RTBAS 005: Little Guy, I’ll Clean You Up

RTBAS 004: Married
RTBAS 006: Negotiating With A Human Vegetable

The little guy gave orders like a little adult, but unfortunately, he still had a milky voice, which only made this scene funny.

Xiao Ting immediately curled her lips and pointed at him, “I said, who are you? You still smell of milk yet you’re pretending to be mature. Do you want to make me laugh?”

Everyone looked at the new master and didn’t know how to act.

The young master of their family hated others saying that he’s young because he’s determined to protect his father.

Sure enough, the boy’s face sank. He pursed his lower lip then turned around and said, “Why are you still here? Still not going?”

“B-but she’s the Princess!” Everyone hesitated, and some quietly struggled.

“Wang, you dunce, father didn’t accept her so it didn’t count. Hurry up.” When the boy said so, he pushed and kicked some out.

The others knew that the little master was angry, so they all rushed over.

“Want to fight?” Xiao Ting’s eyes lit up as she laughed, “I like that the most.”

A quarter of an hour later, in the open space of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion’s gate, a group of people was wailing and rolling on the ground. The culprit, Xiao Ting, clapped her hands with joy as she said, “So weak, isn’t this a palace? Then there should be peerless masters.”

She just said what she thought and didn’t mean anything else, but it sounded like mockery to the boy’s ears.

The little boy jumped out of the imperial chair, waved his hand, and said, “Ah’Da, Ah’Er, take care of this stinky woman, who dared to fight in the Ninth Prince’s Mansion.”

Two men appeared out of thin air, and Xiao Ting was taken aback for a moment. If it weren’t for the blue sky and sun above, she would have thought this was hell.

Ah’Da and Ah’Er specialized in protecting the little master, so they only listen to the words of the young master. Although they knew that the woman in front of them was their future mistress, they must remember the master’s order and absolutely listen to the young master.

Xiao Ting only exchanged one move with these two people to know that she wasn’t their opponent. She immediately ran to the gate.

A smile appeared on the boy’s little fleshy face as he thought: As long as you run away, this prince will go to Emperor Uncle to ask for a divorce.

The next moment, his expression froze.

Xiao Ting ran to the gate and suddenly yelled, “Indecent, the guards of the Ninth Prince’s Mansion are assaulting this Princess!”

A bolt from the blue instantly hit Ah’Da and Ah’Er’s head. These two peerless masters almost fell to the ground.

It was such a big deal for Sixth Miss Xiao to marry that everyone in the Imperial City was paying attention. They don’t even know how many eyes were staring outside.

At this moment, they were dumbfounded at hearing this and then hated that they couldn’t stretch their eyes and see what’s happening inside the gates.

“You-you are not allowed to talk nonsense.”

The young prince was also stunned for a long while. This plot was wrong.

Xiao Ting pulled at the wedding gown on her body and tore it into tatters, then shouted again, “Master, you wake up quickly. If you don’t wake up, my innocence will be destroyed by this group of bully slaves.”

“You-you shut up…”

The boy was flustered as he moved forward.

Xiao Ting stood at the gate and everyone could see her back and her sorry state. She threatened in a low voice, “Boy, if you don’t obediently let this Miss come into the house today, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“You…” Although the little prince was smart, he had never seen such a shameless person.

“Anyway, what’s lost is the face of the Ninth Prince’s Palace and even the Ninth Prince will wear a green hat. This Miss wouldn’t care…” Xiao Ting shook her body and took two steps back, pretending to stagger.

“You woman, don’t you feel ashamed?”

“What?” Xiao Ting winked at him then chuckled: “Are you making me laugh? My face is already lost, how can I lose more? Besides, didn’t you find out my reputation as the little witch?”

After she finished speaking in a devilish manner, the young prince’s face went blue and purple, obviously about to explode.

As for Ah’Da and Ah’Er, they couldn’t wait to get far away from Xiao Ting.

They didn’t want to discredit their master’s face.

“What do you want to do?”

The little prince looked at the people around him and everyone backed away, obviously afraid of this stinky woman, so he could only reluctantly give in.

“I’ll give you an hour to clean up the palace and make it more festive. This miss doesn’t like depressing things and living with a group of dead people.”

“Fine, but you have to find a way to save this situation.”

“You have my word.” Xiao Ting thought she’s smiling very kindly, but in the eyes of everyone else, there’s only a word to describe it.


“You really scared me to death. Are you greeting this Princess like this?” After speaking out loud, Xiao Ting straightened her clothes, waved her hand, and said, “Go, let’s go and worship*.”

*拜堂, bàitáng, ritual kneeling to heaven and earth by bride and groom in an old-fashioned wedding ceremony

RTBAS 004: Married
RTBAS 006: Negotiating With A Human Vegetable

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