ACDWL 113: I’m Pregnant

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Noma told me I’m pregnant.

The healer found out where the abnormality was.

I can too, but I didn’t look at my stomach.

It’s said that Akinists couldn’t get pregnant without becoming a beast, so I didn’t even consider the possibility.

Apparently, turning into beasts would make you more likely to get pregnant.

…I want them to say that earlier.

To be honest, I’m happy to have a child.

I couldn’t hope for a child if I hadn’t come to this world.

But with this, it’s confirmed that my body had changed from when I was in Japan.

A man would never get pregnant in Japan.

The gestation period here is also 6 months.

…but when did I get pregnant?

I didn’t feel any signs until I got sick today.


Father-in-law went to the Royal Castle in Seidask while my mother-in-law went to the market to buy fruits.

I’ve heard that she craved sour foods during her pregnancy, but…is that common in this world as well?

But I don’t particularly crave sour foods…

…would I want it if it’s put in front of me?

I’m happy to have a child so I feel a little more energetic, but I still feel lazy.

I don’t have to walk now because I have Rodo…but what if I’m in the same condition tomorrow?

Is there morning sickness?

I know that there are individual differences, but I thought I’d never experience it, so it’s too unknown and scary.

…I’m most afraid of giving birth.

I think the mothers of the world are amazing.

…aren’t they scared like me?

I’ve heard that a man can’t stand the pain of childbirth, is that why I feel more scared?

I’m happy that I got pregnant, but…I’m scared.

I suddenly felt scared and couldn’t stand it.

But no matter how scared I am, the child would continue to grow up in my stomach and be born.

“Without this child…” I’ve never even thought about that, but…

What would Rodo say if I said “I’m afraid to give birth”?

…I’d be shocked if he told me “You don’t have to give birth”.

I know it’s selfish.

Rodo even told me to have a child if I wanted to.

He always prioritized my wishes over his obligations as an Akinist.

Rodo is a person who cherished my thoughts, that’s why I loved him so much.


“Ko, are you okay? Can you drink something?”

After returning home, Rodo put me in bed and worked for me.

“I want water.”

“I’ll get it.”

“I want to change clothes.”

“Got it.”

He listened to my requests without any annoyance.

…it’s not something that just started.

I want to do it myself, but right now, it’s hard to even get up.

It doesn’t hurt anywhere, but my body felt heavy as if it had become lead all over.

Especially my head and it’s quite hard to sit down.

Therefore, when I drank water, I asked him to put a lot of cushions on my back to support my body.

I can’t eat or drink while lying down after all.

And I could feel my heavy body more than the initial symptoms of being lazy.

Now I don’t even want to move my arms.

And we just returned…


After a while, my mother-in-law came with a lot of fruits.

I like fruits a lot, but…I think she bought too much.

Even if four people eat it every day, there’s enough that it’ll spoil.

And the three other than me originally don’t eat much fruit.


“Many people only accept certain foods during pregnancy! I don’t know what Ko can eat right now, so I bought all kinds of fruits.”

When I kept silent without knowing what to say, she was a little nervous.

(Right, I remember hearing that.)

Certainly, I once heard from my mother the story of when I was conceived.

And as part of the school curriculum, I heard a lot about childbirth.

…I almost forgot about it though.

While many people like sour citrus fruits such as lemons and grapefruits, it seems like my mother only accepted potato chips for some reason.

I think it’s strange to accept only junk foods during pregnancy, I still remember thinking that.


“Thank you, mother-in-law.”

“It’s okay. Just ask for anything, okay? I’ll prepare anything.”


Mother-in-law is also overprotective.

…no, isn’t she spoiling me too much?

Even if it’s not that, I’m aware that she’s too sweet.

Rodo and his parents try to give me anything.

…and I’m earning an unusual amount as a personal healer.

I almost only heal old injuries and serious injuries, but such healing was expensive and even if I don’t have many patients, I can still get a considerable amount of money.

My patients are limited to those who want to erase their scars and those who have damaged some part of their limbs.

Even if I rarely work, I can earn enough money to live.

So if I have something I want, I can pay for it with my own money.

And the money that has no use was saved.

Even if it isn’t, Rodo is also getting a high salary.

And all was spent for me.

Perhaps he had no desire to buy anything other than consumables.

As for clothes, since they’ll break when turning into a beast, I know that they’re purchased in bulk.

If they don’t wear durable clothes, it’d tear at work or when they swing a sword, so they’re wearing clothes made of good cloth.

The clothes I gave them are now carefully stored after using them once in the house.

“Because it’s important, I’ll just look at it” while saying something like that.

Such an Akinist emotionally said so, afraid that he might break it someday…

I don’t think it makes sense to store it.

Of course, I’m glad that they took good care of me, but I thought they’re joking that as long as the color changed, they couldn’t wear it anymore.

…it’s already Rodo’s thing, so he can do as he likes.

I also cherish what I got from Rodo.

When I shrank…or rather when I was small?

I still kept the clothes from that time.

…are those things that can’t be thrown away?

Will the house be full of things in the future?


“For fruits…you should squeeze it!”


…involuntarily, my eyes became dots.

When I was wondering what the big bowl she brought was for…there, she squeezed the fruit.

She squeezed out the juice with one hand…I didn’t think she’d show me her strength.

The deep blue fruit was squeezed in no time.

…they said she’s a woman who’s nearing the end of her life, right?

If I held the fruit with my hand, nothing would happen, right?

Rodo didn’t say anything either.

…maybe eating fruits at the Serafine family meant eating it raw?

Don’t they peel it first before eating?

…right, all three couldn’t use a kitchen knife.

I don’t think they’ll peel it with a knife.

I did hear him say that he originally didn’t eat much fruit during battles unless they ran out of water.

Seems like he didn’t like sweets very much since his sense of smell would be a little out of order.

Because the sweet smell would stick to his nose all the time, I heard that he wouldn’t eat it as much as possible.

Seems like all the races with a good sense of smell are like that.

Others seemed fine eating it, but Rodo rarely mentions it.

…rather, I’ve only seen Rodo eat fruits when I fed them to him.

Before I knew that, I was feeding him like usual.

I was confused when the cafeteria became noisy when they saw it…but for me, they should have said that earlier.

I was told that it’s okay to eat because his sense of smell would only go crazy for a bit, but I’m still worried.

The fruit “Arn” has disappeared since then.


“They said this was Assari. This is sweet. This is… What was it again?”

The glasses were lined up in front of me.

Does she mean I have to drink all of them and find my favorite?

…even so, there’s too much.

But I couldn’t say anything about their kindness…so I ended up not talking.

(If there are leftovers…I wonder if it’ll be disposed of…)

I want to do my best to drink it all.

But I can’t afford to overdo it now.

I took a sip on each one.

Since there’s no texture, I’ll judge by the taste and ease of drinking.

But when I tasted the fifth one──

It went back out.

I hadn’t reacted before though…


“This is useless.”

Mother-in-law went to the trash can with the glass while Rodo stroked my back with a worried face.

…you don’t have to throw away the glass.

After that, I tried various things as long as my physical strength could take it, but it turned out that I got sick with certain things.

In other words, as long as I don’t have them, I can live as usual.

While I was dazed, my mother-in-law went home and I was in Rodo’s arms in bed.

Will Rodo go back to work tomorrow?

…is it because I’m not feeling well that I feel lonely?

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