ACDWL 104: At Aricalen

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After passing through the tunnel, we arrived at the territory of Aricalen.

Is it because monsters appeared from this side that it gave the impression of being a little wild?

I have yet to hear the details of what I was called for.

Since I was called as a healer, I just assumed there were injured people.

I’ve heard that Aricalen have strong soldiers but weak magicians.

In other words, I just thought there were only a few healers…but what’s the reality?

There seemed to be a shortage of healers in every country…


The first thing I saw after coming out of the tunnel was the barracks.

It’s easy to cross the border, so, understandably, there’s a barracks…

But the eyes of the soldiers here are dead.

What the…the atmosphere felt strange.

Is it because the tunnel collapsed and they can’t call for support that they looked tired from fighting the monsters?

…maybe they even thought that another country had destroyed the tunnel?

If so, I’m convinced of why their eyes looked dead.

What the heck happened here?

I think it’s quicker to ask a soldier than the upper management…

“No. Where are you going?”

When I tried to get out of his arm, I was firmly held.

I thought Rodo wouldn’t leave me for a while, but…it looks like he really couldn’t let me go.

It’s unlikely that I can persuade him but if I use movement magic, looking back on the consequences…was it impossible after all?


“Rodo, can I talk to them?”

When I pointed to the soldiers who were looking at me, I was told that I didn’t need to because we’re heading to the royal castle of Aricalen.

The information I’d hear from the King might be different from the information I’d hear from the soldiers on the scene, so I wanted to ask various questions.

I’m on Sig and in Rodo’s arms, so I can’t even get close to them.

I think it’s just a matter of using movement magic, but doing so seemed to hurt Rodo.

(It seems impossible to talk to them today.)

Let’s visit with Rodo on another day.



“Thank you for coming all this way from a long distance. …Ko, this time, I’m asking for your help. Please heal the wounds of the people.”


King Aricalen looked more tired compared to when I last saw him.

Right now, I’m not an exclusive healer, but a contracted healer and magician of the Third Corps on a monthly basis.

Therefore, only for this month, I’ll be paid as a Third Corps exclusive healer.

In other words, no matter how many or what kind of injuries I heal, it’d be the same price.

It seems like they’ll add some, but I don’t want money right now. First of all, we’re not in a situation where I could say such a thing.

If I don’t heal quickly, Aricalen seemed to have too many injured people that they might not survive.

Eri asked Marihect for support, but Aricalen, who was surrounded by mountains and had all the tunnels collapsed, couldn’t even call for support.


“I have some questions. First of all, when did the tunnel collapse? I want to know the difference in time until all tunnels collapsed. Then, please tell me the number of monsters that appeared and the number of injured people by occupation.”

Everyone tilted their heads at my questions.

They probably don’t think it has anything to do with healing.

In fact, there wasn’t much of a relationship.

…but I asked because I wanted to know.

Because I don’t think all the tunnels would collapse.

It seems like something’s manmade.


“…the tunnels collapsing happened almost at the same time. Shortly after investigating what happened, the monsters appeared and we were forced to subdue them so we have not yet investigated.”

Collapsed almost at the same time…

As expected, I could feel something was off.

“The official number of monsters is currently being counted. Some units didn’t have time to count, so it’s likely to be an approximate number. …only some of the injured are currently known. It’s faster for an injured person to become a dead person after all.”

Seems like I have to heal before checking the number.

I could understand that.

In this world where there’s no progress in medical treatment, getting treated first will likely save your life.

But if I don’t do this quickly, I won’t have a clue.

Maybe someone has unlocked the built-in magic that holds the tunnel in place, just like the house.

If not, it wouldn’t collapse so easily.

Was it from Eri’s side or Aricalen’s side?


I should start healing immediately.

But I also have to figure that out.

The people in this world are so laidback…

They don’t have a sense of priority.

Every time, they’re just trapped in the present and immediate future.

I wasn’t smart in the first place, and I don’t know if it’s a technical thing, but people in this world don’t care about the things that even I can understand.

Is there anyone other than me who wonders, “what if the same thing happens again?”

I can see to the injured people, but this also shouldn’t be left alone.


“Do you know whether the magic that fixed the tunnel was released from Aricalen’s side or Eri’s side? No matter how you look at this case, human hands have been added. For fairness, I’ll leave it to Marihect’s magician, Sarez Representative. …I won’t let you destroy the evidence.”

The only ones who can check the built-in magic are the magicians after all.

“…are you calling him now?”

I understand what King Aricalen wanted to say.

This time, he didn’t accompany us.

Healing is necessary but that’s why there are several healers with me, as well as the Third Corps and my parents-in-law.


Considering the knowledge of magic, Sarez Representative is probably the most suitable.

“Rodo, wait here. I’ll be back soon.”

I’m still trapped in his arms, but I called out before I went out.

Immediately, the arm hugging me got stronger, but now’s not the time to be an idiot couple.

“I’ll definitely be back soon. My only place is next to Rodo. …believe me.”

So I persuaded him so.

It’s not like I can’t bring Rodo with me, but I’ll also bring people over. Since there’s a considerable distance, I don’t know how much power I’ll use, so I’d appreciate it if he waited.

I haven’t moved a long distance yet, so I want to move with the minimum number of people.

“I won’t leave Rodo behind. At least for now, I’ll come back soon. Do you trust me?”


After a while, the arm holding me finally weakened.

I could tell from Rodo’s expression that he’s reluctant.

“Thank you for believing in me. …I’ll go now.”

Everyone was watching, but I gave him a light kiss to reassure Rodo.

“Please come back soon.”


Even though he had a face that was about to cry at any moment, my dear person who’s sending me out still made me smile.

“Rodo being my partner makes me very happy.”

After saying that, I transferred.



“Ah, there you are! Sarez Representative, please come with me.”

When I arrived at the Tower of Sarez and was wandering around looking for the person I was looking for, I found the surprised face of the Sarez Representative.

As I ran to him, he looked even more surprised.

“What happened? Shouldn’t you be heading to Aricalen by now?”

Since that time, Sarez Representative started using honorifics for me.

I said he didn’t have to, but it’s always like this.

“All the tunnels leading to Aricalen might have collapsed because the built-in magic that secures the tunnel has been lifted. I want you to find out whether it’s from Aricalen’s side or Eri’s side that released the fixed magic.”


He tilted his head in confusion and I also tilted my head.

“…are you busy?”

That’s bad.

Even though I was brave enough to say, “if it’s magic, it’s him!”, I didn’t think of such a possibility…

Am I an idiot!

Everyone knows he’s in a busy position.


“But…but! We’re rushing for time! If you don’t do it early, the evidence might be destroyed… I’m not familiar with built-in magic so I can only ask you.”

If this fails, will I have to call Ruu?

But when asked who’s the right person, it’s definitely the Sarez Representative.

I tried to persuade him in a hurry, but──

“Ah, no, I don’t have any urgent work right now, so it’s okay. …I was just surprised. Aricalen also has a magician and Eri has an excellent magician. Best of all, you’re an unrivaled magician, so I just don’t understand what you’re calling me for.”

He also hurriedly explained.

Us being in a hurry like this made us look like idiots.


“This time, it’s possible that the built-in magic that holds the tunnel in place has been lifted. That’s why I don’t want Aricalen or Eri to approach it. I’m called as a healer so I have to give priority to healing the injured. That’s why I want to ask the Sarez Representative. Please check if it’s released from Aricalen’s side or Eri’s side… if we don’t find the criminal early, it might happen again.”

“…I understand. Let’s do our best.”

“Then let’s transfer to Aricalen.”


I heard a surprised voice, but I returned to Aricalen regardless.

──while bringing him.



As soon as I reached Aricalen, I was hugged by powerful arms.

I don’t have to look to know the other person.

“They are currently repairing the tunnel. Please investigate it.”

But first, I called out to the Sarez Representative.


When I saw Sarez Representative leaving the castle, I regretted that I should have transferred near the tunnel.

There’s a bit of distance from here to the tunnel after all.


“Let’s start healing.”

Now I have to do my job.

No matter what the outcome is, I have to do what I can do now.

ACDWL 103: The Day When A Moment Felt Long
ACDWL 105: Overworking Ko

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