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“Ko, you did your best.”

“Motha, chubby?”

When my consciousness that had been bogged down returned, they were looking at me from above.

“What about Calvert?”

“Cal, shweep.”

When I looked around at El’s words, I saw a cat sleeping at the bedside.

A pitch-black cat.

As expected, it’s like a cat.

Was it like this when Rodo was born?

…I’m a little lonely because El was different.

The second child is also a boy.

In His Majesty’s story, Akinists are more likely men.

That seems to be the statistics so far, not something decided that way.

“Cal, thank you for being born.”

Since he was sleeping, I spoke quietly and lightly stroked his head with my fingers.

The ears snapped up but he didn’t open his eyes.

As expected, he feels like a “cat-like cat”.

For normal cats, I think it’s good enough if they let me stroke them…

But Calvert is my child.

I think it’s just my ego wanting to pamper him, though.

But it’s up to Cal, not me, to decide whether he wanted to be pampered or not.


“Ko, are you thirsty? Can you drink something?”

“Yeah. …water, please?”

Perhaps because I had just given birth, I was thirsty.

I can’t get up yet, so they put the drink in my mouth.

Other mothers seem able to move soon after giving birth but the midwife told me to rest for three days.

When I was told that, everyone who’s overprotective of me enforced it.

On the contrary, they told me to rest more.

This time, I was in good shape, but I was told not to work during my pregnancy.

I didn’t go to the barracks of the Third Corps because Rodo is by my side.

Even when I go shopping, I’d often get picked up by Rodo.

I wanted the parent-child relationship to be more intimate, so I wanted him to pick up El, but…he didn’t quite agree.

Not only that, but El also raised his concern.

For three-year-olds to be worried about their parents…

I’m glad that he grew up to be a kind child but I wonder if that should be the case…I thought that.


“El, mom is okay, so go play.”

Being on my side, stuck in bed, would be too much for a kid.

“El, motha, hwere.”

But who can reject my child, who puts his chin on the edge of the bed and looks at me with glittering eyes?

──I can’t.

“Thank you, El is kind.”

I reached out and stroked El’s head.

He’s as cute as ever.

Now he’s about the size of a medium-sized dog and weighs a fair amount.

El can now eat everything that Rodo eats.

I feel like he’s getting bigger every day.

Immediately before humanization, will he be the size of Rodo’s beast form?


“…hn? What’s wrong?”

Feeling my clothes pulled on the shoulder, I turned my gaze and saw Cal holding me.



The atmosphere of being dissatisfied was transmitted.

…maybe…he’s jealous?

“Are you asking why only your brother is stroked? Cal is also my precious child.”

When I stroked Cal’s head, he squinted and looked happy, unlike before.

…how cute!

Is Cal a tsundere?

“So cute.”

Children in this world can walk as soon as they’re born and have different personalities.

Personality seems to be decided while in the stomach, but I don’t know what the deciding factor is.


“Cal, motha, wikes? El, motha, wikes!”


I was healed by the children’s conversation (?).

I’m too happy…that I’m about to cry.

“You guys, Ko is tired. Be quiet.”

Rodo’s voice stopped the conversation between the two.

“Rodo, I’m fine. El, Cal, you two will get along as brothers, right?”

When I stroked their heads, they made squinting faces again.

The number of cute cats has increased.

Other than the size, they look similar, so they’re even cuter.

I like all kinds of cats but that may be related to the fact that they only look like the black cat I liked the most.

I couldn’t forgive the many “negative” images of black cats, such as being a “witch’s demon” or “unhappiness occurs when it crosses in front of you”.

──because black cats are cute.


“…Rodo, can you take care of them? …I’m a bit sleepy…”

As expected, I feel sleepy soon after giving birth, probably because I’m weak.

I thought this time was better than last time, but…I still got drowsy at this time.

I couldn’t hold on until Rodo’s reply.




Just before I woke up, I felt like I was in someone’s arms.

This feeling is…Rodo.

I told you to look after the children, so why are we sleeping together?

When I opened my eyes, Rodo’s chest was in front of me.


“Ko, are you up? Is there anything wrong with your physical condition?”


Did I say I’m “cold” in my sleep?

Is that why you’re warming me up with your body temperature?

“I was worried because Ko kept calling my name while shivering. I think you had a sad dream…seeing Ko who started crying, both of them stuck to Ko.”


Speaking of which, there’s a fluffy feeling on my back.

I thought it was a cushion, but…is this El and Cal?

“…I can’t remember what kind of dream I had, but everyone was on my side. Thank you.”

When I dream, I sometimes remember it and sometimes don’t.

I’m glad it wasn’t a scary nightmare…maybe?

If I was trembling, calling out to Rodo, and crying…that feels like a nightmare.

Rather, I think many people have nightmares.

Is it because there’s always a negative part inside of people?

No matter how happy you are, there’ll still be anxious parts.

…though it might be superfluous right now.

Because my level of happiness is too high.


“Motha, owkay?”


Cute children came out from behind and nuzzled me.

“Yeah. I’m happy because everyone is here. Thank you for being by my side when it’s hard.”

Even if I can’t remember what I dreamt about, or why I only called Rodo, these kids were worried about me and stayed with me.

I’ve never been so happy.

I’m still at the age where I prioritize myself and Cal was just born today.

“Both of you are so kind and I’m happy to be your mother.”

“Motha, smile! El, the best!”

When I was stroking their heads, El said so.

I’ve always liked children, but this should be a parent’s like, right?

──they’re so cute!!


I hugged them without speaking.

My heart is too full…so I give them a kiss storm.

…I was a little emotional so I quickly got tired.


When I lay down on the bed again, I saw three worried faces.

My parents-in-law should have been there a while ago, but I didn’t know if they went home after I slept.

When I smiled at the three, they had relieved expressions.

──I want you to stay in peace without any problems.

ACDWL 123: I Can't Have the Same Feelings
ACDWL 125: Extra - Marihect's Treasures -

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