ACDWL 146: Stupid Nations

ACDWL 145: Extra - Beginning of Familiarity -
ACDWL 147: Before the War Began

-King Marihect’s side-


At the diplomatic meeting with Sievert, after one of the ministers had his memory erased by Ko, it was eerily quiet for a while.

None of the countries called out to Ko, but that’s not because they gave up.

At that time, he became pregnant with his fourth child.

The three children were currently being trained by Captain Rodokiaus in the Third Division barracks.

However, Captain Rodokiaus would also be on leave.

This time, I heard Ko was unwell, like when he was pregnant with Eldred.

Since his mate was in such a state, he wouldn’t leave Ko.

I have to decide on a name quickly and go visit.

…although there’s a high possibility that I will be turned away at the door again.

Every time, I have to report Ko’s pregnancy to other countries.


I regret that I shouldn’t have done that this time.

(Maybe then, they wouldn’t have the courage to go to war with Marihect…)

The fact that Ko was unwell meant that the Seraphine family was unlikely to take part in the war.

That’s probably what they were aiming for…just when did they form an alliance behind the scenes?

(Do they think that an alliance and victory over Marihect will give them Ko’s power?)

Even if Marihect was defeated and ruled by another country, I think Ko and the others would just leave the country.

(I have to report this to Ko and the others…)

I didn’t want to get involved in unnecessary disputes…

I wanted him to rest and give birth to a healthy baby.

It’s really extra.



“I’m sorry for this situation when you’re not feeling well. Marihect has decided to fight back.”

“…I see.”

Leaning against Captain Rodokiaus, Ko looked exhausted.

It seemed like his physical condition wasn’t good this time.

…as usual, only I could feel the violence in the eyes of the Akinist behind his back.

But this time, Ko looked particularly unwell.

He didn’t seem to keep anyone at bay other than Captain Rodokiaus as he did with Eldred, but he still looked pale and seemed to have vomited many times before.

During Calvert and Deirdre, he wasn’t sick at all.

What’s the difference this time?

(…? Come to think of it, this is…)

What I felt from Ko’s stomach was not a half-Akinist’s aura but rather…magic power?

A child who inherited Ko’s power, not Captain Rodokiaus?

“The next child seems to have a lot of magical power.”

“Is it a child who inherits Ko’s power?”

Apparently, unlike the Akinist who has almost no magical power, he seems to know that the next child possesses magical powers.

The Aknist aura…I think it’s weaker than the other children.

“…I don’t care as long as they’re born safely…”

Ko said he couldn’t feel the magical powers possessed by others, let alone his own.

Can’t you even feel the magical power of the child in your belly?

No matter how much power you have, are you not interested?

“I’m not feeling well right now, but it’s not like I can’t use magic, if Rodo is holding me up, I can participate as well…? The conditions include us anyway, right?”

I could only nod at Ko’s words.

…the conditions were all about Ko and the others.

“Kisetoa and Sievert, do they think that if they attack Marihect, they will be able to get Rodo and the others? There’s no way I can let Rodo and the others get close to people who disrespect my family…are they stupid?”

He spoke harsh words, but…the main person in the conditions was Ko.

Isn’t he worried about himself?

“Hey? Mom wants to protect our family. I’m sure you’re doing your best too, but could you hold on a little longer?”

He spoke while stroking his belly, but…he hadn’t even swelled yet.

“For me, you know? Only family matters. If the family is not healthy and happy, I can’t even see other people. …can you let me protect our family?”

Yet he kept calling.

“…fufu, thank you.”

Something seemed to have changed.

Ko smiled.

“Thanks to this child’s hard work, my physical condition has improved a little. …when will the war start?”

“The day after tomorrow. All at once from both sides… with that being said, our country’s military strength will be divided in two.”

They must have just taken shape, but…what did the child in the belly do?

Kisetoa was to the west and Sievert was to the east.

Sandwiched between those two countries was Marihect.

There was no choice but to divide our military strength geographically on both sides.

“Could you show me the two countries’ declaration of war that they sent?”

Surprised by the sudden request, but–

“Ahh. I don’t mind.”

The other party was Ko.

There’s no point in hiding it.

I guess he only said that because it was necessary for Ko.

When I sent my servant to the castle to pick it up, he came back with the Prime Minister.

War was fought as a nation.

That’s why it’s not strange that the Prime Minister came when Ko said he wanted to participate.

“Ko, you don’t need to participate, you know? Don’t overdo it with your pregnant body.”

“Thank you for the concern. …but, aren’t we the cause of this war? Isn’t it strange if we don’t participate? I don’t have the personality to tolerate danger to my family.”

Ko was talking to Edetrok with a slight smile.

Anyone in Marihect knew that Ko values his family above all else.

How many times did Ko’s cold demeanor toward those who thought of attacking his family send chills down my spine…

Even though it wasn’t directed at me, those eyes and “scary” smile made even me feel nothing but fear.

…what does Captain Rodokiaus think?

It’s not directed at him…so he didn’t care?

Come to think of it, it seemed like he never left the side of Ko even when he had that scary smile on his face…?

“Hmm…both countries want to claim ownership over us, but…what can they do after defeating Marihect? A war between the two of them…or? …this seems to cut down on our strength.”

Ko muttered while looking at the declaration, and I changed my perception, Ko was the one who should not be made an enemy of the most.


Even though he’s still at the age of a child before adulthood.

“It starts the day after tomorrow, right? Can I keep this declaration of war until then? I will return it the day after tomorrow.”

“I don’t mind…what are you going to do?”


He laughed and I backed down.

…what the hell are you going to do?

Sievert and Kisetoa became enemies of Ko.

What did that mean…

Even from Marihect’s point of view, the two countries have become enemies, still, I can’t help but pity them.

They’re just so “stupid” for not understanding Ko’s scariness.

Ko said he would return the war papers “by the day after tomorrow”.

In other words, it’s the same as saying that it would be resolved by then.

…just what would he do?

I’m curious, but Ko didn’t seem to want to say anything right now.

“Well then, Your Majesty. Can I return this declaration tomorrow morning?”

Without any explanation.

However, even if I stayed longer, I don’t think I’d get an answer.

…we just have to wait for the report the day after tomorrow.

…really, those two countries are so stupid.

Nothing good would happen with Ko as an enemy.


-King Marihect’s Side End-

ACDWL 145: Extra - Beginning of Familiarity -
ACDWL 147: Before the War Began

3 thoughts on “ACDWL 146: Stupid Nations

  1. I feel like Kou has to live a long long because if he dies first, there’ll be two full akinists and four half akinists who’ll kill everyone on sight in grief and probably blow up the planet. But if anyone else (god forbid Rodo) dies before Kou, HE’LL be the one to blow up the planet.
    What a joyous, highly destructive family!
    …why anyone would want to upset them in any way is beyond foolish.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Foolishness on these countries knows no bounds. Haven’t they even realize anything? Marihect’s king is wise beyond compare to these people.

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