RTBAS 085: Exterminate Chu Clan’s Rhythm

RTBAS 084: Tribunal Hearing
RTBAS 086: Shameful Imperial Uncle Xiao

The Emperor took a deep breath before sitting back, “If you can give zhen* a reasonable explanation, zhen can consider punishing you lightly.”

*zhen: basically the royal I/We in Ancient China.

She didn’t show it, but the Empress hated it to the extreme.

What’s so good about Xiao LingYue? Besides that coquettish aura and that softly whispering voice, what else does she have?

But she couldn’t say that, otherwise, she’s acknowledging it’s the truth.

The Empress Dowager also had a hating iron for not becoming steel expression. She didn’t even bother to act, her anger towards Xiao Guifei had already turned to hatred.

Seeing that as long as Xiao Guifei gave a far-fetched reason, the Emperor would spare her, many people showed different expressions.

Xiao Ting looked forward to it, wishing that her Aunt would speak and make up stories. She was very good at it.

But whether her Aunt committed a crime or not, she had never cared.

Unfortunately, Xiao Guifei said something different.

“LingYue has nothing to say.”

It’s still the same sentence. She clearly wanted to die!

The Emperor was so heartbroken that he wanted to knock this woman out and ask if she knew what crime she committed.

At this moment, there was noise from outside, and the Imperial Guards Commander, Xue Zhi, came in.

“This subordinate has seen the Emperor, long live the Emperor!”

“What’s the matter?” The Emperor didn’t even have the desire to speak. Although he was asking Commander Xu, he was looking at Xiao Guifei, who had the word “death” written all over her face.

“An assassin has been caught. According to his account, he was instructed to sneak into QianQing Palace to steal treasures through the chaotic scenes last night. In the end, we found him suspicious, so we caught and interrogated him.”


When the Emperor heard the words “QianQing Palace”, he didn’t ask anything. He got up and left while saying, “Ninth Brother, come with me.”

Jiu Wangye followed him, and everyone in the room was a bit dumbfounded. What happened?

It’s just that the Emperor didn’t say anything, and they didn’t dare leave, so they could only stand in the hall and wait.

The Empress Dowager looked solemn and called the Empress to ask her what she knew. The Empress shook her head. At this moment, Si Yue Junzhu stepped forward and whispered: “Imperial Grandmother, this master just now said that the culprit confessed it was through the chaos of last night that he got into QianQing Palace to steal a treasure.”

“Yes, that’s what he said.” The Empress Dowager looked at her suspiciously.

“This granddaughter thought, although the assassin last night came fiercely and looked terrifying, they didn’t hurt anyone, right?”

The Empress Dowager’s face sank, obviously thinking of something.

Then the Empress said, “Just say what you’re thinking, don’t dawdle.”

Si Yue Junzhu smiled and said, “The people who attacked the banquet last night went very close to us, but the casualties were almost zero. It’s conceivable that they didn’t intend to hurt people. Why? Just to die? They’re already dead.”

“If anyone truly escaped, maybe only the thief who sneaked into QianQing Palace.”

The Empress Dowager patted the armrest and said: “Xu Zhi, bring those people to bengong, and bengong will listen to him.”

Everyone understood.

Xiao Guifei ordered that person to steal things, which meant she also arranged the assassins.

Then, what was the thing that made the Emperor nervous to the extreme?

Everyone was guessing, but Xiao Ting was sweating profusely, wanting to move but couldn’t.

In her heart, she scolded the ancestors of Jiu Wangye until the nineteenth generation, but to no avail.

“Hey, that’s your Aunt. I heard that she spoiled you the most, and you’re just sitting here watching the excitement, instead of interceding with her?”

Behind her, a familiar voice came.

If Xiao Ting could turn her head back, she’d squirt him to death with a mouthful of saltwater.

Seeing Xiao Ting not react, the Fifth Young Master turned to her and saw the fierce look in her eyes. She had a cannibalistic look and cold sweat on her forehead, but still motionless.

The place chosen by Jiu Wangye was very partial where you could see everything outside but remain inconspicuous.

Just now, everyone’s eyes were on Xiao Guifei and the Emperor, so they didn’t know what was happening here.

“I say, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Ting sat on the chair, unable to move her body, but her mind was spinning quickly.

She started winking at Fifth Young Master, hoping to express her meaning.

Fifth Young Master soon learned that her acupoints had been pressed, but unfortunately, he couldn’t understand what she meant.

“Your acupoints had been pressed. Ninth Uncle must have done it.”

Xiao Ting blinked fiercely with grievances.

“Do you want me to help you untie it?”

Xiao Ting blinked again. The boy finally understood her meaning, causing her eyelashes to almost disappear.

It’s a pity that Fifth Young Master turned around and said,” I don’t dare. Ninth Uncle will break my hand if he knew.”

“Look at my hands, look at how slender, white, and tender it is. I want to have healthy limbs!”

Xiao Ting gritted her teeth in hatred. Looking at the brilliantly smiling Fifth Young Master and cursing in her heart. When this miss is free, she must break your limbs.

“By the way, it’s rumored that Ninth Uncle doesn’t like you, but, strangely, he’s protecting you now.”

Weird, your sister. Protect, your head. This guy won’t help her.

Aunt is about to die, and this bastard is still here reasoning with her and overflowing with curiosity. If she could move, she had to beat him to relieve this frustration.

There’s no hope for help, so Xiao Ting focused on the hall.

Xu Zhi brought said person. Indeed, as Xu Zhi said, this person explained all these things one by one and showed fearlessness.

“Xiao LingYue, bengong asks you, what on earth did you ask him to steal?” The Empress Dowager coldly asked.

The others were silent and dared not say much.

This is what everyone was curious about.

But that person, who arrogantly confessed just now as if he wasn’t afraid of anything, was taken aback at that moment. He looked at Xiao Guifei then heartily laughed.

Then he suddenly took out a small sword from his arms and thrust it straight to his heart. The cold sword passed through his chest and he died on the spot.

Leaving only one sentence, “Guifei, I’m sorry.”

This incident shocked everyone, and the cowards directly yelled, hiding behind others in fear.

The Empress Dowager didn’t expect this to happen either. She was so angry that she smashed the thing on her hand and threw it at Xiao Guifei’s forehead.

Xiao Guifei didn’t hide or get angry, letting it hit her forehead and leave a red mark as it slowly bled.

But she just looked down at her feet, looking at the dead man but not showing any strangeness.

It seemed like the person in front of her didn’t even exist in her eyes.

However, because of this, the Empress Dowager was even more convinced that everything that happened last night was planned by her.

“Xiao LingYue, what are you looking for? Since the time you entered the Palace, the Emperor has treated you wholeheartedly and overly pampered you. How can you, a woman, have no conscience at all, and let someone assassinate the Emperor, you, you…”

The Empress Dowager didn’t know how to express her anger at all. If it wasn’t for the Emperor’s situation that she hadn’t figured out yet, she would really deal with this vicious woman herself.

This would save the Emperor from watching this troublemaker.

“The Emperor…” Before the male eunuch finished, they heard a plop, mixed with an ouch as someone kicked the eunuch aside.

“Emperor.” Jiu Wangye accompanied the Emperor, and everyone was busy bowing.

“What’s going on?” In a bad mood, suddenly seeing the dead man shocked the Emperor.

The Empress Dowager recounted what just happened, and pointed directly at Xiao Guifei.

The Emperor glanced at the man at his feet, the cruelty of killing oneself made it feel terrifying.

“Pull it out and throw it at the mass grave. No one is allowed to collect this body, otherwise, zhen’s Chu Clan won’t spare them.”

No one expected the Emperor, who was always warm and gentle, to give such an order. This surprised the Empress Dowager and she quickly asked: “Emperor, did you lose something precious?”

Then she seemed to think of something and asked: “Could it be that the Great Seal was lost?”

Only in this way will the Emperor be so cold.

The Emperor impatiently waved his hand, and the entangled look towards the Guifei just now gradually became colder.

Condensing into ice.

After a long while, he waved to let everyone out, leaving only the Imperial family, these few people.

“Yue’er, hand over that thing. As long as you give it, I will release you from the Xiao clan, otherwise…” The Emperor’s eyes became cold. At this moment, he looked extremely majestic, spreading the smell of iron and blood.

“Except for this dress, I have never taken anything in this Palace.”

Xiao Guifei was indifferent.

“So now you have a stiff mouth. Do you think you can still get out of the Palace?”

The Emperor was furious and ordered: “Someone come, bring all the Xiao clan members into the Palace. None of them are allowed to be let go.”


Then, the Emperor looked at Xiao Guifei again, “I’m telling you now that if you don’t hand it over half an hour later, I will make your Xiao clan disappear completely from the Empire.”

“You are above 10,000 people. With every order, who would dare not follow? I didn’t take anything, whether you believe it or not, that’s the truth.”

Jiu Wangye came over. The Fifth Young Master had already slipped away, and Xiao Ting despised him ten thousand times. They’re the same age, but why is his courage so small?

Seeing Jiu Wangye, he’s like a mouse meeting a cat.

Xiao Ting began to wink again, hoping that Jiu Wangye would let her go.

But that guy didn’t even look at her, and sat back in his place, still in the mood to drink tea. Xiao Ting’s desire to kill him was gone.

She could only beg him to save her Aunt.

As the Commander of the Imperial Guards, Xu Zhi was very efficient, and he returned in less than a quarter of an hour.

Imperial Uncle Xiao was taken directly into the Palace, while the other members of the Xiao clan stayed outside, waiting to be punished.

“This minister Xiao Zhan has seen the Emperor, long live the Emperor!”

“Hmph, you say long live, but I’m almost mad to death at your sister, how can I still live long?” Because of his love for Xiao Guifei, the Emperor had always been very polite to Imperial Uncle Xiao.

And was very casual to him.

What he said every time in the past, why did it all sound fake at this moment?

Everyone could tell that the Emperor was angry.

Polite? How could Imperial Uncle Xiao, Xiao Ting’s father, be inferior to his daughter?

As a result, he laughed heartily a few times, then smiled. He nodded then said: “This minister also feels that the Emperor will not live forever. If you live for so long, won’t you become an old tortoise, this old monster?”

Everyone: “…”

Being so muddled-headed, how did you live until now?

This is what everyone thought, but no one could refute this, not even the Emperor.

And so, he forgot this topic and got back to business.

To prevent being pissed off again, the Emperor entrusted the arduous task of storytelling to YuChi XinHan.

RTBAS 084: Tribunal Hearing
RTBAS 086: Shameful Imperial Uncle Xiao

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