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─Saribatos side (past)─


“It’s officially decided when you will meet. …Saribatos, please leave an heir at all costs.”


Currently, there are only two single Akinists left in the world, including myself.

This story has been going on for a long time, but I’m not interested, so I’ve only heard about it until now.

I’m sure the other person did as well.

Why is there a need to force an arranged marriage date and set up a child?

Even with this, I’m aware that I’m not the type to love someone.

That doesn’t mean that I love myself either.

I just have no interest in anything.

Even my parents, who are already old, don’t care about each other.

There’s no one among us who could love like a mated pair.

There’s also no patriotism in the country we’re staying in.

And that matchmaking, is for me?


Not interested.

“Did the other party agree?”

I heard that the other party is older than me.

I’m sure they’re more rebellious than I was.

“Even if I can’t have children, as long as I don’t have to negotiate with an unspecified number of people like that…they said.”

Akinists seemed to be on the verge of extinction.

That’s why, even if it’s just a half, they wanted us to leave some blood behind.

…I can only think that it’s not something we knew was required.

But that’s why I’m often told to have relationships with many people.

I’ve been assigned to someone many times before.

I ignored it all.

It seems that my parents were also arranged like that.

And that the same conditions were put like this back then as well.

That’s probably why they still hadn’t gotten divorced and haven’t had a relationship with anyone else.

…it’s too troublesome to do that, so let’s set the conditions for the matchmaking.

When I heard the conditions put out, the conversation progressed quickly, and the face-to-face meeting with my arranged partner was immediately decided.



“I’m Arteamiya Gibson.”

“I’m Saribatos Seraphine.”



For the time being, we introduced ourselves to each other, but the conversation didn’t continue.

I haven’t met her during diplomatic meetings yet so today was the first time I’ve met her face-to-face.

Still, I didn’t want to ask anything, and she didn’t want to talk about herself.

“We’ve met face to face, so I’m going home.”


I tried to follow her as she left her seat, but──

“Wait! You guys haven’t said anything yet!”

We were stopped.

“We gave each other our names, is there still something?”

What else do they want me to say?

“Even though you’ll be partners, is it okay to just give your names?”

“? Do you have anything else to ask me?”

I’m not interested in the age of the other person, and even if my workplace changes, I’ll do the same thing, so it doesn’t matter.

Because the other party also thought so, I guess that’s why she tried to go home.

She was also detained by a man who seems to be the King.

“Your Majesties understand what kind of race the Akinists are, right? Since you already decided on our partners, we’ll decide which country to live in. …but I will not take orders from anyone.”



The surroundings became quiet.

However, since they were able to decide on my marriage partner, they have to listen to that much.

“Is that okay with you too?”

“…you can call me Arteamiya. I don’t intend to belong to any country for a while either, so that’s fine. I have nothing to do with conflicts between countries. Even in the country I live in now, I have no intention of settling down.”

As expected, she seemed to have the same feelings as I do.

No matter how much I’m not interested in anyone, it doesn’t feel good for my partner to be forcibly decided.

It’s not like I’m dreaming so much that I want to wait for the appearance of my mate that might not even exist, but──it’s also true that I’m dissatisfied with having no choice but to be partnered with Arteamiya.

“Anyway, His Majesty and the others will decide the date and time next time, right? Please let me know when you decide.”

I used to use honorifics for the king of the country I’m currently living in, but it doesn’t matter from now on.

I don’t need to speak politely anymore.

“Have you reported this to your parents?”

“You do that. I’m not interested.”

There’s no reason to bother reporting about something like an “arrange marriage meeting”.

And we also haven’t seen each other for a while.

Such things should be reported by His Majesty, who had many opportunities to meet my parents.

“I’m going back to work.”

I have not received a mission to protect His Majesty.

That is the work of others.

I don’t mind if I just go home like this.

Despite that, His Majesty and the others obstructed me when I was about to return.

…is it okay to hit them?

No need for a sword.

(No, intimidation should be enough.)

When I let out the suppressed aura from my humanization, the movements of the people in the way stopped.

…I could have turned into a beast, but it would tear my clothes.

I can buy clothes in town, but most of the time, I can just escape rather than go to the store while beastified.

I also don’t have the hobby of walking naked.

That’s why I never turn into a beast except in an emergency.

Leaving those who have stiffened, I rode a Sekisva alone and went home.



Marriage to Arteamiya became a celebration throughout the country.

Only the two concerned parties have no interest or concern.

It seems that Arteamiya’s father has already passed away and that she only has an old mother.

My parents are also about to retire from the front lines, and in truth, they were trying to have me take over their Akinist duties once my marriage was decided.

…I don’t want to do such troublesome things though.

We have only met each other’s families once so far.

Neither family was seen on the day of the wedding.

They probably have no interest in our marriage either.

I’m sure I wouldn’t think anything even if I witnessed the death of my parents.

I’ve seen death before, but I’ve never cried when someone else died.

Even though I’m married, I don’t have that kind of feeling because I’m not interested in the other person.

There’s nothing to be sad about.

Nothing to be happy about.

I’m just alive.

I’m just working to pass the time.

I just eat to live.

There’s no dissatisfaction or anger.

It just repeats every day.

I wonder if the day will come when I will have normal emotions.

…I feel like that’s impossible.

“I wonder how long we’ll have to keep up with this fuss? It’s easier to swing my sword.”

“I agree.”

If they understand the intentions of the two parties involved, it’s possible to end it immediately.

…judging from the surroundings, that seemed unlikely.

Really wasteful.

I don’t understand the feelings of others smiling at our marriage.

Even though it’s not decided that I could have children in the future.

Even if we had a child, they would be the last Akinist.

In other words, there’s no partner to mate with.

Even if our Akinist child was not as indifferent as we are, will they grow up to be able to love other races?

…I feel like that’s impossible unless their mate appears.

In the future, I will be able to love Arteamiya…but that seems impossible.

Since we are in the same position, we can sympathize with each other.

“So troublesome…if we’re going to travel around the country like this, then let’s decide which country to stay in for a while. Have you decided, Arteamiya?”

“It doesn’t matter where we are. We’ll do the same thing wherever we go, right?”

Arteamiya doesn’t seem to be interested in the country she’s staying in either.

“Then why not stay in Marihect? Neither of us has family there, so if we get tired of it, we can go to another country.”

“That’s true.”

Because the two of us decided on our own, the surroundings were noisy for a while, but if we left it alone, it would quiet down.

Like that, we stayed for a while, participated in a monster subjugation, and when we got tired of it, we headed to another country.

Years passed while we were doing that, both of our parents died, and the kings were replaced.

It seems like the busy-body kings were deciding on which country we should live in.

But in the end, we settled down after Arteamiya became pregnant.

Until then, I only fulfilled my Akinist duties in the country we’re staying in.

It didn’t matter which country we were in.

Even if it’s an Akinist’s duty, we just accepted it out of goodwill.

We don’t have to obey it.

Occasionally, there’ll be flies, but those guys are quickly cut down.

If they have something to say to us, they should be prepared for death.

They just picked fights with us and got killed.

──I can’t think of anything else.

If they don’t want to die, they should become stronger than us.

If they don’t want to be killed, don’t pick a fight.

──that’s all.

Even if we kill people, our emotions won’t move.

I don’t know how to do things like cry and laugh.

It seems to be the same for Arteamiya and it’s rare for the two of us to tilt our heads.

…I soon lost interest and abandoned the idea.


─Saribatos side (past) end─

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