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Meng Qi: Mysterious confidence.

Although Meng Qi’s expression is natural, his eyebrows creased, and he looked troubled by his disease. However, Mo Li can’t help but wonder if this is a conspiracy. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence?

Let’s talk about the elixir first, who would raise elixirs at home? Can they even survive?

Without enough aura, the elixir will slowly wither.

——Meng Qi’s rhetoric is like a lie specially designed after knowing Mo Li’s preferences.

But the problem is also here. Mo Li is very careful every time he enters the mountain. Even Qin Lu doesn’t know he’s growing ginseng and raising a white fox. Who would know his hobbies? Then let’s talk about the chubby mouse, its existence is unthinkable to ordinary people, and it only appeared once.

If this is a conspiracy, only wandering souls can do this.

Mo Li felt chills on his back, and he tried his best to make his expression flat while paying attention to Meng Qi’s reaction.

——after using such deliberate means and not getting the expected effect, the conspirators should more or less show abnormal behavior.

Mo Li thought so, but he couldn’t find even a trace of anxiety or dissatisfaction from Meng Qi.


Forget it, he’s specialized in medicine.

If he wanted to confront intrigue and ingenuity, Mo Li thought he won’t be much of an opponent, but he is a doctor. Anyone who deliberately tried to pretend to be sick will have nowhere to hide as long as he took his pulse.

“I have never encountered this disease before, and I’m not sure if it can be cured. Let me check your pulse.” Mo Li said it lightly. In fact, for people who practice martial arts, the wrist pulse is the fate of life, and having it held by someone is equivalent to being restrained. If a famous doctor met a martial arts expert, it would be no different from handing over their lives.

Mo Li and Meng Qi didn’t know each other and just met for the first time.

Delivering trust to strangers is not an easy task.

“You use a bladeless knife, so you’re Qin Lu’s disciple. I believe in the eyes of the Silver Fox Doctor.” Meng Qi thought for a while, then quickly made a decision.

Despite his eagerness to seek medical treatment, Physician Mo still felt the pressure——this person is so cunning. This guy didn’t trust him and actually said he trusted Elder Qin. In the face of his teacher’s reputation, can he turn around and ignore him?

He can’t.

Mo Li’s face went cold. Since it’s the patient who sent himself to the door, why not take a look?

So there’s this peculiar scene where the doctor endured the wind and snow, not to mention, no table, chair, or even shed was found nearby. Surrounded by the wilderness and ravines, it could be said that they’re very indifferent to their surroundings.

As soon as Physician Mo’s fingers touched Meng Qi’s wrist, he was shaken an inch away.

Mo Li’s expression changed slightly. This guy’s internal qi is so tyrannical, what kind of skill is this?

The inner qi is generally biased towards Taoism, which is paying attention to the meditation method and absorbing qi from heaven and earth and circulating it towards the dantian. With such domineering internal strength, are you not afraid of damaging your meridians? This kind of martial arts practice, which kills a thousand enemies but hurts oneself by eight hundred, should be inferior.

Physician Mo slowed down, tried to take the pulse again, and then became stunned.

He looked up at Meng Qi in disbelief. At this moment, he finally understood what Meng Qi said back then. Mo Li discovered what it’s like to be a martial arts genius.

Can the natural meridians be so strong?

The inner qi flowing in it was like the Yangtze River. Not only that, but it also meant that the potential power in his flesh and blood are several times that of ordinary people. On the other hand, in ancient times, the strong man can lift a tripod and beat a frantic horse with one punch in the busy street, precisely because of their extraordinary talents. In addition to their strength, their bones and muscles could withstand the heavy pressure and shock.

Back when Qin Lu met Mo Li, he couldn’t bear to let go because of such a talent, and it would be a shame to not learn martial arts.

Now that Mo Li has met Meng Qi, and the other party’s talent was even higher than his, even ten times higher, no, it was so high that Physician Mo began to doubt life.

Can mortals reach this level? How did such strong muscle and bones come into being? Can he know the honorable parents who gave birth to him? Did your ancestors have people with extraordinary talents on your father’s side or your mother’s side? If neither, how old were your honorable parents when they had you? Where did they live back then, was it a blessed land with abundant spiritual qi?

Mo Li’s thoughts were like wild horses, running to an unknown distance in the blink of an eye.

Meng Qi watched the other party press on his wrist. He daydreamed too much that he didn’t return for a long time.

Although martial artists aren’t afraid of the cold and heat, standing here to drink the northwest wind, isn’t something wrong?



Mo Li finally reacted. He coughed dryly and threw all those thoughts behind, and then began to seriously examine the pulse.

His brows slowly frowned, and became tighter.

Meng Qi is indeed ill. Some of the small meridians are blocked and the blockage is serious. He shouldn’t be pretending, it’s just that the location is very tricky——

“Do you have a headache? How many attacks a day?”


“…you have some problems with the meridians near the Baihui point*,” Physician Mo said. Thinking about it, this patient should have had splitting headaches for a long time, but the body of this patient was so different from an ordinary person.

*baihui point: (means “hundred meetings”) found at the top of the head where all the yang meridians meet; the main point for headache, dizziness, eye pain and redness, irritability, hypertension from excess yang in the upper body, and others.

Mo Li didn’t dare use his qi at all. He’s afraid that it would cause the opposite effect, and his internal qi would protect the meridians. Now that he wanted to open the meridians, the obstacle he’d encounter would be the internal qi.

“Your illness is an obsession. Others can’t cure it because your martial arts is too high and your internal qi too strong. Acupuncture and moxibustion are no good, and decoctions are also no good. It stands to reason that the safest way is to ask a master with internal qi above you to guide it through your meridiands, but I suspect there’s no such master in the world.”

Mo Li’s mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help but remind him, “Furthermore, the blockage on the meridians is just one of the causes. Even if it’s unblocked, it can only control the condition and prevent it from becoming more serious. The current symptoms will not disappear.”

“How so?”

Meng Qi finally has a serious look in his eyes, and Mo Li was subconsciously surprised by that awe-inspiring manner.

It seems that Minister Xue didn’t lie, Mo Li thought.

However, he didn’t want to be a doctor threatened by the patient. Physician Mo retracted his hand and slowly said: “The cause is like the fire that cooked porridge in a pot. If you remove the fire from the stove, can the porridge immediately turn back into rice?”


Meng Qi looked at the young man in front of him, not sure whether the other party was diagnosing seriously or teasing him.

This sickness came like a landslide but goes slowly like spinning silk. Those unlucky ones can only wait until the disease ruined their bodies. He understood this truth, but even so, why did the proverb about raw rice and cooked rice come up?

“Physician Qin…”

“I don’t have the surname Qin.” Mo Li had been prepared for a long time, so he opened his mouth to change it, “My surname is Mo. You said that after your attack, you will kill people, and it’s the JinYiWei who destroyed your house back then. Did the servant in that mansion just now participate in this matter?”

“Yes, only Kun Qi is not among them.”

“…is that the person who killed the owner with the hidden pear flower needle and then committed suicide?”

Mo Li thought of the thin man and suddenly wondered for a while. If this group of people came for the treasure of the previous dynasty, why would they look at Tang XiaoTang? When the skinny guy was talking with the owner in the study, he once said a very low-voiced sentence, but the owner didn’t hear it. However, it didn’t avoid Mo Li’s ears.

The thin man thought that Qin Lu stayed in Zhushan County, not for the treasures of the previous dynasty but for a baby.

So what about Xiao Tang? This puzzled Mo Li.

“Then the treasure of the previous dynasty, is it true?” Mo Li asked.

“I don’t know.” Meng Qi slowly said, “I don’t remember anything, even my name, but for a person like me, even if I forget, there will always be someone else to help me remember it. Physician Mo, have you ever tried opening the door of your inn when someone pointed at you and shouted your name, and then fainted?”


Terrible. What kind of reputation can still make people fearful fifteen years after the destruction of the previous dynasty?

Mo Li almost suspected that Meng Qi was bragging about himself, but the other party obviously didn’t have this need.

“So you call yourself Meng Qi, but in fact, you don’t know if you’re the former State Teacher?” Mo Li quickly discovered that there was a problem.

“No, I am Meng Qi.”


Physician Mo asked, but in his heart, he thought of what his teacher said, that people who have lost their memory also have cognition in their hearts and they will quickly accept seeing familiar things and hearing familiar names.

However, Meng Qi said, “Why did Physician Mo ask this? When you and I met for the first time, didn’t you blurt out my name?”


No, this is bragging, even if he’s not aware of it, it’s bragging.

Mo Li thought stubbornly. He shook his head at Meng Qi: “Honored Sir’s condition is very complicated, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” He left without looking back.

“In that case, I can only go to Zhushan County to find the Silver Fox Doctor…”

Before Meng Qi finished speaking, Mo Li turned around and returned. He stared at Meng Qi, suppressed his anger, and said, “I can’t cure it, and neither can teacher.”

“I sincerely seek medical advice. It’s a one in a thousand possibility and I don’t want to miss it.”

Meng Qi said it lightly, but Mo Li didn’t dare let such a person go to Zhushan County. What if he wanted to compete with Qin Lu who was the best in the world? It’s okay if this person is Meng Qi. If not, there’s Magistrate Xue who had seen State Teacher Meng so he can expose him. But if he denied it and this person didn’t believe it, what if he insisted on forcing Qin Lu and Magistrate Xue to admit that he was Meng Qi? After all, his illness is in his head!

“I can try to cure you.”

Physician Mo gritted his teeth.

Meng Qi actually persuaded him: “Don’t feel embarrassed. I also know that this disease is tricky. If you feel forced, how can you cure it?”


Mo Li pressed the dagger in his sleeve. He thought he should control himself.

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