Fish 024: People’s Homes Are Over There

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General Liu, you’re giving away your head

The snow flew over to Mo Li as the person beside him also watching the excitement, suddenly said that he’ll kill people and immediately tore down the wall to kill someone.

In this lightning-fast gap, Mo Li thought a lot.

What did Meng Qi just say? Elixir? Who took his elixir?

General Dangkou Liu Dan?

——How did you know? Can you know it without taking the pulse? That’s amazing, how did you do it?

Wait, I didn’t notice before, but General Liu suddenly generated wind under his feet when he ran before Meng Qi’s illness flared up, right? Oh, it’s not that he learned basic internal skills, but that he’d taken an elixir to produce those winds.

If General Liu didn’t run, Meng Qi might not have discovered this secret.

But why did Liu Dan run as if he saw a ghost?

As Physician Mo thought, he instinctively chased after him. He was entangled in his heart, is he really going to intervene in the bad debts between the court and the former State Teacher? Before he finished thinking about it, he had already confronted the angry Meng Qi.


The wind from the two’s palm strike blew into the pine trees in the courtyard, folding the trunk in two and crashing it to the ground.

Fragmented snowflakes rose in succession, and was blown up by the strong northwest wind. A huge white whirlpool appeared in the backyard, looking like a ghost pulling on a white yarn and dancing wildly from a distance, the howling wind sounding like the howling of a ghost.

General Liu heard the movement behind him, saw this scene, and ran faster without saying a word.

Mo Li: “…”

Stop! If you run, it’d be a disaster!

Physician Mo slammed another palm in a hurry, the snowflakes rolling up with his strong internal qi and obstructed someone’s eyes. The strong wind left many marks on the ground and tree trunks. However, this powerful palm strike could not affect Meng Qi.

He is like a ten thousand foot mountain and like a red blazing sun, capable of erasing everything.

Meng Qi stepped on half of the tree trunk, his sleeves fluttering, and suddenly raised his head, showing red eyes filled with murderous intent.


With this violent shout like thunder, the snow and ice scattered, creating fog.

Those fleeing ahead felt a buzz in their ears and almost fell to their knees. The horses were frightened and jumped on the spot, pounding their hooves.

Mo Li: “…”

Forget it, General Liu, you should run. Only by running to the end can you save your life.

Mo Li took a step back, lifted his qi through his arms, and twisted the snow all over the sky to block Meng Qi’s path again.

——at this time, he also understood that Liu Dan must not die here.

General Dangkou was responsible for leading troops to suppress bandits in Pingzhou. If he died, it would definitely be a major event. Not to mention Ma County, the entire Pingzhou government would be shaken. Moreover, Liu Dan’s relationship with JinYiWei is very bad, so he’s unlikely to be a direct participant in that year.

Tracing the treasures of the previous dynasty was originally a concealed matter. Even if JinYiWei died, as long as the Emperor didn’t want to talk about it, things could be covered up. But Liu Dan is different, so he can’t die.

Mo Li saw Meng Qi’s cold and arrogant look and knew that persuasion was useless, so it’s quicker to act directly.

Anyway, physicians will always encounter disobedient patients. At best, what’s happening this time…is just especially troublesome?

Mo Li would rather take the trouble himself than have Meng Qi go to Qin Lu. Elder Qin is too old to withstand such tossing.

Their internal force drove the air currents to roll, like two long dragons roaring and colliding together.

Because the residual power has not disappeared, it rushed up, bringing along the snow and even tiles, rotating and rising to make a terrifying whizzing through the air, like a giant beast roaring.

“Gen…General, what is that?”

“If it’s so terrible, just leave it alone!”

General Liu sharply said, neatly getting on his horse and pulling up the reins to desperately control the manic mount.

Just as they all got on their horses, the frightened horses had broken free from the stakes and ran forward.

Liu Chang found the General abandon him and was annoyed, but he could only go to the stables to find the mules.

But the mules were so frightened that they shrank in a corner of the stable without moving. Liu Chang climbed onto the mule and whipped it desperately. The soldiers hurriedly followed and didn’t even bother untying the frame tied behind the mules.

In the end, the mule couldn’t help but run away.

At this time, there was a loud noise in the backyard, and a small half of pine trees flew into the sky, together with a row of wooden windows in the backyard.

Mo Li’s hands were numb, and it took more than a dozen steps to stabilize his figure. His mood was very complicated. Ever since he learned martial arts, he had never used it without reservation.

He practiced daily, but always restrained his strength and lived like an ordinary person.

——something seems to be moving in the bottom of my heart, telling me to be free.

Is it really right to be well-behaved, to restrain yourself everywhere, and to be a forgiving and kind person? Why not be like the other party, happily settle bad debts, like and dislike as you want, and kill or not kill as you wish?

Mo Li’s consciousness was only chaotic for a moment as he soon woke up.

Being a “person” is not necessarily a choice for Mo Li at all.

It was Qin Lu who taught him what a “person” should look like, and that is the person he respects and wants to be.

The world is full of landscapes.

Only oneself cannot be forgotten.

Only the heart cannot be discarded.

“You can’t get out of this yard.” Mo Li looked up at Meng Qi and said flatly.

Spreading both hands, the dagger in his sleeve slipped into his palm.

When the blade turned, it shone a bright silver light. Even without any edges, under the infusion of internal qi, it uttered a low hum, seemingly possessed by a spirit in an instant.

The pine trees and flying snow fell one after another when it reached Mo Li and suddenly turned into pieces.

Then the dagger’s light flashed, almost reaching the sky.

The air current that originally shrouded the sky on top of the Mansion was instantly swept away, leaving only the light of a sword shining like a rainbow.


A soft sword with a dark purple body stopped the dagger.

The majestic sword light and energetic aura was like the shining sun.

There was no snow on the ground, and the floor tiles that were lifted off fell into pieces, exposing the bare mud.

At this time, they hadn’t realized what the consequences would be without the bricks, they only saw the weapon in the other’s hand.

Under the urging of the internal energy, the wild air current flattened the two rooms in one go.

Meng Qi’s eyes were full of contempt as he sarcastically said: “Oh, can’t you see? Now that the yard is gone, you…”

Before he finished speaking, he caught a glimpse of a sword from the corner of his eye, and he quickly turned to avoid it. He stood still and saw that Mo Li had a second dagger in his left hand.

Meng Qi was very surprised. He couldn’t help recalling the Silver Fox Doctor Qin Lu in the rumors, but he didn’t hear anything about him using two swords. Is he really that sick that his memory is blurred? He began to think about who he was. He was Meng Qi. And he wanted to——

Kill everyone in the world!

The bladeless dagger confronted the blazing sword, creating a loud noise and the ground sank a foot.

Mo Li was thrown out and rolled half his body in the mud. Meng Qi felt complicated, the eyes of the two looking at each other not quite right. They can’t just stand still and fight with internal qi, so they fought with their sword skills! But no one wanted to be a mud monkey!

“Physician, you made an unwise choice.”

Facing Mo Li, Meng Qi gave up pursuing the escaping Liu Dan. He sneered with eyes full of murderous intent as if everything was nothing but dust to him.

——if he wasn’t covered in dirt, Mo Li would probably be shocked.

“Come again.”

Mo Li stood up. He didn’t care about the mud on his body since he wasn’t wearing cumbersome clothes with large sleeves and a wide neckline.

“You have such good aptitude and such a good body…”

Meng Qi suddenly paused and couldn’t remember what he just thought. It’s very bizarre to forget his words halfway through, but he actually didn’t want to kill the other person and only wanted this person to submit. This is a very novel feeling. He is full of anger all year round and didn’t want to listen to others’ persuasion or wailing. He just wanted to destroy everything and make them disappear.

“…such a good voice, I can’t wait to hear you begging for mercy.”

The dark purple soft sword swept across the air and the remaining small half of the wall received a deep crack.

Mo Li jumped out of the courtyard ruins with a slight leap. Without looking behind him, he retreated quickly. The dazzling sword light followed with the blade always less than three feet away from the center of his eyebrows. The extremely sharp sword aura made Mo Li shudder with emotion.

This is his rival.

It seemed like there are only two of them left in the world, and the others were just afterimages of the wind passing by.

Mo Li was sober when he ran, so he chose the opposite direction of Liu Dan’s escape.

But Ma County is not an empty plain. There are mountains and trees here, and Mo Li’s rapid retreat naturally avoided these obstacles. There are 9 to 10 bends around here, so he can’t go around it.

Suddenly, he saw a strange shadow from the corner of his eyes.

Mo Li realized that something was wrong after passing by the object, but his mind was still focused on the sword chasing him while holding on to his own sword.

His toe anxiously pointed forward, the snow too late to even catch the soles of his boots. At the same time, Meng Qi, who was holding the sword, passed by. The two of them walked past the snow, but the dust and snow were mixed.

The wind in Ma County was very strong in winter, which made the momentum of the sword piercing through the air even more shocking.

From a distance, it’s like a beast running wild in the wilderness, bringing up white smoke and dust all the way.


Physician Mo was sure that he heard a strange sound, but it was mixed in the wind so it wasn’t very clear.

When he walked around a curved mountain road gracefully, he caught a glimpse of the strange shadow just now from the corner of his eye again. This time, he tilted his head and glanced at——ah, the mule cart.

Wait, why is there a mule cart here in the middle of the night?

Mo Li was so distracted that his hair was almost cut off by the sword qi.

He subconsciously raised his qi, tiptoed upwards, and stepped back three consecutive steps. His figure floated backward and upward, just to land on the mountain wall.

Meng Qi stepped on a tree, the snow rustling and falling, the interest in his eyes becoming more intense.

With one high and the other low, the two faced each other above the mountain road.


Mo Li suddenly found a group of cavalry galloping on the mountain road.

This section of the mountain road is very long. Although the road was very flat, the surrounding terrain is more complicated, so the mountain road has a serpentine shape. Liu Chang and the others’ mule carts have not yet entered the mountain road, but the cavalry in front was about to leave the mountain road.

However, this distance is not a big deal for the two experts, because they wouldn’t walk on the ground——it’s normal to catch up to them within the time to make a cup of tea if they walk in a straight line while the escapers take a curve.

Mo Li: “…”

For the first time, he doubted his sense of direction.

Mo Li clearly remembered that he led Meng Qi in the opposite direction, so why, after running so far, did he meet General Liu again?

“Running so fast, where do you want to take me?” Meng Qi smiled playfully, without even looking at the people below.

With a flip of his wrist, the sword moved again, as fast as lightning.

The snow was blown away, and the mountain road was shrouded in white ice mist in the blink of an eye before the wind blew.

This kind of “partial” blizzard appeared and disappeared from time to time for the fleeing cavalry. It’s no use to avoid them, because not only are they running, but the person who created the blizzard was also moving.

General Liu was horrified as he lowered his body and clung to his horse’s back. The wind blew so hard that he couldn’t even open his eyes, thinking that if it weren’t for riding the best Mongolian horse this time and surrounding himself with the most elite riders where both rider and mount have experienced battles in the battlefield, he’d most likely die here.

Mo Li was mindful of the people below so he led Meng Qi to higher places.

The two figures were hidden in the wind and snow, rolling up a huge whirlpool, like a white dragon rolling in the air, suddenly turning east and west, looking very erratic.

Sometimes, the dragon would roll up into a big chubby ball, before abruptly drifting high and dispersing again.


Mountain crossing.

Liu Chang’s mule cart was affected by the previous fight and hit the mountainside diagonally. Now, because of a blessing in disguise, he and his fellow soldiers laid there without entering the mountain road and without being involved in that secret battle.

“Officer Liu, it’s the dragon.”

There was obvious fear on the soldier’s face.

Liu Chang coughed violently, and cursed: “What dragon, didn’t you see it just now? It’s a human!”

He remembered the two vague figures he had seen at the entrance of the study of the Mansion before and was afraid for a while. Fortunately, General Liu came here tonight and soon discovered that something was wrong and told them to leave quickly.

They just walked out when the house collapsed! They were one step away from death!

Liu Chang stared at the white mist, jealous.

This is the ultimate master, the ultimate master of martial arts in the legends!

In the past, when he heard people mention it, he was disdainful. The real heroes should be the immediate force of ten thousand people on the battlefield. Aside from being a little stronger, those people from Jianghu are only a little better. The rest are just big words from the storyteller’s mouth.

In the end, he got frightened by Missus Xue during the day and encountered this scene at night.

Liu Chang couldn’t help but think. If he was also such a master, wouldn’t glory and wealth be at his fingertips? No matter who they are, they’d fear him!

Liu Chang gasped in excitement. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. He couldn’t wait to immediately pull out his sword and swipe it twice. The physician in Ma County said that he had taken a precious elixir, a life-saving elixir!

When he goes back, he must find a way to search for a secret book of martial arts. He had eaten an elixir, so when learning these martial arts, he’ll definitely get twice the result with half the effort!

Liu Chang’s excitement didn’t last long. He felt a little dizzy and couldn’t help but want to hold onto the mountain wall, but his arm couldn’t exert any strength. At this moment, there was a sudden pain in his heart.


Liu Chang fell face down.

The soldiers were stunned by the fight from the distance and was dazzled as they watched for a long time. It wasn’t until Mo Li and Meng Qi’s figures were completely far away that they came back to their senses and hurriedly helped Liu Chang up.

“…not good, Officer Lu isn’t breathing!”


Mo Li didn’t know that Liu Chang was frightened first and then ecstatic, which caused his heart to be overwhelmed and he finally lost his life.

After leaving the mountain road completely, Meng Qi didn’t go after General Liu. Mo Li finally breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that fortunately, General Liu had a horse, and running away on horseback wouldn’t trigger the internal qi, and wouldn’t stimulate Meng Qi.

Now, this crazy patient is the only thing left to solve.

Mo Li settled down and wholeheartedly fought Meng Qi.

Their fighting momentum was getting smaller and smaller.

On the one hand, it’s because their internal qi was being consumed. On the other hand, in the course of this kind of confrontation, both of them felt the flaws in their own skills and the gaps on the other side. Through gradual corrections, their strength increased in unison.

Mo Li was the one who truly improved.

While Meng Qi seemed to find the right method or seemed to recall something. It’s like he’s regaining his strength rather than advancing.

Mo Li became more and more frightened during the battle, and his evaluation of Meng Qi’s strength was rebuilt several times and overthrown several times.

The wind and snow seemed to have stopped, but the wind in their ears continued. Their speed was getting faster and faster, but the number of sword strikes continued to decrease. Afterward, they fought for a long time without their weapons touching even once——both of them accurately estimating the movement of the other’s sword.

Every time Mo Li saw the shadow of a city or a village from a distance, he’d immediately go around.

Meng Qi didn’t seem to like being disturbed and didn’t care about Mo Li’s actions.

At this time, they were approaching like a gust of wind, and the range of their internal qi confrontation was limited to the surrounding area. The rocks they stepped on were blown away in the snow, the plum branches they stepped on became colorful background, and the rabbit that had drilled out of the snow shrank back in shock.

Other than that, there are no other traces.

Mo Li’s arms were getting heavier and heavier, from shoulders to wrists, it felt very sore. His back was also aching.

He hadn’t felt like this for a long time.

Although he worked hard in martial arts when he was a teenager, there was a genius doctor as a teacher. Whether he was studying martial arts or practicing martial skills, it would all be “measured”. He never overdrew his strength and broke his bones.

The pain now served as a reminder, but also made Mo Li more awake.

——I must end this quickly. If this drags on, I won’t be able to cope.

He held down his blade, secretly accumulating strength.

In the blink of an eye, he evaded several sword moves, and Mo Li suddenly saw a large open space in the distance. There was no vegetation or gravel on it, only the vast white snow. With a thought, he immediately retreated there.

Then he suddenly lifted his bladeless swords, pushed the two swords in one place, and then waved.

The sharp light of a sword cut through the sky from top to bottom, spreading in front of Mo Li’s body like a stream of light.

The long sword greeted him without hesitation, and easily shredded his offensive. Meng Qi was about to move when he suddenly felt his feet slip.


The ground he stepped on cracked under the light of the dagger.

Mo Li’s sword strike was actually directed at Meng Qi’s feet. This was not the ground, but ice covered with snow and lake water underneath.

They were already in the middle of the lake, and with the ice surface ravaged by the sword qi, in just a few breaths, they all cracked and the floating ice hit each other.

Mo Li didn’t step on the ice to return to the shore but unforgivingly stabbed at Meng Qi.

The light on his dagger was dim, but the move was extremely fast, integrating with the north wind.

Meng Qi hurriedly blocked with his sword. His eyes flashing and his expression startled as if he suddenly remembered something——

He then lowered the dark purple double-edged sword.

Physician Mo’s pupils contracted, thinking that this wasn’t good. He desperately tried to stop, but it was still too late, his dagger still about to cut Meng Qi’s chest. This dagger still has no blade, but if changed to another weapon, the opponent will be chopped into two pieces. The worst-case now was breaking the opponent’s ribs, and perhaps also injuring the internal organs. But it’s not that hopeless.

When this is over, more than half of his travel money would be going to this guy’s medicine.

Mo Li stared at his dagger heartbrokenly…

But in an instant, a strong force interrupted his grief.

Mo Li felt that he was slapped sideways by an unmatched force. It was like hitting a cliff head-on. Mo Li rolled in mid-air with difficulty, and tried to use his qi to stabilize his figure when landing but stepped into air.

At this time, a faint red light appeared on the horizon. It turned out that the night had passed.

The red sun hadn’t fully risen in the east when Mo Li saw Meng Qi slowly raise his sword-wielding hand, the copious aura of the rising sun going into the sword, and directly faced the lake.

The sky is wide and the clouds are hanging down as the waves rose and disappeared.

The water wave rolled up a person high, and all the ice nearby flew up with it. The very fine ice particles fell into the water and disappeared in the blink of an eye as white mist floated on the surface of the water. When the sword qi disappeared, the world became clear once more.

Mo Li couldn’t react when the lake suddenly had nothing and he fell directly into the water.


Followed by the now recovered Meng Qi.

“Cough cough.” Meng Qi accidentally drank several sips of lake water as he floated to the surface while coughing, looking very embarrassed.

Almost at the same time, Mo Li came out of the water. The two were no more than ten feet apart. If they stretched their arms and flopped, they could hit each other in the face.


Physician Mo was full of disgust while Meng Qi looked blank.

“Woke up?” Mo Li saw Meng Qi’s expression and knew that he was back to normal.

“Why am I in the water?” Meng Qi wondered. He remembered what happened tonight. He found that Liu Dan had taken his elixir and his anger surged out of control. The physician kindly stopped him and fought him most of the night, and they finally arrived on this lake, but then? Did he use a trick that was so powerful that he had forgotten it?

Mo Li stared at the other and found Meng Qi subconsciously move in the water, and not sinking.

“You actually know how to swim.” Mo Li originally planned to choke this guy half to death before dragging him ashore. Unexpectedly, Meng Qi suddenly went mad and did such a trick, so he was also tossed into the lake.

Forget it, as long as he’s sober.

“Go ashore.” Mo Li turned back and swam to the shore.

Physician Mo is not afraid of water. Water is where he felt most free, but he thought Meng Qi is not good with it.

The water in the lake was too cold, so it would cause cramps after soaking for a long time.

“No, wait!” Meng Qi suddenly stopped.

Mo Li didn’t understand, so he looked back at him.

Meng Qi paled and said: “My sword is gone.”

After speaking, he plunged into the lake to look for the sword.

Mo Li: “…”

The two daggers in his hand are fine, so how can Meng Qi let go of his sword? Sure enough, his mind was too confused at that time!

Mo Li waited for a while and found that Meng Qi hadn’t come up, so he couldn’t help but dive down.

Underwater visibility was very low. Probably because Meng Qi’s sword directly hit the bottom of the lake, mud was floating up, making the bottom very muddy. Mo Li tugged at the clothes on his body, feeling as if his hands and feet were tied. Even though he was impatient, he held back and didn’t transform into his original form.

He couldn’t reveal his identity.

When he reached the second lap, Mo Li noticed a dark purple light on the bottom of the lake. He was about to fish it out when he saw a flexible shadow grab the sword, and then quickly swam to the surface.

This guy is really good at swimming, Mo Li thought.

The two went ashore one after another.

After this night of hard work, no matter how deep their internal qi is, they’re exhausted. The originally muddy face was now washed and cleaned, but their whole body was soaked and their hair wet. They looked like two water ghosts.

He wanted to steam dry his clothes with internal qi, but he didn’t even have that much left.

Mo Li looked at Meng Qi, thinking that he shouldn’t show anything different from human beings, so he began to tremble.

——trying to pretend to be trembling from the cold.

From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Meng Qi’s trembling, and Mo Li thought that with their internal strength and physical disparity, he had to increase the amplitude of shaking and make himself look colder than Meng Qi.

This difficulty was a bit high since Meng Qi trembled too much.

Physician Mo felt embarrassed when he suddenly realized that Meng Qi seemed to be peeking at him, and then the exaggerated tremors slightly reduced.

“…are you not cold at all?”

“No, I’m cold.”

Mo Li stopped shaking and looked at Meng Qi blankly.

The latter felt something was wrong and slowly stopped shivering. After looking at each other for a while, Mo Li suddenly reacted. When this guy spoke, his teeth didn’t clatter at all.

Of course, Mo Li didn’t either. Because of this, Meng Qi also forgot and just shivered.


Meng Qi wiped the water on his face and reluctantly explained, “My inner strength is on the warm side so I’m more resistant to cold. How about you?”

“I like to swim in the water a few times in winter, so I’m used to it.” Mo Li thought to himself, this isn’t a lie.

Then their eyes met and they went silent.

As a physician, Meng Qi didn’t believe a word in Mo Li’s explanation. There might be several types of internal strength, but when your internal strength is exhausted, a person can’t stand under the scorching desert sun without being burned, nor not feel cold after falling into an ice lake.

Besides, even if it’s not cold, with the cold wind blowing and their wet clothes on their body almost freezing, how can they still not feel cold?

Mo Li turned around and took off the luggage he’d been carrying. This was used by the people of Pingzhou to travel far away on a snowy day. It’s waterproof and windproof. Although the skin on the outside was wet, the contents remained dry.

Meng Qi watched as Mo Li took out a set of clean clothes from inside.

The luggage isn’t big. After the small medicine bag, there’s almost no room left, and the rest are clothes worn close to the body.


“My clothes won’t fit on you.” Physician Mo squinted.

The height difference between the two was obvious and Meng Qi’s shoulders are also a little wider than Mo Li’s.

“I’ll find some firewood to light a fire and dry our clothes.” Meng Qi turned and walked to the woods not far away.

As soon as he left, Mo Li shrank behind a few hidden rocks and quickly changed his clothes.

After exhausting his internal strength and falling into the water, his body was affected and a layer of black scales appeared on Mo Li’s lower legs.

After changing his clothes, he walked out. But then, Mo Li suddenly heard the sound of horseshoes. His expression stagnated and he subconsciously looked towards the woods.

Meng Qi happened to walk out holding the firewood with the same wonderful expression as Mo Li.

The two were in a ‘you look at me, I look at you’ state for a bit, before picking up their things on the ground and running to the woods.

As soon as they got into the woods, a group of dusty cavalry arrived at the lake.

The cavalry on the horse almost fell from the saddle. They were exhausted, but they still led the horses to the lake and let the horses drink. They galloped all night, so even Mongolian horses would feel hungry and tired.

“General, there’s a lake here which hasn’t frozen yet.”

“Wait a moment, the lake is cold, feed the horse two sips of alcohol first.”

Liu Dan’s voice was hoarse. He got off the horse and sat on the spot, stretching his stiff legs.

The sun rose. Although it’s not enough to warm their bodies, it could dispel the shadows in their hearts.

“General, please relax, we must have thrown off those two evil stars. The horses we brought out were all high-quality Mongolian horses. Even if they can travel thousands of miles in a day that the legends spoke of, they would have to run four hundred miles tonight. Can they outrun these Mongolian horses?”

After listening to his subordinates, Liu Dan let out a sigh of relief, then picked up the leather wine bag hanging around his waist and gulped it down in one breath.

“F*CK, truly annoying!” General Liu’s stomach was full of fire, but he didn’t burst out again.

Although his guards didn’t understand why Liu Dan wanted to run at first, what happened later left them with lingering fears. They didn’t think there was anything wrong with their General retreating and running away.

“General, do you know that man——”

“Don’t ask!” Liu Dan shouted and then kept drinking.

The soldier asked cautiously: “Then, do you think that person…killed all those JinYiWei?”

“That’s really possible.” Liu Dan bitterly said, full of alcohol, “These guys searched all day long, and they said something about the treasures of the previous dynasty. I think they’re looking for death! They’re chasing the descendants of the former dynasty’s Crown Prince Zhao Hua again. What eradicating future troubles? Other than to please His Majesty, what else is there?”

General Liu was so annoyed that his soldiers didn’t dare to answer.

Although their resting place was some distance away from the woods, the people hiding in the woods have high martial skills. With their ears and eyes, even Liu Dan’s angry expression can be seen clearly.

This is awkward, especially when those people said that they can’t run four hundred miles in one night.

What? They not only ran but also one step ahead of you riding your Mongolian horses, and even have the time to take a bath…

While listening, Mo Li paid attention to Meng Qi next to him, worried that he would suddenly have an attack and go kill someone.

General Liu is really the poorest escapist Mo Li had ever seen in his life. How to say it? He just rushed this guy to send him off, but this guy sent himself again and even desperately stuffed himself into Meng Qi’s hands.

The world is so big that two strangers might not even meet each other. Meng Qi didn’t even know that Liu Dan had taken his elixir. As a result, Liu Dan not only sent himself to the door but also took the initiative to expose the secret. Forget it, if you can’t escape even if you tried to escape, is there no other way out of Pingzhou? What kind of luck do you have to entrap yourself to this point?

If a person has bad luck, but can still live to the present, then he’s probably very capable.

Mo Li stared at Meng Qi, so Meng Qi naturally felt it. He turned his head and said, “Physician is really a Xinglin Sage. You managed to control my condition. Now, even after seeing Liu Dan, I haven’t had an attack.”

Physician Mo who did nothing but fight Meng Qi all night: “…”

“Even if you flatter me that much, I won’t promise to treat you.”

Mo Li’s tone was cold. Now that they’re far away from Zhushan County, if he kept Meng Qi occupied, he wouldn’t be afraid of this guy going to trouble Elder Qin.

“Shouldn’t the genius doctor be interested in incurable diseases?” Meng Qi puzzled.

“I don’t like people who conceal their illness.”

Taken aback at hearing those words, Meng Qi looked at Mo Li inquisitively.

Mo Li didn’t evade and stared at him, saying in a deep voice, “Your condition is more serious than you described. You don’t just want to kill all the people involved in that matter, you actually want to kill everyone, all the people that you can see. No matter who they are, no matter what they’ve done, you don’t need to have a reason, isn’t it?”

Meng Qi went silent.

Mo Li deeply frowned. Like Qin Lu, he hated the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. Meng Qi is obviously about to become such a person, but at the same time, Mo Li felt that Meng Qi is also trying to restrain himself and avoid this from happening.

“You are eager to seek medical advice, not only because you know that many people involved in this matter will die, but also because once everyone involved in this matter dies, you’ll lose your goal and you’ll go completely out of control.

Mo Li’s words made Meng Qi feel a little lost. He suddenly smiled, and there’s a faint sense of evil like when he had an attack: “How did physician guess? The other me didn’t seem to say anything about going crazy?”

“He doesn’t look right at people.”

When Mo Li spoke, he had already held the dagger in his sleeve. Even without internal strength, that didn’t mean he couldn’t use his martial arts.

Meng Qi didn’t do anything, nor did he lose control. Instead, he admitted: “I haven’t returned to the Great Capital for three years, and I dare not even approach. You’re right, I can feel it in my thoughts. Once the people who killed my pet and destroyed my elixirs died, including the Emperor on the throne and the mastermind behind them…it wouldn’t end with taking the head of the enemy leader, but a more terrifying beginning.”

Mo Li looked at his lost appearance and suddenly couldn’t bear it.

But he didn’t show it on his face and just said: “I know you tried your best. You haven’t killed innocent people.”

Meng Qi suddenly looked up at him.

Mo Li looked at him and said word by word: “You have forgotten your swordsmanship, and your sword skills are a bit rusty because you have never used weapons, even when you killed those JinYiWei, you broke their necks. Your speed is so fast that they don’t feel pain, and don’t even know what happened after they died. You will not see their pain before they died and also avoid seeing blood. This is all to restrain yourself and your success affects the other side of your emotions.”

The corner of Meng Qi’s eyes twitched. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t in the end.

The leisurely and casual attitude disappeared and his expression became tired but his eyes were cold.

Mo Li continued: “But without using a sword and suppressing your internal strength, it will become more and more difficult to control over time. Your waking time will become shorter and shorter, and even be replaced by that side. Since you vented last night, do you feel more relaxed now?”

“Physician is truly a Xinglin Sage.” Meng Qi repeated. He folded the dark purple soft sword and slowly tucked it back into his belt, “So, did the physician deliberately fought me last night?”

“No.” Mo Li denied, “Coincidentally, I just wanted to beat you.”

Meng Qi raised his brows, thinking that if he regained his strength, no one knew who’d beat who.

Yes, even if he didn’t know his true strength, Meng Qi still has self-confidence. He didn’t know why, he just felt that he’s unmatched. If he really lost control, he could definitely destroy a city or even a country.

“Is physician really unwilling to treat me?”

Mo Li pointed at Liu Dan outside the lake and said: “You don’t want to kill him, but why?”

Although taken aback, Meng Qi still naturally replied: “The elixir he took was probably a reward from the Emperor. Although I hate it, I want him to be unable to eat and sleep more than killing him. Also, Liu Dan, this General Dangkou, has some good fortune. He worked very hard in suppressing bandits in Pingzhou this year. Now, Pingzhou’s business from north to south depends on Liu Dan’s men. If I kill him, only the people of Pingzhou will suffer.”

Mo Li nodded and then reached out to Meng Qi.

Not understanding, the confused Meng Qi almost put his hand on it.

“…what are you thinking?” Physician Mo couldn’t bear it and said, “Aren’t you going to pay me for your medical treatment?”

Meng Qi choked. He took out an old purse. There was no silvers in it, and all were copper plates.

“You are the dignified former State Teacher, your martial arts are higher than mine, but why are you poorer than me?” Mo Li didn’t want to entangle with him at all. If it was a poor patient, he’ll still cure them, but Meng Qi must give him compensation.

“I’m sick. I can’t even control myself, and I don’t dare go home, how can I be rich?” Meng Qi said, “Don’t everyone have times where they lack money? What does it have to do with having high martial arts or not? I’m not a highway bandit who’d block the road and rob someone!”

After saying the last sentence, he suddenly paused and looked at Mo Li.

After a while, Meng Qi moved his head slightly to indicate the group of people outside.

——you want to rob them?

The author has something to say:

General Liu: ???

There are 10,000 MF words I want to say.

Translator’s Notes:

About the term Xinglin Sage, I found an interesting story about it. Check this out.

It’s quite a heartwarming story.

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