FG006: Dig Out The Root

FG 005: Inevitable Disputes
FG007: A Different Person

How could these little actions escape Xu Ping Qiu’s eyes? He smiled inwardly, and pretended to ask Doubao: “You’re Dou Xiaobo? I’m a little surprised. Your shooting scores are good, and even your scores in criminal investigation subjects are not bad. Why? You don’t even dare try?”

“Hey, yo, who said I don’t want to? Yu Zui didn’t let me go.” Dou Xiaobo unconsciously spilled the beans.

Xu Ping Qiu didn’t give the other party a chance to think, and immediately asked: “He didn’t let you? Do you need someone else to take charge of your own affairs? If you don’t dare take the challenge, don’t push the responsibility on your classmates.”

“It’s the truth, he wouldn’t let me go. He said it was a pit, and that us brothers would die… he even tore the form filled out by Mouse, I mean, Yan DeBiao.” Doubao blurted out to clear his name. Mouse, who was watching by the side, saw Xu Ping Qiu’s expression was wrong and kicked him under the chair. Doubao realized his mistake and immediately stopped.

“Haha, die? Haha, this is a high-risk profession, don’t you already know that?” Xu Ping Qiu bluntly said, and indifferently continued: “I will give you some examples. In a Shanghai case, a suspect rushed into the police station to kill and stab six policemen with a knife. Not far from there, in Dalian, a traffic policeman on duty was beaten to death by a group while they were punishing the driver who caused the accident. Also, in Shuozhou City, our province, a policeman, who caught a thief stealing wallets, was stabbed and killed. Also, this year, our neighboring province, Baoji City, was involved in a car accident while escorting a suspect. Two of the three prison guards died and one was seriously injured, but that one suspect was fine… danger is everywhere. As far as modern life diet, car accidents, and environmental pollution are concerned, dangers are everywhere. Do you think there will be an absolutely safe place in the world? The most dangerous place is not the front line, but the dinner table, don’t you think so?”

It felt a bit ridiculous to explain the danger this way, so several students laughed. Xu Ping Qiu saw that the atmosphere was good, and continued: “Danger favors cowards, so the more afraid you are of death, the faster you’ll die… haha, but I don’t think you two are like that.”

“Of course we’re not like that, else I won’t be a criminal policeman.” Doubao patted his chest. He naturally didn’t want to be looked down upon.

“We’re not like that, not at all. Among our class and us brothers, there are no cowards.” Mouse also said.

They really have the courage. After all, the boys in this police academy were really different from their peers. As soon as the two said so, the remaining ones also joined. Xu Ping Qiu said in relief: “I see. I also graduated from this school. Among the other schools, the quality is better than ordinary people… hey, by the way, isn’t this Yu Zui classmate a bit timid? Why is this name so strange?”

Like talking to himself, he muttered “further guilt” was a legal concept that means concealing unexplained crimes, but having the surname Yu and given name Zui was a bit weird. Hearing this, Mouse said with a smile: “He is a little weird.”

“You guys… also think he’s weird?” Xu Ping Qiu turned around and asked the students.

This question evoked both new and old hatred. The girl named Yi Min, who was provoked by Yu Zui this morning, gritted her teeth and said: “He’s a bastard that even bullies girls.”

“Is he? That’s too much.” Xu Ping Qiu felt that he was about to come into contact with something that the provided data didn’t touch. Against a common enemy, he inadvertently stood on their side.

“It’s not the usual too much, he’s really too much.” Another boy broke the news.

It seemed like their hatred had turned into outrage as they condemned Yu Zui as a villain who must be reported. Another girl said, if you say a nasty sentence, he can scold you ten sentences and turn around as if nothing happened. Another boy said this man was so treacherous that he never lost a bet during a card game. If he owed him dozens of dollars, he would keep chasing and asking for it even when going to the toilet. Another said more fiercely that this guy would always violate the rules, smoking, fighting, drinking, skipping classes, and cheating in exams, yet all of them weren’t recorded. He was a black sheep, so much that the criminal investigation classes were pulled down every year due to his credit. Even more fierce was Yi Min, who seemed to have a lot of resentment for Yu Zui. She talked about a lot of bad things that Yu Zui did, from giving the girls disgusting nicknames to discrediting the whole class, all those things were unforgivable.

This was strange, so strange that Xu Ping Qiu asked: “No way, there are still people with such low moral standards in the police academy? If there is a punishment, I should be able to see it in his profile.”

“Ah, that’s because of his shamelessness.” Yi Min counted on her fingers and said that he had done a good job. He was a school volunteer worker and would always volunteer. In public, he’d act like Lei Feng (T/N:model of altruism and dedication to the Party by propaganda from 1963 onwards), but he could immediately become the poisonous Ouyang Feng (a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes and its sequel; depicted as a ruthless villain who resorts to all sorts of unscrupulous means to achieve his goal).

“Is he so poisonous?” Xu Ping Qiu didn’t believe the girl’s words. He looked at the boys and asked in surprise: “Then this black sheep should have been expelled long ago, how is he still lurking until now?”

“Unspoken rules!?” Another boy took it for granted and gave Xu Ping Qiu a universal answer. The only reason he’s still lurking until now was the unspoken rules. Although he didn’t say it clearly, Xu Ping Qiu could hear the hidden meaning alluding to buying the teacher.

Xu Ping Qiu was surprised by this evaluation. He didn’t expect that seemingly ordinary boy to be so extraordinary. Mouse and Doubao were silent while the others bashed Yu Zui. At this time, Xu Ping Qiu judged that these two and Yu Zui were buddies. He smiled and asked: “Yan DeBiao, Dou Xiaobo, why don’t you two comment? Are they true?”

“That, that’s, he’s just a bit evil, but he’s not that cheap.” Mouse smiled and found something nice to say to his buddy. Then Doubao said with embarrassment: “It shouldn’t be that exaggerated. With so many adjectives, it’s not that objective.”

The two were on the opposing side, but no matter how they defended, they couldn’t speak out confidently. Xu Ping Qiu could hear the underlying meaning. These two, Mouse and Doubao, were buddies with Yu Zui and put their principles aside. But with the others’ outrage, afraid these two would suffer greatly. He was about to speak, but the girl named Yi Min sneered. In a disdainful and sarcastic tone at Mouse, she said: “You two are just embarrassed to say that you have harmed your classmates in the same way and that the class will not let you go. As the scourge of this term, don’t teach bad things the next term too. If you live in the police academy for two more years, you will all become rich.”

“What do you mean?” Xu Ping Qiu didn’t understand. Mouse and Doubao rolled their eyes and stared at Yi Min fiercely. Yi Min wasn’t afraid of them and was about to spill the beans and talk about their gambling. Unexpectedly, the door banged, and Yu Zui, who was told to get things, came back. When he entered the door and handed him the bag, Xu Ping Qiu knew that this gossip investigation was over. Yu Zui slowly walked over and felt that something was different. Why were all these people staring at him like he’s an alien? Their eyes were so weird that he couldn’t figure it out. He uncertainly said: “Why look at me like this? Hey, I’m not handsome enough to make you look so much, right?”

No one spoke and they just looked at Yu Zui. Thinking that he’s a little villain who would speak badly behind others’ backs, Xu Ping Qiu smiled. He patted Yu Zui’s shoulder and said: “Not necessarily. If we stand together, you will be more handsome than me.”

With just a glance at Xu Ping Qiu’s wrinkled black face, Yu Zui frowned, it’s really not comparable. A few laughed, then Xu Ping Qiu continued: “Classmates, I’ll give everyone another chance. Today, I brought internal cases. Even if you don’t participate in the elite selection, there is no harm in observing. I officially invite you to join. Of course, anyone who regrets and wants to enter the selection is too late.”

After saying those things, Xu Ping Qiu walked directly outside the door. Once the classroom door was opened, he waited. Yi Min was a little frustrated and was the first one to go. When one person ran, the rest followed. All those who did not sign up followed Yi Min out. Even Doubao wasn’t firm anymore and squeakily ran away, fearing that Yu Zui would grab him to ask. Yu Zui finally grabbed the slow-moving Mouse, and Mouse made a hippie smile: “Yu, ah, let’s talk about it after watching. Don’t stare, I’m not that handsome.”

Taking advantage of Yu Zui being distracted, Mouse broke free and slipped away. They all ran to the media room, and in the blink of an eye, there was only one person left. He looked at Xu Ping Qiu, who was standing at the door with a smile, and said with uncertainty: “What happened? Why are they so strange?”

“They’re not strange, you’re the one who’s strange. Are you interested in watching?” Xu Ping Qiu asked peacefully. Yu Zui’s eyes were uncertain, but he shook his head. Xu Ping Qiu smiled and said: “Can you tell me why? As a criminal police student who is about to graduate, I don’t understand why you have no interest in your major.”

“No, I do. I’m just not interested in seeing the process when I already know the result. Those detective novels that didn’t reveal the culprit yet are more exciting.” Yu Zui sternly said.

These words made Xu Ping Qiu silent for a while before he understood the meaning. That’s right, what he bought was a few beautiful cases done by the Criminal Investigation Department. Frankly speaking, he’s also not interested in these examples made for external propaganda. It’s just superficial work, but he found it strange. These words shouldn’t be said by a student who had not been exposed to the case.

“Interesting. When you become a police officer in the future, there will be a lot of suspense that will satisfy your interests.” Xu Ping Qiu said thoughtfully. Yu Zui’s eyes flashed with confusion and perplexity. He did not wait for this cadet to ask questions as he closed the door gently, and left.

Yu Zui originally thought that this old policeman, who was used to inciting rookies to jump into the pit, must have left him out for something. Unexpectedly, he left after an inexplicable sentence, which surprised him a bit. He sat down and analyzed the words of that old policeman. At his age, afraid he couldn’t understand this veteran policeman, who looked worried about the country and the people. What became clearer was that he’s the only one in the huge classroom. In his heart, there was a sense of loss. And in his daze, he seemed a bit disappointed…

FG 005: Inevitable Disputes
FG007: A Different Person

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