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What was there to say?

Right, “women are born liars, especially in terms of crying”, this sentence was also suitable for Yi Ti. She really wanted to cry at first, but later… cough, it’s not a deliberate deception, she just instinctively felt that if she didn’t do so, her brother would ignore her. But doing this, she really wanted to cry again and use a relatives’ feelings toward herself to obtain “forgiveness”. In any case, it’s a shameful thing.

With mixed feelings, Yi Ti choked and said: “Brother, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t cry.” Yi Shao desperately pulled tissues from the tissue box on the coffee table to wipe his sister’s tears. After it’d been emptied, he turned his head and glared at a certain someone. The latter immediately offered a stack of handkerchiefs that were washed and exuded a faint fragrance.

Yi Shao: “…” Now that he had no time to take care of someone, he turned his head and looked at his sister, wiping her face again, “between brothers and sisters, why are you sorry?”

Yi Ti looked at him carefully, lowered her head then softly said: “Are you mad at me?”

“When did I get angry at you?”

Yi Shao was telling the truth. As a critically ill siscon, he firmly believed that his sister could never make a mistake, so the problem must lie with others!

“…” Yi Ti blinked, a teardrop rolling off her eyelashes. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand then asked, “then brother, why were you so calm yesterday?” Wasn’t that how he was when he got extremely angry?

Yi Shao: “…”

He really found it hard to tell.

Finally, he sighed and said it like this: “I’m worried that my tone would be too intense and scare you.” The gap between abandoning the mobile phone and using the office phone calmed his mood a bit. He also recovered his sanity along the way, “Also, I’m worried that something will happen if you rush down the mountain in a hurry.” That’s why he said at that time that she should come back later, and be careful on the way. Who knew that she wouldn’t be obedient at all.

Fortunately, she’s now sitting next to him right now, otherwise, there really was no place to cry.

But to put it another way, this was also a testament to her brother’s worth in her heart. Just because she was worried that he’s angry, she rushed back from J Province overnight. And even if he was angry, it had already disappeared. Not to mention, he originally only attributed the responsibility to a certain alien. Yes, his sister must have been tricked!

Among these two siblings, even if her brother didn’t say it clearly, Yi Ti also knew what he was thinking. She was moved but felt even more ashamed. She lowered her head again, then said: “Brother, I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to apologize to me.” Yi Shao rubbed her head then softly said, “I have known for a long time that you are no longer a child. You have your own ideas, your own decisions, and your own life. I should be supporting you, not interfering, but I just can’t let it go.” Probably because of this, she chose to escape from him.

Of course, he had introspected afterward. This point could be seen from the fact that he didn’t desperately bring his sister back.

One way or another, they’re still siblings, their closest relative in this world.


Yi Shao smiled and touched her face: “Have you eaten yet?”

“…no.” Since noon yesterday, she just ate casually but didn’t eat at night nor this morning.

“Then eat something first. Go take a bath and sleep well, then we’ll talk about other things later, okay?”

“Okay.” Yi Ti nodded obediently. She knew very well that her brother did want her to rest, but at the same time, he also wanted to have a talk with Cecil. She was not worried because she knew very well that her brother would not make her sad, and never will.

Although she’d been away from home for a year or two, the things in her room were still the same as before, there was no dust at all. The quilt and the clothes in the closet were also scented with the fragrance of the sun, and it seemed to be often taken out to dry.

In such an atmosphere, she washed away the dust from her body and filled her stomach, then easily shrank into the bed, naturally falling asleep.

Yi Shao watched his sister’s sleeping face, gently closed the door with a gentle expression, and then…

With a sneer, he looked at a certain someone: “You, come with me.” In fact, what he really wanted to say was “How do you want to die?”

Cecil: “…” Although he had such a premonition, seeing the “face change” with his own eyes still made him a little speechless. However, for the sake of himself and Xiao Ti’s future, he was ready to die!

Then, he really died…

Which was impossible.

When Yi Ti woke up, it was already evening. The afterglow from the west shone from the window, giving people a vague sense of illusion. She was dazed for a long time before she yawned, stretched her hands out of the bed, and then sat up for a long time, feeling that the house was really quiet at this moment.

She thought for a while, then fell down again, observing her surroundings carefully.

This house was left by their deceased parents. The two of them had lived here since childhood. Her older brother obviously had the conditions to change houses, and she’s the same, but no matter who, they’re not willing to change at all.

Because there were too many memories here.

She slightly turned sideways to face the stickers on the wall. On top were the posters of celebrities she liked very much in high school. On the right were the pictures with her classmates when she graduated. Below were the stickers she bought in junior high and elementary school. Seeing it posted now, she had suspicions of a black history.

There was still the music box that she liked very much on the bedside cabinet. There was also an iron box hidden in the drawer. Inside was her favorite hair ties and hairpins in middle school and high school. The reason for putting it there was because it wouldn’t fit in the drawer of the dressing table.

The dressing table was left by her mother. There were no expensive skincare products on it, but it was filled with all kinds of shiny small jewelry. Her brother had always liked to buy this for her and then dress her beautifully, for fear that she might feel that she’s missing something compared to others. Every time someone said this, he would go and clean up the other person until no one dared to say it again.

If she’s missing one point, he’d give her two points to make up for everything.

But she forgot that she was never the only one who was missing something, he was the same.

Compared to her, her brother’s room was much tidier. There were no posters or stickers. There were only big books. Since the death of their parents, he suddenly passed his teenage years, becoming calm and reliable, handling everything in the house in an orderly manner, and never letting her have a bit of worry. But Yi Ti felt that in fact, her brother might also be very upset. Fortunately, they have each other.

She also knew a secret. In the locked drawer under her brother’s desk, there were dozens of papers, all of which she wrote in the past.

In elementary school, didn’t teachers always liked to ask students to write topics about “My Most Beloved Person”, “My Favorite Person”, “My Most Important Family” and the like? At that time, all she wrote about was her brother, until she reached junior high school and gradually became embarrassed to write that way. She just didn’t expect her foolish brother to actually collect all of these compositions and some of her paintings about him like “keeping a family heirloom”.

Therefore, Yi Ti had always felt very happy.

Maybe her family was indeed incomplete compared to others, but the care she received was never incomplete, but complete or even doubled.

And the person who brought her all this was her brother.

Yi Ti thought about it and somehow felt her eyes moisten a little, there were even some fluctuations in her heart.

She hurriedly sat up and shook her head desperately, waving away the messy thoughts that came out of nowhere. She then jumped out of bed and put on fluffy slippers (she also had many pairs since her brother loved to buy them every autumn and winter). She rubbed her eyes while walking toward the door.

When she reached the door, she silently pulled it open and looked out, but saw that the living room was empty.

“Brother?” She went out and shouted, “brother, where are you?”

No one in the house responded.

“Cecil? Are you there?”

Still, no one responded.

Yi Ti: “…” She ran around the house quickly, searching for the two of them everywhere, but they weren’t in the living room, study, kitchen, or bathroom (they wouldn’t go to the bathroom together!). In a panic, she completely forgot that she could use her divine sense. She only felt her heart “rocket”, and an unseemly conjecture emerged in an instant. These two wouldn’t be… both gone, right?

That would make her too sad if that’s true?! TAT

Just when Yi Ti was almost about to cry and faint in the toilet, she suddenly remembered that there’s still a utility room at home. However, it was later transformed into a fitness room by her brother.

She quickly walked over and found the door open, so she reached out and pushed it fully open, only to see…

The two men lying on the ground side by side, motionless.

Yi Ti: “…” What kind of trouble led to this, ah?!

“Brother! Cecil!”

She rushed in without thinking and ran directly to her older brother. She knelt down and gently pushed his body: “Brother!” She shouted, her shaking hand stretching out to his nose.


Yi Shao grabbed his sister’s finger, opened his eyes, and said helplessly, “You’re already an adult, what are you thinking about all day?”

Yi Ti breathed a relieved sigh, only then feeling her legs soften, and when she turned around, she found a certain alien looking at her with eyes wide open. He didn’t look beaten up at all.

“Are you playing Romeo and Juliet? You scared me to death!”

“No, we are playing Hamlet and Claudius.” Yi Shao replied.

Yi Ti: “…” Brother, even at this time, you want to overpower others…

Alien 157: Brother Is Angry
Alien 159: He's An Expert Treasure Picker

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