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─Renneiga’s side─


When Ko gave birth to Captain’s child, not only Karzen, but the whole Marihect treated it as a festive event.

When Ko got pregnant, that fact became known in the blink of an eye but I don’t know why Captain stopped coming to work.

There were rumors that Ko wasn’t feeling well, so I think Captain couldn’t leave because he’s worried.


And then──


Ko came to the Third Corps barracks for the first time after giving birth.

I’m already used to seeing the three Akinists around him.

But what he has in his arms is…a newborn child!?

Since it’s a child of Captain and Ko, the child is a half-Akinist.

It’s said that semi-Akinists emit less aura than purebred Akinists, but I think it’s fine to be half-Akinist.

However, a newborn child is usually carried in a basket.

Why are you holding it?

Is it too big to put in a basket?

But if it’s too heavy for Ko, Captain is more likely to hold it…



“Are you surprised to see so many people? It’s okay.”




I silently looked at it.

Even though he’s a half-Akinist and a newborn baby, I can’t believe he’s spoiling an Akinist.

Even though the kid’s trying to intimidate the people around him, I wonder if it’s natural for it to give in to Ko.

Is Ko not aware of his appeal?


“…so cute.”

Ko, stroking his child’s head, had a beautiful smile on his face.

Because Ko kept calling the Akinist “cute”, the Akinist baby looked cuter.

The Captain’s eyes on the child who’s being spoiled by such a Ko is quite sharp for a father.

…are you jealous?

…with your own child?

They’re mates and I’ve seen him obsess over Ko so many times that I’m no longer surprised.


“Ko, congratulations on giving birth.”


When I congratulated him, all the people around me said the same.


“Thank you. El, it’s okay. See, so calm down, okay?”

Seems like the child was surprised, probably because we called out all at once and made a loud noise.

However, Ko is calm.

Is it because he became a “mother”?


“This child is Eldred. When he gets a little bigger, he might act alone so please take care of him, okay? Come on, El, say hello to everyone, okay?”


He moved his hand aside and raised the child so that we could see its face──Eldred.

Isn’t he mature even for a half-Akinist?

Or is it because he’s still a baby?

However, the reason for putting children in baskets and covering them with cloths is to make them quiet.

If held like this, they might go wild.

…does Eldred just have a quiet personality?

“Haa~….so cute~….”

Holding Eldred again and raising it to face himself, Ko then rubbed his cheeks against its cheeks.

It looks like an excessive expression of affection, but Eldred showed no reluctance.

…I’m worried if Captain’s eyes become sharper than that.

I want to tell Ko to pay attention to the person next to him.


“Fufufu…El is cute and a good child. As expected of Rodo’s child.”

(What does that mean?)

I’m not the only one confused at Ko’s words.

Certainly, Eldred hadn’t shown any rebellion against Ko.

…is he talking about that?

But Captain doesn’t like anyone sticking to Ko.

“El, no matter how much I stroke or rub my face against him or his stomach, he won’t bite or scratch…but if you don’t like it, you’ll say it properly, right? You don’t have to put up with it, okay?”


Eldred licked Ko’s nose and cheeks.

I think it’s an act of parents indulging their children, but…

“He’s so cute~!”

Even Ko’s parents-in-law are too indulging.

…like I said, look at the one beside you!


“Let’s quickly sit down.”

Captain picked up Ko who’s holding Eldred like that and took a seat.

Did he get fed up with being out of the loop?

“El. Dad is powerful and amazing. El can grow up like his dad, right?”

Despite being picked up, he’s still talking to his child.

However, I don’t understand the feelings of parents who want their children to grow up big and splendid.

…but it’s basically hoping that the child grows up big, right?

Since Ko is just too small.



“So you’re hungry. Hot water…should I give you some?”

And hot water is served using magic.

Because it didn’t cause any magical power exhaustion, it’s possible to use magic for such things.

Perhaps the only magician who uses magical power outside of battle is Ko.



Eldred looked surprised at the appearance of floating water on Ko’s palm.

“It’s okay. This is mom’s magic. …boil.”

Ko used magic while stroking the child to calm him down.

“Rodo, give me some milk.”


Powdered milk came out of the bag that Captain held.

I’m sure he held it since Ko told him to.

Ko put the powdered milk into the boiling water and used magic again.

‘El, wait a minute. It’s still hot, so if you don’t cool it, you’ll get burned.”

He then used another magic while holding down Eldred, who seemed to want to drink the milk…


“Has it cooled down now? …okay. You can drink it now.”

The milk, which had been cooled down by wind magic, was transferred to a plate and placed in front of Eldred.

…what a luxurious way of drinking.

But is he really a “half-Akinist”?

There’s nothing similar to Ko.

“El drinking milk…I can watch it forever.”




I think that’s only for Ko.

Even Captain, who should be his father, didn’t agree.

I don’t want to see someone’s dining scene.

…I would rather want to eat the food that Ko makes.

“Drink a lot and grow up.”


Eldred cried out as if in reply.

A newborn baby shouldn’t react like that…

Is that trait the resemblance to Ko?


“Ko, Eldred can drink as much as he wants. Ko should eat your own meal.”

“Eh…yeah. …haa, so cute.”

Captain’s words seem to have come in one ear and out the other.

“Ko, you just gave birth so you have to eat properly! You weren’t feeling well during your pregnancy and you hadn’t eaten much food, what if you fall down!?”

However, it didn’t seem to work this time.

Captain is still arguing vehemently.

…but if that’s what happened during the pregnancy, I now understand why Captain is worried.

No one in the world would be indifferent to their mate.

──as a partner, I think most people would be worried even if they’re not like the Captain.


“Hn…because I’m too happy right now and my heart is full…I’ll eat after enjoying it a little more. …already, always, I’m about to cry…so eating is──”

He brightly smiled but then started crying in the middle of talking.

He just buried his face in Captain’s chest and stayed like that.


Ko seemed to have lived a different life until he came to this world.

I’ve only heard that he had a family of four, his parents and a younger brother that’s five years younger.

At first, he was willing to be picked up by Captain and didn’t want to be touched by others.

And for that reason, he was recognized as a child who built a wall around him.

…but that’s it.

There’s too little information about Ko that I know.

Even though he’s crying because of just becoming a parent, I can’t understand what he’s thinking right now since he’s laughing just a moment ago.

…I’m sure no one can read Ko’s thoughts.

Will the day come when Captain, who’s comforting Ko who started crying, can fully understand Ko?


─Renneiga’s side end─

Author’s Note:

I was thinking of writing a side story to commemorate breaking through 20,000 views and 8,000 bookmarks…

But I don’t have time to write (–;)

And even if I post it, it’d be quite late (^_^;)

ACDWL 115: The Birth of Life
ACDWL 117: Spellbound Over Black Cats

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