Alien 109: You Try Again

Alien 108: Turned Out To Be A Comrade
Alien 110: Some People Are Always Shy

After realizing that she seemed to have made a mistake, Yi Ti was embarrassed. Looking again at the girl’s innocent eyes, she didn’t look threatened or intimidated. She knew she must have misunderstood something, quickly let go and apologized again and again: “Sorry, I experienced a similar thing before on a bus so I’m a bit sensitive.”

The old man, who looked very villainous, didn’t seem to care about it: “It’s okay. I’m used to it.” Having said so, he laughed, quite like a weasel after stealing a chicken.

Yi Ti: “……” You’re used to being caught as a bad guy? Although she felt bad, somehow, she wasn’t surprised after seeing his smile.

The old man, as if knowing what she thought, sighed with his hands behind his back: “The world always looks at people’s appearances.” When he posed like this, he looked a bit like a hidden master. It’s a pity that the driver didn’t help. There was a sudden stop and with a bang, he hit an iron post with his head then somehow twirled two to three times before launching half his body out the half-open window. He quickly shouted, “Xiao Yun, quickly help your master!”

“Oh.” The girl in white nodded obediently then reached out to grabbed the old man’s waist and gently lifted him up.

After his shout, everyone else was watching the scene on this side. Seeing this, everyone was dumbfounded—— what did this child eat to grow up like this?!

The old man rubbed his head then smiled: “Let me go.”

“Oh.” Lays down.

Yi Ti: “……” W-What is this situation?

The old man rubbed his head then said to Yi Ti: “Little girl, you have enough strength.”

Onlookers: Old man, you’re looking at the wrong person!

“A-Alright.” Yi Ti laughed twice, “Sorry, it was my misunderstanding just now.”

“It’s okay. It’s rare for young people like you to do justice nowadays.” The old man said with emotion.

The praised Yi Ti was a little embarrassed then she heard the other person say: “How about it? Should I calculate your fortune? How about a 50% discount?”

Yi Ti: “……” She wiped her sweat, “no need.”

“You’re welcome. If you think 50% off is too embarrassing, then 40% off.”

“……my stop is here.”



Then, Yi Ti ran away although there was still one stop to her destination. There was no other way, she had no way of dealing with this “selling party” since she was a child because she never wanted to be obvious and say no, so she could only flee every time.

And after she left, the elderly man touched his goatee while looking outside the bus. A smile similar to a weasel was revealed again: “Xiao Yun, bag.”

The girl in white obediently took out a small black cloth bag from her pocket. It was exactly what the old man was preparing to dig.

After he took it, he took a handful of soybeans and while shoving it into his mouth, he shook his head and said: “Interesting.” He slightly softened his tone at the last syllable, appearing to be full of charm.

His hidden master aura seemed to be coming again.

A pity……


The driver made another emergency stop.

“My beans! Xiao Yun! Quickly get me inside!”

“Oh.” The girl easily grabbed his collar and pulled him in.

Onlookers: … this acrobatics?!

Regardless of the messy follow-up, Yi Ti briskly reached her bus stop at this moment. Because it was noon, the street was full of students who had just left school. They had bags on their backs, holding hands with someone or walking alone. This youthful aura was unique to their age.

Whenever she saw this scene, it always gave her an “I’m old” feeling.

She watched the teachers who left amidst the crowd nodding from time to time in response to the students’ greetings. Once upon a time, she was one of them but don’t know when her fate changed and made her go another path. Yi Ti couldn’t help but feel complicated. She didn’t regret it nor did she feel it’s better than before. She just felt that her fate was always changing and very elusive.

“……Yi Ti? Are you Yi Ti?”

Yi Ti suddenly heard someone calling her name. She glanced left and right before fixing her eyes on the woman across the street.

“Lu Wan?” She looked at the other in surprise.

Lu Wan came over and looked Yi Ti up and down, her voice full of surprise: “You’ve changed a lot.”

“Have I?” Yi Ti looked down at herself then patted her hair. After looking at it every day, she didn’t feel any change.

“You’re more beautiful and also more energetic.”

“Uh……thank you.” Yi Ti, who’s not very good at being praised, was a little surprised. She immediately asked, “Why are you here?” The other person was a fellow college graduate. Last year, they found a temporary substitute job at the same school.

“Just like you, my substitute work was canceled.” Lu Wan answered, “So I came to this middle school. How was your exam before?”

Yi Ti was stunned. She remembered that she seemed to have made preparations for an exam, but…… cough cough, she failed. She shook her head a little embarrassedly: “How about you?”

“Same.” Lu Wan spread her hands. She was very calm when she brought it up, “I could only continue to work hard next year. Right, where do you work now? Are you still a teacher?”

“Not anymore.” Yi Ti shook her head, “I opened a flower shop myself. It’s not far ahead.”

“Really?” Lu Wan once again showed a surprised expression, “That’s pretty good, being self-employed!”

Yi Ti smiled, not saying where the house came from. After all, she and Lu Wan were just acquaintances. They just nodded at each other and didn’t even have each other’s phone numbers. But after not being connected for so long, she didn’t know the other party’s recent situation.

“Right, you didn’t go when Ren TingTing got married before.”

Ren TingTing was the colleague who got married on National Day and also a fellow teacher. Yi Ti burst into tears when she received her call because she’s in “absolute poverty” at that time. Although she finally got rid of her economic crisis, because she wanted to hang out with her brother, she didn’t go to the wedding and only sent a big, red envelope.

“En, because something came up, I didn’t go.”

“No wonder.”

After that, they chatted a few more times but both had no plans to prolong it.

Lu Wan had classes in the afternoon while Yi Ti……had someone waiting for her to eat at home!

After greeting each other for a while, the two tacitly prepared to bid farewell.

“Right, give me the address of your flower shop. I’ll patronize it another day.”

“Okay.” Yi Ti nodded and reported the address. Just as she was getting ready to say goodbye, her wrist was suddenly caught by a hand that popped up. She stumbled, then immediately used the movements she learned from the old man on the bus. Her hand shook slightly and slipped out of the opponent’s palm.

Just then, the other hand stretched out and grabbed her wrist again.

Yi Ti: “……” This is a foul!

“What are you doing? Do you have Parkinson?”

Yi Ti: “……” Not only blunt, but it’s also a thief that cries thief!

To talk to her in this tone, who else but Liang Chen? She reluctantly turned her head. Looking at the other, she was surprised to find his solemn expression: “You……”

“Come with me!” With that said, he just wanted to rip her away.

“Wait a minute!”

Liang Chen didn’t want to wait! The problem was that he encountered the same problem as Lu Kong, that was—— no matter how hard he pulled, she remained still, like the towering Mount Tai that wasn’t afraid of wind and rain!

It really made his male self-esteem shatter into dregs!

He said unhappily: “Didn’t you just say goodbye to her just now?”

“……I haven’t even said it, you know?”

“Hurry up then!”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey, Mr. Werewolf, could you not do that?

Lu Wan: “This is……” She looked at Yi Ti in wonder then looked at Liang Chen again. In terms of age, this boy looked like someone’s younger brother, but this tone……no way? Was this why Yi Ti was no longer a teacher? She loved eating tender grass? Was she afraid to continue to stay in school and couldn’t help but “embezzle” so why……?

She obviously had an innocent face, didn’t expect her taste to be so heavy!

Yi Ti: “……” I feel like something has been subtly misunderstood, is it an illusion?

But, seeing Liang Chen look so serious like he really had something important to say, she could only say awkwardly: “That……goodbye?”

“En……goodbye.” As Lu Wan finished speaking, she left in a hurry.

Yi Ti stared at the back of her old colleague “as if dogs were chasing her” and couldn’t help but shed sad tears.

I’m innocent……innocent……inno……

But not waiting for her to recover from the blow, even more surprising things happened. A certain werewolf actually dragged her to a place devoid of people, approached her slightly, then overtly sniffed her. Yi Ti was instantly blasted with goosebumps. What’s wrong with this guy? Did he suddenly want to eat human flesh?

“What are you thinking about?” Liang Chen was furious.

Yi Ti silently shrank back, keeping a distance from the other: “The thing I said before, you should review it first.”

“I……” A certain werewolf was infuriated, “you’re really rejecting my kind intentions!”

“……” Kind?

“Moreover, how could I fancy a woman like you who has almost no difference before and after!”


“Not to mention……”

Ka cha!”

A sound interrupted Liang Chen’s words.

Yi Ti silently retracted her hand from the wall. On her palm was a piece of cement dug out by her nails. She slowly squeezed her palms while looking at him, as if implying “Say it! If you have the guts to continue talking!”

Liang Chen: “……”

Alien 108: Turned Out To Be A Comrade
Alien 110: Some People Are Always Shy

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