FG 005: Inevitable Disputes

FG 004: Buddy Love
FG006: Dig Out The Root

“You really wrote that? Are you bragging?” Doubao couldn’t believe it and stared at Zhang Meng.

Zhang Meng, also called Mule, was a typical Northern man with a strong neck, shoulders and waist. He would often go naked to show off his muscles, so he got the nickname of Mule. But Mule was very honest as he resolutely said: “Yeah, I wrote it like that. If it weren’t for my mother, I would not come here and be forced to enter the police academy. If this brother didn’t come here, I would most likely be a coal mine boss by now.”

“It’s over, you missed the elite. Maybe there are elites who are moms, and they’ll force you out.” Mouse was having fun ridiculing Mule, who opened his eyes wide and seemed a bit wronged. He hadn’t thought of a retort yet, but unexpectedly, the more tricky Yu Zui spoke first. He smiled and said: “Mule, you’re making a fool of yourself.”

“What fool? I’m telling the truth, so why am I a fool?” Zhang Meng was not convinced.

“When the recruiter looks back and asks you why you were a policeman, the reason you said was: Your mother. Forced you.” Yu Zui said with a stern face. Finished, they burst out laughing. Mouse laughed the most fiercely, so much that the flesh on his cheeks trembled. When he accidentally bumped heads with Doubao, the two of them punched each other with their fists, and the audience laughed louder. Zhang Meng’s face and ears went red as he said: “Yu Zui, I’ll choke you to death.”

Yu Zui laughed, leaned back, and crossed his arms against the incoming fist. He deflected the big hand extended by Zhang Meng, then turned sideways and left his seat, slipping off like a loach and running through the classroom corridor. Zhang Meng chased after him fiercely while the classroom was full of people doing their own things. No one cared about this common slapstick comedy, but some added fuel to the fire while clapping and stomping:

“Go, Mule, beat him.”

After running around the podium, Zhang Meng couldn’t catch the slippery Yu Zui even after reaching out several times. Either he avoided it, or he was lightly blocked. The two were originally opponents in combat training. Zhang Meng, a powerful man, lost more and won less, but he was never convinced of Yu Zui’s skills as he chased after him. Yu Zui deflected his fist again. He took advantage of that opening and while smirking, he opened the door and ran outside the classroom. Unexpectedly, he ran in a hurry so he hit someone with a bang when he went out.

“Ouch…” A girl exclaimed. Like a frightened deer, her arms curled up to protect her chest.

“Ouch…” Yu Zui also deliberately screamed. Striking at the evil man, An Jialu hit him. Yu Zui was flustered at being suddenly attacked and nervous at seeing her protect her chest. He also curled his arms like a frightened deer, and shouted: “Does it hurt?”

In fact, Yu Zui wasn’t hurt at all. He stroked his elbow. The soft feeling he touched just now was so elastic that it made him drunk.

Wah, so shameless. Zhang Meng, who looked like a Mule, blushed. The front row classmates saw this and burst out laughing. An Jialu was angry and scolded them: “Yu Zui, isn’t it? Believe it or not, I will find someone to destroy you.”

“I believe it.” Yu Zui nodded while shivering, stunned by the apricot eyes and pretty face covered with frost. He said very resolutely: “Why find someone? If you do it yourself, I’ll happily die by the hands of the police academy’s beauty.”

“Hmph, you wait.” An Jialu knew that for this shameless boy, the more she said, the more energetic they’d be. She snorted and entered the classroom. Two girls were with her. One was beauty An’s best friend called Yi Min. As they entered the room, she turned her head and scolded Yu Zui: “Yu Zui, you can really be thick-skinned, ah? You can be the target sheet and let a dozen bullets penetrate you.”

“What do you mean thick? He’s simply shameless.” The other one, Ye Qiaoling, also scolded.

“Ai, wait, wait.” Yu Zui reached out and stopped the two girls. They weren’t on his level since police academy girls had a natural disadvantage. When he stopped them, the two girls stared unconvincingly: “What’s wrong, want to practice?”

“No, no. I mean, how do you know that your skin can be a target paper?” Yu Zui suddenly asked. The two girls were taken aback. Yu Zui then smiled and said: “It’s no wonder that your two faces were as horrible as being hit by a bullet.”

After that, he didn’t wait for the girls to react before running away. After being dazed for a bit, the girls’ complexions changed to anger, but they had nowhere to vent. Zhang Meng, who was an innocent man in this situation, was scolded by the two girls while being pointed at the nose:

“There’s no good thing in your criminal investigation class.”

You always don’t know how the disputes between classmates happen, but every time it happened, it’s always enough to hold your belly for a long time. Zhang Meng’s face was not as thick as Yu Zui, so he was embarrassed to return to the classroom. He was about to go downstairs to chase after Yu Zui. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the top of the staircase, Yu Zui ran up and dragged Zhang Meng while walking: “Quickly, the instructor is coming. He looked really depressed. It should be because his holiday was delayed, or that he didn’t get any. Not this nonsense of recruiting an elite.”

“What’s wrong with recruiting elites? It’s a good thing.” Zhang Meng disagreed.

“What bullshit. If a young lady from a big mountain is looking to hire a big man, the police academy’s hooligans will run all over the streets. Our place can produce elites? What a joke.” Yu Zui said.

“Can’t you have a sense of shame? Do you think everyone in the world is despicable and shameless like you? You even bully other girls.” Zhang Meng retorted, demanding Yu Zui to speak. Unexpectedly, Yu Zui turned his head and looked serious, as he lowered his head and said: “Mule, what I want to say in the open is not like what some people shouted toward An Jialu. When I accidentally bumped into her, why do you feel distressed?”

“Who… who feels distressed?” Zhang Meng covered up, as if trying to conceal something. Yu Zui smiled, curling his arms and rubbing his chest, whispering: “Oh, don’t feel bad, ah… do you want to know how it feels when I hit that place? Aiyo, it’s soft, and really flexible.”

Yu Zui knew that Mule was also one of An Jialu’s admirers, so he pretended a few times intentionally to see Zhang Meng’s irritated frown. If the instructor and the two recruiters came, they’d most likely chase out Yu Zui. The two rushed into the classroom and sat in the corner of the last row as usual. Zhang Meng, the innocent little Mule, looked at An Jialu from time to time since she really seemed to be in pain. However, when she talked to Jie Bing, he sighed, really depressed. Yu Zui, Mouse, and Doubao saw this scene, so they naturally snickered.

“Classmates, I already informed your Principal and Instructor this afternoon. Those who signed up will focus on watching a few major case investigation videos. Don’t just watch it. Everyone should review it at night. There’s no requirement, and you can do whatever you want. You can talk about the pros and cons of detection techniques, analyze from the perspective of criminal psychology, and it can also be from the perspective of prevention and control. You can follow Section Chief Shi to the computer room. Who is the monitor? Please lead the team… those who have not registered, stay in the classroom.”

Xu Ping Qiu, who entered the door, went straight to the point. There was the sound of messy footsteps as many people walked out of the classroom. Someone looked back triumphantly when they left. Mouse was dumbfounded. At this moment, he felt a little uncomfortable to stand out from the crowd as he complained to Yu Zui: “Look, I said to follow the trend, but you have to be different. It’s like saying that our consciousness is too low, so we didn’t take initiative.”

“Your awareness of your mouth is too low. Would you suffocate without opening your mouth?” Yu Zui was really unhappy. Both of these brothers were good, but their mouths were broken. When Doubao on the other side wanted to talk, Yu Zui’s hand was quick. He quickly tore a piece of paper, rolled it, then reached out and directly plugged it in.

“Come on, students, sit forward.”

Xu Ping Qiu sent away his colleagues until he was the only one left. The remaining eleven, who did not sign up, seemed reluctantly recruited by him to sit down in the front row. Xu Ping Qiu glanced, two women and nine men. The guy who left him a weird image was among them. He saw the little movement of tearing paper and gagging someone’s mouth just now and subconsciously felt that this guy would be a thorn. At this time, when he sat close and looked at him, he could not accurately describe the physical characteristics of the other party, even with the eyes of an experienced criminal investigator. In other words, his features could not be called characteristic, flathead, medium height, not thick or thin eyebrows, not big or small eyes, not a high or low nose. He didn’t have any special features, unlike the two beside him, both of whom were a little fat, looking like a coke bottle.

“This classmate, can you do me a favor?” Xu Ping Qiu, feeling a little mischievous, touched his pocket, took out a room card and handed it to Yu Zui, who had stood up. He then said: “Go to room 201 of the guest house and fetch my handbag… sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s okay.” Yu Zui took the room card and anxiously ran out.

As soon as he left, Old Xu asked the first one, which was a girl. He asked while looking at the list: “Yi Min, I’m very curious. Why didn’t you sign up? Can you tell me the real reason?”

“My family had contacted a good unit. My parents just have me, so they don’t want me to go too far.” Yi Min honestly said.

“Good, you have your own path. You will certainly be useful in local areas when you learn trace inspection.” Xu Ping Qiu praised, making the girl named Yi Min very happy. Unexpectedly, she was praised by a superior.

With precedent, it’s easy for the others to say it. Four of them were children of public security officers, so they already have recommendations, while the other three have their own goals. No matter what the reason, they were praised by Old Xu. Either praised for having a career goal or to encourage them. Mouse and Doubao were dumbfounded. Those recruiting elites, why were they particularly interested in people who didn’t want to be an elite?

Finally, it was their turn. Xu Ping Qiu changed positions. He sat down in front of Mouse and asked peacefully: “Student Yan Debiao, what about you? Is your destination also a given?”

“No,” Mouse said and shook his head.

“Then why did you give up this opportunity?” Xu Ping Qiu asked.

“This…” Mouse didn’t have any words.

“Oh, if it’s a secret, then I won’t ask.” Xu Ping Qiu generously said. Being ignored made Mouse really disappointed. Unexpectedly, Xu Ping Qiu continued: “I just read your detailed profile. Professional subjects ranked at 91 but including physical stamina and shooting, it’s even lower.”

Looking at Xu Ping Qiu’s smiling eyes, Mouse couldn’t raise his face and embarrassingly said: “Chief Xu, if you already know it, then there’s no need to say it.”

The other classmates all laughed. His professional subjects were average, and he even failed to meet the standards in physical fitness tests. As the bottom of the class, Mouse had cultivated this kind of consciousness for many years. Unexpectedly, Xu Ping Qiu did not smile, but rather solemnly said: “You are wrong. The more shortcomings, the more advantages are concealed. As the saying goes, we are born useful. Everyone had their strong and weak points. You must have strengths beyond ordinary people, but you haven’t discovered it yet.”

“Ouch.” Mouse painfully straightened up and was so inspired that he thankfully said: “Chief Xu, if you were my teacher, I might have become an elite earlier.”

The other students smiled, then Xu Ping Qiu told Mouse: “The elites of the criminal police are not the one who study well, have good marksmanship, and have strong physical ability. I didn’t study well back then and was also punished, even almost being cleared out of the police force.”

“Really? No way?” Doubao didn’t believe it.

“I won’t lie to you. Your Principal, Wang Lang, was my Training Instructor at that time, and he also cleaned me up… back then, it was much stricter than now. As far as I know, the confinement room behind the cafeteria of the police academy should now be closed. If I made a mistake, I was locked up for inspection first, and I was locked up more than once… By the way, my stamina is not as good as yours, but didn’t I become a good policeman now? One is because of experience, which was slowly accumulated, and the other is my brain. You don’t need to have a high IQ, but you have to think like the criminals. This way, you can definitely catch them… do you know the perverted murderer who made a sensation in the province three years ago? That suspect made the police in our province and the whole city helpless. After I took over, I did not dispatch anyone, but spent more than three months running all over the province’s psychiatric hospitals…”

“Why go to a psychiatric hospital?”

“We are ordinary people, and criminals are abnormal. If you don’t have an abnormal thinking, you won’t know when he will come out again. On the basis of a large number of analyses by mental illness experts, what do you think us criminal police did?”

Xu Ping Qiu spoke of ups and downs, catching the heartstrings of this group of students. Pairs of longing and envious eyes blinked, and many people subconsciously asked: “Then what did you do?”

“There was no deployment, but the suspect was directly identified based on the description, and we found his home… This type of detection method relies on the ‘profile’ of the suspect’s behavior pattern. We started a little later than the West, but we are no worse than them. This year, two criminal investigation experts in our department received an invitation from the Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. After an exchange of knowledge, one day, maybe there will be such an elite among you.” Xu Ping Qiu said. Intentionally or unintentionally, they talked about their treatment of staying in the provincial capital and the possible honors. He lifted the vigorous energy of these young students full of blood. At this time, all of them felt a little regret on their faces and felt that not participating in the selection seemed to have been a big mistake. They were almost lost in regret.

Mouse and Doubao was very lost, scratching their heads as the two looked at each other. These two cooperated well in the poker field, and at this moment, their minds were connected, squeezing their eyebrows to convey their opinions. Mouse meant: Hearing the Chief, it seems that there is a chance to win; Doubao meant: But we didn’t even report our name, what should we do?

Even if they were poor students? But poor students also need to have a little ambition!? Both of them wanted to remedy the situation, but it’s also hard to tell the Chief. They also didn’t know if there’s still a chance…

FG 004: Buddy Love
FG006: Dig Out The Root

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