ACDWL 105: Overworking Ko

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─Rodo’s side─


Think, conclude, and take action.

When Ko does it, it’s quite fast.

He said he’s not smart, but he’s only being humble given that he’s able to speak fluently in less than a year.

Moreover, even with the atmosphere of “healing is priority”, Ko, who took the proper actions, looked like he’s shining.

Why does he move for others when he didn’t have to care about Aricalen?

I can move for Ko, but otherwise, I’m not going to do anything other than my mission.

What’s more, this time, I just led the Third Corps as an escort for Ko who has a special power.

So I’m only going to escort Ko during this stay.

I’ll work if Ko asked, but I won’t work otherwise.

Ko lost consciousness in the tunnel, so I didn’t intend to leave Ko, but that ended early on.

Ko, who brought the Sarez Representative, said something to him then headed for the healing ground.

Of course, we’re acting together, but he has strength and a way of thinking that you won’t think a 19-year-old child should have.

Ko will soon become an adult, but no adult would think and act like Ko.


Ko healed one person after another.

He instantly determined the condition of the injury and decided the order of healing.

Those who were about to die instantly got better.

I think it’s amazing no matter how many times I see it.

Healers were usually unable to provide continuous healing like Ko.

Moreover, no healer could completely recover someone from a dying state in an instant.

Besides, the magical power used for healing was enormous, and healers would quickly exhaust themselves and collapse.

That’s probably why the healers were always pale.

…but Ko was different.

No matter how many people he healed, Ko didn’t seem to run out of magic.

He always said he’s okay when asked if he’s tired.

I even wondered if he’s overdoing it so that I wouldn’t have to worry, but since he used large-scale magic before proceeding on healing numerous people, I’m less worried about his depletion of magic.

…or rather, I stopped caring altogether.



A few days later, Sarez Representative appeared before Ko.

Did he find out anything?

By the way, the tunnels were monitored by the Third Corps, whether it’s the one opened, or the ones that remained collapsed.

──Ko told me to do these things.

To escort Sarez Representative, who was investigating if something was modified.

To monitor the tunnels so that no one could approach and to not let anyone tamper with the open tunnel.

And to make sure that no one from both Eri and Aricalen would approach.

I don’t usually think about investigating this far.

Since there were many injured people, some would think that healing was the priority.


…but why did Ko call Sarez Representative?

It’d be impossible to find the person who did it, no matter which side it was released from.

And yet…

What did he want to know?


“It’s all from the Aricalen’s side that the built-in magic was released. And almost at the same time…if so, I think multiple people went all at once.”

“I see…thank you. It was helpful.”

Multiple people at the same time…?

Wasn’t it only one person who collapsed the tunnels?

That was all I thought when I heard the conversation between them.

“Can you still stay here?”

“Yes, but only for a few days.”

“If so…”

And they continued talking.

If they’re talking as magicians, I can’t bother them.


“Then, I’ll leave it to you.”


Maybe he asked him for something again since Sarez Representative went somewhere.

It seems that healing the seriously injured who’s about to die has been completed within the last few days, but the healing continued.

“What did you ask for?”

I still don’t understand what Ko was trying to do.

“I don’t want to tell anyone yet.”

Ko, who said that, whispered to me.

“The magic built-in when fixing the tunnel can still be unlocked. But considering that, I thought it should be impossible to unlock it unless multiple people cast their magical power. I secretly asked the Sarez Representative to rewrite the magic for that purpose. …but it’s still a secret to anyone, okay?”

Not telling anyone was probably Ko’s idea.

Maybe it’s to make the tunnel not collapse easily, but no one had ever taken such a measure.

I think he only told me because he trusted me as his partner.

But I won’t interfere with what Ko is trying to do.

“It’s something I can’t do. I have to study more.”

Seems like he’s still studying.

How diligent.



Aricalen had almost calmed down.

The injured people now mostly have minor injuries.

The construction of the collapsed tunnels was also steadily progressing.

And on a day like that──

Several men were brought into custody by the Third Corps.

“They approached the tunnels and tried to unlock the built-in magic.”

I don’t know if they’ve unlocked it before or just this time, but it’s still a crime.

Only those who were involved in the construction work for which permission had been obtained could release the built-in magic of the tunnel.

Moreover, at Ko’s request, Sarez’s Representative rewrote the magic incorporated in the tunnels.

In other words, even if they cast their magical power like before, it wouldn’t activate.

Only Ko, I, and Sarez Representative knew that.

These guys who cast their magical power without knowing it must have become impatient when it didn’t release.

…or rather, for a suspicious person to approach the tunnel this close, it’s a stain on the Third Corps.

What on earth were they doing?

Like Ko told me, they should not have let anyone other than the Sarez Representative approach the tunnels.

…is it because these guys are Aricalen soldiers and magicians?

Ko should have said, “don’t let even the King get closer.”

…later during training──should I preach?


“…why did you try to collapse the tunnel? What kind of resentment do you have with the country?”

The King of Aricalen angrily glared at them.

──that’s natural.

If Eri had driven the monsters away instead of subduing them, they would have headed for Aricalen.

Even if that’s not the case, the King couldn’t help but be angry when looking at the casualties.

A lot of monsters appeared this time probably because they were surprised by the vibration when the tunnels collapsed at the same time.

In other words, without such folly, many casualties would not have occurred.

It’s just that the death toll shrunk because they called Ko for support.


“…is Your Majesty okay with this!? This situation where only Marihect monopolizes the power! Why are you convinced? Even though I was dissatisfied that the last purebred Akinist is in Marihect, to monopolize such a talent…! I can’t forgive that!!”

The prisoner──a man who seemed to be a magician shouted at the King of Aricalen.

That means…he’s trying to steal Ko for Aricalen?

──from me?

Immediately, I gave off murderous intent.

Aside from me, my parents did the same.

The murderous intent of three Akinists made it impossible for anyone to speak.

Only the sound of teeth clattering could be heard.


“Ko isn’t Marihect’s “thing”! Don’t treat my partner like that. I’ll get rid of that neck right now.”

“We live in Marihect, but we are not subordinate to Marihect.”

“Did you say that you want our cute Ko to work for you? …if you want to destroy Aricalen, just say so.”

In our words, the Aricalen guys have expressions that were about to collapse.

Currently, there were no purebred Akinists in other countries.

The more it’s mixed with other races, the weaker their power as an Akinist.

If three of us face a country, none would stay intact, and some damage and loss were natural.

“Ko doesn’t exist to protect Marihect. He doesn’t exist for other countries.”

He’s not here because of some country.

Ko, like us, is not subordinate to any country.


At that moment, I could see Ko approaching the captive magician.

The restraint also had the power to block magical power, so the magician shouldn’t be able to use magical power.

But I’m wary of any danger.

However, before I could stop him, Ko disappeared.

I wondered if it was a trap for a moment but then realized that it wasn’t because everyone had astonished looks on their faces.

He probably used movement magic like before.


After a while, Ko reappeared.

He didn’t look tired, but he’s looking around instead of returning to us.

(Is he looking for someone…?)

The moment I felt that way, a man was newly detained.

──by Ko’s magic.

“Why should I be caught!?”

The man shouted, and the King of Aricalen also had a confused expression on his face.

“Don’t you know yourself? I’ll tell you, you can’t escape. Because I saw this person’s memory.”

The man closed his mouth, probably because he understood Ko’s words.

“You hired them. It seemed unexpected that so many monsters appeared, but you knew that monsters would come out of the mountains, so that’s no excuse, right? If you’re the Chancellor, you have to know that much.”

The harsh words echoed.

Seems like Ko detained the Chancellor of Aricalen.

That’s why the King of Aricalen had a confused look.


“I also saw the reason why you did this…I could only call it “stupid”. I don’t understand more than that.”

“…what do you mean?”

“Who said you can talk? Shut up. I want to kill you.”

Ko didn’t say anything other than that but the Chancellor’s mouth was instantly gagged.

…he seemed quite angry.

All the guys facing Ko were pale.

You’ll know how angry he is when Ko, who’s not willing to hurt others, says he wants to kill someone.

“I’ll explain it so that stupid guys like you can understand it.”

After saying that──he seemed to use movement magic again and disappeared.


─Rodo’s side end─


T/N: I have no freaking idea why he left the first time.

ACDWL 104: At Aricalen
ACDWL 106: Do As Told

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