Fish 010: All Houses Moved

Fish 009: The Shining Sun and Moon
Fish 011: The People Are Scared

What is going on in Zhushan County?

There are several dragon veins in the world, which could either be mountains or rivers that are in that shape and invisible to mortals.

If the mountain was dug or encountered natural calamities and man-made disasters, which could frighten the dragon vein, it would come to life.

——so the flood that pushed me out of the cave was the culprit?

Mo Li stared at the pond in a daze, then reached out his hand and touched his face. He tried to change back to his original body, but a fish slipped out of his clothes.


The tail patted the ground twice as he slid directly into the water. The black fish swam in the pond in a circle, swinging its fins from time to time and then flicking its tail. No matter how you looked at it, he’s a fish. How could he be a dragon vein?

Mo Li suddenly stopped. He realized that he might have been thinking about it the wrong way.

Dragon veins didn’t have to be dragons. One even fooled him with the appearance of a chubby mouse. Compared to the mouse, fish are closer to dragons. At least, they both have scales.

Maybe something went wrong, or he wasn’t strong enough, so he was born as a fish.

Anyway, since he’s a dragon vein, protecting the dragon vein suddenly became more manageable.

Mo Li settled down, transformed into a human form again, swam to the shore, and slowly put his clothes back on.

“Jiji, wu~ wah.”

There was a sad cry from the entrance of the cave. Mo Li made a startled expression and hurried out of the cave. Sure enough, he saw the white fox tremblingly guard outside. It didn’t dare come in as its hind paws kept scratching the snow.

Foxes rarely called out since their voices are changeable. Mo Li could only feel the white fox’s emotions and didn’t know what it wanted to say.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Li picked up the fox and brushed off the snow from its fur.

The white fox slid its head into Doctor Mo’s arms as if it had been frightened.

Mo Li looked around and found a lot less snow in the canopy, but there’s a lot of snow on the ground.

With both feet stepping on the exposed blue rocks, his spiritual power sank into the ground, and the scene of the mountain creatures fleeing in fear suddenly appeared before Mo Li: The animals that had been hibernating all ran out, including the giant snake. It occupied a large space, but its stiff body wasn’t that flexible. Other animals would bump it from the side from time to time, making it dizzy and hiss.


Mo Li suddenly remembered that the whole cave was shaking when his consciousness was swept away by that chubby mouse. He suddenly felt a little guilty as he touched the white fox in his arms and soothed it: “It’s not an earthquake, it’s okay.”

As if aware that there’s no longer any danger, the white fox stuck its head out.

At precisely this time, a faint red light appeared in the eastern sky, just when the sun and moon changed.

The mountain’s spiritual energy turned into a breeze, passing by the branches and drifting to the bottom. Wherever it went, the chaos gradually subsided, and even the cold was reduced a bit. The birds and beasts returned to their nests one after another, and the vegetation quietly put their roots down. All quietly fell asleep, waiting for the ice to melt and the snow to disappear and for everything to recover.

Mo Li hugged the white fox while in a delicate mood.

He didn’t do anything. In fact, he didn’t know what to do.

When the sun rose, the aura left by the Great Capital’s Golden Dragon naturally combined with Qi Mao Mountain’s aura. The clouds dispersed the fog, soothing the birds and animals and nourishing the creatures in the mountains.

What kind of existence is a dragon vein?

Mo Li was full of doubts. He lowered his head and glanced at the white fox whose eyes were narrowed in comfort. He suddenly realized that Qi Mao Mountain didn’t have any spiritual beings because of him.

——after all, I’m a malnourished little black dragon.

Doctor Mo thought with a black face. Maybe it’s because he lacked something or lacked aura, so Qi Mao Mountain had no monsters.


Zhushan County

The county prison was cold and dark, and the walls were freezing.

There’s not even a bundle of straw in the cell, nor was there a quilt or a pillow, so the treatment was deplorable. When the Holy Lotus Shrine people were taken in, they were shocked, thinking that these dog officials wanted to freeze them alive.

“…our county office doesn’t have enough staff to care for the people during winter.” The servant guarding the dungeon shook his head and said, “it’s a coincidence that you’re here.”

The county office people are all busy with disaster relief and have no time to clean the cells. The thick clothes were not even enough for the people, so how could they be evenly distributed to the cells?

Constable Qin was still hesitant. Magistrate Xue said that martial arts practitioners are physically strong and won’t freeze to death even after a night. Constable Qin quickly thought about it and found it reasonable, so they ignored the struggling and cursing Holy Lotus Shrine people, opened the prison doors, and threw the people in.

Except for the Saintess and the two protectors detained separately, all the others were thrown together.

They didn’t dislike the cramped cell and huddled together to keep warm.

No guards patrolled the prison. It’s too cold here, and there’s an unpleasant smell of rancidity. The Saintess endured her nausea, closed her eyes, and tried to break through the blocked acupoints.

There’s a time limit of twelve hours for sealed acupoints. When the time is up, the acupuncture points would naturally unseal themselves.

The Saintess desperately hoped to release the seal early tonight and escape from this prison.

The two protectors also had the same thoughts. During the day, they realized that Mo Li was just a doctor and not a county government member at all. Even if he wanted to seal their acupoints again, it would at least be tomorrow morning.

The others didn’t dare disturb them and waited eagerly for the Saintess and the two protectors’ success.

At night, the county government’s people didn’t bring them anything to eat, but the Holy Lotus Shrine people stood firm until midnight. While enduring the hunger, sleepiness, and the dark, they suddenly felt the ground shake.

“It’s an earthquake!”

The protectors opened their eyes, surprised.

One threw himself on the iron fence as the ice broke, and a biting chill penetrated him like needles.

The ground kept shaking, and everyone looked up at the roof, hoping that the county jail, which had been in disrepair, would collapse and give them a way to escape. However, they’re also afraid that they’d be unlucky and be buried underneath instead of escaping.

“Protector, what should we do?”

The protector was also worried. Even after using most of his energy, the acupoint couldn’t be opened, but his body warmed up a little, and he wouldn’t be frozen to death. Now that his dantian is empty, he simply couldn’t pull enough energy.

Besides, the iron bars of this prison are like the icy walls. It’s thick and hard, so how can the powerless him break it apart?

“Shut up!”

The Saintess opened her eyes abruptly, her cheeks filled with strange black and green markings.

The two protectors were shocked and yelled out at the same time: “Saintess, no!”

The Holy Lotus Shrine’s Saintess gritted her teeth and said: “What’s wrong? We have suffered such humiliation. If we can’t escape successfully, how do you expect our brothers and sisters to rescue us? How do you think the leader will punish us? Even if the leader is open-minded and wouldn’t pursue an investigation, are you willing to become a joke and be inferior to the others?”

The expressions of the two protectors gradually became hideous with the Saintess’ words.

No, of course not!

They all yelled in anger, blue veins bursting on their foreheads. The other priests of Holy Lotus Shrine backed away in fear.

This is the evil technique of the Holy Lotus Shrine, retrogressive blood. It could greatly increase one’s skill in a short time, but this method would hurt oneself very much. If you don’t take tonics in time, you will lose both blood and qi, and your foundation will be damaged. In this case, using it forcibly is no different from looking for death. Therefore, it has always been a technique used by the Holy Lotus Shrine people in a life and death moment.

Before they entered this prison, everything on their bodies was confiscated, not to mention the tonics. Seeing the situation, they couldn’t complain. When they couldn’t escape in time and ran into the doctor with extremely high martial arts, they knew they were finished.

But the Saintess also made sense. Waiting for death is not the answer.

God knows when Holy Lotus Shrine will find out they had an accident. It might even be delayed until after the beginning of spring, and then they would suffer a lot. Even if they’re rescued at that time, they’d already lost face, so what status would they have in the future? When the time comes, a death mission would be sent to them first!

“Boom!” The protector slammed a fist against the wall, and the wall made cracking sounds.

The congregation next to him was thrilled. They were just about to cheer when they suddenly realized it’s only from the ice on the wall.


The evil technique could make people grumpy, have red eyes, and fearless of death.

Because of her higher martial arts, the Saintess could barely stay awake, but the two protectors had already lost their egos. They hit the wall with punch after punch, causing blood to splash.

The other priests were weak, so they’re not qualified to learn this skill at all. But now that they watched the two protectors roar against the wall, they were terrified. They thought it’s a good thing they didn’t learn it.

Just when they were terrified, someone suddenly asked in a low voice:

“Did the earthquake stop?”

No outside sounds could be heard inside the prison. They laid on the ground, making sure that the shaking had stopped, and there’s only the sound of smashing the wall in the cells.

“And what kind of wall is this to be so hard? Could it be that the county government here used three layers of stones to build the walls?”

The crowd looked at each other. At this moment, the wall finally had a big hole, and dust flew.

The Saintess leaned on the evil technique to break through the sealed acupoint. She broke the iron fence with her bare hands and entered the cell where the protectors were. Without looking at the two protectors hit by the collapsed stones, she was ready to rush out.


The priests of the Holy Lotus Shrine were shocked. They finally realized that the Saintess didn’t intend to take them with her.

At this time, things happened suddenly. They saw the Saintess fall back. She backed up again and again until she hit the iron bars.

Amidst the flying dust, there was a vague figure.


The Saintess’ face was full of anger. She obviously didn’t expect that someone would attack her at the entrance of the hole.

This small Zhushan County has repeatedly caused her to stumble. The blood got into her head, and she just wanted to tear the person in front of her to pieces.

“I’ll take your life!” The Saintess had a fierce look. Her right hand made a claw shape, and she used 120 percent of her strength.

If this connected, the muscles and bones were bound to crack, making people feel extreme pain.

However, the opponent blocked then evaded it.

The Saintess went forward and wanted to continue to attack but found that the palm of her hand was being held. At the same time, piercing yin energy entered through her wrist vein. She screamed and tried to break free, but her breathing was already disordered, and her arm was numb and stiff.

“P-poison!” The Saintess hissed.

As soon as the person let go, the Saintess of Holy Lotus Shrine fell back into her cell in embarrassment.

At this time, there was movement at the prison door, and two government officials rushed inside in a panic. They were responsible for guarding the prison. Although it’s an idle job, it’s still a job, so if something happened, they’d still have to take responsibility.

When they saw the broken wall, the guards’ heads buzzed loudly.

They looked at the figure slowly walking into the cell from the scattered dust. Bending over in fear, they called out: “Minister Xue.”

Magistrate Xue kicked the Holy Lotus Shrine protectors who fainted on the ground, shook his head, and casually said: “You guys clean up this place. I’ll go out and take a look.”

There’s an earthquake just now, and there were no casualties on the county office’s side. He just didn’t know about other places, so Magistrate Xue was anxious.

Only the Holy Lotus Shrine’s priests were left with their mouths wide open as soon as he left.

——the young doctor in the village is a master of martial arts, the dog officer of a constable is also a master of martial arts. Is something wrong with Zhushan County? Typically speaking, shouldn’t the one with the highest martial arts be the old man who opened the martial arts hall in the county?

The Saintess turned gray as she suddenly remembered that the doctor surnamed Mo accompanied Constable Qin to escort them back. Neither medicine was given to them, nor did he further seal their acupoints when he left. She thought that this person would come tomorrow, but that wasn’t the case at all. Doctor Mo was only responsible for sending them to the county office. After meeting Magistrate Xue, the rest had nothing to do with him.

The author has something to say:

As mentioned earlier, there are only three and a half martial arts practitioners in Zhushan County.

Constable Qin: I am the half, wronged.jpg

The rest are Doctor Mo and Master Qin, so what about the third one?


In the middle of the night, Magistrate Xue, who heard that someone smashed the county office, said: …

Master Li: Minister Xue, this is the cost of repairing the wall.

Fish 009: The Shining Sun and Moon
Fish 011: The People Are Scared

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