rumors.

And such a special person was always with an Akinist.

So no one could talk to him.

No one could go to a place where three Akinists gathered.

Because he’s an Akinist’s partner, Ko might be okay with an Akinist’s aura.

I also heard they’re mates.

Is that also a factor?


However, it seemed that he’s neither a magician nor a healer.

When I saw him cooking in the kitchen, I was surprised at how much he could do.

He seemed to only be making some for his partner and parents-in-law but maybe because he’s accustomed to it, he’s quite dexterous.

When I saw the three people eating his homemade food deliciously, I also want to eat it.

It doesn’t look like I’m the only one.


But as expected, I’m overwhelmed by his power as a magician and healer.

With him alone, I suspect that everything would soon be over.

The power of Ko is so great that even the other races want it.

Unlike a weak healer that just easily heals without leaving any scars, he could defeat more monsters than the other soldiers and magicians.

…but on this mission, it seemed that he’s here as the Akinist Third Corps Captain’s “guard”.

I heard that the Akinist’s parents were also escorting Ko…

In other words, these three are only “accompanying” Captain Rodokiaus.

When I heard that, I couldn’t believe it right away.

Does Ko not want to fight?

Does he not want to heal?

Then why did he come to Eri?

Is it just because he didn’t want to leave his partner?

I know it’s a terrible scene for a freshly humanized child.

…but in this world that seeks “absolute strength”, Ko’s power is too different.

Normally, you would expect Ko to do things you wouldn’t expect from a child.

It’s common for children to make mistakes, cause trouble to others, and get injured to become aware of their strength.

However, to Ko…I would say, “Isn’t it okay to impose responsibilities and problems of the country and the world on him?”

──in other words, he had that much power.

You’d usually treat him as a child, but only in this case, he couldn’t be treated like a child.

It’s a contradiction, and I know it’s a terrible thing for Ko, but…sometimes, I want to depend on him.

I heard rumors that some people in Marihect worship Ko as “God” or “God’s messenger” and I feel like I could understand that feeling.

I understand that such an idea is selfish and rude, but…

When my old wound was healed, I certainly remember thinking that Ko was the “incarnation of God”.

That was such a miracle.

That’s why I, who stood at the top of the soldiers in Eri, naturally shed tears.


Ko is in the arms of Marihect’s Third Corps Captain during the monster subjugation, and he’s often with the parents otherwise.

He seemed to go to the market with them, and I often heard rumors about Ko in town.

Apparently, many people try and talk to Ko, but they were coldly rejected.

When you talk to Ko, who has a mate and is already married to the other party, you’ll only be refused.

Moreover, his partner is an Akinist who’s famous for being the strongest race.

Do they know that they only had a future of being killed?

Will such a person come out because it’s in Eri, where there’s no opportunity to see the power of an Akinist?

…I hope it doesn’t become a war against Marihect later.



This mission, contrary to expectations, took less than a month.

The monsters that appeared from the mountains were decreasing every day, and by now, even if we wait, the monsters didn’t appear.

In that case, the monster subjugation mission would end when the blocked tunnel was repaired.

From here on, it’s the work of those in that profession.

We, Eri’s soldiers, would protect them from being attacked by monsters so we don’t need support from another country for this.

In other words, we’ll separate from Marihect from here.

The next time we call them will be after the tunnel opens so that we could grasp the situation of Aricalen.

Aricalen is a country surrounded by mountains and connected to other countries by tunnels, but now, it’s all cut off.

I don’t know the situation of Aricalen because I don’t have any information.

Are they still enduring the attacks of monsters, or are they exhausted and couldn’t withstand them any longer…

Or are they dead?

However, the number of monsters that appeared on this side of the mountain was considerable.

…did they discover how to deflect the monsters?

Or did monsters appear in Aricalen as much as the monsters that appeared on our side?

…I have no way of knowing that unless I go to Aricalen.



“Thank you for your hard work this time. I’ll leave you to escort the craftsmen until the tunnel opens.”

“As you wish.”

I bowed to the words from His Majesty.

Next door──

“This time, it seems that you helped both as a magician and as a healer. Thank you.”

“…no, I’m just here as an escort, and it’s only a small amount of help.”

The King of Marihect called out to Ko first.

Ko, who knelt with no expression, felt cold, unlike his expression when facing his partner.

When I first met him, Ko was still talking brokenly.

But currently, there’s no such situation.

It might not have been a lie that he couldn’t speak when was first protected.


“…can you talk to me without honorifics?”

(King, what are you saying?)

At the unexpected words of the Marihect King, His Majesty’s words went through my ears.

The person that the Marihect King said that to was still Ko.

Maybe he’s been told that many times since Ko had a slightly dismayed face.

However, that casual speech that he’d shown before was because Ko just learned the words…?

Did he just not know how to speak respectfully back then?


“…what is the benefit of me doing that? Do you want people to see me as a child who can’t even say courtesy to the king? Do you want Rodo to be ridiculed by the people around you?”

“No! Not like that!!”

The Marihect King hurriedly denied to Ko, who spoke coldly and plainly.

“Even if Your Majesty doesn’t think so, the people around you don’t. …I can’t forgive the fact that my partner is ridiculed because of me. Even the stupid people who made fun of Rodo, it’s because of my awkwardness that gave birth to such people.”






I’m speechless by Ko’s words and his way of thinking.

(Is he really a just humanized child!?)

This is not a child’s way of thinking.

Few adults will also think this way.


“So please give up. I don’t want others to despise Rodo.”

After bowing one-sidedly, he stood up as if to say the greeting was over.

The same was true for the Akinists next to him, and the four left the room like that.

(Is he just stubborn?)

At first glance, he doesn’t look like that.

And he’s not scared of the king.

However, he also didn’t rely on the power of the Akinists around him.

Ko seemed to have faced the king as “Ko”.

(Not a spoiled child nor a cold-hearted person, but someone who can’t be underestimated.)

With the power of Ko who could be a magician and healer at the same time, such a human resource was something that every country wants to get.

After understanding that, I shook my head at my King.

(It’d be difficult to call him to Eri.)

His Majesty seemed to be preparing various tributes, but all that will be in vain.

…it seems that it applies to other countries as well.

…of course, even Marihect.


─? (Eri’s Captain) side end─

ACDWL 100: Endless Anxiety
ACDWL 102: Change

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  1. Urgh. All these random people lusting for Kou whether sexually or materially really, REALLY need to stop and LEARN to stop. They themselves know they’ll be killed even with an attempt, yet they still proceed to approach him.

    I’m so glad Kou’s speech is better now. With the state of broken speech before, people’s mentality clearly thought of him as just “A cute kid who can’t speak well” thus everything he did from ignoring others due to not understanding them as well as being kind because he needs training.

    Now he can clearly tell them that “You guys are being stupid if you think I’m kind for you. I’m kind for myself and I won’t move to be a tool for others”, which, THANK YOU GODS geez. Only took 100 chapters. (not to mention that ridiculous event where his scent after sexual activities made everyone think he is their own mate, URGH, annoys me)

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