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No matter how Yi Ti complained, Yi Shao was in a good mood right now.

First of all, he managed to clean up a certain alien. This process consumed a lot of energy and the other party seemed to be fine, even unilaterally cooperating with him. This process was very boring but it at least proved that this guy’s heart was sincere. Tsk, his only advantage;

Secondly, he successfully got a certain alien to sign a contract;

Finally, his sister cared about him first after entering the room!


She called out to him!

This was also the first time in a while she ran toward him!

Yi Shao grabbed his sister’s hand and sat up, shook the hair moistened by sweat, then said with a smile, “Xiao Ti, if you want to practice domestic violence in the future, you have a natural advantage.”

Yi Ti: “…who would do that kind of thing?” She’s not cousin HuangQuan, wait, “Brother, what do you mean?”

As soon as this was mentioned, Yi Shao snorted softly and his mood instantly deteriorated: “Let’s do it now and dump him when you find a better one.”

Yi Ti: “…” Is this the so-called “riding a donkey to find a horse” thing? However, she really doubted that in the eyes of her brother, was there really a suitable marriage partner in this world?

Anyway, she slept for a while and the previous “big problem” seemed to be resolved. Although she herself was still a little confused, a good ending was enough.

The moment she opened the door, her heart really almost stopped!

Because she would rather have an accident on her own person than either of these two men.

So it’s fine for now.

“Alright, it’s almost time to prepare dinner.” Yi Shao glanced at Cecil, “Aren’t you going?”

Cecil nodded then asked, “Brother, Xiao Ti, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“Who are you calling…” Yi Shao was halfway through when he remembered something then said, “the Manchu Han Imperial Feast*!”

Yi Ti: “…brother, eating so much at night will cause indigestion.”

“My stomach is good.”

“But I can’t digest it.”

“…then just a few home-cooked dishes.”


Yi Ti stared at Cecil’s back, who seemed to be completely fine, intending to ask questions later, only to feel that her cheeks were caught.

Yi Shao raised his eyebrows, rubbed his sister’s red cheeks, then hmphed softly, “happy?”

“Hey hey.” Yi Ti resolutely performed an “ass-kissing technique”, “Brother, you’re the best!”

“Little flatterer.” He reluctantly hooked his sister’s nose.


At this moment, a fluffy ball fell on Yi Ti’s head.

RongRong (yes, it came too!) stood on the door holding the orange that Cecil gave it, dragging its big tail and looking at Yi Shao timidly as if thinking about whether to come in—— although the big guy was inside, the very big guy it didn’t know just beat the big tall guy and looked terrible.

(T/N: big guy = Yi Ti; very big guy = Yi Shao; big tall guy = Cecil)

“What’s this thing?” Yi Shao pointed to LiuLiu.


The little guy screamed again, seemingly dissatisfied with being called “this thing”.

“I don’t know. Cecil hatched it from an egg.” Yi Ti grabbed LiuLiu on her head and said, “its name is LiuLiu.”

“He… hatched it?” Yi Shao’s expression became quite subtle in an instant.

At the same time, Yi Ti’s expression also became more subtle. She obviously thought about something but she really didn’t know how to tell her brother about it.

“Brother, I’m going to lay eggs!”

“Brother, I won’t have children or eggs in the future!”

“Brother, this is my child.” Holds egg.

Nothing sounded right, okay?!

If this happened, maybe her angry brother would boil the egg while killing Cecil.

To say or not to say, that is the question.

“What is that little guy called?” Yi Shao asked again.

Yi Ti temporarily put her thoughts aside and replied, “It’s called RongRong. It was originally a squirrel in a forest at the bottom of a valley. It took us to find a lot of medicinal materials.”

“RongRong, come here!”

Yi Ti took out a big apple to tempt it.

The little squirrel’s eyes went bright. Obviously, that big apple with a sweet fragrance was more attractive to it that the orange in its arms.

“Come here.” Yi Ti flipped her hand and another big apple appeared in her hand, “Come over and I’ll give it to you.”

So a certain foodie ran over. Because it was too eager, the orange fell along the way and it stepped on it, then fell over with a squeak.

“Pfft!” Yi Ti laughed.

Looking at her older brother again, his eyes were full of smiles.

In this way, Yi Ti held RongRong in one hand and LiuLiu in the other, sending them all to the arms of her older brother; “Call him uncle.”

Yi Shao: “…” His feelings at the moment were really complicated—— his nephews weren’t human at all! But then again, if his sister had a child in the future, it would not be considered a traditional Earthling.

Yi Shao’s mood suddenly deteriorated when he thought that his sister was going to give birth to other species (he didn’t know that it wouldn’t be a child but an egg!)

As a brother and a half dad, he’s really tangled!

After that, Yi Ti naturally stayed as planned and even bought some primary genetic potions for her brother to use. Yi Ti, who was already quite familiar with its formula and pharmacology, was sure that it wouldn’t cause any harm to Yi Shao’s body, but would be more beneficial. Even so, she was still worried, so she didn’t dare let him use it until now.

Even if it’s a relative, she couldn’t poke inside while her brother was in the bath, that would be too embarrassing. Her brother also refused to let Cecil inside, so she could only squat by the door and shout, “Brother, how are you?”

Fortunately, nothing went wrong in the end.

It’s a pity that her brother was different from her. He didn’t have the wood spiritual root at all so he couldn’t practice the cultivation method she knew.

At this point, she was very disappointed, but Yi Shao was very open-minded and comforted her: “Cultivators are not like cabbages, how can you just run into one?”


“You’re one among the two of us, that’s already a 50% chance, what more do you want?”

“…okay.” She was being too greedy.

What Yi Shao didn’t say was that he knew that their family was a bit abnormal from a long time ago. The specific manifestation was that the women more or less had strange characteristics and they would accidentally provoke some strange men. Most of them were very uncommon, except for some exceptions. At first, he thought that his sister was an exception, but now it seemed… their bloodline was too strong, and no one could help it.

So he had already anticipated his own situation.

Moreover, he didn’t care if he cultivated or not, as long as Xiao Ti felt happy, it’s better than anything.

In his spare time, Yi Ti also reported to her brother about what happened during this time.

“This kid picked up treasures?”

“Right!” Yi Ti urged a certain alien to put the things he had picked and won in front of his brother.

Yi Shao’s eyes lit up. He bent down and grabbed the jadeite, saying, “This is quite right for a carving of you.”

Cecil nodded in agreement.

Yi Ti: “…” You’re actually relatives, right!

Yi Shao grabbed the emerald: “This one is suitable to make a necklace for Xiao Ti,” then pointed to the diamonds, “these can be embedded on the sides.”

Yi Ti: “…” You’re really relatives!

“Not bad.”

Although Yi Shao didn’t seem to take this seriously, he was still satisfied in his heart. As his brother in law, how could he always be raised by Xiao Ti? Now it seemed that as long as thig guy’s lucky trait was still there, his sister could always lead a well-fed life.

“That’s right.” Yi Ti suddenly remembered, “Cecil, you bought more than the toads on the antique street, right?” In fact, she really couldn’t remember what Cecil bought, she just remembered paying for it.

“It’s all here.” So a certain alien dragged out a clinking sack.

Yi Ti: “…” Okay, after that, they went up the mountain so he didn’t have the chance to clean up his pile of broken… ahem, treasures.

Cecil took out the things from the bag and put them on the table one by one.

Yi Shao looked at it with little interest and turned to ask Yi Ti, “Where did it come from?”

Yi Ti: “…” How should she answer? That they’re all from street vendors? TAT

But then again, Cecil’s intuition could not be hidden. Since he really liked these things, could it be that…

Yi Ti, who felt that she had thought of something, converged her eyes and began to observe the things on the table with a serious attitude.

Now taking a closer look, this bone…

She thought about it, and when she turned her palm, something suddenly appeared on top. It’s also pitch black and equally hard…

That’s right, what Yi Ti took out was the “bone” that A’Suan gave to her, which was said to be an “ancestral gnawing bone”.

She picked up the two bones and put them together so that the joints could really be put together. And at this moment, something even more incredible happened. The two bones merged into one and connected together.

This scene made the other two also show slightly surprised eyes.

“Xiao Ti, can I touch it?”

“It should be okay.” Yi Ti handed the bone to her brother carefully and without blinking, for fear of something going wrong.

Fortunately, it turned out that it’s just unfounded worry.

At this time, a noun recorded in the jade stele also appeared in her mind—— “dragon bone”. There was nothing else but “dragon bone” in its description. The practices recorded on the jade stele mentioned that once the Foundation Establishment stage was reached, the cultivator could begin to collect various materials to make their own “origin life spirit artifact”. In this regard, the records in the jade stele recommended several spiritual artifacts for the use of wood spiritual root cultivators. Yi Ti had also seen the names and introductions of the materials used to make them, but because she wasn’t very interested and needed to make up for her foundation at that time, she left them behind after reading them.

Not to mention, those things were considered rare at that time and were almost impossible to find now. Now that she saw one of them, how could she not be surprised?

No wonder the ancestors of A’Suan’s family had been biting this bone for generations. This was a real dragon bone, and it would be strange if a dog monster could bite it off.

But, logically speaking, there should be coercion exuding from it. How could there be nothing? Then again, if it really exuded coercion, the ancestors of A’Suan’s family wouldn’t dare bite it.

But anyway, she was quite sure it’s indeed a dragon bone.

As expected, Cecil knew that there was something wrong.

Yi Ti stared at the things at this big table and suddenly felt a lot of pressure…

Didn’t this guy…just swept all the authentic ones from the street stalls…

Translator’s Notes: 

*满汉全席, Mǎn Hànquánxí, the Manchu Han imperial feast, a legendary banquet in the Qing dynasty / (fig.) a sumptuous banquet

Alien 158: Go To The Same End
Alien 160: Life On Christmas Eve

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