ACDWL 115: The Birth of Life

ACDWL 114: What Should I Do
ACDWL 116: Akinist Child

“Nn u~~”

It hurts.

It hurts.


So hot.

It hurts.

So hard.

It hurts.

Right now, I’m not lying on my back but sideways.

I know it’s Rodo who’s stroking my hips but that didn’t stop me from sweating because of the pain.

Obstetrics is undeveloped in this world, and instead, there are midwives.

Rodo bothered to call Marihect’s best midwife and attached them to me.

Seems like His Majesty came to visit many times during my pregnancy, but I only met him on that day when they decided on the name.

At first, I was nervous around Rodo, but soon, the tension was released.

I was also nervous around my parents-in-law, but it was okay if I’m in Rodo’s arms.

…but that didn’t include the others.

I don’t feel “nervous” or “anxious” like with Rodo, but I can’t get close to other people.

It’s like I’m coercing them…or something like that.

I think I had a very bad attitude but I can’t help it.

I thought it’d be a little better as my stomach got bigger, but it didn’t.

It ended with everyone saying that the child might just be wary of others…

Seems like this wasn’t the case when Rodo was in mother-in-law’s stomach.

Did the child not reject the midwife because they instinctively felt they’re necessary?

Is it because it’s a “half-Akinist”?


And then──


Once again, I respect all the mothers in the world.

The pain and suffering made fainting better as my sweat gushed out and my tears flowed freely.

“Ko, do your best. Just a little more.”

The sweat-sticky hair was combed by a hand and the sweat was wiped off.

It’s very encouraging to have Rodo on my side who patiently called out to me many times.

Seems like Akinists don’t witness childbirth.

They said that Rodo’s every word and action at this moment was because I’m his mate.

The midwife also had few words because of the pressure from an Akinist.

Probably because there are three in the house and Rodo is nearby.

But that didn’t mean she didn’t speak at all. I saw her speak while with the three many times so I think she got used to it a little.

Besides, she seemed to have also delivered Rodo.

That’s why she’s better than other midwives.


“The head came out. You can do it!”

I kept going as told and felt a lump coming out of my body.

It’s hot rather than painful.

There were no other sensations, just that.

Like I was told, I inhaled, exhaled…

How long has it been?

It felt like a big lump was coming out of my body and then it was out.


I could hear a kitten-like cry.

“He’s a healthy boy.”

In front of me was an Akinist, who looked like a black kitten with wet fur.

Maybe because it’s a kitten, it didn’t have a mane like Rodo.

It really looked like a black cat.

Maybe its limbs are thicker than a kitten’s?

…but the size was completely different.


“Because he’s a boy, his name is Eldred (erudoreddo). …nice to meet you–?”

My vision distorted as I was speaking.

It must be full of tears.

(I’m so moved…)

My tears were wiped and my view became clearer.

“Ko, you’re tired. You did your best.”


Feeling Rodo stroking my head, I entrusted myself to sleep.



When I woke up, my body was light.

“Did you wake up? Is there anything wrong?”

As soon as I opened my eyes, Rodo’s worried face looked at me.


“Myu. Myu.”

The black cat was also staring at me from nearby.

“Yeah, I’m fine. …Eldred. El. Thank you for being born.”

When I stroked his head, he closed his eyes as if feeling good.

…too cute.

He’s a little smaller than an adult cat.

I was smitten the moment I saw him.

It’s already confirmed.

Seems like he’d be able to speak between ages one and two.

Until then, will he only cry like a cat?



“…he’s so cute.”

Rubbing your face against mine…do you want to kill me?

I’m sure my facial expression now is completely overwhelmed by cuteness.

I’m told that I should absolutely rest after giving birth, so I’ve been sleeping in bed all the time, but Rodo, El, and my parents-in-law are all in the room.

Rodo sat on the bed next to me, stroking my head and cheeks.

El is standing next to my pillow, looking into my face and rubbing his face against my cheeks.

Breastfeeding seems difficult when the races are different.

So there’s a baby formula in this world as well.

It was His Majesty who prepared various nutritional supplements for the Akinists.

He also brought a lot of powdered milk and now it’s piled up in the kitchen.

Many things can’t be left to Akinists when it comes to childcare.

When Rodo was just born, my parents-in-law didn’t know the existence of baby formula and just thought they should give him something to eat.

His Majesty said that he had a lot of trouble because he didn’t seem to want to let go of Rodo and leave it to someone else, even though he wasn’t interested in caring for his own child.

I was surprised when they said they fed adult food to Rodo when he’s in a period that should eat baby food.

When I heard that, I thought it was good that Akinists have sturdy bodies.

For a normal baby, it wouldn’t just cause indigestion.


“Have you already given him milk?”

I smell milk from El.

“The midwife gave him a drink earlier.”

“I see. …looks like she already left.”

There’s no midwife in the room.

I didn’t have time to thank her.



“Hm? What’s wrong?”

El licked my cheeks with his rough tongue.

I picked him up and put him on top of me, then stroked him like that…his eyelids fell and he looked sleepy.

“Are you sleepy? …Good night.”

As a newborn, it’s only natural to get sleepy after drinking milk.

Perhaps he’d been enduring it until now, he immediately fell asleep after putting him on top.

“Ko, isn’t he heavy?”

“It’s fine.”

I held Rodo’s hand trying to remove El from me.

Even though we’re all family, he’s probably nervous being surrounded by Akinists so he’s sticking to me.

That’s been the case since he was in my stomach.


(I gave birth to Rodo’s child…)

That feeling gradually surfaced.

I didn’t know what my age and lifespan were, and I wanted a kid by the age of thirty, but I didn’t expect to see him so quickly.

Having a child with my favorite person makes me feel so happy…

“Rodo, I’m the happiest right now. …thank you for making me happy.”

While saying that, my tears flowed freely.

I’m sure happiness is waiting for us in the future.

“I’m really glad I met Rodo.”

If I had stayed in Japan, I wouldn’t be so happy.

I’m sure of that.

“I’m also happy to meet Ko.”

He hugged me with a smile.

(It’s really painful, but I want a child again.)

As long as it’s a child with Rodo, it can be any number.

…I imagined myself having a lot of children in the future and laughed.

But, I’m sure I’ll be happy.

ACDWL 114: What Should I Do
ACDWL 116: Akinist Child

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