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Three days passed since Congress declared their surrender to the Empire. Claris’ merchants and craftsmen prepared munitions such as weapons and sell these items to the Imperial soldiers. They were also busy preparing the luxury goods that will be presented to the Emperor. Haruto is also one of those busy merchants.

「Haruto-san! It’s an additional order for soap! 」
「Again! There’s no sign of weakening even though we raised it to 600 Doria. ……can’t I raise it up to 700? 」

City State Union has a culture of bathing. This was originally brought by Emperor Endars I. In the Empire, bathing facilities exists in all cities and provinces. The Imperial people are those who take a bath no matter who they are.
However, there is no culture of bathing in the Germanis State reformed as the Kingdom. The Kingdom’s aristocrats disliked the Empire’s culture and hated the infrastructures made by the Empire, so they destroyed most of the entertainment facilities. The Germanis people bath once every three days. But if they bathe, it’s only to meet a lover.

The soldiers of the Empire spent about two months in the war and had not taken a bath. The Imperial soldiers seem to have expected bathing in the Kingdom, but unfortunately, there are hardly any bath in the Kingdom.
In other words, it’s a situation where more than 200,000 people can’t take a bath. So those concerned bathing facilities in Claris are being prepared.
So now in Claris, soap is a necessity in bathing. That’s why a lot of soap orders are coming to Asuma Chamber of Commerce.

Soap can’t be prepared suddenly. It takes two weeks at the fastest. But fortunately, there was a lot of soap inventory at Asuma Chamber of Commerce.

「I’m glad we did not sell it. It was a measure to conserve materials as we don’t know when the war will end……I didn’t think it would be this useful」
Haruto was relunctant to raise the soap price due to the high material cost. There were a lot of people who wanted it even with the increase in price, but if they say that they have no materials, they can only withdraw.

「Oi, Asuma. It looks like you’re profiting」
Eugene opened the door and said that. He seems to be in a very good mood.
「Did you recover from your shock? 」
Eugene was thrown off by the debt from the Kingdom’s aristocracy since he lost huge assets. There are rumors that he lost as little as 30% but there are also rumors that he lost as big as 70%. There are also rumors that he’s on the brink of bankruptcy. Seeing him being lively, the rumors of his bankruptcy seems to have been from those who have grudges against Eugene.
「Aahh. It can’t be helped since it already happened. As a matter of fact, I want to ask the Emperor if he can help me collect the debt from the surviving aristocrats. His Majesty should cooperate since he would want to weaken the powers of the Kingdom’s nobilities」
Eugene said with a laugh. He seems to have fully recovered.

「So that’s it. If I have to ask His Majesty for a favor, he must first be in a good mental state. I decided to treat His Majesty to a bath. The virgin slaves from before have not yet been sold. I’ll make them wash His Majesty’s body. His Majesty seems to be a womanizer. This would make him happy. Then let’s get down to business, sell me some soap. The best one you have. It’s a good advertising so it’s not that bad, right? 」
To Eugene’s words, Haruto nods.
「That’s what I was thinking about. No charge. In fact, please advertise it. ……I’ll listen to you, but don’t badmouth me in front of His Majesty alright? 」
Eugene answers while looking at Haruto.
「It’s natural as a merchant to take advantage of strong people. You, try your thing with His Majesty. You’ll go bankrupt」
「It seems better for my neck to fly than being bankrupt by you……ma, I won’t tell you. There’s no gain」
When Haruto is trying to make a joke, Roa brought a wooden box from the back.

「This is the best soap from Asuma Chamber of Commerce. It’s a new one」
Roa said so and gave the crate to Eugene. Eugene takes out the soap from the box. The soap has a little yellowish white color.

「This is……it has a sweet smell. Rose? 」
「That’s half correct」
Haruto proudly explains.
「This is a mixture of honey and rose oil mixed into the milk soap. The material cost is high but the quality is considerable. Incidentally, the box is something that I had a craftsman make for 20,000」

In the west, honey is a luxury product. At the same time as being a sweetener, it’s also a medicine. It’s not a price that ordinary people can buy. The rose perfume is likewise loved by some wealthy people such as the nobility.

「By the way, the price is 200,000」
Haruto tells the price. Because ordinary people will think that 200,000 is too high, but there are other people that would price it on millions for the sake of beauty. His partner once said that this honey soap is a commodity that should be priced at 20,000 in order to be sold.

「I see. I will keep it as a sample. If you feel comfortable, let me use it」
Eugene took the wooden box and went away. It seems that he doesn’t want to pay. Haruto has said that in a sense, he doesn’t have to pay if he would give it to His Majesty, and it seems that it got transmitted to Eugene with a slight misunderstanding. Haruto kept silent because it seems stupid to correct Eugene right now.


Roa and Maria are in the immediate vicinity of the gate. To see the face of the soldiers and His Majesty that will occupy Claris from now on. There are a lot of onlookers beside Roa and Maria. There is also fear but, curiosity is more superior.

「「Hail the Emperor!! Hail the Emperor!! 」」

Claris’ citizens welcome the Imperial Army while cheering as they crossed the gate. Maria sighed at the crowd seeing this.
「It’s too early to turn so suddenly. I don’t believe it. Even though we’re occupied……I wonder, is there no anxiety? 」
Roa heard Maria’s mutters and answers.
「Because it can’t be helped even if we’re against it……if we surrender, we have to be thorough. It can be thought that 200,000 soldiers will be stationed here and that the population will temporarily increase by 200,000. Let’s think about the overall situation」
Maria seems to be convinced at hearing Roa’s words. Still, she said with pursed lips.
「Many people studied the Romano cuisine in the library and made trials. Just to flatter the Imperial soldiers. Don’t they have pride as a Claris’ citizen? 」
Roa makes a bitter smile. Because Haruto is also busy selling soap to the Empire. Moreover, he has to deliver offerings to the Emperor. It’s a very painful story.
「By the way, how is oniisan? 」
「Haruto-san is welcoming His Majesty the Emperor. It seems that they’re going to talk about future matters in the Congress」
Haruto is also a member of the Diet. Although he doesn’t act like a member of the Diet.

「I wonder if the public order will get worse……」
「How? It seems that looting is not done in the Kingdom. It is said that they shared food with the villagers. So you don’t have to worry about that part? 」
「Isn’t it because there’s nothing to plunder? I think Claris is rich, so it’s not surprising if we’re targeted……we also have to hire mercenaries to defend ourselves」
There will be no choice but to keep an eye on the deterioration of security. What Claris’ citizens can do is to hire mercenaries to protect themselves, but there is no choice but to cling to the mercy of the occupation forces.

「I hope nothing goes wrong, but」
Roa murmured.

Meanwhile, Haruto was in Congress. Members other than Haruto are also gathered. Unlike ordinary parliament, chairs and desks are removed, and a simple throne is placed. That throne has the sitting Emperor. Many Knights surrounded the Emperor. Haruto lowered his head and kneeled on one knee, that’s what the Emperor is looking at.

「Surrendering is a wise decision. It’s to your credit to protect the lives and properties of the Claris’ citizens. I praise your achievements, I will bestow a Baron position」
The invader said brazenly. Haruto was about to say something but quit because his life is too precious.
「With this treasured swords, I bestow upon you the title of a Baron」
Emperor……when Westoria said so, a knight brought out a sword and gifts it to every Congressman. Westoria is just looking on. It’s an honor to be bestowed upon in front of the Emperor, but the members of the Congress who are not aristocracy are unhappy.

「As we gather military supplies, we will go through Claris. To maintain the security in Claris・・・・we’ll have 30,000 soldiers stationed inside」
The Congress’ attitudes changed at Westoria’s words. It was because they thought that the army will withdraw once they gathered supplies. In fact, there’s no mention in the treaty stating that they’ll station some troops.

「Eh, Your Majesty, I have not heard about the stationing of soldiers……」
A brave Congressman cautiously asked Westoria but was stopped by his charisma. Westoria gazed at the gentle face of the Congressman who made that remark.
「Which country is Claris? 」
「City……it’s part of the Empire」
The Congressman is likely to say City State Union, but fix it in a hurry. Westoria did not seem to care about it, continuing his words.
「Who am I? 」
「Eh, you’re the Empire’s Emperor」
The member responded with a trembling voice. Westoria’s face is calm. But that made it scarier. Not seeing the intent behind the question is terrifying itself.

「Do you know what kind of authority the Emperor has? 」
「Y-yes. First in all administrative rights. Leads the Imperial Assembly, and has the right to veto human rights. The Pontifex Maximus」
Emperor Westoria nods with satisfaction.
「You’re almost there. However, the important parts are missing. I have the absolute authority over the Imperial Army」
The Congressman’s face became blue at thinking that he offended Emperor Westoria. Emperor Westoria looks at his changing expressions.
「Having the Absolute Authority over the Imperial Army means that I have the right to command every Imperial soldier. In other words, I can have soldiers stationed everywhere in this country. Do you understand? 」
The Congressman nodded his head. His face is so pitiful that he looks blue.
「Now, are there any other doubts? I’ll listen if there’s something you don’t understand. I’ll answer as much as I can」
Emperor Westoria looks at the Congressmen with his lavender colored eyes. This resulted with the Congress, including Haruto, to shut up. He can convince people with his beautiful shining eyes, and he had the charisma to rule.

Emperor Westoria tries to stand up since the Congressmen has nothing to say. One of the Congressmen detains him. It’s Eugene.
「What? Eugene・Malthus-dono」
Eugene is wide-eyed. He was surprised that he remembered his name.

「No, actually, we have all prepared to welcome His Majesty. We have a bath and a meal ready. Which one would you like first? 」
To Eugene’s words, Emperor Westoria appears to be happy.
「Really? Then I’ll take a bath」
Westoria smiled and said that.


「So 30,000 soldiers will be stationed」
「It also……they’re pushy. We can’t help but surrender」
Haruto tells Roa what happened in the Congress. Neither Haruto nor Roa is pessimistic about the occupation of forces. Originally, Claris’ public security is not good due to the second-class citizens, just think when the population increase by 30,000.

「By the way, what kind of person is Emperor Westoria? I heard that he’s handsome」
Roa leans on Haruto as she listened. She had a face that is more interested in this topic compared to the stationing of some soldiers. He was the one who defeated King Friedrich who lead the Kingdom to victory in the 4th Empire-Kingdom War, and also the person who unified the West. Now, so Emperor Westoria is a hot topic.
U~n, an ikemen or a handsome young man. I would be convinced if I were told that he is actually a woman. Or is he actually a woman? 」
「As expected, is he really that beautiful? I heard that he was fond of women」
Roa denies Haruto’s theory of『Emperor Westoria is a woman』. However, Haruto is not the only person who doubted if Emperor Westoria is actually a woman. There’s even a rumor that Emperor Westoria is a woman in the Imperial Capital. However, since many women were embraced by Emperor Westoria, it was completely disregarded. Among them are some who insists that Emperor Westoria is actually a lesbian.

「The other impression is? 」
「That’s right……hair and eyes are beautiful. It was like a jewel」
「I would like some details not just vague descriptions」
Haruto shrugs his shoulders. He can’t help it since he really got the impression that it was like a gem.
「But he was scary. It was as if his eyes could screw with your head. His facial expressions are calm but his eyes are not laughing at all. I don’t want to be closer to people like that」
Roa tilted her head to Haruto’s words. She can’t imagine it.

「That Emperor Westoria is now in a bath with a virgin slave this time around. Haruto-san’s soap, I hope he likes it」
「Maybe. But I’m confident. If he doesn’t have any prejudice, it’s much better than bubble-berry」
Haruto said with confidence. He’s convinced that he’s definitely going to like it.

「Ah! Haruto, congratulations. How was it? 」
While Haruto and Roa were talking, Aisha came. Somehow, her face is red.
「It ended fine. ……you smell like alcohol. Did you drink in broad daylight? 」
Haruto frowns. Haruto is allowed to drink after coming to this other world, but as expected, he can’t drink at noon. Especially at Haruto’s house where there are people who collapse or change personality whenever they’re drunk. Haruto never binge-drink since he has so many teachers.

「Actually, in the Imperial Army, there’s a unit completely composed of desert people. I was drinking with them. I was asked to be a messenger and hand a letter over to my grandfather」
As she said that, Haruto remembered that Aisha is the granddaughter of the Patriarch of the desert people. He forgot about it.
「That’s tough. By the way, that person……does Umar-san accept him? The tribute, surrender and those kinds of things? 」
Haruto listens to Aisha. He did not think that this muscle-brained idiot will personally receive a letter from Emperor Westoria to pass on.
「It’s all right. Grandpa looks serious but he’s soft in the head. I think that he’ll accept the profit that comes with it. Ma, if the content is something about coming to the Imperial Capital and prostrate yourself, it’s obvious that he’ll be kicked. I’ll make it normal and treat it as a normal letter from a vassal」
Aisha answers Haruto’s question while laughing. Just as she said, Umar accepted Haruto’s business terms, so he seems to be flexible. People should not judge the book by its cover.
Emperor Westoria will not bother to write something that will offend the desert people. Even with victory over the desert people, the Empire has no benefit from the defeat of Endars I.

While Haruto, Roa, and Aisha are talking, a guard runs in while out of breath. The guard saluted when he found Haruto and said.
「Haruto Asuma-sama right. Your Majesty is calling for you! 」
Haruto was waiting and approached the guard.


Haruto was guided to a hotel. It’s the hotel where Haruto invited Eugene and the others to have a secret meeting. Emperor Westoria is looking down at Haruto with his legs crossed.
「I have a difficulty. You should go out」
With Emperor Westoria’s words, the guards went out while bowing their heads. There are only two people in the room, Haruto and Emperor Westoria.

Fumu, do you possess a Blessing……Blessing of Speech, you have quite a convenient thing. It’s enviable」
Emperor Westoria grinned. In contrast, Haruto’s face went taut.
「Don’t be alarmed. It’s because I have the『Blessing of Clairvoyance』. This is a kind of convenient Blessing. I can see far away, I can see through things, and I know if other people have Blessings」
Emperor Westoria said it like it’s not a big deal. Haruto is trembling with fear.
「Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about your Blessing. So you should not tell anyone about my『Blessing of Clairvoyance』either」
Emperor Westoria says with a gentle voice. However, his eyes are not laughing. Haruto lowered his head deeply instead of replying.

「Now, the reason why I talked about my『Blessing of Clairvoyance』 to you is that I want you」
Haruto was confused for a moment. In Ancient Rome, the knowledge of homosexual is common. At the same time, he imagined if the theory of『Emperor Westoria is a woman』 is true.
「Ah, there’s not enough explanation. It’s not in a sexual meaning. I’m not a sodomite, nor am I a woman」
Emperor Westoria laughs happily. It seems that he said that on purpose. Haruto stroked his beating chest.

「Your soap is a wonderful thing. That Blessing also. Come to the Imperial Capital. I am confident that I will become a founding father of the empire. If you come with me, your name will also appear」
Before he knew it, Emperor Westoria has changed his third person pronoun to first-person pronouns. That is to say that he is serious.
「Your Majesty, I am happy with your invitation but……I refuse」
Haruto refuses Emperor Westoria’s solicitation, Emperor Westoria leaned forward.
「Money? Women? Or is it a title? Which one do you want, I’ll give you anything」
Emperor Westoria makes an attractive proposal to Haruto. Haruto is not a clean and innocent person. When he first came to this world, he would have told Emperor Westoria that he would be happy to get the gold, woman, and title. But now is different.

「I have something to do. Until that is done, I can’t leave. Besides, I am not as talented as His Majesty says」
Haruto has the big goal of avenging Roa’s parents. At least, he can’t leave Claris until he did it.
「I see, that’s too bad. Whenever you change your mind, you can knock on the palace gates at any time. You can always enter at that time」
Emperor Westoria fell back easily. It would be meaningless to invite an unwilling person to join his force.

「Now, the story changes but your soap……I would like to purchase the honey soap. A normal soap as a sample, a luxury soap, and also milk soap. One thousand honey soap, and a hundred for the other soaps. When can you prepare for it? 」
Haruto thought of the stock and production speed before answering.
「Honey soap will take a month. I apologize. But I can prepare the other soaps right now」
Emperor Westoria frowned upon Haruto’s reply.
「Is that so……it just so happens that we will leave Claris three days or a week from now. I cannot wait a month」
Emperor Westoria muttered and told Haruto.

「A few months later, the North Kirishian Governor General Office will be put in place. Deliver the soap to it. Nice」
Haruto lowers his head. It’s because he thought that he’d be compelled to deliver it to the Imperial Capital. If a Governor General would be placed, it’ll either be Claris or Ringa. It never hurts if it’s within the neighborhood. Haruto acknowledged it and deeply bowed his head, and left the room.

Emperor Westoria, who was now alone, muttered.

「That black hair, it’s the same color as Asuka. Eye color and skin color. I have never seen a black-haired black-eyed person besides Asuka……is it a coincidence? Unexpectedly, black hair and black eyes might be normal just because I don’t know」

Sometimes, you will unexpectedly hit on the truth.


「Yoshi! I received an order from Emperor Westoria. A month later, I have to deliver a thousand honey soap」
Haruto reports the battle results to Roa. Roa’s face bloomed.
「You did it, didn’t you? 『His Majesty Emperor’s favorite』it’ll definitely sell if we sell it like that! 」
Roa joyfully smiles. Asuma Chamber of Commerce is a local shop in Claris, but Samaras Chamber of Commerce is more known to the world. The sales phrase of『His Majesty’s Favorite』 on deploying a branch is useful.

「By the way, what do you mean by buying one thousand pieces? It will take eighty years to use it all if he uses one a month」
「Isn’t it as a souvenir? Won’t he distribute it to aristocrats, his lovers or vassals? So it seems like orders from nobility will likely increase. I have to make more than just a thousand pieces」
Haruto and Roa began to plan.


Three days after the Imperial Army occupied Claris, in the Northeastern part of Gallia, the soldiers are busy moving. A total of 15,000 soldiers with weapons, formed a convoy.

It’s war.

Then who is the enemy? The equestrian tribes? No, they’re tied up with the ceasefire. Now, it’s hard to imagine that they fought side by side with Emperor Westoria now that they’re attacking the Empire. The Kingdom? No, the Kingdom is ruined to perfection.

General Rago, the commander of the Northeastern forces show up. There was a child of about 12 years old next to him.

「Everyone, listen carefully. This is His Highness Reis, the son of His Highness Pentax!」
General Rago starts his speech. The content is about killing the enemy who assassinated His Highness Prince Pentax, they intended to take the throne away from the tyrant Emperor Westoria.

The soldiers went mad after listening to General Rago’s words. All the soldiers of the Northeastern forces are the former men of Prince Pentax. Originally, they were assigned to the palace and the capital. It is Emperor Westoria who threw them towards the Northeastern frontier. Some are deprived of their title, some have been executed. There was nothing to be confused about as they were accomplices of a throne usurper.

The speech ended with Prince Reis’ words. Although the words are halting, he was the remnant of the late His Highness Prince Pentax. Some of the soldiers also cried.


「Can we really win? Rago」
Prince Reis said anxiously. Prince Reis is only 12 years old. Naturally, he never went to war, and he also barely learned how to hold a weapon. It’s inevitable that he can escape from Emperor Westoria. Because there’s no reason to worry.
「The winning rate is 30%. I won’t say that we will definitely win, but if we miss this opportunity, there will be no next time」
Emperor Westoria has accomplished the same feat as the First Emperor, the unification of the West. From now on, Emperor Westoria’s influence will rise, and the former Prince Pentax faction can no longer win. It’s also a matter of time before Prince Reis will be discovered.

Emperor Westoria has many enemies. In addition to the former Pentax faction, there are also the other princes’ factions, the regional clans opposing the centralization policy of Emperor Westoria, and the Senate.
Among the military faction of Emperor Westoria, many are out of the country because of the war. Emperor Westoria’s forces remaining in the country is about 10,000. It’s a good number for winning. The game will start in two months. After the civil war will be reported to Emperor Westoria, the Imperial Capital will fall before he can return, and they can threaten the Senate to transfer the throne to Prince Reis. Then collect the soldiers with the Absolute Authority Over the Military Command, and defeat the army that will come back after being exhausted by the successive battles.
「I see, I trust you」
Prince Reis innocently smiles. General Rago looks at that smile and renews his determination.

「General Rago, can I get out? 」
A goofy voice echoed in the place that made the soldiers tense. It was a man with shaggy hair that let out that voice. He gave off a stupid look.
「We can’t win this game. It’s my motto to consider my life first. I will return the advance payment」
He said that and threw a bag full of gold coins to General Rago. General Rago’s face went red and threw the bag onto the floor.
「You bastard! It’s because His Highness Pentax appointed you, a barbarian, that you became a sword saint. Do you not feel like fulfilling that kindness! ]
The man shrugs his shoulders.
「Even if you call it kindness……it’s a pure relationship involving money. It was only because His Highness Prince Pentax pays the best and was the most likely to win. Aahh, I should have served Emperor Westoria」
Many generals put their hands on their swords against the man speaking. The guy just laughs seeing that.
「Wait, Serius. You say that we will lose this war? What is the basis for that」
Prince Reis shrugs of the surrounding generals and talks to the man……asking Serius. Serius shrugged his shoulders.

「Intuition. I was wondering if we could have gone too far. It’s unnatural. From the personality of that Emperor Westoria, it’s strange that General Rago to still be breathing, and also to be dispatched hear at the Northeastern frontier. Moreover, it’s impossible that most of his military forces are going out of the country for an expedition. If a man like Emperor Westoria makes such a mistake, His Highness Prince Pentax would now be the Emperor. And didn’t that Lutis injured his hips? It’s too convenient. It’s definitely a trap」
「You guessed that we would lose based on that speculation!! 」
To General Rago’s words, Serius just shrugged his shoulders. Perhaps he’s aware that it’s only just speculations.

「That’s why I want out. Prince Reis. Don’t worry, I will never tell about you」
Serius bows gracefully. One of the generals exploded with those words, taking a slash towards Serius. Serius grabs the opponent’s sword with his forefinger and thumb, twisting his wrist and destroying the sword.
「You want to fight me? Me, a person from the snowy fields? You’d have a better chance at fighting for the throne」
Serius said that while grinning. Prince Reis stopped the general who tried to make a slash.
「Sheathe your sword. That man is a sword saint. Even a hundred of you won’t be able to beat him. Reducing our soldiers is not a good idea」
Being admonished by his Lord, the general put away his sword. However, he left his hands on the handle so that he can withdraw it at any time.
「That is a wise judgment. Because the only ones who have a chance to win against us snow people are the desert people or Dragons. I will let this slide. Please do your best」
Serius walked away with a smile. General Rago went to Prince Reis’ side.

「Your Highness, please forget such a man’s words. After all, that guy is a barbarian and a mercenary. We can definitely win」
「I know. You are the Empire’s Best General. We will win this battle」

Prince Reis and the generals discussed their strategies until late at night.


「Well, what to do. You lost your job. Where shall we go」
Serius starts walking with steady footsteps. His physical condition is not bad. This is originally the way he walks.
「My belongings are a sword and a Romano silver coin. It will disappear if I eat meat. How about return home, and eat mother’s cooking」
Serius’s hometown is far. He thought about the permanently frozen barren land further north of the conifer forest that the Western people simply calls the Far North. He can’t return now because he’s too far away from home.
Ma, I wonder what it is. Me, I’m supposed to be a sword saint」
Serius started walking towards the East.


General Rago and Prince Reis’s rebellion is transmitted to the border connecting Gaul and the former Kingdom in a few hours. There are ten magicians in the room, surrounding a big crystal ball. A large magic array is drawn on the floor.
「As expected the revolt happened exactly as His Majesty said. Inform them immediately」
The magicians put their hands on the crystal ball. The big crystal ball is a resonance magic tool. It’s not the cheap thing used in the theater. To activate this large-scale thing that the Empire’s Magic Ministry created in secret, it’s important to have a huge amount of mana stones and first-class magicians. It’s difficult to convey complicated movements, but you can make the magic reach far away.
The crystal ball starts to vibrate when the magicians touched it. The vibration has a certain pattern with big vibration and small vibrations combined.
The resonance magic tool reaches another crystal ball set at a mountain hut 10 kilometers from the Gaulian’s border. The magicians in the hut read the vibrations from the crystal, and using another crystal ball, they resonate the same vibration to another crystal ball 10 kilometers ahead.

Thus, the vibration reached Claris with this relay system.


「Your Majesty, it seems that a civil war has occured in Gaulia. A total of 15,000. It’s as you expected Your Majesty」
Marx told Westoria what he read from the vibration. Westoria nods.
「I see. Let’s retreat according to plan. I’ll proceed only with the cavalry, meet with Lieutenant Avere and defeat Rago. You have to put the City State Union under our complete control by defeating Alto」
「Yes! 」
Marx bends on one knee and lowers his head deeply. There’s no expression of concern on his face.

Originally, the purpose of this battle is to strengthen Westoria’s power base. To end the anti-Westoria aristocrats that are an eyesore. Not that they never rebelled against Westoria.

So Westoria made a move. He proposed the Kingdom and City State Union’s capture to induce a revolt by putting the troops under Westoria’s faction out of the country. For that reason, he missed Prince Reis, and made General Rago go to the Northeastern border.
General Rago needs to break through at least three provincial cities in order to reach the capital. Westoria let the cannons and soldiers be placed in the borders in advance, making it impossible to advance towards the Imperial Capital. Also, the areas where General Rago had to pass are places where riots have occured in the past, and it was General Rago who suppressed it. General Rago will suffer obstruction from the farmers and soldiers at the border.
The Imperial Capital is guarded by the Imperial Guards headed by Cattleya, and there is also Marquis Lutis who is recovering from a feigned illness in Gaulia. Their defense is solid.

After that, the rest of the soldiers stationed at the Kingdom, about 30,000 infantry, will also move at full speed. To make the impossible forced march possible, they set up torches and resting places in advance along the highway. Westoria who leads the cavalry will meet the 30,000 infantry, and then defeat the exhausted General Rago.
After that is disposing of the nobles who did not fight with General Rago. If they put their own soldiers in the provinces after the battle, the Empire would truly become Westoria’s.

「General Rago is a military genius. but his opponent was a bad match. Because I’m also a genius!! 」
Westoria burst out laughing.


「Emperor Westoria seems to want to return to the Imperial Capital. What happened?」
Roa listens to Haruto while kneading bread. Haruto shrugged his shoulders.
「Dunno. Although he did say that he will leave Claris maybe three days or a week from now……I wonder why. Homesick? 」
「Isn’t it because of a civil war? He seems to have many enemies」
「That’s nasty……but what about General Marx? People say that he’ll march towards Alto. Don’t they pull up the whole army when a rebellion occured? 」
They tilted their heads together. The two people knew the truth two weeks later.

A/N: A different world version of China. In this war, Westoria will be called brutal, but that’s another story. Next time is the postwar processing and Claris’ law and tax system, it becomes a revision of the status system.
By the way, the vibration in the magic resonance tool is Morse code.

Reference: Imperial Status System(there are exceptions to some)

Emperor……the highest. Have various authorities. Can also have the title of Earl or Marquis
Royalty……Emperor’s family. Emperor’s wife, children, grandchildren, and brothers are included in the royal family.
Nobles……have various privileges. The Emperor can appoint a noble. The power of aristocracy is greatly influenced by the power of the Emperor.
Archduke……leader of allies(vassal states)and married to royalty. Hereditary.
Duke……given to the Emperor’s brother or children. Hereditary until the fifth generation. If not having royal blood within five generations, they would be crushed. A pool of different bloodlines. Territories are few.
Marquis……there’s one person for every province. The most powerful man among the Counts. Not hereditary in most cases. There is authority and can only have 3,000 in its private army. Can hold the additional post of a Count.
Count……governor of a prefecture in Japan. The count in the borders are called Margrave. Basically hereditary, if too much fame, you’ll be crushed, or demoted. The representative of Count is called a Marquis. May have 300 soldiers or less.
Viscount……the grade greatly drops compared to an Earl. Mayor in Japan.
Baron……Not so great. Level of life is not different from rich merchants. The only distinguishing characteristic is the title which can be purchased with gold. Not hereditary. Roughly high-ranking bureaucrats. By the way, they can get 1 million each month as pension. The price of knighthood is about 2 billion. You have to live for a hundred years in order to get the original.
Knight……most aristocrats have the title of knights by attending a knight school. Divided by local knights and Royal Knights. Local knights and Royal Knights are as different as the difference between local civil servants and national civil servants in Japan.
Civilian……citizens who pays taxes. Receive the same treatment from its home country or other states
Slave……stuff/thing. Receives relatively humane treatment compared to the City State Union
Priest……special frame. Not have a status. By the way, the Empire is polytheism.

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