Alien 111: Fateful Encounter

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Alien 112: We Are The Organization

“Actually, I’m afraid this incident has something to do with my blood family’s traitor.”

Facing Yi Ti’s question, Xue Ye answered so.

“Huh?” Yi Ti was stunned, “What the hell is going on?” Having said so, she incidentally greeted the two, “Sit down first and say it. Well, Liang Chen can talk first.” If Xue Ye was dissatisfied, at least he’d know to bear with it in front of her, even when silent tears gushed in his heart—— isn’t that really tiring?

Then, she heard a magical story……

“Do you know the two major professions that we werewolves are engaged in right now?”

“Uh……” Yi Ti was helpless, can we not mention it? It really ruined her three views! But since he asked, she couldn’t pretend not to know, so she answered, “Chef and……bodyguard, right?”

“Almost.” Liang Chen thought of what happened before, silently suppressed his urge to criticize, then said, “But there are exceptions.”

“Is it that traitor?”

“Yes.” Liang Chen nodded, “He was born frail, maybe just a little bit stronger than humans, so there was no way to engage in the bodyguard industry.”

“……” It’s really hard being a werewolf, “Why not be a chef?”

“He has an abnormal taste.”


Yi Ti thought he was joking. As a result, Liang Chen said seriously: “He made something that he thought was delicious and it’s enough to cause genetic mutation.”

Yi Ti: “……” Just how bad was it?

“Is he the one who made the previous batch of pork?” Xue Ye suddenly said, “The batch that was all called back.”


“What pork?” Yi Ti asked curiously.

“It’s like this,” Xue Ye explained, “Because of the partnership between werewolves and vampires, we’d occasionally feed the animals with their leftovers. But after a certain werewolf made a dish for the pigs, it directly affected its meat quality and caused huge economic losses.”

Yi Ti: “……” So, how terrible was that?! She wiped her sweat, “Then the werewolf was ostracized?”

“We are not ruthless creatures like humans.” Liang Chen scoffed at Yi Ti’s words.

Yi Ti felt an arrow to her knee then listened as he continued——

“Although he can’t be a chef or a bodyguard, many other werewolves are engaged in other professions, such as mercenary, security guard, housekeeping and so on……”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey hey, wasn’t there a strange noun mixed in?

“For werewolves, once they finished high school, they could be employed.”

Yi Ti resisted her desire to vomit blood. Why work after graduating from high school? Are they not interested in higher education? Or……cough cough cough.…..learn from experience, learn from experience, or you’ll die an unspeakable death.

“It’s just that, he was dissatisfied with doing such things.” Liang Chen, who frowned slightly because of some memories, didn’t notice Yi Ti’s expression. Then, “he thinks it’s an insult.”

“So he became a traitor?”

“Not yet, until, he met another person.”

“That person,” Xue Ye took over, “is a traitor of our clan. He’s a radical among the blood family, insisting that human blood was a necessity and that we’ve been eating human blood since long ago. He resolutely didn’t acknowledge having food poisoning many times and firmly believed that human blood was the most wonderful food in the world.”

Yi Ti: “……” Hey, just how stubborn was he?!

“The reason why was partly because of the education he received from an early age. He’s a bit—— he also had an abnormal taste. Normal food was no different from poison to his mouth. Human blood containing a variety of harmful substances and Todd’s……I mean, the food made by that werewolf, was delicious to him. They originally didn’t know the existence of the other. However, some time ago, they met coincidentally.”

“And then they fell in love?”

“……they’re both men.”

“……” Isn’t same-sex love still valid?

However, Yi Ti obviously couldn’t say that.

“After the two met, they determined to taste all the food in this world together.”

“Isn’t that good?” Although this “teenage comic style development” was quite corny, Yi Ti still thought it’s fine. Hearing up to here, it was a touching love……wrong, friendship story between two patients who decided to save each other!

“They’re good for each other.” Xue Ye replied, “If one party doesn’t insist on drinking human blood.”

“……” I almost forgot that there’s a “blood” setting.

“Gradually, the blood packs he bought no longer satisfy Philip. And so, he started collecting blood fresh from humans.

Yi Ti’s expression became serious: “So……”

“Although no humans died in their hands, if things went on, there will be serious consequences sooner or later. They might possibly hurt more people.” Xue Ye didn’t like people who break the rules. Although he himself had been under the temptation of human blood and almost did excessive behavior to the Plant Cultivator in front of him, once or twice was allowed as long as they didn’t get caught. They should also perform good aftercare and give the other party adequate compensation.

Todd and Philip were completely different. They attacked humans one after another without compensating them and not even hiding it. If it went on like this, it’s only a matter of time before panic among the masses set in. Until then, the cultivators would never let them go. It might even harm the interests of both communities, so they had been hunting down these two traitors secretly, wanting to get them back before they caused a huge commotion. However, they didn’t expect them to be in this city and even traces were found on Yi Ti.

This meant that these things could no longer be hidden.

“This is their picture.” Xue Ye said while taking two pieces of paper from his pocket and putting them on the table. Since the internal hunting order was issued, vampires and werewolves all over the world received these two pictures and even items with their scent and blood.

Yi Ti looked down and found that it’s a passport photo. As the name suggested, both have standard foreign looks.

“Who have you seen?” Liang Chen asked eagerly.

Yi Ti carefully looked at the photos then painfully said: “Sorry, I can’t distinguish between foreigners.” Just like how foreigners look at orientals, she saw all foreigners as the same unless they have special characteristics. That’s why she couldn’t even appreciate American or British dramas, it’s too painful to see all the actors look the same!

“……hey! Be serious!”

“But I don’t seem to have met foreigners recently.” Yi Ti answered very seriously.

“Then how come you smell like those two?”

“I think, the situation has worsened. It’s just that you two don’t know. In fact, today I……” Then she gave a rough description of what happened today.

“You mean, they attacked a practitioner?”

“Are those two seeking death?!”

After listening to her, they felt even worse.

Although she didn’t want to drop the knife, Yi Ti thought it’s better to clarify the situation, so she went on to say: “And that little priest is no ordinary person, he’s got quite the backing.”

“What is it?”

“I heard he’s from Three Void Monastery.” Although she didn’t know the specific situation, Lu Kong shouldn’t have lied about these things.

“Three Void Monastary?” Xue Ye’s face looked extremely shocked, “Are you sure?”

Yi Ti nodded, then took out the little jade sword she prepared in advance from her pocket and put it on the table: “This is his token.”



Liang Chen’s nose moved: “Sure enough, it smells like that Taoist.”

“It’s over this time.” Xue Ye sighed, “We can’t handle this anymore. You must contact the department as soon as possible.”

This time, even if Liang Chen was the vampire’s exclusive naysayer, he didn’t refuse.

“I have a question.” Yi Ti said suddenly.

“Say it.”

“I’ve seen Jing Yuan’s wound. The blood should have been removed with a needle or something like that.” She felt it was weird, “If he was really a vampire, he shouldn’t need it, right?” Did she misunderstand something?

Not mentioning it was okay, but once said, the vampire in front of her became even more ugly.

He held his forehead with one hand then uttered complicatedly: “Since meeting Todd, the werewolf who poses as a chef, his behavior has become increasingly weird. Regarding blood, he’s not drinking it directly anymore. He’d make blood tofu and add it to MaoXueWang (duck’s blood and beef tripe in spicy soup), or stir fry it into various dishes before eating.”

Yi Ti: “……” It’s only right for such a guy to be hunted!

“But you’re right, this is better than the alternative. And so, can you introduce us to that practitioner from Three Void Monastery?”

“I need to ask first.”

“Of course.”

Coincidentally, after they spoke, Shi JingLe called to say “the little Taoist woke up” and Yi Ti took the opportunity to chat with each other and finalize things. Of course, the location of the conversation was set in her store instead of Shi JingLe’s home. This way, both sides could rest assured.

In the process, Yi Ti deeply tasted the feeling of being trusted by both parties at the same time.

How to say it?

She’s very happy.

Alien 110: Some People Are Always Shy
Alien 112: We Are The Organization

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