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There was a girl named Rea Asuma.
A girl who inherited her mother’s hair and her father’s eyes.
Not to mention her mother, even her father’s face was not so bad, so it was obvious that their child, Rea, was a beautiful girl.

Her expression was different from her parents.
She always seemed sleepy and had a dull expression.
Not because she’s grumpy.
Rather, this was her default expression.

Rea’s biggest feature was that she was a genius.

Rea’s genius began to show at the age of three.
At the age of three, Rea was able to read and write in Kiris language. This alone could be explained by being a precocious child.

One day, Haruto spoke to Rea who was reading.
What on earth are you reading?
A picture book? Haruto looked into it.
And was astounded.

Rea was reading a book on philosophy that Dennis collected as a hobby.

Haruto called Dennis and asked why he lent this book.

Dennis said.
“This girl is a genius! Today, when I called Rea-chan to my house, Rea-chan was reading my books. Anyway, I told her that she could ask me if she didn’t understand anything but she understood all of it! However, I hadn’t read it so I had no opinion yet……but that’s still amazing!”
Dennis sang how Rea was a genius.

Haruto was the proverbially foolish parent.
If the scale was too big, he wouldn’t believe it.

Haruto bought a book of philosophy, asked Rea to read it and tell him what it was.
Rea answered smoothly.

Haruto praised, ‘as expected of my daughter.’ And then she praised him.

At the age of five, Rea’s interest shifted to language. Haruto had a tutor of Romag, Galician, and Silesian languages for Rea and even asked Aisha and Serius to teach the desert and snowfield people’s native language.

Rea mastered them all by the age of seven.

But after learning these five languages, Rea quickly lost interest in them. Since she lost her interest, she made no effort to remember other languages.

Rea was next interested in alchemy.
Haruto called a renowned alchemist at that time to teach her. The alchemist, who initially thought Haruto and Rea were fools, also turned blue a few hours later.

In one year, Rea absorbed the alchemist’s knowledge.

And the alchemist.
“I can’t teach you anything anymore”
Leaving after saying that, Rea lost interest again.

The next thing Rea was interested in was soap. Haruto rejoiced. Finally, his turn came.
Haruto gave the rare knowledge and skills of making soap that he knew. Rea remembered it all like a sponge absorbing water.

But Haruto didn’t know much either. Back on Earth, it was on the level of a hobby. And it became his main business after he came to a different world.

But Rea was dissatisfied. So Rea started looking herself. Mobilizing all the knowledge she’s learned so far.
And she thought. Can’t she make this glycerin?

Dad says it’s just good against the impurity on your skin……but that’s such a waste!

Rea thought so and began to study glycerin.
But research costed money.

Someone that would give an eight-year-old girl a lot of money……was right here.

It was Haruto.
Haruto, stricken by the incurable disease called foolish parent, was willing to provide funds and human resources. Of course, he had the expectation that she could do it, but didn’t think that she could really make anything.

Two years passed. And Rea created an explosive by reacting with nitric acid. Nitroglycerin.
As expected, Haruto was surprised. And not only that, Rea created dynamite by combining black powder and nitroglycerin which were then made publicly available.

As expected, Haruto was anxious. When this happened, you have to report it to the country.

Haruto rushed to the Imperial City to report on the dynamite.

“Is it true that he was called Haruto Asuma? I mean, I didn’t think that he could make something new in five years after it went public”
Emperor Westoria praised Haruto in good spirits.

The Fire Elixir was originally a national defense secret and its manufacturing process was hidden. However, new inventions couldn’t be created if they’re kept secret.
Emperor Westoria decided to release it.
At this stage, a country that could exchange swords with the empire……didn’t exist. Nevertheless, many vassals strongly opposed the disclosure of important secrets so easily. But Emperor Westoria pushed them hard.

Because of this reason, Emperor Westoria was delighted.

Haruto concealed that it was his daughter who made the dynamite

Emperor Westoria loved talented people.
And he also liked women. This fact was repeatedly reported.

If he talked about Rea, a genius, a beautiful girl and an angel that flew down from the heavens to such an Emperor, that guy would definitely try to hire her.

Haruto thought so.

Naturally, Westoria didn’t force him. It’s no use putting a person without loyalty near him.
And he wasn’t a lolicon. The bottom line for Westoria was 14 years old. As expected, he’s not evil enough to touch a ten-year-old girl.

However, Emperor Westoria was a good-looking guy. Although he’s old, his handsome face was still attractive.

Therefore, it was quite possible that Rea could be deceived. Haruto thought so.

By the way, dynamite had a condition that only companies specified by the country could manufacture and only at a specified amount. Asuma Shokai would be responsible for 40% of the supply of dynamite, and it would later become the core product supporting the Asuma Conglomerate but that’s another story.

Back to the topic.

Rea lost interest in soap after making dynamite.
The second thing Rea became interested in was history.

She read books about history and, in a year, deepened her understanding to the point where she pointed out mistakes in Roa’s knowledge which made her cry.
In another year, she deepened her knowledge so much that she could discuss it with history experts.

At this point, Rea’s interests shifted from history to mythology.
Rea learned the myth of the world.

Rea became interested in ancient languages as she unraveled myths and history.
And at that time, she deciphered ancient words that could not be deciphered and became famous all at once. When Rea was still 15 years old.

Haruto was summoned by Westoria.
This time, the deception didn’t work and he talked about Rea and how Rea also developed the dynamite.

“Call the child.”

One can’t go against the edict. Haruto brought Rea to Emperor Westoria while crying.

Emperor Westoria said with perverted eyes, especially after looking at her chest and hair.
“Why don’t you come to the state-run research institute? I think your dad would be proud.”

Emperor Westoria recruited Rea with such a trick. Rea looked at Emperor Westoria with sleepy, uninterested eyes and refused everything.

“I see. Was it shaken? I’m shocked because the girl didn’t have much experience……”
Emperor Westoria said so with a frustrated look and dismissed the two people.

After the two left, Emperor Westoria put his hand on his forehead.

“Aaa! But, 『Samurai’s Blessing』……I wish I have it. A blessing that increases your abilities for things you’re interested in. I wish she was interested in politics and the military.”
Westoria lamented with a frustrated voice.

Thus, Rea’s chastity was protected.

Rea lost interest in archeology after finishing the decryption.

Next, Rea became interested in philosophy. So Rea began reading philosophy books.

Now, 19 years old, she published a book on philosophy.


There’s a man named Roz.

He was a child born between Serius and Maria.

Roz was born with the 『Blessing of Battle』 and did not inherit Serius’ 『Blessing of the God of War』.

At the age of 12, Roz defeated his father and gained the reputation of Sword Saint.

Not because Serius waned.
Roz was just that strong.

Serius’ swordsmanship was poor.
He just used his inhuman strength to swing his sword.
That’s it.

Still, Serius was strong enough by himself.
In the first place, snowfield people and desert people don’t learn martial arts.

Their enemy was dragons. Martial arts would be useless.

But Roz lived in Claris. An ordinary human town.
He had the opportunity to touch martial arts.

Roz studied martial arts and defeated Serius.

A new enemy stood before Roz beyond his father.


Roz was 12 years old.
It was around the age of being aware of girls.
The closest girl to Roz was Rea.
They’ve been playing together from an early age and Roz treated her as his sister.

Rea was 16 at that time.
Around the time when her chest expanded.

Roz suffered from seeing Rea become increasingly erotic.

And Rea was a very vulnerable child.

For Rea, men prepare the seeds while women prepare the flower pot.
That’s her degree of recognition.

There was virtually no vigilance towards this brother.

Half asleep, she somehow misaligned the buttons and showed her bra.
Opening the button just because it’s hot then leaning forward and showing Roz her cleavage.
Her skirt would also flip if the wind blows.

At the end of the day, just because Roz had seen her before, she tried to change clothes in the same room.

One summer day, Roz called out to Rea.
To scold the defenseless Rea.

After finishing their order at the cafe, Roz went straight to the main subject.


Rea spilled the water. This was a common thing for Rea.

It was the summer season.
In summer, everyone wore thin fabrics.

Rea was also wearing a white dress.

What happens if water spilled on the dress?

“Achaー, it spilled. Lend me a handkerchief.”

Roz’s gaze was nailed to Rea’s chest.
Surprisingly, Rea was wearing erotic underwear, and it was a very erotic thing where you could subtly see through it.

He had often seen under skirts and bras but sheer bras were new to Roz.

“Ne~, are you listening?”

Rea approached Roz. Long eyelashes, good smelling ruby red hair, black pearly eyes, sexy lips, and D-cup sized breasts.


Roz felt his pants get wet with something.

Roz thus experienced puberty and his first love at the same time.


I like Rea.

Roz realized that.

I want us to hold hands.
I want us to go on a date.
I want us to go to the theater and laugh while watching the starry sky on the way home.
I want to do something like that.
I want to kiss her and show off in the middle of the main street.
I want to devour her lips.
I want to grab those flexible twin hills.
I want to massage them.
I want to pat them.

I want to have sex. I want to have sex. I want to have sex.

But for Roz, Rea was an overpriced flower.

A beautiful girl, a genius, her mother from the famous Albertini family who had a connection to the Imperial family dating back a millennia, her father could reach the Emperor’s eyes, and Rea herself had the ability to be recruited by the Emperor. She’s also the first heir of Asuma Shokai, which was expanding its influence not only in Kiris but also throughout the Empire.

On the other hand, who was Roz?
A self-proclaimed Sword Saint which was a title given by Prince Pentax who died.
His father was the Deputy Director of the Mercenary Division but that’s all.
Her mother was in line to inherit an inn but it’s the level of a fly compared to Asuma Shokai.

Rea could choose a noble as a son-in-law rather than a mercenary’s son. Roz thought so.

Roz was afraid of the X-day when Rea would say, “I’m getting married and can’t meet any man other than my fiancee. I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

And a year passed.
X-day did not appear.

In the West, marrying early has always been recommended.
If you are not married at the age of 20 or older, either your face was ugly or there were deep circumstances.
If you’re over 25, then you’re a lost cause.

Rea was 17 years old. And still not married.
Not even a suitor.

Roz didn’t know but Haruto was the culprit.

Haruto had refused all conditions of the matchmaking party.

This guy has a mercenary history. No good.
This guy has the bloodline of a mercenary. No good.
This guy could take over Asuma Shokai. No good.
This guy has another lover than Rea. No good.
This guy just wants to marry a beautiful woman. No good.
This guy has a bad drinking habit. No good.
This guy is doing suspicious drugs. No good.
This guy is violent. No good.
This guy could only brag. No good.
This guy is an idiot who has nothing to do except study. No good.
This guy is poor. No good.
This guy is stupid. No good.
This guy only has his face. No good.
This guy is too hairy. No good.
This guy has a special habit. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s face. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s chest. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s thighs. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s ass. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s hair. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s side. No good.
This guy only looks at Rea’s ears. No good.
This guy……
This guy……

And so on. Exercising the power of his 『Mind-heart Blessing』 to check their personality, and immediately crossing them out which took little time. Haruto wanted Rea to be as happy as him. So it should be from their heart.

Roz didn’t know that.
But he knew he had a chance.
It was wild intuition.

Roz finally confessed to Rea. Under a collection of 999 roses

“I like you. Please go out with me! !”
Rea received a romantic confession that any girl in the world would long for. The answer was……

“Sorry. I like Roz, but not like that.”


Roz cried in his room. The first time he ever cried since his birth.

After all, Rea and him don’t match.
Isn’t that good? Rea would probably be happy at whoever Haruto chose for her.
If you’re a man, celebrate a woman’s happiness.
He’s delusional enough. Let’s live alone for the rest of our lives.

Roz thought with a jerk.

At that time, the door opened.

“Oi, Roz. Why are you crying!”
“Cause I got dumped……”

Serius beat Roz.

“So what do you do? Confess twice or three times if the first one didn’t work. Challenge it until you get caught for stalking! !”
Serius shouted.

“That’s enough! I’m happy if Rea’s happy. I really love her, so if she’s happy……”
“You’re kidding.”
Serius grabbed Roz’s clothes.
“Don’t comfort yourself with harsh words, you idiot!! You want Rea-chan didn’t you? Didn’t you! ? Then imagine. Rea-chan was hugging another man. Imagine their figures loving each other in bed! Her appearance when her belly swelled with another man’s child and patting it lovingly! So you’re okay with that? Will you be happy?”

Roz’s face distorted in disgust and he shook his head.

“Then go and get dumped again! !”

Roz jumped up and ran from Serius’ words.
To Rea.

“Ne-san―no, Rea! Go out with me!”

“Please go out with me!”
“I’m not interested.”

“Just a little bit!”
“……so noisy.”

Two years passed.


“Rea! Plea-”
“Shut up, stalker!”
Rea struck Roz’s cheeks.

After looking at Rea with sad eyes, Roz then said.
“…I’ll stop for today. I’ll come again tomorrow”
“Don’t come anymore!”
Rea threw tomatoes at Roz. Roz’s clothes were dyed in red.

The surroundings.

“Did he get dumped again?”
“When you see that, you feel like the day has began.”
“How awful. Just accept it already.”
“I’m more sorry for Rea. To have a guy like that.”
“Damn, he got dumped. I lost again.”
“You always bet that those two would get together. Why?”
“I feel sorry for Roz. And the chance of success is one to a thousand right now.”
“What a shady business. Making a man and woman’s romance an official gambling game.”
“But that’s just like a Claris merchant.”
“Gyahaha, that’s it! This city is still interesting.”
“Now that you say it, did you know? He already confessed to Rea-chan 200,000 times.”
“That’s huge. But is there anyone betting?”
“I guess there’s a guy doing it there. But nobody really want to.”
“But Roz is not that ugly and also very strong, right? I heard that he even destroyed a band of bandits alone before this.”
“Isn’t he normally a prime son-in-law?”
“He’s a guy who could choose any woman.”
“Can he even afford it? Haruto-san seemed to have turned down another one again.”
“Who is it now?”
“It’s the second son of a great Countess in Central.”
“Is that true? How did he get turned down?”
“I heard it’s about his guts.”
“Rea-chan might really marry late.”
“Just one more year……”
“Maybe I should give it a go?”
“You can’t. You’ll be sent to jail just on your face”

Rea sighed upon hearing their voices.

Rea didn’t hate Roz. She still think of him as her cute little brother.
But it’s about time he stopped.

It’s also unpleasant to be gossiped by the people around her.

Rea didn’t want to get married in the first place.
She wanted a child but gave up after hearing Roa and Aisha’s words of “Giving birth is like making a watermelon come out of your nose.”
She didn’t want it if it’s that hard.

Rea shut out the teasing voices by covering her ears and moving away from that spot.

If she walked for a while, she would come to a place with little traffic.

Finally, she felt like she finally got a break and was relieved when a voice called out to her.
Three guys appeared.
Not Kirisian.
You can infer that they’re Germanic from their dress and accent.

Rea had a bad feeling.
As dull as Rea was, she knew the three were looking at her body with a disgusting gaze.

“No, we’re lost. Could you guide us?”

The three surrounded Rea.

“If you go straight from here, you’ll reach the main street.”
“That’s kind of you. Allow us to thank you.”

One person forcibly twisted Rea’s arm. But before she could scream, a cloth was tied to her mouth.


Rea rampaged but couldn’t resist as she was held down by the three men.
One of the men grabbed Rea’s chin and slowly observed Rea’s face.

“……you’re wrong, Rea Asuma.”

Rea was forcibly taken to an alley.

“Cover her!”
Rea got covered with a bag. No matter how much she resisted, her restraints weren’t released.

“We can get enough ransom that we could play our whole lives!”
“After we get the ransom……”
“Sell her as a slave of course. I won’t recommend returning her.”
“That’s trueー”
“She would sell high.”
“Na~, Will. Can we train her before we sell.”
“Virgins sell higher……but there is the ransom.”
“If the hole is in good shape, let’s make her an exclusive slave without selling.”
“I like that.”

Rea rampaged even more upon hearing their words. In a situation where her limbs were tied, her mouth was covered with a cloth, and she was in a bag, no matter how much she rampaged, it was useless.

If she rampaged for a while more, she would get a shock on her belly. Then she’d feel nausea and a dull pain.

“Be quiet.”

Hearing their words, Rea stopped rampaging. She’s scared.

“Now then, I’ll put our package in the carriage.”
“If you put it among the hay, it wouldn’t be seen.”
“I don’t want to stay at this place any longer.”

After hearing such conversation and after a while, the amount of light that entered the bag decreased. She was buried among the hay.

It might already be useless.

As soon as she thought so, tears spilled from Rea’s eyes.

Dad, mom, Aisha-san……help me……)

As Rea thought so, the voice of a man reached Rea’s ears.

“Hey, the carriage over there! Stop!”
It was Roz’s voice.

“What do you want?”
“I’m Roz. I want to see inside the hay.”
“What authority do you have to do that, ni-chan?”
“I don’t have the authority. But I smell a woman―Rea from that hay. I want to make sure.”
“Don’t wanna. You idi-guah!”

A man’s scream suddenly rose up. Then the sound of something breaking followed by a moan.

Sounds of someone pushing the hay sounded out.

“Are you okay, Rea!!”
Light came from above. Rea raised her head and found Roz there. He looked 70% cooler than usual.

Rea was hugging herself. Then she wept in Roz’s chest. Roz embraced Rea without saying anything.

Then minutes later, Rea looked up. She could see Roz’s face.

Are-, when did I lose in height?

Two years ago, Rea was taller. Rea realized that she hadn’t looked at Roz properly for two years.

(He had such a solid body……)

Rea was surprised by the feel of Roz’s muscles.

Rea looked at the tomato and her own tear stains on Roz’s clothes. A feeling suddenly struck Rea’s chest.

“Nn? What are you apologizing about? It’s natural for a man to protect his favorite girl.”

Roz told Rea with a smile.

As soon as she heard those words and saw that smile, Rea heard the sound of something falling from her heart.

It was three days after she was rescued that she realized that sound was the sound of her falling in love.

For three days, Rea didn’t want to meet Roz and stayed in her room, so she hadn’t received Roz’s confession.


Rea opened her closet as soon as she woke up then wore the clothes that her mother forced her for her marriage appointments. With her makeup unusually done, she visited Roz’s house.

“Ne~, is Roz-kun here?”
“Ma~, Rea-chan. I’ll call him now.”
Maria said that while calling out to Roz.

“R-rea! W-what happened?”
Roz popped out in such a hurry that he’s still in his sleepwear.
“Ne~ Roz-kun.”

“Marry me.”


Roz had his eyes wide open.

“……I suppose it’s no use. I dumped Roz-kun a lot, treated you like a stalker and even threw tomatoes at you……”
Rea lowered the tone of her voice. Almost as if an insect was talking.

“Na, Rea?”
Rea answered with teary eyes.

“Can you pull my cheeks?”
Rea tilted her head then pulled Roz’s cheeks

“It hurts……it’s not a dream……”

Roz embraced Rea.

“Rea, there are no lies in those words, right?”
Roz almost strangled Rea.

“Alright, let’s get married. Let’s get married right now. Let’s immediately go to Haruto-san! !”
“H-hurts, Roz-kun, it hurts……”

“No way. Not allowed. Absolutely impossible!!”

Haruto’s voice resounded.

Author’s Note:

Threesome, “Us and the Cupid of Love”.
Sorry for the template.
The name of the leader of the rapists and the cupid that will appear in my new work will also be Will.
Will will also appear in the new work.

Next time, Romance III.
The Great Demon King Haruto stood before their love.
Haruto proposed conditions for their marriage.
But’s it’s a condition with a risk of death……

DWBS SS2: Romance I
DWBS SS4: Romance III

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