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Author’s Note:

Breaking through 8M PVs commemorative story.

The perspective changes along the way.



There are three Akinists in Marihect.

There’s one special healer and magician.

And the half-Akinist has just become two.

The family of six is called [Marihect’s Treasures].

I heard that two of the Akinists are not originally from here.

That’s why His Majesty wanted them to stay in Marihect which I think is good.

The Third Corps with an Akinist often has support missions, therefore, he frequently comes to the royal castle.

And the healer who’s his mate and partner will accompany him every time and also come.

Then, as a side note, two Akinists who have been retired from the front line and their grandchildren are also brought in.

──I think they came to the castle today to show off their newly born second child.

I know that Akinists have low fertility so it’s already good to have a child in their lifetime.

And yet, in just a few years, two children are born…

Even I, who has nothing to do with it, can understand that it’s a “miracle”.


“Cal, wait a little longer. I’ll put you down when we get inside.”


“Cal, let’s go.”

The healer called out to a child who came out of the basket.

I think his name was “Ko”.

…I never called him that way though.

“El is also a good boy. Both of you are good boys and great.”

The healer crouched in front of the walking child and stroked him along with the child who came out of the basket.

…are they a very intimate race?


“Ko, I’ll put it in now.”


Is he not afraid of the Akinist because he can’t feel the Akinist aura?

Or is it because he’s the mate of an Akinist?

“Shall I hold El too?”

“…motha, heavy, wery.”

“It’s okay if it’s for a while. See, come on?”

He’s spreading his arms toward the child.

As expected, the intimacy is strong.

It depends on the race but for big ones, it’s almost impossible to pick them up.

“Cal, too, if you like to be held instead of the basket, you can come.”


The child jumped lightly into his arms.

Is it because they’re half-Akinists that they have such high physical ability?

Because it’s only been about 10 days since he was born.



“Ko, don’t overdo it.”

The Captain of the Third Corps lifted up the parent and children from behind.

As expected, it seems like the name of his partner was “Ko”.

“El, look at Cal so he doesn’t fall, okay?”


After calling out to the child in his arms, he looked up and smiled.

That expression was different from the parenting look so far, it was a bewitching smile.

You can see that he really likes the Captain of the Third Corps…


“Mom, happy.”

“El, appy.”


He giggled and talked like a parent again.

The Third Corps Captain, who’s looking at the three people in his arms (…no, is it just his partner?), is completely different from his usual expressionless face.

Although the healer is a parent of two children, he still looks like a newly humanized child, and they only look like they’re playing with each other.

──it’s funny no matter what.

The Third Corps Captain, holding the three, entered the castle without any sternness.

Looks like they’re on good terms but it must have been about eight years since they got married…

Have they not cooled down with each other?

…is it because they’re mates?


─? (Gate Soldier) side end─


─ Edetrok (Chancellor) side─


“The Serafine family has come!”

In response to the report, I hurriedly headed to the audience room.

──they came to show off the newly born Calvert to His Majesty, otherwise, they normally wouldn’t come here.

However, an Akinist child whose pregnancy itself is rare, no one but Ko has given birth to two children in just a few years.

It’s historical worldwide.


The inside of the audience room was a masterpiece.

I seem to have arrived at the audience room before His Majesty──even though there are only three Akinists, the pressure is high, but the feeling emitted by the two half-Akinist children is also considerable.

Meanwhile, Ko, who seems to feel nothing, is surrounded by children.

Eldred is three years old.

It’s not strange if he disappears by the time he comes here, but he won’t leave Ko’s side.

The newborn Calvert is being scolded by Captain Rodokiaus for pulling on the hem of Ko’s clothes, maybe because he wanted Ko to take care of him.

I understand Captain Rodokiaus since Ko is his mate and his partner.

I haven’t been told why Artemia and Sullivantos, who are Ko’s parents-in-law, liked Ko.

They talk about Ko as “a beloved son”.

As you can see, it’s sweeter than their love for their real child, Captain Rodokiaus.

Eldred had already been spoiled by Ko from the time he was born.

He can be said to be the best sweetheart of all Akinists and half-Akinists of all time.

And even though Calvert isn’t as blatant as Eldred, he still approached Ko.

…does he have something that attracts Akinists?


“Ko! I’m sorry I’m late. …Artemia-sama, and Sullivantos-sama, both of you seem to be doing well. I heard that Captain Rodokiaus will go back to work soon, but is Ko’s physical condition okay?”

When I thought there were multiple running footsteps, His Majesty entered the room.

Ko is the first to speak, followed by Artemia-sama and Sullivantos-sama.

And every time I ask Captain Rodokiaus, it’s only about how Ko is doing.

He sometimes asks Ko, but Ko basically only says “okay”.


“If it’s not okay, I won’t bring Ko to this place.”

Captain Rodokiaus opened his mouth, blocking Ko’s reply.

For the time being, the title “Third Corps Captain” meant he respected His Majesty but I know he hadn’t pledged his allegiance.

He uses a different voice from when he’s talking to Ko.

The moment Ko is harmed, even if it’s His Majesty, there’d be no guarantee to his life.

…I understand that the scariest thing is when you make Ko angry.

Who can stop Ko who can use movement magic even on Akinists?

The Akinists will only be on Ko’s side so if Ko is angry, the country can easily be destroyed.

Ko, who is surrounded by Akinists has a calm expression, not feeling the murderous atmosphere…

I, who have seen many people who dug their own graves, already recognized Ko as “a person who shouldn’t be angered with the highest priority”.

He’s usually calm, gentle, and benevolent, but as soon as you get him angry, it changes instantly.

Ko seemed quite obsessed with his own family, and I also saw him complaining to His Majesty that that’s impossible.

But…I think it’s strange no matter how you think about it.



“It doesn’t matter if Rodo is an Akinist or rarely injured. If you let Rodo do something dangerous, or if you use Rodo as a diplomatic tool, even I won’t forgive you. If you give such an “order”, my trust in you will be lost.”

In the distant past, there was a country that used Akinists as diplomatic tools.

It’s not known why the Akinist silently listened to the order, but it was the “Akinist’s offspring” that was used as the condition for diplomatic relations.

Even under extremely harsh conditions such as trade and treaties, the kings of each country jumped at them just to get some connection.

Akinists originally have weak fertility, and most of them are indifferent because they were not interested in their surroundings.

Even for their partners, there’s a description that says sexual intercourse was only done every few years.

And yet, said Akinist had sexual intercourse with the person who was ordered to drink under such poor conditions.

If they had an Akinist child, they might get a huge bounty from the country, so many people went to see them with that intention.

(T/N: So to make this all clear, back then, Akinists agreed to become diplomatic tools in that country to have offspring. Because they’re so uninterested in their surroundings, even dating other people, they just accepted the country’s conditions so that they don’t have to find partner’s to have sexual intercourse with. So if one of them had a child, they’ll take them as partners.)


…so like that, though he didn’t seem forced, if something similar happened to Captain Rodokiaus, Marihect would have no tomorrow.

Since the Akinists wouldn’t get injured by a certain amount of attack, finding a practice partner was hard──there seems to be such a past.

This is probably what Ko is worried about.

When I offered a person other than Ko to Captain Rodokiaus, the fire in his eyes can’t be looked at.

“Promise. I swear I won’t let Captain Rodokiaus do anything that would deprive him of his human rights.”

His Majesty said so, so he must have been trusted by Ko.



Akinists are the strongest race and wouldn’t suffer overwhelming injuries compared to other races.

The sparks that hit them would usually heal by themselves.

If you say [If you get hurt, I’ll get angry], I still understand.

But Ko is saying he’ll get angry if he’s attacked unreasonably.

──yes, even if he’s unharmed.

It’s already a sin to have the intention of attacking.

There’s no such thing as an idiot who provokes fights against the strongest race, the Akinists.



“It’s His Majesty who gave you the name Calvert. Let’s say hello together.”


Calvert tilted his head at Ko’s words.

As if saying “why?”…

“You have to say [Please take care of me from now on]. Cal will come here from now on.”


He just yelled like so, and maybe because he’s not interested anymore, he jumped at Eldred’s tail.

“Cal! Cach me!”


Eldred is looking at Calvert.

I think he’s smiling at his brother…but as expected, neither of them is interested in their surroundings.

Even after seeing the smiling faces of these two children, Sullivantos-sama has no particular reaction.

Is this the difference between an Akinist and a half-Akinist?


“Both of you, don’t make a ruckus. Stay still.”

“Fatha, shorry.”


At Captain Rodokiaus’ words, the two stopped perfectly.

(…hn? Is Captain Rodokiaus treated as a “father”?)

The children don’t seem afraid of Captain Rodokiaus, who emitted more pressure than anyone else.

…even when he scolded them just now which is shocking.


“Since you said ‘sorry’, it’s okay. Dad is not angry. …fufu, both of you are like your dad.”

“Yeah! Wikes!”


The two affirmed Ko’s words.

As expected, Captain Rodokiaus seems to be a “father” to them.

…I can’t believe it.

…but I have to since I can see it in front of me.

Captain Rodokiaus, who wasn’t interested in anyone, was only interested in Ko after he met his mate Ko…but being in contact with children as a “father”…

I would never have believed it if I hadn’t just heard it.

…for him to change so much…


─Edetrok side end─

ACDWL 124: Different Personality From El
ACDWL 126: I Want To See My Beloved's Face Rather Than His Parental Face ※

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