ACDWL 117: Spellbound Over Black Cats

ACDWL 116: Akinist Child
ACDWL 118: Extra ─ El's Daily Life ─

It’s been about half a month since Eldred was born, but I found Eldred to be a little quiet.

He doesn’t go anywhere on his own and he’s always by my side.

If you talk to him, he’ll meow, he won’t hate it if you stroke him and he doesn’t go wild in the bath.

He’s surprised at seeing magic but if I say it’s okay, he’d let down his guard.

I haven’t used the basket I got from His Majesty for Eldred yet.

It seems that you can put children in a basket to make them go quiet while on the move, but El didn’t rampage in my arms and didn’t even try to escape.

According to my parents-in-law, he seemed to be a “pretty sweet boy”.

I was a little confused at first because it’s completely different from what I heard since Rodo had escaped from the house when he was a baby…but this might be an individual difference.

Rather, why do I know what El wants to say even if it’s just a rough idea?

I often understand his feelings like happiness or sadness.

…but I can’t with Rodo at all.

Maybe because El is still a baby, I’m crazy over those soft paws.

I can squish it all day long.

I think every cat lover will.

Rodo could only be seen as a carnivore but El could only be seen as a cat.

Both are cute.

However, in a sense, it can’t be helped that people are more likely to approach El, who has yet to humanize.

Because El is still a baby, and even if he’s not, he’s Rodo’s and my child so I want to do whatever I can for him.

It might be unnecessary but I can’t help it.

If I call his name, he’ll cry out with a happy face and approach me, you know?

I think it can’t be helped if my facial muscles remain loose.


However, if I only pay attention to El, Rodo would get jealous.

I heard that when a child is born, the husband will act like a child, and that’s what Rodo’s doing right now.

El is clingy but Rodo is also clingy.

While talking to El or touching El’s paws, I’d be hugged from behind.

And he’d openly tell something that has nothing to do with what I was telling El.

…but such a Rodo is also cute.

It’s a mystery why I never thought he was overbearing.

And to counter me stroking El’s body, Rodo would also become an Akinist.

El is afraid when Rodo becomes an Akinist but with El on my shoulder, I gladly approach and stroke Rodo with a brush.

It’s also to teach El, who’s wary of people other than me, that Rodo is not scary.

…I could only say that I just want to brush Rodo.


However, even if Rodo looked like a cat, it’s different from the felines of Earth.

That’s why he won’t meow and his tail is not linked to his emotions.

Some parts are cat-like, but sometimes they aren’t.

Since it’s a different world, it might be wrong to compare them with the animals on Earth.



“Isn’t he cute? This is only allowed for mom, okay?”

I proudly talked to El.

I’m the only one who’s allowed to brush Rodo’s body.

…originally, they seem to have no habit of brushing each other. In the first place, once they grow up, it’s rare to turn into a beast outside the battlefield, so there’s no such thing as playing in their beast form.

Perhaps because I brushed him a lot, Rodo’s coat in his Akinist form is beautiful and glossy.

It was originally soft and fluffy but now, it’s more fluffy.

I think he became even cooler.



“Hmm? What? …maybe El wants to be brushed too?”


When I asked El, who rubbed his body against my head, he laid down next to Rodo “to make it easier”.

…what is this cute cat?


“I’m doing dad now, so maybe later?”

I have to finish brushing Rodo first.

“Because you’re a good boy, just wait.”


After stroking his head, I resumed brushing Rodo.

“Rodo, I want to brush your stomach so lie sideways!”

Brushing a big Rodo can’t be done without his cooperation.

While giving instructions, I brushed him thoroughly.

It took some time brushing the whole body while removing the hair that had stuck to the brush several times.

There’s also hair oil in this world.

However, it’s only used as a treatment to repair hair damage, rather than being applied to polish hair like on Earth.

If you leave it on, it will cool and harden.

And the reason I have such a thing at home is that Rodo bought it for me.

I always leave it to Rodo because I often wash his body…but he seemed to be ordering various things.

Even so, I try to wash him properly, so it’s my job to wash Rodo’s hair.

The glossy hair is probably due to the daily treatments.


“Rodo is done. Next is El.”


He tapped his forefoot on the floor to hurry me up.

…it’s cute, though.



El is still small so I can brush him on my lap.

“Let’s go buy a brush for El next time, okay?”


There’s only a brush that prepares the coat after taking a bath.

Rodo’s brush is too big so I have to use something that suits his body.

El’s about the same as an adult cat right now, but if he grows as big as Rodo, it seems like the frequency of replacement is high.


Unlike Rodo, who took a long time, El’s brushing was quick.

It’s natural because his body size is different.

I collected the hair that had fallen out and made it into a ball.

This way, the hair wouldn’t scatter around.

Before I knew it, I leaned back and stroked El’s body while entrusting my body to Rodo, who had turned into my support.

I still have to throw away the shed hair and put away the brush, but I also like relaxing like this.

Being sandwiched between a cat parent and a cat child…it’s heaven.


“Haa…such a blissful time.”

Rodo is off work today, so he’s been relaxing at home since this morning.

When Rodo is on holiday, my parents-in-law often don’t come.

Seems like they’re still acting as “my” escorts.

…or does El need more escort than I do?

Even though he’s a half-Akinist, he’s still a baby.

For now, he’s only away from me at night.

I was wondering if we would sleep with El, but Rodo made a room for El.

I’ll put him to sleep but once El is asleep, I’ll head to the bedroom I’m using with Rodo.

Rodo would come to pick me up when I was about to sleep with El.

El wakes up with Rodo’s aura, and it’s hard to put him to sleep after that, so I always try not to fall asleep.


What I’m most worried about right now is that Rodo is indifferent to El.

El, who felt the difference in power every time, was afraid of Rodo so I always tell him how cool and cute Rodo is.

When he heard that, El would always have sparkling eyes as if to say “amazing!” but Rodo wouldn’t react.

He’d only talk to me and the only time he voluntarily called out to El is to tell him to stay away from me.

Because Rodo said “I’m not interested” to his parents, I’m worried before I gave birth…but this is more than I expected.

Even though they’re a parent and a child, there’s a feeling of stiffness.

When the two were alone in the room, El never approached Rodo’s side, he just acted scared and shivered under the table. Rodo should be able to see El but he didn’t call out and was just intrigued.

…I’d like to do something about it, but if I was told that’s natural between an Akinist and a half-Akinist, I couldn’t say anything.

Shall I talk to His Majesty about what to do?

──will it be annoying since he’s busy?

Little information about Akinists remains but Rodo never said El’s “troublesome” or “annoying”.

But His Majesty said that the only information left was the information that he knew from the people around Akinists so he didn’t know the details.

When I asked Rodo and my parents-in-law, they just said “not interested” in themselves.

They never even thought about it.


“El, I’ll make some food, so wait with dad.”


When I put El on Rodo’s side, I was worried.

“Rodo, look after El.”

“I got it.”

…while saying that, he didn’t even look at the child.

Seems like it’d take more time for these two to become real parent and child.

ACDWL 116: Akinist Child
ACDWL 118: Extra ─ El's Daily Life ─

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