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New Year was only a few days after Christmas, and more importantly, it’s a holiday! Moreover, it’s not only China that’s on holiday. This day could almost be said to be the “New Year” of the people all over the world, and just as these people were enjoying the holiday happily, they found someone cheating.

That was!

No matter which webpage they opened!

An ad will pop up!

It’s the same even when opening a government website!

What the hell was this!

The language of the ad was even different for people in different countries, but the content was exactly the same.

The background was the bright night sky, and there’s only one paragraph on it—— when you look up at this night sky, you will always feel that you’re extraordinarily small, because the world you live in is just the most common one among the thousands of light spots. And now, you have a chance to clear the fog and see this cruel and beautiful truth…

This advertisement was written by Yi Ti on behalf of Cecil. She thought about it for a long time before she wrote such a semi-intelligible sentence, which he took away like a treasure. Yi Ti didn’t take it seriously at the time, but she didn’t expect her words to appear in front of all the people of the world… as long as she thought that she might be despised, she cried in the toilet immediately.

At first, the people thought that this was a new type of virus but after inspection, it was found to bring no harm to the computer itself. Some computer experts (both civil and official) analyzed it but found nothing. The entire purpose… seemed to be for everyone to enter the so-called gaming website.

Could the game contain viruses?

Mentioning this, an expert that could make all websites to pop up “promotion ads” which they couldn’t delete, was it necessary to do such a troublesome thing? Or was it true that the other party was only here for advertising?

With such doubts, people downloaded the game one after another and studied them.

One hour passed.

Two hours passed.

Three hours…

All the people who played the game lost their sense of time.

Their friends and families were shocked: Could this be the legendary infinite XX? Once you start the game, you are sucked into the space of reincarnation and couldn’t come out again? T-this thing is simply too exciting… no, it’s dangerous!

Of course, the final facts proved that it’s only a false alarm and there was nothing wrong.

And when they understood this, they got stuck in it.

At first, they didn’t understand what kind of “master” wanted to make trouble, but in the end, there was only one thought, and that was—— this game is great! Can’t stop!

So, under Cecil’s massive publicity strategy, this game called “Huge Universe” had tens of millions of players on the first day of its opening and it continued to soar.

After discovering that he had achieved his goal, he withdrew the advertisement in a low-key manner. As the saying goes, “fake things couldn’t hide true merit and fame”, but left a lot of room for other people to think about. For example, in this game, the other races except human beings were really close to reality. Another example was the extremely refined game screen and the automatic translator that allowed people from various countries to communicate freely and another example was about the universe. The description of the spaceships and weapons… caused many people to scratch their hearts and lungs, their whole body feeling unwell.

In any case, this game became completely popular on New Year.

What followed was that many authors of WeiFeng’s website stopped updating and the reason for that was the same—— I’m going to play games!

Want to know how Yi Ti knew? That’s right, it’s because Aggregate was one of them. A group of people wailed in the book review area——

“Author, can you finish writing this book then play the new game?”

“Author, do you no longer love “Fantasy World”? What about this book?”

“Ahhh, no! I’m begging you for more!”

That guy, Shi JingLe, responded by opening a single chapter, silently dumped screenshots of the game and URL of the game, then ran away again. The most infuriating thing was that this thing actually named this single chapter “leave form”.


Dare to cheat?

Although the other authors didn’t imitate his behavior, their reasons were similar.

Yi Ti hadn’t stopped updating, but she also posted a single chapter of recommendation for the game.

Gradually, the readers stopped complaining about it, but rushed into the game with fear and ended up playing with joy. And so, the author and reader were in love with each other again!

No way around it, everyone had a common language!

In contrast, Formaldehyde’s mood was very complicated. On one hand, he was indeed conquered by that game. On the other hand, with the sudden emergence of that game, the number of online players in several games that WeiFeng represented had dropped dramatically. The big boss was in a bad mood, and the people below had difficulty dealing with it. Fortunately, the industries under the name of WeiFeng Company were diverse and didn’t rely entirely on games to make money, so the situation was much better than that of some game companies.

You know, the current situation was not optimistic.

Although this game might only be short-lived, it temporarily attracted players’ interest. However, the high-tech content shown in it was what really made these insiders chilled.

The most deceptive thing was that this game actually claimed to “charge nothing forever”!

No charge.

There were no paid items.

There were no currency exchange services.

What you want could only be obtained in person or purchased from other players.

What is this if not cheating???

Especially the creator of this game also claimed that this was a New Year gift for everyone—— is this a gift? It’s a bomb!

Is this a joke from a monkey?

But, after all, they account for a minority of the total number of human beings, and most people were quite happy to see it happen. Cecil was very open-minded. As Xiao Ti said, he’s not after money, and it’s impossible for everyone to like it, so long as he had a clear conscience.

Moreover, the level of technology he demonstrated in the game could be achieved by all game companies on Earth at this stage, and there’re no universal secrets added. The only thing that exceeded their level was probably the automatic translator, but to achieve his goal of humans playing globally, this was indispensable.

And his wish was truly realized. Countless people stepped into the game with the goal of “journeying through the sea of stars”. What they played was called a happy life. The more you play, people found that the power of “merge” was obviously stronger than that of single-mode. Players in different countries had different starting points, which meant that one day, “war” would break out. Take this vast universe as an example. On this kind of battlefield, how could it not make people excited?!

Aggregate’s group showed strong cohesion.

After being invested in the game one after another, the hundreds of girls in the group all chose to merge their warships. Aggregate was successfully promoted into the captain’s throne, Long XiaoTian was the deputy captain, and the remaining positions… was decided by lottery. The girls were very broad-minded and didn’t have a desire to be an official. Just getting together made them happy as they laughed and joked around. In a sense, their battleship was also super luxurious, it’s just that their fighting power was a bit scum, ahem, with girls, it’s completely understandable.

Anyway, after reading the navigation level of the current navigator, Yi Ti was full of confidence.

However, don’t look at their fighting strength, there were still many people who wanted to join in every possible way. There was no other reason than the fact that they had so many girls! Aima, as long as they fantasized about chatting with a group of girls, not to mention how beautiful they are, they’d come.

And these groups also included many editors and authors.

The number of people was increasing… this spacecraft had almost become WeiFeng’s!

Don’t know whether the big boss of WeiFeng, who was worrying about this game, should cry or laugh when he heard about it.

Scenes similar to this were happening constantly in many places. This game finally turned into a trend that swept the world quickly. Some were happy, while others waited for problems and worried whether there’s any “conspiracy” in this.

If they knew this was just an alien paying tribute to Earth, they wouldn’t know how to feel.

At this time, Yi Ti was not quite aware of these mixed reactions, or could even think of it at all, because she was busy with what she had on hand, that was—— manuscript. If possible, she really wanted Cecil to seal that guy, Shi JingLe’s, account. Ever since he was addicted to the game, he hadn’t done anything at all! The update speed had also changed from two updates a day with a total of 6,000 words to just one update with 2,000 words a day, which was simply a trickle.

As for the OVA’s script and lyrics selection, there was no news.

This caused her to urge him every day!

Although her strength alone was weak, the strength of all the girls was huge!

Imagine that a certain captain just ordered to start sailing, and his subordinates all replied “Author, where’s your update today?” Such a magnificent scene, right? Anyway, Aggregate seemed to be crying. After being repeatedly abused several times, his updates gradually returned to normal. People couldn’t help but sigh, this guy was seriously a trembling M!

And on January 10th, he finally gave the script to Yi Ti. As for the lyrics, he said that he had to think for a while.

Yi Ti was sweating violently, but she could only be prepared, “if he couldn’t do it, she would do it herself”.

At almost the same time, Formaldehyde couldn’t wait to tell the good news to the big boss who had been in a bad mood recently. Upon hearing this, his mood increased slightly, and then he gave an order, and all kinds of promotion started!

As a “celebration”, the character song “Maybe I’m Luck E” by the protagonist Ling Yu was released along the way.

Although Yi Ti liked Ling Yu very much, she had to admit that he’s really a shameful and miserable luck E, and this song had also done its best to write his sad experience which was really suitable for his character.

As Yi Ti thought, as soon as this news came out, countless sisters became excited!

As if injected with chicken blood, they shouted this news in the public information channel of Huge Universe all day long, which made everyone knew. What’s interesting was that they actually received a reply from a foreign spacecraft——

“This animation is very good, we watch it every week.”

“Chinese animation is great (pinyin here)… that’s right, the pronunciation is a bit strange.”

“The level is very high, looking forward to the OVA, although we can only watch pirated versions.”

In the eager anticipation of the masses, they eagerly looked forward to the Chinese New Year.

Alien 163: Give It To Earth
Alien 165: Meet the Parents Together

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