DWBS 35: The Beginning

Imperial Army Infantry 200,000 Heavy Infantry 30,000 Heavy Cavalry 10,000 Light Cavalry 20,000 Equestrian Tribes 10,000 War Statue/Royal Guards 500 Desert People 300 VS Kingdom Army Infantry 10,000(Margrave Zaltran’s Army) Heavy Infantry ? ? ? ? Heavy Cavalry ? ? ? ? Light Cavalry ? ? ? ? 「We’ll begin our meeting」 Adonis looks around after declaring so. … Continue reading DWBS 35: The Beginning

DWBS 24: Repayment

Slave’s trading system. I’ll write it before you point it out. Luxury Slaves(Beautiful appearance, have a good head) Police Officer → Country → Auction → Merchant → Consumers Normal Slave Police Officer → Country → Merchant → Consumers In the case of Roa Police → Country(Eugene’s Agency)→ Eugene → Haruto Eugene is a Congressman, so … Continue reading DWBS 24: Repayment

DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2

A/N: Many new characters will come out。 Three days after New Year, the Empire’s Emperor Westoria felt lazy。 『Your Majesty is there no government affairs?』 It came from a black-haired girl with ivory skin。You'll know she’s a slave by the chain on her feet。The words from the girl’s lips are not from the west, iya~・・・・it … Continue reading DWBS 23: State of Affairs 2

DWBS 18: Desert People

This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading. 「Now then, Roa. Answer me directly. Who is this person?」 Haruto listened as Roa and the mysterious girl was sitting down. 「This is Aisha-san of the desert people. … Continue reading DWBS 18: Desert People