ACDWL 128: This Time to Kisetoa

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“Ko, are you okay? Is your body uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine. I’ll definitely tell you when it gets hot.”

I replied to the voice behind me once again, but I understood that he was worried.

──I’ve been restless this whole time.

I’m now on Sig with Rodo.

El and Cal are on a Sekisva with my parents-in-law.

Today, there’s a diplomatic talk, and Rodo is called, so I’m heading there with my family.

There’s talk of leaving the children to my parents-in-law and joining Rodo by myself but that soon disappeared.

──because my pregnancy was discovered. (T/N: Of course.)

Seems like a child made by sexual intercourse in beast form, and the name hasn’t been decided yet.

Rodo, who resumed work, was trying to take leave after my pregnancy was discovered, but he was told that it’d be difficult to take a leave for almost a year.

Moreover, Rodo is the Third Corps Captain and is obliged to be in the diplomatic relations of Marihect.

It’s impossible to have no diplomatic talks for a year.

And it’s been less than ten days since Rodo resumed his work so he seems to have a lot of work to do.

There are some jobs that only he, as an Akinist, can do so that’s unavoidable.

They also said something about having my parents-in-law go instead of Rodo, but I refused.

Indeed, they’re still fine and there’s no problem working, but…they’ve been retired for several years.

I can’t tell them to work again for my convenience.

They’re sweet to me so if I asked, they would have listened.

But I don’t want to do that.

I’m not feeling sick right now, and it doesn’t feel like “Rodo is scary” even when I stick to Rodo like when I’m pregnant with El.

When called for diplomatic talks, he only has to be in the conference room and doesn’t have to use his power.

It’s not much different from messing around in the room so it’s okay.

Sig is walking slowly and I’m blessed with the surroundings.



“Ko, you still came. Is your body okay?”


Somehow, His Majesty is like a relative’s uncle.

He always worried about my body.

And he’s always asking about El and Cal for the sake of the country…or rather, I feel like he’s more foolish than my parents-in-law.

On the contrary, my parents-in-law take care of me but don’t feel close to their grandchildren.

I don’t think they hate them, but it says “I’m not interested” on their faces.

It’s very similar to the relationship between Rodo and my parents-in-law.


“It’s been a long time. Ko-dono.”

“Long time no see.”

The one who called out was the Queen of Kisetoa, who is today’s diplomatic partner.

Recently, the kings have become more frank although they still speak in honorifics.

I live in Marihect, but I sometimes heal people as a healer in other countries.

My healing power is special for every country and seems to be the last hope for those who have lost their limbs.

Seems like many people said that I could also heal people in other countries, but His Majesty suppressed those who complained about it.

I’m not a human in this world, so I can stay in any country, not just Marihect.

His Majesty seems to have moved because there are many disadvantages to me leaving for another country and dissatisfied some people.

His Majesty thinks about me and moved, so I’m not thinking about moving to another country so far.


Only the Akinist Rodo needs to be in the diplomatic talks.

I could have stayed at home, but Rodo wouldn’t come back that day unless it happened in Marihect.

…and I have never slept alone.

I sometimes take a nap by myself, but I wake up immediately.

It wasn’t like this when I was in Japan, but now…I can’t sleep well without Rodo by my side.

I don’t think I’m worried about returning to Japan anymore, but I wonder if I’m still worried about something?

And he knew I can’t sleep without Rodo by my side, so he won’t leave me unless he can do a day trip.

That’s why I’m with Rodo during diplomatic talks held in other countries.

I’m worried that Rodo might get caught up in something strange, so I’m trying to keep an eye on him.


Kisetoa is a country to the west of Marihect.

It didn’t take much time to travel because the road was flat.

A country with a smaller territory than Marihect and has a quiet landscape.

It doesn’t look very wealthy but it has a relaxed atmosphere.

Queen Kisetoa is also a friendly person.

Or rather, the kings are becoming “related uncles”…


The diplomatic talk was set up in Kisetoa this time because I’ve been in Marihect all these days.

Since becoming pregnant with El, no diplomatic talks were held outside of Marihect because they’re concerned it’d be difficult to take my children to other countries.

But, they’d already given me preferential treatment for three and a half years, so they have to go to another country soon.

They said they could go to Marihect since I’m still pregnant, but I can’t just put a burden on other countries.

It would be a problem if such things piled up and became a big issue.


“The children looked well.”

“Yes. El, Cal, your greetings?”



“So both of them can say hello. How wise.”

Aside from El, it feels like Cal is just crying out.

…I don’t have to tell Queen Kisetoa though.

Cal takes on a “greeting-like” posture except for his family.

Just by calling out, you can see a “you won’t understand anyway, right?” feeling.

Calvert basically acts as he wants.

It’s different from Eldred, who snuggles up to me.

It’s not that I don’t like it since he has a cat-like personality.

El never did it, but Cal sometimes sits on Rodo’s shoulders.

Rodo doesn’t seem to care about the rebound from Cal jumping on him.

But maybe because he’s a hindrance, he was trying to pick him by the neck and put him down but because it’s heartwarming and I wanted him to stay there for a while, he couldn’t take him down immediately.

There’s a cat on his cute is that?

I wanted to imitate it, but he wouldn’t ride on my shoulder.

He did ride on my lap…

Is it because Rodo got angry when he jumped on my head and said it was dangerous?

A wise child that will never make Rodo angry twice.

…the same can be said for El.

Did they think “what Rodo says is absolute”?

Is that the kind of father in this world?

…but Rodo’s attitude towards his father is different from El.

Did I overstate the “Rodo is cool” mantra?

It seems like I’m aiming for Rodo but I think it’s okay as long as he smiled.


“El, Cal, are you thirsty? Drink some water?”



I took out the container for drinking water and poured water.

The two can’t use their hands to drink water like humans so they drink from the bowl with their tongues.

I’m careful about eating and drinking in other countries.

So I try to bring the water, but if I run out, I’ll use magic to make some.

Meals for Akinists and half-Akinists might have some drugs.

That’s also true for me, but I can just examine it.

However, the children might eat it without thinking.

Since the possibility can’t be wiped out, there’s no loss in being cautious.

I told them not to eat anything they get from others without my permission.

…though the children would still be curious for a few minutes.

Rodo says it’s okay to leave them alone since they can instinctively judge what is dangerous.

But I don’t think any parents don’t worry about two children that are three years old and a month old.

…as everyone said, am I overprotective?

I think my parents-in-law and Rodo’s attitude towards me is more overprotective.

…it’s not just my imagination, right?

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ACDWL 129: A Boy Who Has Different Thoughts From Us

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