ACDWL 112: Astonishing Event

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─Rodo’s side─


One day, Ko got sick.

His body sunk into the bed again.

What’s more, I was told that his healing magic wouldn’t work so I could only flutter about.

What would have changed if I had noticed that Ko’s complexion was pale earlier?

Healing is not effective for life-related illnesses.

…will I lose Ko?

(I’m scared.)

If I let go of his hand, I feel like he’s going to disappear soon, so I locked him in my arms.

Ko asked about my work, but I couldn’t do my job with Ko in his current condition.

Ko relaxed his body in my arms and buried his face in my chest.

It’s the usual cute behavior of my partner.

…but it’s a little different today.

It’s still cute, but it’s different than usual.

Ko, with a confused expression, looked up at me many times.

Even touching me as if to make sure.

──what happened?

“Ko, what’s wrong?”

“…something, strange.”


Seems like something’s wrong…is it because he’s sick?


“…maybe I couldn’t use healing magic because I wasn’t feeling well?”

“Shall we let another healer see you?”

As expected, it must be difficult.

I woke up to Ko’s words, which are getting more and more tired.

I had already changed my clothes, but Ko is still in his nightwear.

So instead of Ko, who couldn’t even sit up, I dressed him up.


I picked up Ko who had changed clothes and headed for the barracks.

He talked a lot with Nomanerek, the Third Corps healer, so I thought it’d be better than being healed by someone he didn’t know.

Besides, other healers are in other towns.

It’s also a little unreasonable to take a sick Ko there.

There are other healers but I don’t get help from them so I don’t know their location.


“Captain!? Aren’t you resting today?”

They probably thought I wouldn’t come to the barracks today for them to say such words.

But right now, I can’t afford to reply to them.

I quickly headed for the healing room.

“Nomanerek! Check out Ko!”

I rarely come to the healing room.

I used to come to pick up Ko when he’s studying as a healer, but I haven’t visited recently.

That’s probably why.

Nomanerek had a slightly surprised expression on his face.

However, he immediately turned his gaze to Ko.

Probably looking for the cause of the illness.

His line of sight gradually descended from the head.


Stopped at a certain place.


“Ko, what are your symptoms?”

Nomanerek asked Ko without moving his eyes.

“…I feel heavy, tired. I don’t want to move. …and, something is, strange. It feels different than usual.”

“…I see.”

Does that make sense?

Nomanerek raised his face.



The words he said with a softer expression than usual also didn’t make sense.


“…what do you mean?”

Saying “congratulations” even though Ko is sick…did he want to die?

“Captain, Ko is pregnant. Congratulations.”


The unexpected words made me tilt my head.

Seems like Ko was the same.


I came back to my senses at those muttered words.

Didn’t Ko want my child?

He even said, “I want to give birth in the future”.


“Since Rodo didn’t turn into a beast, how could I get pregnant?”

I’m surprised at those words.

Certainly, I remember saying that.

“Other races get pregnant even if they’re humanized, so maybe Akinists are the same.”

It might just be that it’s easier to get pregnant in their beast forms.

I remember hearing that it was the same for other races.

“Because the Akinist race is not interested in others, it’s normal for it not to work when they don’t do it with their partner that much…maybe?”


Seeing me nod, Ko had a dissatisfied look on his face.

“Because I had to prepare my heart, I had you waiting…”

Apparently, it didn’t mean that he didn’t welcome children.


It’s going to be noisy from now on.


He had a bad complexion but after knowing that he’s pregnant, his complexion improved.

“Children, huh…”

Ko, with a happy face and a gentle smile, stroked his stomach and I thought he’s very beautiful.

“I was surprised because I wasn’t prepared to be a parent…will you be born safely?”

He seemed to be calling out to the child in his belly…but will his voice reach?

“Noma, thank you.”

I don’t understand why he’s thanking Nomanerek.

Is it thanks for seeing him?

“I have to report to my parents-in-law.”

Ko looked up at me and smiled.

(The first ones he wanted to report to are my parents.)

Actually, I have to report to His Majesty first… but I don’t have to tell Ko that.

“Let’s go.”

I’ll still be staying at home.

Because we went to the barracks, they might be heading here.

It’s quite easy to notice an Akinist.

That’s why I know where those two are if they’re nearby.

If I purposefully tracked them, it’d be easy to do it within Karzen.

…I haven’t given them any errands, so I’ve never thought of searching for them.

When my parents and Ko are together, I only follow Ko’s cues.

That’s why I’m better than those two at finding Ko’s mood.

As long as I have Ko, it’s fine.


I picked up Ko and went to my parents’ house.

They seemed to be heading to the barracks, so we met on the way.

“Ko, what’s wrong?”

“Are you going home?”

We──no, they ran up to see Ko.

“Father-in-law. Mother-in-law. I’m pregnant. I’ll be getting more help from you from now on, I’ll be in your care.”


“P-pregnant!? Really!? I have to collect midwives from all over the country!!”

“Father-in-law, calm down. You don’t have to do that.”

A panicking father and a stunned mother.

And Ko who calmly spoke to such a father.

“It’s my first time getting pregnant, so please tell me a lot, mother-in-law.”

“O-of course!”


Is this the first time I saw my mother shed tears?

──it feels strange.


“I wanted to show you your grandparents. ….I want you to be born healthy.”

When I saw Ko who already had a parent’s face, I was deeply moved and almost cried.

At first, I was happy just by him marrying me.

I thought it was enough just him wanting my child in the future.

…seems like my happiness could become higher.

“Fufu…Rodo will be a parent too. Let’s do our best together, okay?”

I can’t answer other than nodding with a smile on my face.

I’m not interested in my child, but it might be different if it’s a “child with Ko”.


“Akinists decide their names from the country, right? …that means I have to report my pregnancy to His Majesty…? Shouldn’t we report to him first?”

“…it’s not something Ko should care about.”

I thought I could keep it silent, but Ko thought of it on his own.

Is it because his head turns fast?

Or is it because he saw things from various perspectives?

“I’m tired right now, so it’ll be after I’m feeling better.”

“No! Don’t overdo it.”

It’s a happy thing but, indeed, Ko’s still sick.

Since Ko’s body is the priority.

Even if I don’t report Ko’s pregnancy, it should be known soon.

Ko shouldn’t be bothered to go.

That said, I’m not going to leave the sick Ko.


“I’ll go report instead. Ko, don’t overdo it, take good care of your body.”

It was my father who volunteered.

“Father-in-law…is that okay?”

“Yup. Don’t overdo it.”

As expected, for those who love Ko, reporting to His Majesty might only be thought of as “to not force yourself”.

“Thank you. I wish I could go by myself, but…please. Be careful along the way, okay?”


A happy and loose face.

Only Ko would worry about Akinists.

My parents have never been told to “be careful” except for Ko.

Including me.

Because even when attacked, Akinists are rarely injured.


Then, my father immediately headed to the Royal Castle.

Mother also went to the market for some reason.

She said something about fruits…but for what?

I went home with Ko in my arms.

How long will it take for Ko to feel better?

──I’m worried.


─Rodo’s side end─

Author’s Note:

As expected, I was almost bald before the official publication (–;)

──that’s right.

Ko is pregnant!

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