ACDWL 106: Do As Told

ACDWL 105: Overworking Ko
ACDWL 107: Everything Is Over

─Marihect King’s side─


Suddenly, Ko appeared in front of me in the castle.

“Please come with me.”

Even though he’s smiling, I know he’s angry from his mood.

“What happened? Shouldn’t you be in Aricalen as a healer right now?”

Many were injured and many died, so a request for healing came to Ko, who has enormous power.

Did the healing mission already end?

…but why was I called?

Even if he had to call someone, shouldn’t it be another healer?

…a few days ago, it was reported that he called the Sarez Representative.

──the reason why he was called has not been reported yet though.


“I’ll explain later. If you don’t want to lose the Akinists and me, quickly stand up.”

“I-I understand.”

He seemed quite angry and had even stopped using honorifics for me.

Moreover──did he just say I’ll lose the Akinists and Ko…?

…what does he mean?

What happened?

However, the explanation would be given by Aricalen.

The moment I stood up, the scenery changed and the King of Aricalen came into view.

…as well as several people being detained.


“See? I can cross countries with movement magic. I can even take someone other than me. …you can’t keep us in Aricalen even if the tunnel collapsed. Especially Rodo and his parents, whom I meet every day. I can go to their location even if they’re not with me. …you guys are too shallow. [Capture me and threaten Rodo]? I think it’s possible…when you point your sword at me, Rodo will kill you before it pierces me. But before that, it seemed like you’re going to make me wear a magic collar, but…when would I wear it? …also, I saw something that wasn’t possible, but that’s a lie, right? Making Rodo wear a subordinate collar and obey Aricalen.”

As soon as Ko opened his mouth, the gag worn by the Chancellor of Aricalen disappeared and he didn’t seem surprised by Ko’s words.

The reason why he said I would lose the Akinists and Ko was because of the strategy that Aricalen had planned…?

However, capturing Ko then threatening the Akinists had been decided to be impossible.

Those three would always defer to Ko, but Ko would never submit.

With the Akinists sticking to Ko, I would love to see if anyone could capture him.

…was Ko angry because he knew he was in danger?


“Are you listening? Do you think I’ll allow you to make Rodo wear a subordinate collar?”


The Chancellor let out a pained voice perhaps because Ko strengthened the binding force.

It seemed that Ko was angry because they tried to put on a subordinate collar on Captain Rodokiaus.

“…t-there’s no proof of what you just said!”

“I just said I saw this guy’s memory, right? …shall I say the words you said without making a mistake, word for word? …[If you catch that child healer, you can get the strongest race, the Akinists. If you don’t want to be in danger, it’d be easy to have a child wear a magical collar and an Akinist a subordinate collar. Until they report to Marihect that they have arrived in Aricalen, don’t do anything]. Didn’t you tell that to the magician over there?”

Perhaps remembering it, Ko’s words made his body tense.

“You…what does this mean…!”

King Aricalen angrily glared at the Chancellor.

This action despises the Akinists and Ko, as well as provokes a fight with Marihect.

The current exhausted Aricalen was unlikely to beat Marihect.

Even at this point, they’re still requesting support.


“You seem to misunderstand that I am benevolent… I’m not big-hearted enough to forgive someone who is trying to hurt Rodo and even force him to obey.”


His anger didn’t seem to subside but he hadn’t done anything yet.

…does that mean that’s not all to it to their plan?

There were many plans to get an Akinist.

Would Ko be this angry if it was exposed?


Ko held his hand forward.

A pattern appeared around the necks of all the detainees.

The black pattern looks good even on dark skin.

But it’s something I’ve never seen before.

What does it mean?


“I will seal your magical power for the rest of your life. This way, you can never collapse the tunnel again, right? It’s unfair because a magician won’t be able to work. I’ll also make the soldiers never hold the sword again. …for you, the Chancellor, destroying the knowledge and memory you have accumulated so far should be okay, right? …King Aricalen, of course, you have no objection, right?”

Ko said those words straightforwardly.

It felt even scarier when he had that faint smile.

“Of course, they will be executed immediately.”

“Who said you could kill them so easily? Shouldn’t they live like that until they die? It’s a stupid idea to subordinate Rodo, and this way, they’ll never have that idea again.”

However, the smile disappeared at King Aricalen’s words.

The Ko who’d smile like a child and the Ko who had cold eyes have completely different impressions.

It’s like he became a different person.

“If you’re still going to harm Rodo, be prepared to lose those limbs.”

Ko smiled again.

But he felt very scary.

I don’t seem to be the only one who felt that way.

Even the strongest Akinists were just watching over with a sigh.


“I’ve also added suicide prevention. You just have to suffer until you die.”

Those people paled at Ko’s words.

If they can’t work and they can’t even commit suicide, it’s no wonder they have that look.

They made a mistake in provoking this fight.

They probably only now realized that Ko was the one who shouldn’t be offended the most.

…they’ll be in prison from now on, but the punishment given was more severe than the death penalty.


When Ko approached King Aricalen, he said something.

King Aricalen was surprised but immediately nodded.

What did Ko say?

After talking to King Aricalen for a while, he returned to Captain Rodokiaus.

“There’s a possibility that a war with Marihect would break out when they attempted to do something with the Akinists and Ko, putting Aricalen in a crisis. Originally, it would mete immediate execution, but instead, just accept the punishment given by Ko. I’ll have you work hard.”

After King Aricalen’s words, the detained men were taken away.


“Your Majesty. I’m sorry that I forcibly took you away when you’re busy. Your Majesty was the first thing I thought when [Marihect might go to war] became a possibility. …I’ll bring you back to Marihect right now.”

Seems like the reason I was brought in was that he decided to live in Marihect.

He’d sometimes visit other countries for diplomatic relations, but the length of stay wasn’t long, so it’s natural to think so.

“No, I’m glad you brought me in. Many people wanted the power of Captain Rodokiaus and Ko, so I was on the lookout…I didn’t realize that anyone had such a plan. I apologize for putting you in danger.”

I was the one who told Ko about Aricalen’s request for support.

Since it was a formal request from the country and it was urgent, Ko was dispatched without conducting a preliminary investigation.

I was negligent.

So I apologized.


“You stopped it in advance, didn’t you? …thank you, King.”

When he called me “King” like when he couldn’t speak the language fluently before, I smiled.

“…not [Your Majesty]. …somehow, I have a strong impression that the King is “Oh” but I just don’t say it.”

The mutters reached my ears and made me smile.

I once said that he could call me “Oh”, but he said [If I treat you especially, he will be jealous. I don’t want to call him Captain Rodokiaus nor let others say that he had a rude partner] even though it’s okay since Ko was a special person.

In essence, he didn’t have to be afraid since he’s in a better position than me and an Akinist.

But I can’t say anything about what Ko had already decided.

“I’ll send you to Marihect first. Rodo, please wait a minute.”

Immediately after Ko called out to his partner, I was moved to my office.

“What did you tell the King of Aricalen earlier?”

I detained Ko who tried to return without any explanation.

I also want to know.


“Isn’t it impossible to keep a sinner who was originally sentenced to death in prison for a long time? Therefore, I decided to limit that condition to only five days. I also received consent from the King of Aricalen. …I just wanted them to taste despair.”


How very light.

I was wondering if they would spend their entire life in that state…

But that’s it?

“…are you not angry anymore?”

“Eh? I can’t get angry with someone who’ll die five days later. …a world where you think it’s better to die than live is a good punishment, right? If the death penalty is the common sense of this world for those who have put their country in crisis, I can’t say anything to that.”


I have no words.

I’m not sure if he has a strong attachment, uninterested, benevolent, or cruel.

“Well, I’m going back.”

After giving a bow, Ko disappeared.

He’s not afraid of me anymore but I think it’s become hard to see his emotions.

The more I know, the less I understand.

Does Captain Rodokiaus understand the essence of Ko?


─Marihect King’s side end─

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  1. X’D Oh no, I love the King’s sentence about Kou.
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    Is he benevolent?? Or the opposite of that: cruel.

    The beauty of Kou’s fluent speech: Seeing Kou’s actual, genuine personality shine through.

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