Alien 110: Some People Are Always Shy

Alien 109: You Try Again
Alien 111: Fateful Encounter

The werewolf gulped silently.

He always forgot how destructive the petite woman was in front of him.

But the problem was his pride. Even if he knew it in his head, his mouth remained unforgiving, so he snorted then courted death: “Are you strong?”

“I’m really strong.” Yi Ti kneaded the cement in her hand into powder then made it fall to the ground in front of him, like throwing ashes, “Do you have any opinion?”


“Do you have an opinion on my figure?”


“Where is it the same! Say it!” ((⊂(`ω´∩ )!

Yi Ti, who never easily lost her temper, was very angry!

Of course, any woman would be angry when encountering such a blow to their self-esteem!

The issue was that her chest was only B! B-cups also have human rights! Why look down on B-cups? What’s their basis!!!

Yi Ti made up her mind. If this guy called her ugly again, she must “throw the gauntlet” today!!!

Poor Liang Chen broke out in cold sweat. He just talked casually and didn’t expect her to be so angry. Everyone said that those with good tempers were the scariest when angered. He’d personally verified it.

But the problem was saying complimentary words. To him, that was tantamount to being stabbed.

His lips moved several times, but he didn’t say a word.

At this moment——

“Xiao Ti.”

“……” Yi Ti, who’s “blood was boiling”, seemed to have been poured a basin of cold water. Her aura instantly became gentle and as she turned her head, her expression changed from “murderous” to “beaming”, “Cecil, why are you here?”

On the one hand, Liang Chen secretly despised someone’s differential treatment; on the other hand, he was secretly relieved.

“Because you never came back.” The young man quickly came over, looked at her carefully before stopping at her fingers, “why are your hands dirty?”

“Uh……” I can’t say that it’s from pinching bricks, right?

He grabbed her hand, took a handkerchief from his pocket, then carefully wiped her palms and fingers.

Yi Ti watched his serious actions with a smile, her mood instantly refreshed.

After Cecil wiped her hands, don’t know where he found another handkerchief as he handed it to Liang Chen: “There’s a lot of sweat on your face.”

Liang Chen: “……”

He almost thought this guy was being sarcastic, but looking at the other’s pure eyes, there was no satire or ridicule. He stumbled but still took the handkerchief, awkwardly saying: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Cecil smiled.

“……” Turns head. (´∀`)

Yi Ti: “……” Is this guy really not good at dealing with Cecil? But to be honest, even she couldn’t cope with him. It seemed like her brother… was the only one bossing around this alien! She always felt that this assumption was full of contradictions! Thanks to Cecil, she completely calmed down, so she asked, “What were you trying to say to me?”

“You smell like that guy.”

“That guy?” She sniffed herself, thinking about the people she met today, “Jing Yuan?”

“Who is that?”

“Uh……” Not him? Then, “who the hell are you talking about?”

“A traitor to our tribe.”

“……” That sounds serious.

Liang Chen was preparing to continue when he heard someone shouting from behind——

“Boss! Don’t be lazy! Come back and help!!!”

Liang Chen cursed quietly: “This bunch of slackers!”

Yi Ti knew he was just complaining. Now was the peak tourist season for restaurants so everyone was too busy, so she said decisively: “Then I want to go back and have lunch, too. Let’s talk about it when you’re idle.”

Liang Chen thought about it. This matter was not that urgent and her home was also very safe. Not to mention her own strength……hehehe, so he agreed.

After that, both sides scattered.

The werewolf went back to being a “chef” while Cecil and Yi Ti returned home for lunch.

On the road, Yi Ti thought about today then said: “The day after tomorrow, let’s go buy you a cell phone.”

“En.” The alien, who’d been in isolation since crash landing, agreed without any psychological barriers. He also made a small request, “Can I buy the same model as yours?”

“……what else did you read?”

The young man bowed his head with a red face: A couple’s matching things……

“Really.” (◞‸ლ)

“Is that no good?” ( ◔ ʖ̯ ◔ )

“……n-nothing is impossible.”

“Can I use the same phone keychain?”

“Won’t it be too girlish?”

“I made two of them myself.”

“……then hang it!”

“Can I use the same case? I knitted it myself.”

“……use it!”

Yi Ti felt ashamed at being surrounded by plushies, orz!

When they got home, the cooked meals were already on the table.

Yi Ti walked over and sat down. Cecil sat opposite her and as always, watched her eat without blinking, seriously taking notes.

Although she felt awkward at first, a human’s adaptability was a terrible thing. Anyway, the ugliest moments in her life were observed by him, so what’s so amazing about eating! Moreover, she had to say that the observation power of an alien was really good. He could decipher her taste so nowadays, she only ate Liang Chen’s meals to adjust her taste. Since then, that prideful werewolf always delivered food with top-level ingredients with an awkward “I won’t take advantage of you” look—— however, Yi Ti always wondered when he’d turn back to his usual self.

After the meal, Yi Ti roughly told what happened today to Cecil. There’s no need to hide it anyway. She especially focused on “it turned out that Shi JingLe was also a big fan of Aggregate and probably a faithful one” and summarized it with a “you really can’t judge a book by its cover” statement.

Cecil listened quietly, then finally asked a question: “Xiao Ti, why are you angry today?”

“Ah?” Yi Ti was stunned, then immediately covered her face, “Please don’t ask me this question, thank you!” How could she say such a thing!


“It’s useless putting on that face, give up! I will never say it!”

A certain alien showed an expression of sudden realization: “Is it really because of your body?”

“……” Yi Ti vomits blood, how could he know!!!

Cecil said expertly: “Xiao Ti would only become angry when that happened and won’t tell others.” It was the same a few times before. She’s obviously sulking but still said nothing.

“……” Don’t just sum up this experience like that, okay?

“Actually, you don’t need to worry about this.”

Yi Ti was moved: “Cecil……”

“Although your figure is not the best according to human standards on Earth, it’s not the worst.”

Yi Ti: “……” Please don’t do this as well, okay? When someone’s on the brink of life and death, poking them with a knife is too cruel!

“But, in my opinion, this is the best.”

“……” Yi Ti was shamefully moved again, but still asked with great vigilance, “is there an addition to that?”

“There is!” The young man affirmatively replied.

Yi Ti: “……” Don’t you dare say it!

She wanted to blurt it out when the other party already spoke——

“As long as it’s Xiao Ti, all are the best.”


Yi Ti covered her face again, not in distress but in embarrassment. This guy could always say that kind of thing, completely disregarding the feelings of others—— it’s really difficult for her to get used to it even now.

It seemed like covering her face in the face of such things had become instinct. Cecil reached out and patted shoulder: “Xiao Ti, are you shy again?” He thought about it, then carefully proposed, “Otherwise, you can hide your face in my chest? Or I can help you lift the sofa?”

“……you, this guy,” she leaned forward then buried her head in his chest, tugging his hair with both hands, “at least watch your words when you speak, ah!”

“Such as?”

“Like don’t always tell the truth!” Especially the kind that makes people embarrassed!

“Should I learn how to lie?”

“……!” As long as she thought of a certain alien lying, she had the slight urge to break a wall.


She had to say, receiving someone’s comfort was fruitful. For example, Yi Ti completely forgot the previous events. Immediately after, they browsed for a phone on the computer, planning to buy it in a physical store in a few days. If it’s something over a certain price, she could get used to it. At least when something went wrong, it’s more convenient to find after-sales service.

About two in the afternoon, Liang Chen came to visit.

Surprisingly, he actually took Xue Ye with him.

It was so surprising that she blurted out: “What a rare combination.”

Liang Chen softly snorted.

Xue Ye was also a little surprised: “Miss Yi, you’re exaggerating too much.”

Yi Ti didn’t feel like she exaggerated at all. After all, she rarely saw these two people appear at the same time. You have to know, whenever they met, there would be ups and downs.

“Are you two planning to team up and tear down my home?” After playing games for a long time, Yi Ti also began to talk about “professional terms”.

Xue Ye laughed: “Who could I borrow such courage from? I dare not mess around in the home of a Spiritual Plant Cultivator.”

“Hmph, asshole bat.” Someone hmphed again.

“Smelly dog, do you have any opinion?”


“Enough!” Yi Ti shouted before the conversation became endless, “What the hell do you want from me today?” Liang Chen should be because of the “clan traitor” but what about Xue Ye? Did this matter have anything to do with him?

Alien 109: You Try Again
Alien 111: Fateful Encounter

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