ACDWL 100: Endless Anxiety

ACDWL 099: The Day The Smile Disappeared
ACDWL 101: Special Person

Looking at the dishes lined up, I strongly think “disappear”.

However, nothing changed.

Looking at the ingredients I’m not good at, I think the same thing, but still, nothing happened.

It seems that there are some conditions for something to disappear just by thinking of it.

(No matter how angry I am, I have to make sure that I don’t think they’d disappear.)

I can’t be kind to people I don’t like and I’m not a person with a beautiful heart who wouldn’t think “get lost” or “disappear”.

I’d feel angry at unreasonable things and I’m not the type to smile gently.

It seems that many people misunderstood it that way, but I’m not such a kindhearted person.


Suddenly, I felt a gaze and looked up.

Rodo is giving me a worried look.

He seemed worried that I’m not talking much.

…but if I talk about this one, the only countermeasure was to prevent me from thinking.

If you’re worried, just say you’re worried, don’t always look at me with an uneasy face like this.

Otherwise, I’d want to get spoiled.

…as expected, I can’t do that while eating.

Is it enough to get on his lap?

But I’m already there.

He hadn’t even let me down.

I’m so used to this position that I don’t feel any discomfort anymore.

Sometimes, when I sit in a chair and eat, I’d somehow feel uncomfortable.

Truly, I think it’s dangerous as an adult to be too spoiled by Rodo.

But I can’t quit now.


When I looked up at Rodo and opened my mouth, food was brought over.

The dishes being divided into small pieces was Rodo’s attentiveness for me.

This sweet and gentle Rodo is only for me.

I want to eliminate Rodo’s anxiety but Rodo’s anxiety is also my anxiety…

At the very least, I want confirmation that I will not return to Japan.

With that, I and Rodo could feel a little relieved.

It’s still unknown why I came to this world though.

And there’s no way to find out.

There’s no blood test like in Japan and this world doesn’t even know what a gene is.

It seemed that a race like mine has never been discovered.

Smell is also the main factor in distinguishing races.

However, my scent seemed to be mate scent no matter who smelled it.

A mate seemed to give off a sweet and attractive scent and that’s how I smell.

However, I just have a scent that attracts everyone, not a mate scent.

In other words, I’m spreading a misleading scent.

But I don’t know how I smell, and I’m not even sure that Rodo is my mate.

I just like Rodo.

That’s it.


I will make today’s dinner, so I went shopping with my parents-in-law.

All the luggage was picked up by my parents-in-law.

Even if I wanted to carry one, they won’t allow me.

On the contrary, I might be lifted.

It seems that Rodo often went out alone because he couldn’t accept his parents even when he was a child who couldn’t humanize yet.

Seems like he was only picked up and moved around when he was just born.

Maybe that’s why they love spoiling me.

…but just like when I’m with Rodo, when I go shopping with them, everyone in the store is scared.

Even if I want to go to the market alone, I can’t come much because I’d just get lost.

Many people treat me as a child like a shopkeeper who didn’t know my companion or the customers around, but only when I’m a bit away from them.

Most of the time, such people would ask me, “Would you like some help?”

Because they’re people who thought I’m a “child that just humanized”, they treated me like a child.


However, there are obviously some people who make other invitations.

Most would turn their backs when I came with a mate and a partner, but some are persistent.

Doesn’t everyone know the trait of mates?

Or do some people think it’s a lie because only a few can get a mate?

“My partner is an Akinist who’s said to be the [Treasure of Marihect], you know?”

Everyone seemed to know the race “Akinist” and the fact that “an Akinist got married” seemed to have spread so they’ll quickly withdraw.

──yes, if it’s Marihect.


But I’m now in Eri.

There are “semi-Akinist” but no “pure Akinist” in this country.

In other words, few people saw the strength of a genuine Akinist.

…that’s why.

They persistently approached.

“I also have a small amount of Akinist blood, you know? …how about it?”


What do you mean by “how about it”?

If the people around you aren’t scared like when they’re scared of Rodo, I think that means you have a weak aura.

I don’t feel it, but Akinists seemed to be intimidating.

“…and so? I’m not married because Rodo is an Akinist. It’s better to bite your tongue and die if you touch me.”

I used honorifics before because I thought he’s older, but I don’t need them anymore.

I don’t have goodwill for a flirty man who seemed to be crazy.


“…you don’t have to be so mean, you know?”

“I should. I don’t think it’s going to happen except for my partner.”

I’ve never thought of anyone other than Rodo.

“Ko! Are you okay!?”

“Didn’t I say that you can’t go out alone?”

At this time, my parents-in-law hurriedly approached me.

Shua...It’s probably because of the Akinist aura that the people retreated.

…though for me, they’re just sweet parents.

“Father-in-law, mother-in-law.”

When I called out, they smiled in relief.

For the time being, they’re beside me as escorts.

The man in front of me also paled.

I think today is the first day he’d felt an Akinist’s aura.

“…it seems that Rodo’s aura is stronger than these two, you know?”

That’s why I unintentionally uttered those words.

I’m not sure but since everyone says that, it should be true.

The reaction around me is also different.


“The moment I take my eyes off, you were gone…it’s negligent of me to not notice it.”

“Before this, I’d know immediately when you left the line. My strength is too weak.”

Although others said they’re strong, they’re aware of their weakening power.

So I heard that’s why they quit being soldiers.

They seemed to be stronger than people of other races, but I don’t think it’s necessary to force people who said they’re quitting.

…that is, until they became my escort.

Even if it’s to keep their minds stable.


“Kou just left without permission. Don’t worry, okay?”

I just stopped by the store because of the delicious ingredients.

As they approached, I was hugged by my mother-in-law.

I’m still not good with women, but the only exception is mother-in-law.

“If something happens to Ko, I’ll destroy the whole country.”

…I heard some disturbing words…but I misheard it…right?

Did such a radical idea come out because she’s an Akinist?

It’s so easy for them to say “kill” or “destroy”.

And they don’t usually seem interested in others.


“…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to make Ko cry.”

When I looked up, she hurriedly added.

…I’m not crying though.

Did I have a crying face?

“Mother-in-law, I like you.”

But I’m glad you’re thinking about me.

It’s not even strange if you avoided me for being of an unknown race.

“Calling me like that, you’re as cute as ever. Even if Rodokiaus will never forgive me, I want to be with you forever.”


…he was reluctant to even let you live next door.

Various anxieties haven’t been resolved, but at least my family hating me is avoided.

The happiness of saying that I like someone is something I couldn’t taste in Japan.

That alone makes me happy to come to this world.

When I returned the hug, I was patted on the head.

I don’t want to lose this happiness.

ACDWL 099: The Day The Smile Disappeared
ACDWL 101: Special Person

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