ACDWL 129: A Boy Who Has Different Thoughts From Us

ACDWL 128: This Time to Kisetoa
ACDWL 130: Terrible Anger

─Artemia side─


Ko doesn’t need to join the diplomatic talks in Kisetoa.

Only the “Akinist” Rodokiaus is required to go.

But Ko said that he didn’t want to leave Rodokiaus so he’s going too.

I and Sullivantos are Ko’s escorts.

The two grandchildren are still young and aren’t willing to leave Ko for someone else.

I don’t agree with Ko going to another country this time because Ko is pregnant with his third child.

What if he felt sick on the way?

What if Kisetoa didn’t have a good midwife?

A midwife for Ko can only be a person who is accustomed to an Akinist.

There are no midwives accustomed to Akinists because there are no more Akinists in other countries.

The midwife who helped me and Sullivantos seemed to be old at the time and are no longer alive.

As expected, it had to be that midwife in Marihect.

Even though Ko can move with magic, it’s not always possible to use magic if something goes wrong.

However, when I was told with a smile, “father in law and mother-in-law, I’m going out, please take care of me”, I can’t reply other than nodding.

So far, I had never thought of anyone as “lovely”.

Even when my son Rodokiaus was born, I don’t think he did or said the same thing as Ko did.

Is it because I thought somewhere that he’d grow up even if left alone?

When Rodokiaus was a child, he was left unattended for a long time, and Kursedum said many things about it.

…I don’t remember what he said anymore.

Does Sullivantos remember?


Arriving at the castle of Kisetoa, Ko and the grandchildren greeted them.

It doesn’t matter about the grandchildren, but Ko didn’t have to say a greeting.

Ficiteria (fishiteria) is calling out to Ko intimately.

(Ko’s “mother” is me!)

I instinctively gave out pressure.

Ficiteria is a queen, unlike in other countries.

So she burned my rivalry more.

I’m the only woman who can spoil Ko.


I was also angry at Rodokiaus who attacked Ko in the form of an Akinist.

Seems like Sullivantos felt the same but Ko, who was picked up by Rodokiaus and came out of the room, didn’t act afraid of Rodokiaus, didn’t try to escape, and smiled as usual, so we didn’t say anything.

I think Ko should be angrier.

But when I found out that he’s pregnant with a third child, I was so happy.

If Ko is smiling, it’s fine. (T/N: Excuse me? No, scold him more!)


“El, look after Cal so there’s nothing dangerous, okay?”



“Cal is still small, so maybe someone will kidnap him? So I’m asking El to look after you. You’re smart so you wouldn’t do anything dangerous, right?”

Ko kindly admonished the dissatisfied Calvert.

But are there any idiots who’ll kidnap half-Akinists?

The fact that the child is a half-Akinist meant that one parent is an Akinist, so it’d be useless to provoke a fight.

What’s the point of kidnapping and being prepared to be killed?

Even if they’re kidnapped, there’s no reason for a half-Akinist to be obedient.

Unless there’s another Akinist, but Rodokiaus is the last one.

In other words, I don’t think Calvert will be obedient when he’s kidnapped.

Ko was researching the subordinate collar but could he make something that can even make a half-Akinist obedient?

…will it work on the young Calvert and Eldred?


“El, be careful, don’t eat anything on the spot even if you get something from someone you don’t know, okay?”


Eldred, stroked by Ko, left the conference room with Calvert.

Like Ko said before coming to Kisetoa, they probably went to a garden that was open to the public.

A young child can’t sit in a small conference room after all.

Eldred will just be fidgeting, but that seems impossible for Calvert.

That’s why he asked if there was a place where they could play.

Every castle has its large garden.

The two half-Akinists are set to become soldiers in the future.

So I think it’s okay to take them to the barracks training center, but Ko doesn’t seem to like it very much.

He especially hates them getting involved with the soldiers.

At this point, aside from Calvert, the number of soldiers who can compete with Eldred are limited.

Sure, there’s a difference in experience but an Akinist’s instinct is more focused when fighting with other races.

…why is Ko so sweet to the young children from the beginning?

He seems to have a younger brother, and I also heard that he spoiled him.


Rodokiaus won’t speak during diplomatic talks except when it comes to Ko.

Ko doesn’t say anything in particular and doesn’t seem interested in politics.

Aside from asking for the danger level of Rodokiaus’ mission, he never spoke at all.

Even though he’s a mate, Ko doesn’t understand the smell of a mate and isn’t dominated by crazy feelings.

Nevertheless, Ko seems to take great care of Rodokiaus.

Rodokiaus can only love Ko, but Ko isn’t the same.

Ko became our son because he happened to love Rodokiaus, but Ko also had the option of marrying someone else and having a baby.

Rodokiaus was just lucky.

The person in question might know that too.


The content of diplomatic talks is the same every time.

Ficiteria asks for the date and time for the joint practice of soldiers and magicians, and the day when Ko wants to come as a healer…


…however, the discussion that had been steadily progressing was temporarily suspended by an intruder.

“…Motha! Fatha! Cal, gwone! Smell, none!”

Eldred reported to my sons in a hurry.

Although he’s a half-Akinist, his sense of smell should be excellent.

…but what did he mean by no smell?

The conference room became tense all at once.

Above all, Ko’s atmosphere changed.

Will Eldred be scolded since Calvert disappeared?

Eldred…is about to cry.


“El, it’s okay. It’s not El’s fault okay?”

He stroked Eldred’s head and gently spoke to him.

…Eldred doesn’t seem to be scolded.

But I can see that Ko is suppressing his anger.

Is he angry at Kisetoa?

“Ko, I’m going to look for him.”

Rodokiaus stood up.

Compared to a half-Akinist, the sense of smell of an Akinist is different.

With Rodokiaus, finding Calvert would be easy.


“Rodo, wait. …Calvert, here. …Cal.”

Seems like he stopped Rodokiaus and used magic.

The Calvert that appeared on Ko’s lap appeared to be sick.

Seeing such a Calvert──Ko shed tears.

Ko treats the children with deep affection.

That’s why he’s hurt and weeps at seeing them harmed.

He’s different from me, who only thinks of “self-responsibility from the time of birth”.

“Cal, I’m sorry.”

Ko is healing while giving such an apology.

…why is Ko apologizing to Calvert?

Whatever happened, even a child would dismiss it by himself if he was a half-Akinist.


After a while, Calvert raised his head.


And licked the falling tears of Ko.

“Cal…Cal, who did this? Show it to your mother.”

While shedding tears, Ko used movement magic.

And Ko who came out of the shadow immediately──

The atmosphere was just as if before a magical runaway.

“Cal, sorry. I had decided to [protect my family no matter what]…this time is my fault. I knew I shouldn’t have let my guard down…I might have lost Cal soon…”


Ko is stroking Calvert while tears are overflowing.

Calvert…is confused at seeing such a Ko.

Even Calvert might have noticed that Ko’s condition is dangerous.

…but what did he mean by “may have lost Calvert”?

Is there a way to attack and kill a half-Akinist?


“Rodo, look after the children. Don’t show the kids what I’m about to do. …I can’t forgive those who hurt my family. …father in law and mother in law should also run away together. Maybe because my magical power is out of control and dangerous.”

At Ko’s words, Rodokiaus pushed the children to us and only said to move as Ko instructed.

“I’m with Ko no matter what.”

And went to hug Ko.

I and Sullivantos left the castle with Eldred and Calvert.

Kursedum seems to have remained in the castle…but he doesn’t need help.

Ko only wanted to protect his family.

I don’t know in detail what’s going on inside the castle.

This time, I only know that something made Ko angry.

So I could only guess whatever happens next.


─Artemia side end─

Author’s Notes:

The next chapter has cruel depictions.

If you’re not good at it, please skip it.

ACDWL 128: This Time to Kisetoa
ACDWL 130: Terrible Anger

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