Alien 152: Second Kill*

Alien 151: Crushed by a Roller*
Alien 153: Momentary Palpitations

Everything in the world complements each other.

Spiritual plant cultivators complement plants.

There were no plant cultivators who hated plants, and there were also no plants that would be hostile to plant cultivators.

However, this plant had been contaminated.

She didn’t have the time to take care of it before but taking a closer look now, Yi Ti only noticed this—— it’d become full of the desire to devour and began attacking other creatures indiscriminately, drawing flesh and blood.

As she approached, those vines full of barbs stopped for a moment, seemingly affected by the instinct engraved in its body, but then, it furiously flew toward Yi Ti again, having the delusion of piercing her body and plundering her flesh and blood.

At this moment, Yi Ti felt uncomfortable.

Any plant cultivator seeing plants became like this, would have such feelings which were incomprehensible to others.

She raised a finger.

This finger looked white and slender, in contrast with the countless vines lashing at her, it could be considered fragile. If one was to mention what’s different, it’d probably be the tip shining a little green light.

However, this faint light blocked the opponent firmly.

In front of her, there was an invisible barrier erected where no one could penetrate or break it.

Unless a plant cultivator was willing, they would never be harmed by plants, because in this field, they were the kings, or rather, the most loved one.

If Yi Ti was weak when fighting others, in dealing with plants, she was undoubtedly an “experienced worker”.

She sighed slightly. If she could, she really didn’t want to do this, but if she let it stay here, it’s unknown how many people would suffer as a result. If it wasn’t for the man who brought it out, who would have thought that there’d be such a dangerous plant hidden in this flat snowy ground?


The light from her fingertip suddenly brightened like a spark of fire.

The vine seemed to realize the danger, and drew back but it was too late.

The next moment, the tips of all its barbs were dyed with this green light, and like white paper soaked in water, it penetrated in an instant!

A plant cultivator could bring vitality to plants, naturally, they could also take it away. Like at this moment, those vines went from full and plump to withered in an instant.

At this moment when the vine’s whole body was enveloped by green light, Yi Ti seemed to hear a sharp scream. She took half a step back subconsciously but was firmly caught by something.

She knew without looking back that it was Cecil’s chest.

In just a moment, that terrible plant turned into a pile of dead branches and leaves, and among those branches and leaves, some bones were faintly visible. She didn’t know if it’s from an animal, or…

Yi Ti covered her mouth.

Cecil, keenly aware of her emotions, stretched out his hands, hugging her waist from behind and spoke softly: “Xiao Ti, don’t be sad.”

“…en.” She turned around, hugged him then buried her face on his chest.

After a while, she stood up straight, her face returning to its previous expression, then said: “Cecil, burn it.”


Then, the place where the vines originally grew was ignited just like that.

In the fire, everything was reduced to ashes.

However, this matter was not over.

Yi Ti remembered clearly that the man said there was something here, and even tried to exchange it with blood food for the vines. The vine itself didn’t seem to think about it since it was contaminated.

It also said…

During this time, she gradually figured out other uses of divine sense. For example, she could turn it to filaments and penetrate under the ground inch by inch, before finally finding a strange place.

She took Cecil and quickly walked over. The latter took out an engineering shovel from the space without saying a word (Yi Ti: …where did that come from? When did you buy it?) and began to dig hard.

After a while, a pit with a depth of about one meter appeared in front of Yi Ti. At the bottom of the pit were a broken book and a dark leather bag.

“What’s this?” Yi Ti frowned subconsciously. Seeing it for the first time, she subconsciously felt disgusted by it.

Cecil thought for a while. Without using his hair, he instead raised those things using the engineering shovel.

“You…blergh…found it?” They suddenly heard such words from behind.

The man woke up at some point and vomited N times in just one sentence. His situation seemed quite bad.

Yi Ti looked at him: “What’s this?”

“Do you think I would say it?”

Yi Ti thought about it, then took out a few more bottles of potion from her pocket: “Then, are you interested in feeling the taste of dysmenorrhea syrup?”

Man: “…”

And so, he was recruited.

From his point of view, being a woman was really not easy!

Ah, women, how strong you are!

Although this man could be considered a cultivator, he’s just an unaffiliated one. That was, he just passed by it. Where did his inheritance come from? Yes, it’s from here.

Back then, he was just an ordinary herbalist, but when he entered this valley forest, he accidentally saw this vine prey on nearby creatures and eat their flesh and blood. Because of curiosity and considering that it might be valuable, he stayed and observed for a long time, then found that its predation range was limited. In other words, he just had to stand outside the boundaries where it’s safe.

The only problem was how to intercept the vine and pull it out.

And so, he hunted other animals as bait.

Unfortunately, it all failed.

After that, he came here several times and did this every time.

Finally, after a certain time, he found a few broken pages near the vine.

The man took a look curiously. It actually recorded some kind of inheritance. After he thought for a while, he gritted his teeth and learned it. Then he was surprised to find that he really became different.

And the difference was that he could “drive a corpse” to the living.

This corpse driving was a legendary spell that could drive the corpse to walk. It was said that the original corpse driver killed a series of people from abroad, trailed it behind them, and through the rarely inhabited mountainous area, finally returned to their loved ones.

According to this reason, this spell could only be used on the dead.

But the scraps he got allowed him to control the body of a living person, and the XuanYuan family was brought up to the mountain in this way. Otherwise, it’s obviously impossible for him to hold four people on his back alone.

Yi Ti thought that the reason why XuanYuan Yu was not completely controlled and confused like her family, even leaving a message in the log cabin, was probably because there was a problem with the connection between her soul and body, which lead to this.

This man had been suffering for half his life. Once he became a cultivator, he was naturally full of pride. He had money, a house, a car, but he wasn’t satisfied. He also wanted to live longer and become more bullish, because he knew very well that although he could mix well with ordinary people like this, inside the cultivation circle, this was a dead end. But all he got at that time was only a few broken pages. The whole book… what’s it like?

Once this desire was ignited, it was hard to extinguish it.

And then, there was today’s situation.

According to him, this was the first time he had brought someone here, but Yi Ti felt that this might be a lie. However, it didn’t matter to her since she intended to hand him over to someone from the “Special Department”.

As for that thing, according to established rules, since she found it, then it must be hers.

Just that…

“What’s the texture?”

“It looks like human skin,” Cecil observed for a while, then replied affirmatively.


On this basis, Yi Ti also decided to destroy it.

No matter how powerful the spells recorded in that broken book, or what kind of treasure was in the leather bag, probably none were good things. This kind of thing, she neither wanted to practice nor send it out to harm people, so let it disappear completely.

When he saw her lighting a fire, the man went almost crazy.

“What are you doing? Are you actually going to burn it? Don’t! Stop!!!”

He didn’t get it after spending so much effort and this woman wanted to destroy it just like that?

It’s probably because of the lack of air that he fainted.

Soon after, Yi Ti and Cecil took the five people to the foot of the mountain. Shi JingLe and Zhao MingQi, who learned the news, took the man from her hands and handed him over to the “Special Department”. The XuanYuan family was taken to the hospital. Although their bodies didn’t seem to have any major problems, it’s still better to carefully check.

“You want to go back?”

“En.” Yi Ti nodded, “How can anyone come down right after going up the mountain.” She vaguely felt that she shouldn’t just end this mountain trip like this, so she instinctively responded like this.

“Then be careful.”


After that, Yi Ti and Cecil went up the mountain again.

With two round trips in a day, Yi Ti, whose physical fitness had become very good now, still felt it was a bit hard. Seeing that it was almost evening, the two simply decided to stay in the log cabin for one night and continue the next day.

Yi Ti deeply felt it was great to take Cecil.

And then, under the enticing fragrance of food, Yi Ti took out another thing that she had found in the snow from her pocket.

There was one thing she didn’t destroy with those two things.

Translator’s Notes:

*秒杀, miǎoshā, (Internet) flash sale / (sports or online gaming) rapid dispatch of an opponent

Alien 151: Crushed by a Roller*
Alien 153: Momentary Palpitations

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