DWBS 37: Kingdom Capture

DWBS 36: Battle
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A/N: This concludes the war

「Oi, what’s with this rise in price!! 」
Haruto shouted at seeing the contract. The price of olives tripled.
「Influence of war. The defeated Kingdom Navy has turned pirates. So the imports of olives are stalled」
Branch said grumpily. Branch is also moody due to the rise in price.
「I heard that the Empire won at the Geria Plains battle. It’s also said that Friedrich V died. Now it seems that the Crown Prince is in command……I wonder what will happen」
「If the Kingdom’s Capital fall, then Claris would be next right? 」
「I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to be part of the war. In any case, the Kingdom will do something」
Haruto and Branch sighed.


Meanwhile, the Imperial Army was steadily proceeding towards the Kingdom.

「It’s as good as we’ve won. There’s only the Kingdom’s Capital left」
Westoria seems to be in a good mood as he drank wine.
「Are you really going to give the Kingdom to the Equestrian tribes? 」
Marx says unhappily. Marx is a Romano. He don’t like to divide the land with those savages.
「Aahh. It’s a promise. In the first place, the Kingdom’s North area is just grasslands. Governing that place is just wasting money. It’s easier to hand it over towards the equestrian tribes」
Westoria replied with a smile.

「By the way, Friedrich V seems to have a child with a concubine. There’s trouble in her treatment since she’s born from a commoner」
In the Kingdom, the identity difference between a noble and a commoner is intense. The Empire also has a certain degree of status difference, but even so, a child from a concubine will still be treated as part of that noble family or the royal family. But in the Kingdom, they will be treated very delicately.
「I have heard of it. I heard it’s a princess that’s about 15」
To Marx’s words, Westoria nods.
「Originally, all the royal family will be killed……but if the relationship is light, then I can take advantage of it. If anything, she can be a concubine」
Westoria’s words makes Marx show an amazed face. Westoria hurriedly added as an afterthought.
「I don’t decide anything just with my lower body alone, you know? It’s one of the methods of efficiently controlling the Germanis」

When Westoria and Marx are talking about things after the war, an eagle came inside the tent. The eagle slowly stopped at Westoria’s arm.
「How was it? How is the Kingdom’s troops? 」
Westoria starts talking to the eagle. If you don’t know that he was a man with a Blessing, you would think that he’s crazy.
「Thank you. Take a break for a while and do reconnaissance again」
The eagle cried out and flew away.
「The Kingdom’s cavalry seems to be in a forest located about a kilometer away from here」
As Westoria says so, Marx answers.
「Your Majesty’s Blessing is really convenient. Let’s directly face the light cavalry」
Westoria and Marx had a laugh.

The Imperial Army smoothly headed towards the Kingdom.


Ten days have passed since the battle at Geria plains. All the ambush by the Kingdom has been discovered by the Empire, and they were not stopped at all. The Imperial Army advanced towards the Kingdom Capital in just ten days.

「Only the Kingdom Capital left. Still, this is terrible. The famine」
The Kingdom’s famine is a serious thing. In addition to having no wheat at all, the Kingdom still collected wheat. As they advance, they saw a large number of people starving.
「Thanks to that, our supplies are running low」
Marx said with a sigh. In addition to feeding over 200,000 troops, they still have to give some to the Kingdom’s villages. It’s a matter of time for their supplies to bottom out before they can have a solid logistics line.
「There’s no choice. I should think about the postwar matters. Just break the castle walls of the Kingdom’s capital. It won’t take more than three days」
Westoria carefreely said. The walls of the Capital City is high and thick, but there are the new siege weapons developed by the Empire. It did not matter at all.

「Marquis of Hanol has arrived!! 」
Messenger soldiers told Westoria and Marx. The two stopped their conversation and went to meet the Marquis of Hanol.

「This is Hanol weather, what do you say? 」
Westoria says with a smile. Westoria dislikes traitors but, it’s an opponent that must be respectfully served.
「Your Majesty. I wanted to meet you. By the way, I have a proposal」
「What’s might that be, Marquis」
Westoria emphasizes the Marquis with a somewhat disgusted tone. Marquis Hanol did not answer, saying with a smile.

「Please use our soldiers to attack the Kingdom. I want to show my loyalty to Your Majesty」
Westoria swallows the words「I intended to do it without being told」and instead answered with a smile.
「I understand. I’ll leave it to you then. I’ll be counting on you」
Marquis Hanol bowed his head.


The battle of the Kingdom’s capture began. The nobles who betrayed the Kingdom attacked the castle. The Imperial Army only attacks with their siege weapons from a safe position.
「It’s an easy game」
「Yes. Even so, Marquis Hanol’s work is done surprisingly well」
Marquis Hanol is aggressively attacking the Kingdom. You won’t imagine that he’s a noble from the Kingdom before.
「That’s true. Let’s change his evaluation a little」
When Westoria said that, a flag is raised from the Kingdom’s Royal Castle. The flags of the two Kingdoms intersected.
「Surrender negotiations. Very well. Marx, instruct them to stop attacking」
After a while, the Empire’s attack stopped.


「Well, I wonder what kind of proposal do you have? 」
Westoria said while watching the tied messenger. Even without negotiating, the fact that the Empire won will not be shaken. That’s why Westoria is aggressive.
「His Highness Crown Prince is willing to surrender the Kingdom’s Capital City. But there are conditions. One is not to loot the Kingdom」
Westoria is not that obsessed so he won’t plunder the City. There’s nothing more foolish than making the land you obtained into ash.
「The other is the survival of the Royal Family」
In other words, as long as you lived. Westoria grinned at the messenger’s words.
「By the way, I wonder if your words are the same as His Highness Crown Prince Daigo」
「Yes. Crown Prince Daigo-sama has given me full authority」
Westoria nodded heavily at the messenger’s words.
「Those conditions, let’s drink to it. However, I also have some conditions. It’s about the survival of the Royal Family. It’s sufficient if just one person from the royal family survives. Princess Elaine, any royalty other than her will die」
With Westoria’s words, the messenger’s face froze. The messenger stammered. The crucial life of Crown Prince Daigo can’t be saved. Furthermore, Princess Elaine is a child of Friedrich V’s concubine. She’s still considered Royalty from the Kingdom, but her treatment has always been delicate.

「That is……」
「Do you accept, or don’t you get it? I want you to be clear. Our troops are hungry for blood」
Westoria lightly said. The messenger said with a pale face.
「I understand. Welcome to the Kingdom’s Capital」

Thus, the lives of the citizens were protected in exchange for the blood of the royal family except for Princess Elaine.


「Now then, in this way, we obtained the Kingdom」
Westoria said while sitting on the throne.
「Your Majesty, so about the governance……」
Marquis Hanol said while trying to be casual. He betrayed the Empire so a vast territory is expected.
「Let’s talk about it later. We still have one job left」
Westoria said with a laugh. Marquis Hanol tilted his neck. In this way, the Kingdom fell, it seems that there’s nothing else to do.

「It’s the City-State Union. With this, the unification of the West is finally done. 」
With Westoria’s words, Marquis Hanol widened his eyes. He did not hear that Westoria is aiming for the City State Union.
「Your Majesty. Us and the City State Union……」
Iya, that’s not necessary. I fully understand your allegiance. I have something I’d like to ask separately」
Marquis Hanol lowers his head. Westoria looks satisfied with the attitude of Marquis Hanol.

「Collect some torches and horses. For details, please ask Lieutenant Avere. I will talk to Marx about the City State Union」
Westoria left the throne after saying so.


「Marx, let’s head to the City State Union at once. First, towards Claris」
Westoria said first to see Marx’s expression.
「But Your Majesty, we don’t have enough supplies」
Marx said apologetically. The Empire’s supplies are exhausted as a result of distributing it to the Kingdom’s citizens.
「Marx, what is the cause of this famine? 」
Westoria suddenly asked Marx. Marx scratches his neck.

「Isn’t it because of a bad harvest and the war? 」
Westoria nods.
「But there are other causes as well」
Marx thought desperately but nothing came to mind. Marx is a soldier. He can’t understand politics and economics.
「It’s merchants. The merchants bought the wheat and rye. This is the biggest cause. And when speaking of merchants, it’s Claris and Ringa」
When Westoria says so, Marx finally notices Westoria’s intention.
「I see. You can buy it from Claris and Ringa merchants」
Westoria nodded heavily.

「You understand. First of all, let’s give a surrender recommendation to all City States. Then contact Hypia to occupy Ringa」
The general began to move according to Westoria’s instructions. Westoria smiled happily.


A day after the fall of the Kingdom, Haruto and Roa were eating in Undine.

「Delicious, this peperoncino. It’s much better than Roa’s peperoncino last night」
「Haruto-san. I’ve said it many times but last night’s peperoncino is not that bad, it’s the olive that’s bad. It’s because I used the olive that was meant for soap production! 」
Maria smiled at Roa’s words.

Onesan……if you use poor quality olives, it’ll naturally be nasty. Peperoncino is easy to cook but, that’s why the taste of ingredients and the chef’s skills are important in making a dish」
Roa inflates her cheeks. Haruto pushes Roa’s cheeks with his fingers. Roa couldn’t endure it and air leaked out.

「Anyway, it’s delicious. As expected of Marceau-san. Because yesterday, Roa’s peperoncino has a desperate taste. Just a desperate pasta」
「Haruto-san. It sounds good but it’s not that funny」
The two people started to bicker. Marceau and Mary looked at them with amazed eyes.

「Is there someone named Haruto Asuma here? 」
A loud voice sounded out in the store. Haruto turned and a guard was standing by the door. When the guard saw the badge on Haruto’s chest, he went closer to Haruto.

「An emergency meeting is being held. Please head to the Congress immediately!! 」
Haruto cocked his head for a moment. Roa whispered to that kind of Haruto.
「It’s an emergency council. It’s a meeting that you have to go as soon as you’re called」
Haruto remembered after Roa’s words.
「I’ll take care of Haruto’s peperoncino so go as soon as possible」
Driven away by Roa, Haruto headed to the Congress in a hurry.


「You’re late, Asuma! You’re the last. You’re eating meals at a strange place!! The guards won’t find you unless you’re eating in a more upscale place!! 」
Eugene shouted at Haruto as soon as he entered the Congress. He seems to be in a bad mood.
「Why should I be instructed on where I could eat」
Haruto retorted while sitting back in his chair.

「So I would like to head to the agenda immediately. Please read this first」
The document is handed to all members of the Congress. The title is surrender recommendation.

The contents are summarized as follows.

・Claris will be disarmed, surrendering the city to the Imperial Army
・To sell supplies to the Imperial Army at market price
・Claris’s autonomy is guaranteed to some extent if it surrenders
・The status as a Congressman is guaranteed. A Congressman will be awarded the title of a Baron or Baroness
・It should be noted, if it does not surrender, the life and property of Claris’ citizens will not be guaranteed

When Haruto finished reading the document, the sound of paper ripping sounded out. It’s Eugene.
「Aahh, are you kidding? I made a big deficit because of the Empire!! 」
Eugene lent money to the Kingdom’s aristocracy. But in this war, many of the Kingdom’s aristocrats died, executed, imprisoned, and supposed to be transferred. Eugene has been overwhelmed by the huge debts. While Eugene can chase the men who do not pay their debts to the ends of the earth, indeed, it’s impossible to chase them into the underworld.

「There there, Malthus-san. Calm down」
Branch tried to appease Eugene with a gentle look.

「It’s urgent! Ringa’s navy is destroyed, they surrendered to the Empire! 」
As soon as they heard it, Branch turns blue in an instant. The same applies to other merchants.

Claris has exported Imperial products from Ringa to the East. It was possible that negotiations could be made with the Empire if the Ringa’s navy could win against the Empire. But Ringa was defeated. Their budding hopes was destroyed.

「Stupid! Ringa’s navy has 150 ships, it should be the largest in the West. There’s no way it’ll easily lose to the Empire」
Someone shouted out. But in reality, Ringa surrendered.

「We have no choice but to surrender……」
Someone among the congress mutters. It was Adonis who responded to it.

「There’s no such thing as surrender. We can’t be allowed to be autonomous. There is also the worst possibility of looting. We should be able to gather mercenaries right now」
Adonis sells magic tools. If Claris was incorporated as part of the Empire, then magic tools will come in without tariffs. Adonis wants to prevent it.
「Claris has money. Enough to hire more than 30,000 mercenaries! Even enough food for Claris’s citizens to survive for a month. We even have arrows, swords and spears, there are a lot stocked up. In case of a siege, reinforcements……」
「Wolfstan!! Think before you say more. Do you think Alto will send reinforcements? And mercenaries? You fool! The mercenaries went out of the country to participate in the Kingdom-Empire War! There’ll be less than a thousand remaining in Claris」
Eugene increasingly raised his voice. Haruto asked Eugene.

「Besides mercenaries, are there no soldiers in this country? 」
「There’s nothing we can do. It’s necessary for anti-theft measures. But there’s less than 300. The Empire seems to have 200,000. 1,300 vs 200,000. I’m done talking」
Eugene snorted. He’s talking as if it was someone else’s affairs. The person himself is so shocked that his brain can’t catch up.
「If we went to war with the Empire, we’re dead. We can surrender early and ensure that our life and property are guaranteed……the answer is out」
Branch muttered.

「……let’s make a decision. Whether to surrender to the Empire. Those in favor of surrendering」
All the congressmen raised their hands.


There is a country called Alto south of Claris. It’s the country with the oldest history among the countries belonging to the City State Union. This country was ruled by democracy since its foundation and until Endars I conquered them, a King or Emperor does not exist. When the Emperor’s influence died down, the countries of Kirishia banded together, creating the City State Union to declare their independence from the Empire.

Although in recent years, the rise of Claris and Ringa has dropped their position, it is still the nation within the City State Union that has the largest population and the oldest history, and it has strong influence as the leading nation among the City State Union.

Now, a thousand years after the Parliament building was built, it was quite rough. The agenda is whether to surrender to the Empire or not. It was split into two, 40% surrender and 60% resistance.

「The autonomy is guaranteed! But what is『to some extent』! They’re determined to not follow their promise」
「Then what do we do! Do we fight them? Put out an alternative proposal! The Ringa navy has been destroyed. So Ringa and Claris surrendered. That means many of the northern parts of the Union will become part of the Empire」
「Originally, the people in the North are not depending on us. They’re the guys who protect those built by that conqueror Endars. It’s originally part of the Empire. We can work together with the Southern part of the Union! 」
「Do you know someone in the South we can cooperate with! Lenbard already sided with the Empire, they’re invading a neighboring city-state. The enemy is not just the marching 200,000. There’s also the surrendered Northern States, the ones in the border cities already betrayed us, and maybe there are even 50,000 soldiers from the Southern part of the Empire! We are going to fight against 300,000 enemies. There’s no way we can win! 」
「Even if the country became scorched earth, we must protect the country of Alto! We can repopulate but our pride will not come back! 」
「What are you saying! It’s us Congress who protects the citizens! 」
「What are YOU saying! We must protect our country! Surrendering is absurd! 」

The discussion does not proceed at all. Bad news once again reached Alto’s parliament.

「King Polpo surrendered! 」

The Congress became even worse.

「That man! He was so proud of his prowess! Is he afraid of the Empire’s 300,000! 」
「This is the fifth time. The Southern collaboration is collapsing! There’re no others who will surrender! 」
「What are you saying! Even if Alto is the only one remaining, we should fight! 」
「Autonomy will be guaranteed to some extent if we surrender now! It depends on the Emperor’s definition of what ‘to some extent’ is. There is no other way than to surrender!」
「No kidding! There must be a reason why we’ll continue to be exploited! Shouldn’t we fight even a little and make a favorable peace treaty? If we win, the other city-states would follow! 」

No one knows when the Congress will end.


Claris:「Ringa seems to have been hit」
Shufelt:「Kuku~ tch, it’s the weakest in the City-State Union」
Alto:「To be done in by the Imperial Army……behold, the black sheep of the City-State Union」


Claris:「Ringa was taken. We’re dead. I want to get out! 」
Shufelt:「Ringa’s navy is the strongest in the City State Union……we’re dead. I also surrender」
Alto:「They’re the feeble guys. We’re gonna crush them」(preparing to flee)

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