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“Ahem, I say, you two should sit down first.” Zhang Xian, who’s a bit out of character, elegantly said, “I feel like summer is showing its heat on my back, this is really accidental injury ah!”

Yi Ti blushed and put down her hand, then sat down.

A table for four, exactly one per person.

Not seeing each other for a few months, the old colleagues started to talk about their situation as usual. It’s the so-called “three women make a drama”, so the atmosphere became lively in a moment and didn’t calm down even after ordering. Yi Ti learned that Zhang Xian was lucky and successfully passed this year’s teacher exam. She had now become a permanent teacher. Coincidentally, she was assigned to the school where Lu Wan was, so their relationship became as good as it was now.

Zhang Xian also expressed envy, jealousy, and hatred on Yi Ti’s recent situation: “Having a flower shop is the dream of every woman. Yi Ti, you’re pulling hatred ah.”

“Not really.”

“It’s not strange,” Zhang Xian gave her a scornful look then counted with her fingers, “Stable job, being your own boss, never have to study early mornings and late nights, and even finding such a handsome boyfriend. Alas, did you find a great God who helped you cheat in life? It’s quite a leap to the peak of life!”

Yi Ti could only laugh. If she just relied on that flower shop, she’d have starved to death long ago.

“But, if Yin Wei saw your boyfriend, he’d be really angry.”

Yi Ti: “……”

Lu Wan kicked Zhang Xian’s leg under the table. The latter regained her senses, then repeatedly said: “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Since it was mentioned, Yi Ti asked in passing, “is he still like before?”

“Yes,” seeing that the other party didn’t mind, Zhang Xian regained her energy, “I heard that he recently got involved with the new girl who just started working there. I really can’t stand it.”

Speaking of Yin Wei, Yi Ti didn’t have any emotional conflict. The reason he was mentioned specifically was that this person has a bad vice and all three women had experienced it. All of them suffered deeply.

This man is a language teacher whose biggest hobby was to recite poems to the students in the classroom. His biggest feature was his self-confidence which he showed off whenever and wherever possible. He was about 30 years old this year and when Yi Ti went to that school to work, he was already a regular employee. Don’t know if it’s this “gap” that gave him confidence, he always loved chasing after the new girls.

After chasing, he always had “an excellent man like me is interested in you which is your blessing” attitude. He was also a male chauvinist. He would only eat takeout and always love vegetables. Of course, how he treated others was another matter. There’s still a lot about his “affairs” which could take several hours to recall.

In the past, Yi Ti only listened to people like this on forums and didn’t expect to actually meet one in person.

Speaking of which, this kind of people, no one would look at them except for an M.

He’s self-confident which was totally incomprehensible even after being rejected many times. He also firmly believed that their reason was “I’m too good and you’re afraid that you don’t deserve me” so he’d repeatedly say “it’s okay, I don’t hate you so let’s try it first and I won’t dump you again” which made people want to mosaic his face.

A simple girl like Zhang Xian was so annoyed then that she gave him no face in front of everyone. He was angered to death and the results were as expected.

And Yi Ti was not very good at rejecting people so she was really miserable. She even wanted to call her brother and let him handle it. To be forced to take the initiative to trouble her brother, it was obvious to what extent she was at a loss.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem too interested in Yi Ti. After bothering her for a month or two, he turned his eyes to Lu Wan. She was quite a bully and always carried anti-wolf spray. After being sprayed “carelessly” several times, Yin Wei hatefully gave up.

They were not the first victims but they didn’t seem to be the last batch.

“He’s really determined.” After thinking about it for a long time, Yi Ti didn’t know what words to use to describe such an amazing guy.

Zhang Xian laughed out loud: “Just say it straight, he’s thick-skinned.”

After a few more rounds, the topic turned to shopping then to beauty before arriving at their recent encounter.

“Speaking of which, I met two handsome guys on FengYu Street the other day. They were going home with shopping bags and looked really loving.”

Lu Wan: “……real or fake?”

“Real!” In order to prove it, she took out her phone, “I secretly took pictures of them at that time, pretending to be a selfie. Look.”

Lu Wan took a look: “It really is……” Then handed the phone to Yi Ti, “what do you think?”

Yi Ti took it and with a glance, her face slightly changed: Why do these two look so familiar?

She handed the phone to Cecil: “Is it those two?” In identifying foreigners, she really didn’t have much confidence.

“Yes.” He answered with certainty.

Yi Ti quickly asked: “Where did you meet them?”

“……are they someone you know?”

“En, that’s right.”

“What’s their relationship?”

Yi Ti: “……” Is that the point?

But, a woman’s desire for gossip couldn’t be underestimated. Looking at these two guys’ bright eyes, she really didn’t know how to answer. What if she said, “these two are actually vampires and werewolves”? Stop it, she’d definitely be laughed at.

Then, she answered curtly: “Those two betrayed their friends and ran away after colluding with each other. Now their friends are looking for them everywhere.” She didn’t lie! She just didn’t tell the whole truth……

“Unacceptable.” Zhang Xian was filled with indignation. She wondered what this girl’s brain made up.

“Where did you meet them?” Although Lu Wan didn’t react like her friend, she also asked.

“Let me see,” Zhang Xian looked down for a moment, then answered hesitantly, “it looks like NanMing Street. Right, at that time, they just came out of the Le Family Supermarket.”

After that, she could no longer offer some effective clues.

Yi Ti sent a message to Liang Chen, Xue Ye, and Shi JingLe with her phone and sent the pictures along the way. Probably because she described it carefully in the text message and stated that she was eating out, no one called back.

After the meal, they separated at the door and went their separate ways.

Lu Wan and Zhang Xian were going to their apartment (they’re sharing a house together) while Yi Ti planned to go to the mobile phone shop.

After taking a few steps, she looked back strangely at the young man still standing at the door: “Not coming?”


She thought about it then nervously asked: “Are you feeling sick?” To not stand out, he also ate some food. Was it too spicy?

“No.” Cecil shook his head.

“Then what?”

He reached out a hand, palm up: “Xiao Ti, I want to hold your hand, can I?”

“……pfft!” Yi Ti was stunned then couldn’t help laughing out loud. She approached under his expected eyes and grabbed his hand, “then hold it.” Sometimes frank, sometimes too shy, she really didn’t understand him.

After holding hands for a few steps like this, she accidentally found another acquaintance, someone she just encountered today.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. What day is today? However, she didn’t want to do anything and just wanted to enjoy a rare quiet evening. Thinking so, she walked side by side with someone and her ear inevitably heard such a conversation——

“Xiao Yun, teacher is hungry.”


“I want something other than that.”

“Master, I’m hungry too.”

“Don’t worry, let’s wait for someone who has money and we’ll have noodles to eat.”

“How many bowls can I eat?”

“Might be a few bowls.”

“Master, when would that someone arrive?”


“How fast?”



Yi Ti: “……”

She silently stopped.

“Xiao Ti?”

Yi Ti glanced at him, smiled, then dragged him to the stall by the flower bed: “This master, fortune-teller.”

The old man with a goatee she’d seen on the bus looked at Yi Ti with a smile. She almost couldn’t resist the urge to punch him since his smile was really too wretched.

“Look, Xiao Yun, someone is here.” After the old man sitting cross-legged proudly said this sentence, he asked, “What does this girl want to do?”


“Ok.” The old man stretched out his hand, “one hundred, pay first and I’ll do it.”

“……” Yi Ti had the illusion of suffering injustice. However, looking at the girl in white covering her belly, she still took out the money and put it in his hand, “can you do it now?”

“Of course, we treat youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously.” The old man said then threw the copper coins in his hand on the ground in front of him. He shook his head then sighed, “what good fortune you have to be so rich? At least give the poor a way to live.”

Yi Ti: “……what about marriage?”

“You don’t have to look for it, it’s already by your side.”

“……is it okay to be so casual?”

“What casual?” The old man shook his head and explained, “look, if you want me to calculate that he’s your marriage partner, then forget it. Once I calculate it, you won’t listen to me and maybe even demand your money back. And so, I won’t do that kind of thing.”

Although these words were abnormal, Yi Ti thought it made sense so she became interested and said: “Then you look at it.”

“I think you want to ask something other than this.” The old man picked up the copper coins, looked down, then took an old notebook out of his pocket. He opened it, wrote a few words with the pen in between, folded it up then handed it to her, instructing: “Remember, you can’t look until we leave, otherwise it won’t work.”

Yi Ti: “……” You’re actually more afraid that I’d demand my money back, right? Look at how fast you packed your things!

She watched their backs as they left and waited until she almost couldn’t see them before opening the note in her hand. This flamboyant fortune-teller had beautiful penmanship and could be described to have an “iron-painted silver hook”. Was this a feature of that profession? Yi Ti, thinking so, recognized the four words on the paper—— go south (nan fang) to search.

South (nan)…… NanMing Street?

But she was keenly aware that these words didn’t seem to be that simple. She took out her phone subconsciously, opened the map of the city and looked for NanMing Street. She found the Le Family Supermarket that Zhang Xian said, swiped left and right, and accidentally found a residential area called “Ba Fang”.

So to say…….are they there?

Who was this pair of master and disciple?

“Are they cultivators?”

“En, should be,” Cecil answered naturally.

“……” They really are.

So to say, this should be quite credible, right?

Yi Ti thought about it, then picked up the phone and made a call.

Alien 113: Holding Hands On A Date
Alien 115: He's Really A Fortune Teller

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